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rltneee for Tote and Taans 

From The Archives 

his portrait of Theophilus Parsons, an alumnus of GDA who played a large role in the 
development of the judiciary system in the United States and became Chief Justice of the 
t_ Massachusetts Supreme Court in 1806, was painted by Gilbert Stuart, the "father of 
American portraiture." Best known for his painting of George Washington, Stuart painted all the 
notable men and women of the Federal period in the United States, including the only surviving 
depiction of all five first presidents. Forty-one portraits by Stuart currently hang in the National 
Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.The Parsons portrait is on long-term loan to Governor Dummer 
Academy from a distant relative of the famous jurist. Apparently, Parsons did not sit for the portrait. 
Rather, Stuart visited him, got his likeness in his memory, and may have used other portraits to render 
his painting. 



The Archon 

Published since 1884 


John M. Doggett, Jr. 


Judith Klein P'99 


Insight Studios 

Julie Ogden 

Chrisde Rawlins-Jackson 

DonWieczorek '04 

Art Director 

Chrisde Rawlins-Jackson 

Director of Development 

Patricia Tobin Peterman P'01, '03 

Associate Director of Development 

Michael A. Moonves P'82 

Director of Annual Giving 

Michelle Kunz Orvis 

Director of Alumni/ae and Parent Relations 

James H. Bride III 

Trustees of Governor Dummer Academy 

Daniel M. Morgan '67, P'97, '02, President 

Stephen G. Kasnet '62, P'95, Co- Vice President 

Gerry Mack, Co- Vice President P'87, '91, '93 

James L. Rudolph '68, P'05 Secretary 

Jeffrey L. Gordon '69, Treasurer 

William L.Alfond '67 

Christopher C. Beebe '55 

Adrienne Berry-Burton P'96, '04 


Clifford J. Gillespie 

C. David Grayer P'OO 

Richard M. Kelleher P'99, '01 

Kathleen L. Livermore 79, P'04 

Prisalla M. Mclnms P'02, '03, '06 

Joshua L. Miner IV '69, P'96, '98 

Reynolds E. Moulton Jr. '56 

Brian H. Noyes 76 

Michael R. Porter P'96, '99, '01 

Haskell Rhett '54 

George S. Scharfe P'95, '00 

Steven G Shapiro 74 

Dolly M. Shalvoy P'02, '04 

C.Thomas Tenney Jr. '69 

Bruce C.Turner '83 

Alumni Trustees 

Grace RJeanes'92 

Kara Moheban McLoy '88 

Joseph P.Turner Jr. '99 

Ex Officio 

James C. Deveney Jr. '60 

President, Alumni/ae Council 

Alumni/ae Council 

James C. Deveney Jr. '60, President 

Catherine D Burgess '91, Vice President 

Joshua C. Lappin '92, Secretary/Treasurer 

Deana Giamette Boyages '88 

John P. English '28 

Elizabeth Tuthill Farrell '84 

Putnam P. Flint '37, GP'99 

Anthony P. Fusco '85 

Franklin E. Huntress '52 

Joseph E. MacLeod '56 

Katherine Dobie Meyer '96 

Daniel F. Nadeau '89 

Howard J. Navins '31, P'63, '66, GP'93 

Susan F. Pattison 77 

Robert H. Studleyjr. '86 

Marc K.Tucker '68, P'01, '05 

William B. Whiting '59, P'92 

Ex Officio 

Peter T Butler, '62, Past President 
John S. Mercer '64, P'95 Past President 
Karen A. Schulte '83, Past President 
Peter M. Sherin '59, Past President 
Arthur H.Veasey III '68, Past President 

Tlie Archon is published three times a year by Governor 
Dummer Academy, Byfield, Massachusetts 01922. Telephone: 
(978) 465-1763. Letters are welcome from alumni, alumnae, 
parents and friends of the Academy and are subject to editing 
for reasons of space availability. 


12 Fitness for... Tots and Teens 

14 News... Worthy?? 

15 In Praise of the Faculty 
Development fund 

16 GoJJ! 

18 In Case You Were 

22 City Prep Comes to Byfield 


2 headmaster's message 

4 development developments 

6 campus news 

20 sports 

26 class notes 

78 in memoriam 

80 chapel talk 

See story on page 12. 

The Archon is printed on recycled paper widr a minimum of 10% post-consumer waste. It is printed with 
sustainable resource vegetable-based soy inks in accordance with our commitment to die environment. Please 
recycle again. 

head-master s 


In late July, James Carroll (one of our speakers from last year's 
Spirituality Lecture Series) had a compelling op ed column in the Globe. 
Entitled "Baseball Communion," the piece contended that baseball "can 
sometimes bridge the great divide between people - whether inevitable 
alienations between parent or child, or the distances of class or culture or 
even the grave antagonisms of politics." While most baseball fans can easily 
identify with these sentiments, Carroll's larger point transcends the sport of 
baseball. He underscores the importance of connections; how individuals 
need to affiliate with communities, organizations, causes and families. It is 
within these relationships with others that our own lives derive meaning. 
Living and working at a residential school provides unique opportuni- 
ties to forge these critical connections with students, parents and fellow colleagues. This year we plan to focus in- 
tentionally on this important theme. Phil Fogelman, Project Director of the Boston Chapter of the Anti-Defamation 
League, conducted a workshop for our dorm parents and associates in late August on creating a more respectful and 
inclusive residential climate. He will return later in the fall to work with the full faculty on broader community 
building approaches. Our ongoing strategic planning project calls for the creation of a task force composed of fac- 
ulty, staff, trustees and parents to create a comprehensive plan for advancing diversity within our community. This 
group was empanelled in mid-September. Also in conjunction with the strategic planning process, we will 
continue our ongoing examination of our curriculum. Armed with the information gleaned from our mapping ef- 
forts, we will have the opportunity for more dialogue and collaboration among academic departments. 

This fall we are inaugurating a Capstone Program for our seniors designed to provide a common experience 
to strengthen values and character. Civic responsibility and obligations to others are two of the key principles that 
will be highlighted in this new initiative. At Governor Dummer, we believe that a liberal education encompasses 
more than just an introduction to great works of literature, the development of analytical, computational and writ- 
ing skills, and exposure to the arts. The duties of citizenship and the value of service to those in need have equal 
value as the lessons learned in the classroom. 

The Capstone Program began at Brantwood during September's Unity Days. There, discussions about leader- 
ship and social responsibility were woven into the other activities of the senior class retreat. Throughout this year, 
senior seminars are planned that will examine poverty in America and the crisis in affordable housing. In late May, 
seniors will have a truncated exam period before spending three days working at various Habitat for Humanity sites 
around the North Shore. Each evening the seniors will return to Byfield for a series of class activities. We hope that 
this Capstone program.will provide a common framework for our seniors to conclude their GDA career. This proj- 
ect will reinforce a philosophy that is constantly stressed at GDA: that individuals working both independently and 
collectively can make a difference in our world. Finally, it gives tangible meaning to the school's motto, 'Non Sibi 
SedAliis' 'Not for self but for others'. 

This new program will cause us to adjust our Commencement schedule. Graduation is planned for Sunday 
morning, May 30. We will hold the traditional Baccalaureate service, the Morse Flag ceremony and the Senior Prize 
assembly the evening before. The newly minted graduates will leave after the graduation exercises and the under- 
classmen will remain on campus for the next four days to take their final examinations. We believe, too, that this 
new pattern will allow underclassmen to finish their academic responsibilities without the distractions of impend- 
ing commencement festivities. Symbolically, it will also allow the juniors to take their positions as the new student 
leaders of the school. 

We enter Governor Dummer Academy's 241st year with great momentum and confidence. I encourage you to 
visit our beautiful and historic campus and experience the positive energy that flows throughout. 


John M. Doggett Jr. 

2 TheArdwn » Fall 2003 


By John B. Ogden Jr. 

Out from Newburyport south to Boston: 
you turn by careful choice, not chance 
to slip away along a hidden, lesser sort 
of traveled path. It is the Old Post Road - 
antique, non-route, shunned-pike, finding 
no valid current use except by those 
curious enough to trace its winding. 

You slow to move past barns, weather-worn, 
Cow-vacant; see no staddled salt-marsh hay; 
Mark rock-cropped, weed-grown pastures 
Now bull, stallion, mare, ewe, and ram absent. 

Now go by wooded lots (not forest). By a turn 
note birch, some white some gray, none useful 
("Canoe" it usefully used to be) and pine to burn, 
not build with. You see granite nubs not mats, 
right and left, then Thurlow's Bridge lifting 
itself across the Parker, winding through flats 
beach grass and flotsam thick and drifting. 

Slow again, then drive across the dike-like 
Road, tide-determined, impassable at flood. 
Ebb-dried, the muddy banks reveal a landing, 
to ride in a ship's long boat or wide bateau. 

The ancient Yankee settlers' names bestow 
a strength upon the wayside. You can't avoid 
memories a passing of such landmarks shows, 
and think of Old Town folk, down stream but 
also here, debarking, or passing up the Parker. 

Then come upon the weathered Milestone - 
dim now except by special slant of light, 
by which the ancient markings carved within 
that gray enlichened granite become defined 
and point the way: 
N5 B33 

But faintly shown, more felt than known, 
The past is read distinctly, in the stone. 

What was, is now. The land supplies the key. 
It's only in our passing that we see. 

John B. Ogden Jr. taught in the English 
Department at 6DA from 1963-1973. To read 
more of his poetry and essays, log on to his 
website at 


D e v el o pment Developments 

The Alumni Council met in September. 

Alumni Council 

If you are interested in becoming part of the 
GDA Alumni Council and spearheading some of 
these initiatives, please contact Jim Bride 
in the Development Office at (978) 499-3215 or 

Senior Leadership 

The Alumni and Development Office is contin- 
uing a program started last year that helps seniors 
gain a better understanding of how GDA works as a 
non-profit organization. Director of Developement 
Pat Peterman and Jim Bride met with the senior 
class in early September and have formed a group of 
20 seniors who will attend four dinners throughout 
the year, and will hear from trustees, Chief Financial 
Officer Dick Savage, and the Alumni and 
Development Office about stewarding and guiding 
GDA into the future. 

Greg Ceglarski '04 


On Monday, September 15, the 
GDA Alumni and Development Office 
hosted its first Senior Thankathon to 
thank those donors who gave a gift to the 
Annual Fund during the previous year. 
The seniors did a great job and received 
enthusiastic comments from alumni, fac- 
ulty, and friends about their work on the 
phone that night. We look forward to do- 
ing it again next year. 

GDA Athletic Hall of Fame 

Jim Bride, Director of Alumni and Parent Relations, recently paid a visit to 

Andre LaFleur '83, Director of Basketball Operations for the University 

of Connecticut Men's Basketball Team and one of the inaugural inductees 

into the GDA Athletic Hall of Fame. 

The inaugural Athletic Hall of Fame Induction Weekend on November 7 
and 8 honored Coach Heb Evans (deceased); Joe Hoague '37 (deceased); Ray 
Huard '67; Andre LaFleur '83; Susan Perry '81; Carl "Skip" Pescosolido Jr. '55 
(deceased); and Bob Rex '53. 

Headmaster Marty Doggett welcomed the inductees. Athletic Director 
Bert McLain emceed the Saturday ceremony and several of the inductees spoke. 
Plaques honoring the inductees now hang in the Memorial Trophy Room of 
the Alumni Gym. 

Our next Athletic Hall of Fame Induction is planned for the fall of 2005, 
and nomination forms are now available. 

4 TheArchon «*> Fall 2003 

Parent Update 

Ana Delgado Cohen and Saro Almeyda P'07 
with Sandy Almeyda at the New Parent dinner. 

WW - 


1 '* > fl B» 

1 WL 

H * J 

^,> t 

. . 

Robert and Mary Ward P'07 and Dodi Guyton P'03,'05,'06, 
Co-President of the Allies at the New Parent dinner. 

On Saturday, September 6, more than 160 parents attended a The Allies are planning and organizing GDA's biennial auc- 

dinner on stage at the Performing Arts Center to learn more about tion, which will take place at Wentworth-by-the-Sea in New 

the school and some of the folks involved in their children's edu- Castle, NH on Saturday May 8. The goal is to raise $100,000 for 

cation. It was a great evening and a lot of parents commented on renovations to the outside terrace area of the French Building, 
the wonderful use of space for the dinner. 

Reunion '04 

Mark your calendars, 4's and 
9% because Reunion is just 

around the corner on June 
11-13, 2004. 

If you are interested in assisting with your 
class reunion plans, please contact Jim 
Bride in the Development Office at 
(978) 499-3215 

• November 13 New York City Reception at The Yale Club 

• December 11 Hobday Gathering at the Boston College Club 
•January 15 Florida Dinner Reception in West Palm Beach area 

• February 19 Los Angeles Reception 

• Late March/Early April Washington, D.C. Dinner Reception 

• April Chicago Reception 

• April 22 Alumni Council Dinner for Seniors 

• May GDA Night at the Boston Pops 

• May Boston Young Alumni Event 

• May Atlanta Small Dinner Reception 

• 2004 Boston Business Luncheon 

• 2004 Distinguished Alumnus/a of the Year Award 

Vie Arclwn «* Fall 2003 5 

campus news 

S h o r t Take s 


Milestone circa 1900, one of the many photographs housed in the GDA Archives 

and featured in the Walking Tour Guide. 

Walking Tour To Debut 

History. Traditions. Tales of love and war. Even ghost stories. Governor Dummer is re- 
plete with all. In order to share the wealth of this heritage with our community and the 
world at large, a historical walking tour of the campus is in the works with the generous 
support of Stan Hamel '45. Tyler Collins '03 assembled much of the information from the 
Academy's archives and John Ragle's book, Governor Dummer History 1763-1962. Tyler also 
designed the piece with the help of GDA Art Director Christie Rawlins-Jackson. 

The brochure will go to the printer before the new year, and guests to the Academy will 
then have the opportunity to pick up a copy in the Main Office and follow the self-guided 
trail. Signage on the buildings around campus will augment the written tour. 

Wondering where the early boys of Governor Dummer bathed? Where the students 
built a hockey rink? Who carved the Milestone? How much room and board cost students 
at the inn which is now Boynton? The truth behind a certain bride being taken by 
horseback up the stairs of her new home? How many presidents of Harvard and signers of 
the Constitution are GDA alumni? 

The walking tour guide has the answers. Be sure to ask for a copy next time you are on 

GDA may become the next new hot destination for American history buffs! 

££M lS 



K Devo 



B E*sAF* d f? 

The Remis Lobby 

Thanks to a major commitment made to GDA by Linda 
Remis Schwartz, the lobby of the Performing Arts Center is now 
named after her late husband, Peter Remis '52. 

A competitive athlete in football, track and golf during his 
Governor Dummer years, Peter went on to a distinguished ca- 
reer in business, community service and amateur golf. 

He was a loyal and effective Trustee of Governor Dummer 
from 1975 until his death in 1990, always a strong advocate for 
the major projects initiated in the 1980s at the school. 

Given the devotion of Peter and Linda to the arts, it is fit- 
ting that the lobby, the entryway to the theater and the scene of 
many art shows, will bear the Remis name. 

National Merit Program 
Commends Six Seniors 

GDA seniors Sayer Sweeney, Anya 
Ravitz, Kelsey Quigley, Laura Pritchard, 
Robin Havener and Alison Engel received 
letters of commendation from the National 
Merit Scholarship program for placing in the 
top five per cent of those who entered the 
competition by taking the 2002 Preliminary 
SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying 

National Writing Board 
Gives GDA History Papers 
Top Grades 

Five juniors (now seniors) submitted 
their Advanced Placement U.S. History re- 
search papers last spring for assessment by 
the National Writing Board, an association 
that uses a rigorous college standard to assess 
history scholarship by high school students. 
Three of the students' papers earned A's from 
the National Writing Board, one earned a B, 
and one earned a high C. The students and 
their topics are: 

Kelsey M. Quigley '04: "Dorothy Day: 
Fighter of the Good Fight" 

Anya Ravitz '04: "The Place of American 
Women in the Twenties as Seen in 
Advertising of That Era" 

Andrew L. Samel '04: "The Tyler Kent 
Affair (a history of an enigmatic case of es- 
pionage during World War II)" 

Kate E. Shanahan '04: "The Sacco & 
Vanzetti Case" 

Christian S. Smith '04: "The National 
Industrial Recovery Act: A Failed Recovery 
during the Great Depression" 

6 TlieArchon •*■* Fall 2003 


Jason Sport '04 and Todd Bairstow '91. Todd shared some of his 
advertising work with students on Career Day. 

Dan Nadeau '89 speaking with seniors about his profession as a 

Career Placement Counselor. 

Second Annual 
Career Day at GDA 

Governor Dummer Academy hosted its second annual Career Day 
for Seniors on September 20. More than 70 seniors attended the event, 
gaining insight into different careers available to them as they prepare 
for college and beyond. Career Day presenters included Jim Deveney 
'60, President of the Alumni Council, education; Justin Rivera '94, 
management consulting; Matt Prunier '94, finance and insurance; Mary 
Vieira '98, education; Dan Nadeau '89, career placement and counsel- 
ing; Peter Scott '55, military and defense industry; Jodi Leverone '97, 
medicine; Anthony Fusco '85, law; Todd Bairstow '91, advertising; and 
State Senator Bruce Tarr, public service. 

'05 Students Honored 

Hilary Scheintaub of Byfield, Caroline Ott of Boxford, Rebecca 
Kelly of West Newbury, and Jennifer O'Leary of North Andover, all 
GDA '05, were recently named recipients of Excellence in Education 
Awards from the Newburyport Five Cents Savings Bank. High school 
juniors from Amesbury, Triton, Newburyport, Pentucket and Whittier 
Public High Schools also received Class of 2005 Awards. The winners 
each received a $100 savings bond and a dictionary. 

Prospective student Grace Cuddy speaking with 

Lisa Nardone P '06 

Director of Admission Peter Bidstrup is looking 
forward to another successful year. This September, the 
Academy welcomed 118 newly enrolled students to 
join the 253 returnees. Overall, the 2003-2004 student 
body represents 21 states and 10 foreign nations. 
Nearly 25 per cent of the students are either 
sons/ daughters of GDA alumni/ae or are siblings of 
current students or recent graduates. Faculty report 
that the new students are fine additions to the school. 

This year Admissions expects to interview approx- 
imately 900 prospective students, 90 per cent of whom 
will apply for admission. Fifty to 70 candidates per 
week began visiting in late September, and that pace 
will continue until applications are due in late January. 
An ambitious travel schedule will also take the 
Admissions staff to many locations near and far this fall 
and winter. 

The Admission offices in the east end of the Cobb 
Room underwent some remodeling over the summer, 
allowing the staff to work more comfortably and effi- 
ciently. Stop by and see. While you are here, take a look 
at the new reproductions of photos from the GDA 
archives which bring the Academy's rich history to life 
for visitors and current students in the Perry Room. 
Then say hello to Tracy O'Dea '81, our new adminis- 
trative assistant. 

"GDA alumni and friends are our best ambassa- 
dors," says Peter. "If you know of any current 8th, 9th 
or even 1 0th graders who might be interested in learn- 
ing more about GDA for secondary school, please con- 
tact our office by phone at 978-499-3120 or email ad- Also, please visit the Admissions 
page on the website and click on the 'Events Calendar' 
button to see if we will be visiting in your area. We'd 
love to hear from you, or meet you on the road!" 

TheArchorfs* Fall 2003 7 

campus news 

Teachers take a break from Summer Technology Study 

Ford Foundation Grant 

This past June marked the first session in a four-year series on integrating technology 
into the curriculum at Governor Dummer Academy. The one-week conference, funded by 
a grant from the E.E. Ford Foundation and matched by a donation from an anonymous 
donor, featured Dr. Sandra Carriker who focused on both the inspirational and technical 
practices needed in the language arts. 

Nine Governor Dummer Academy teachers and two Pentucket High School teachers 
spent their days putting into practice the concepts presented by Dr. Carriker and guest speak- 
ers Aaron Mandel, Susan Chase, and Dr. Karen Laing. The topics discussed included 
PowerPoint presentations, internet and image citation, Inspiration Software, Moodle (a new 
GDA discussion board), library/internet resources, and electronic searches. The participants 
, created and presented an integrated lesson plan based on their own personal curricula. 

The E. E. Ford Foundation and Governor Dummer Academy are equipping teachers 
with the tools they need to foster the educational growth of a technically savvy student pop- 
ulation. The Academy is dedicated to improving the educational environment and process 
through its most valued resource, the faculty. 

College Board Names GDA Students 

The College Board recently recognized 20 GDA students on the basis of their out- 
standing performance on Advanced Placement Program Examinations. 

Allen Cooper, Kristen DeForrest, Amrit Misra, Michael Oxton, David Spector and 
Allison Tsao, all Class of '03, earned the accolade of Scholars with Distinction for receiving 
an average grade of at least 3.5 (on a 5-point scale) on all AP Exams taken, and grades of 3 
or higher on five or more of these exams. 

Dante DeMeo '04 and Gwyneth Stokes '03 qualified for the AP Scholar with Honor 
Award by earning an average grade of at least 3.25 on all AP Exams taken, and grades of 3 
or higher on four or more of these exams. 

David Connaughton, Claire deLacvivier, Cory Demuth, Laura Ellison, Philip Mclnnis, 
Patrick Monigle, Angela Rappoli, Jacqueline Ross, Kelsey Shannahan, Susan Valverde, and 
Hilary Wyner, all Class of '03, and Andrew Samel, Class of '04, qualified for the AP Scholar 
Award by completing three or more AP Exams with grades of 3 or higher. 

Students took their exams in May 2003 after completing college-level courses at GDA. 
Only 15 percent of the more than one million high school students in more than 14,000 
secondary schools worldwide who took AP Exams performed at a sufficiently high level to 
merit the recognition of AP Scholar. 

Spirituality Series 

This year marks the third Spirituality 
Speaker Series at GDA. Headmaster Marty 
Doggett initiated the series in an effort to 
expose the school community to different 
belief systems, to promote respect, expand 
knowledge, and encourage the consideration 
of ethics and values. 

The first speaker this fall was Reverend 
Gerald Dorgan, pastor at St. Mary's of the 
Annunciation Church in Danvers. Rev. 
Dorgan previously taught English and fine 
arts in the college division of St. John's 
Seminary and Homiletics in their School of 
Theology. He is a graduate of College of the 
Holy Cross, holds divinity degrees from St. 
John's Seminary, and a Master's degree in 
English literature from Boston College. The 
focus of his Master's thesis was the poetry of 
Emily Dickinson. 

Barbara Hildt will be this year's sec- 
ond speaker on January 6, 2004. Hildt is a 
former Peace Corps volunteer, a communi- 
ty activist, and state legislator, serving in the 
Massachusetts House of Representatives 
from 1983-93. She helped establish the na- 
tion's first Office of Violence Prevention at 
the Massachusetts Department of Public 
Health, and now devotes her energies to 
Youth Empowerment Services, an organiza- 
tion which offers training focused on foster- 
ing healthy attitudes and social skills for the 
prevention of violence and strategies for 
preventing hate and violence. 

The series will end on March 23, 2004 
when Zen Master Reverend Issho Fujita 
speaks to the community. Fujita was born in 
1954 in Japan, received his Bachelor's and 
Master's degrees from Tokyo University in 
developmental psychology, before beginning 
his monastic training at Antaiji Zen 
Monastery. He was ordained in 1983 as a 
Soto Zen Monk and came to the United 
States in 1987 as a certified foreign mission- 
ary of Soto Zen Buddhism. He practices and 
teaches Soto Zen at Valley Zendo in western 
Massachusetts and at other Buddhist centers 
and colleges, including Smith, Mt Holyoke, 
and Amherst. Rev. Fujita is also a fourth de- 
gree Black Belt in Aikido and is trained in 
acupuncture and Chinese medicine. He lives 
in Charlemont, MA with his wife and two 

8 The Archon @» Fall 2003 

Symphony Calls GDA Home 

Athena Adamopoulos 

Once again, GDA is hosting concerts by Symphony 
by the Sea, a professional orchestra conducted by Jonathan 
McPhee, music director of the Boston Ballet. An all- 
Russian program marked the first concert in October, 
which was followed by a performance this month featur- 
ing the world premier of a composition by 17-year-old 
Athena Adamopoulos. On January 25, the complete score 
of Aaron Copland's "Appalachian Spring" will be played 
with Julia Scolnick on flute, and on May 2, a program of 
works by Honegger, Brahms and Beethoven will close the season. Concerts are at 
3 p.m. in The Performing Arts Center. Tickets are available through the Firehouse 
Center in Newburyport (978-462-3776) or at the door. 

Marathon Man Visits GDA 

Bill Rodgers, the preeminent marathon runner of the 1970s, spoke in 
Governor Dummer Academy's Moseley Chapel on November 5. Rodgers, who 
lives in Massachusetts, won the Boston and New York City marathons four times 
each from 1975 to 1980 and competed in the Olympics in 1976. In recent years, 
he has written several books on running. His appearance at GDA was open to the 
public and free of charge. There were opportunities for questions, autographs and 
book sales/signings. Mr. David Abusamra, foreign language teacher and cross-coun- 
try coach, arranged the event. 

Cum Laude 

Nine GDA seniors were elected to the Governor Dummer Chapter of the na- 
tional Cum Laude Society in September. They are Brad S. Ferry, Joon-Sung Han, 
Robin W. Havener, Laura A. Pritchard, Kelsey M. Quigley, Matthew A. Reason, 
Katherine E. Russell, Jarid B. Siegel, and Gregory S. Solomon. To be considered for 
September selection into Cum Laude, students must have earned at least a 3.3 
weighted grade point average at the end of their junior year and be in the top ten 
percent of their class. In addition, their social and behavioral standing with the 
Academy "must be worthy of the honor of Cum Laude and reflect credit upon the 

I m . r \ca#*«S 


\ 97 0-Afe> 


Gets Makeover 

Not to be outdone by reality tv, 
the Academy's website, ', 
received a major makeover this fall. 
Not only is the site a whole lot pret- 
tier and: youthful-looking, 'but it also 
is easier to be around. 

Added features include an en- 
hanced Alumni Community and a 
Parent Community, accessible only 
through confidential passwords. 

Temporary passwords for alumni 
who have not claimed their profile 
are their birth dates; otherwise it is 
the passwords :th'at'^.;.^Ke^,^^a , Vf 
previously ' set: / Any alumni who 
cannot access their profiles ;W should 

email Dorothea 

Suggs and she will tell 
them their temporary or permanent 
passwords. ' ■ 

v <** F 



New IFA Offering 

This year GDA has expanded the Introduction to Fine Arts Program to 
include Technical Theatre. Joe Repczynski, new to the Academy last year, has 
students flying curtains, manipulating lights, and building scenery for a first 
hand look behind the scenes. Woodworking, basic electrical skills, and prop 
construction allow students to learn valuable hands-on skills in a safe and cre- 
ative environment. This class, combined with a growing after school tech pro- 
gram, supports expanded offerings in acting taught by Paul Wann. If all the 
world is a stage, perhaps our students will build the set. See you at the next 

The Dancing Chickens 
by Ventura Fabian 

Mexican Folk Artists Share Their 

Two well-known Mexican folk artists shared their crafts 
with the GDA community this fall. Pablo Paredes, a ceram- 
ic artist from Tlaquepaque, Mexico, spent the entire aca- 
demic day on October 24 demonstrating the techniques 
he uses to form clay figures depicting rural village life in 
his country. His wife Enriqueta, who paints the figures, ac- 
companied her husband. 

Ventura Fabian ot Oaxaca, Mexico, creates brightly 
colored wood carvings recognized for their originality and 
whimsical design. Fabian, particularly known for his dancing 
animals, visited GDA for a day of demonstrations and workshops 
on November 10. 

Annual Faculty 


on Deck 

The annual "Three Potters and Others" Show at 
the Performing Arts Center opened on November 14 
with a reception with the artists. There will be another 
reception on December 12 from 6-7:30 p.m. before the 
holiday concert. The three potters are GDA ceramics 
teacher Irina Okula, former Headmaster Peter 
Bragdon's wife Dottie Bragdon, and English teacher 
Maud Hamovit's husband, Lloyd Hamovit. In addition, 
multi-media artwork by former GDA art 
teacher Birdie Britton; books and 
kaleidoscopes by faculty wife 
Suzi VanNess; fabric 
appliques by Dean of 
Students Lynda Bromley; 
photography by music 
teacher Chris Stowens; 
work by Fine Arts 
Department head 

Geoff Brace; pottery 
and jewelry by 

GDA alumni Riley '95 
and Abbie '98 Batchelder; 
and handmade harps by Mr. 
Brace's cousin, Ansel Sinter, will be 
on display. 

10 TheArchc 

Fall 2003 

Student Takes First Place 

Michaela Early '07 of Bradford was awarded Best in Show for a pastel draw- 
ing she submitted in the 14-16-year-old category at this year's Topsfield Fair. Last 
year, Michaela took first place in her age group. Mr. Geoff Brace, head of 
Department at GDA, is thrilled to have Michaela here. "She has exceptional tal- 
ent," he said. 

Michaela Early '07 with her pastel drawing 


reception **» 

Choral Notes 

The Choruses at GDA are in full swing. The Academy Singers, our general 
chorus, has been rehearsing some Broadway and Jazz, and The First, our select cho- 
rus, is currently working on a French madrigal and some contemporary British 
choral music. The first performance was on Parents Weekend in October. Along 
with performances by the Orchestra, Jazz Band, and some outstanding soloists, the 
two choruses each sang a brief program, and then joined forces for two selections 
(including the historic "In Byfield Days," GDA's classic senior song). Look for The 
Nightingales, our women's ensemble, and perhaps even a men's ensemble to make 
their debuts. 

New Music Classes Offered 

For the first time, GDA is offering a Basic Music Theory class which covers 
the foundations of music and composition for those students with limited music 
theory background. Students then have the opportunity to move into our 
Advanced Music Theory in the spring. Also new is American Music History, a 
course which traces the roots of American music from 1630 through the present. 
Students are enjoying these new electives, and we hope that the numbers contin- 
ue to grow as more students become aware of these opportunities. 




Drama of all Sorts 

Lots of drama graces the stages at GDA this 
year. Perhaps starting a new GDA tradition, 
English and drama teacher Paul Wann and his wife 
Bonnie Jean Wilbur will direct a faculty/staff 
staged reading in early 2004 of The Laramie Project, 
an innovative play drawn from real interviews 
with people in Laramie, Wyoming following the 
brutal murder of a young gay student there. 
According to Mr. Wann, there has been much in- 
terest from faculty in putting on a show since the 
opening of the PAC. "I am a serious theater per- 
son," explains Mr. Wann, "and I have seen this 
show done as a staged reading and have always 
wanted to do it. It is a project with a large impact 
but a minimum schedule of rehearsals." 

Erin Giblin '04 is directing a production of 
Arthur Miller's The Crucible and, earlier this fall, 
Sam Adams '05 directed The Mail Order Bride, a 
comedy about the humorous and painful cultural 
differences a man and a woman experience and 
their difficulties with the town in which they five. 

Finally, one year after the world premier of 
Call Waiting, audiences earlier this month had the 
opportunity to experience the world premiere of 
another original GDA theater work, What's Going 
On? The script was co-authored by the actors 
with Mr. Wann. Instrumental director Chris 
Stowens composed the original score. 

Mark your calendars for the winter mu- 
sical which will be performed on February 
12 at 7 p.m., and February 13 and 14 at 7:30 
p.m. in The Performing Arts Center. 

The Arch 

Fall 2003 1 1 

for Tots... 

Patty Doggett, wife of 
Academy's headmaster, spearheaded the 
effort with other faculty spouses to cre- 
ate a playground for faculty children. 
The new playground across from The 
Performing Arts Center was purchased 
from Landscape Structures, a company 
recognized worldwide as the leading 
manufacturer of innovative play systems. 
A gift from the Class of 2001 helped 
support the initiative. It is hoped that the 
playground will be a welcoming gather- 
ing area for GDA families. 

Comments from kids: 
It is so cool. 

I really like the curly slide. 

I like the playground 
because it is great for kids 
and now that we have it we 
don't have to roll down the 
hills anymore. 

I like the ladder. I can do 
some tricks on it and I can 
go round and round and 
round on the corkscrew too. 

I like the bars because I can 
swing on them. 

The new fitness center at GDA 
opened officially with a ribbon cut- 
ting ceremony on october 4, bring- 
ing to fruition the dreams of 
Athletic Director Bert McLain. 
Dubbed the "Fitness Palace" by 
Headmaster Marty Doggett, the 
state of the art facility will provide 
the gda students and faculty with 
a beautiful, safe, and effective place 
to stay in shape. 

For some time, McLain realized the 
old space was not sufficient or well enough 

...and Teens 

ventilated. "The equipment was anti- 
quated and, by my judgment, not gen- 
der friendly for the girls," she contends. 
"As we became more fitness focused 
and as athletic programs learned more 
about the role that weight training can 
play in the success of teams, it became 
necessary to provide a better space and 

Then one day she literally SAW a 

"I had been working out in the old 
weight room and thinking about how sub- 
par it was for our needs," explains McLain. 
"I went up into my office and happened to 
glance out the window into the beautiful 
but significantly underutilized Trophy 
Room. Suddenly it came to me that if we 
could build a balcony in there, it would 
make an awesome fitness facility. That was 
three and a half years ago." 

Thanks to the generosity of GDA 
trustee Bill Alfond '67 and his family's 

12 TlieArchon «■ Fall 2003 

Alfond Foundation, construction began last summer. 

As for the equipment, McLain did some research by 
calling schools and colleges to see what equipment they had 
chosen and preferred. She narrowed it down to three major 
companies. From there, Head Trainer Jeff Wo tton and she 
visited sites such as MIT, Endicott College, Gold's gym in 
Methuen, and a fitness center in Portsmouth. "We tried 
equipment out, we spoke with people, and I got recom- 
mendations," she explains. "Eventually, we narrowed it down 
to two brands we thought were very comparable. From 
there, I let them 'battle it out' in terms of price, service op- 
tions, warrantees, etc. Ultimately, we went with New 
England Fitness which sells Icarian selectorized equipment, 
York free weights and Precor cardiovascular equipment. 
There were still a couple of other pieces of cardiovascular 
equipment that we wanted in addition — two Stairmaster 
steppers and two Cybex arc trainers — so I purchased them 

The safety of the students is a major concern of McLain 
and her staff. Students, faculty and staff have been issued in- 
dividual cards for access, and supervision will be provided 
during the hours the center is open to students. Cameras are 
installed as a further safety and security precaution. 

McLain s hopes for the fitness center are not complicat- 
ed. "I hope that it gets utilized and that it is a friendly, warm 
place that people can use to take care of themselves. Again, 
with today's focus on healthy bodies, this space can provide 
a great deal for everyone in the community, not just athletes. 
Oh yeah, and world peace," she adds with her signature smile 
and humor. 

TheArchon em Fall 2003 13 


News... Worthy??? 

Michael Delay 
GDA History teacher 

History teacher Mike Delay relates his sum- 
mer professional development experience at 
Harvard University. 

Last summer I had the good fortune to 
be accepted into "The Media and American 
Democracy Institute" at the Joan 
Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and 
.Public Policy at Kennedy School ot 
Government of Harvard University. The 
weeklong class, attended by some 80 educa- 
tors from various parts of the United States, 
explored the many facets, responsibilities, 
and influences the news media possesses in 
our society today. The Institute invited a 
number of individuals involved with the me- 
dia, including representatives from The New 
York Times, The Washington Post and CNN, 
to sit on a panel to discuss topics such as First 
Amendment rights, ethics in the changing 
media, reporting on political campaigning, 
the President and the press, the media in a 
time of war, and how the foreign press cov- 
ers U.S. news. 

As participants, we explored the differ- 
ent news stories that appear by the minute in 
this age of 24-hour/7 day news coverage and 
discussed how the news can be divided into 
soft and hard news. We were fortunate to 
have television veterans such as Ann 
Compton from ABC, Natalie Jacobsen from 
Channel 5 in Boston, and Jack Germond 
who has been covering national politics for a 

number of newspapers for over 50 years. 
These seasoned journalists related stories and 
experiences to show how much the media 
has changed in the last 30 years and how 
corporate ownership of media outlets has led 
to glamorizing or softening the news in or- 
der to boost ratings. 

We also investigated the need for young 
people to be more involved with the impor- 
tant current events of our time. Most young 
people obtain their information from either 
Jon Stewart (The Daily Show), Jay Leno, or 
Dave Letterman, not always accurate purvey- 
ors ol the news. Furthermore, the large 
number of cable channels makes it more dif- 
ficult for the viewer to decipher which news 
stories are accurate. 

In looking at the relationship of the 
press to the president and political cam- 
paigning, we learned that members of the 
press have an incredible amount of power 
when it comes to influencing individuals 
and, therefore, election results. The press will 
cover only those individuals who have raised 
enough funds to put forth a credible cam- 
paign, and therefore may leave a very quali- 
fied candidate unexposed. Polls by the me- 
dia also sway public opinion and election re- 
sults since people may look at poll results, 
conclude that their vote won't make a differ- 
ence, and decide not to vote. 

Our panel involving the foreign press 

and how they cover U.S. news was made 
particularly interesting with a representative 
from Al-Jazeera in attendance, though the 
panel also included journalists from Russia 
and Mexico City. In this two-hour long dis- 
cussion, the panel answered questions in- 
volving translation, propaganda, and govern- 
ment. All three members of the press were 
very positive towards the American people, 
but they were not as favorable toward the 
American press or the US government. 
They all felt the press in America uses prop- 
aganda on its own people, putting a patriot- 
ic spin on international events. All three 
members also felt the United States was too 
involved in world affairs and questioned how 
the United States knew what was best for a 
foreign country. 

I was left with several important ques- 
tions about the changing role of the journal- 
ist/reporter. Have these individuals turned 
into the newsmakers? Are their stories opin- 
ionated or bias? Do they cover the important 
issues of the day or are they reporting for the 
ratings? Good journalists understand that it is 
their job to report the news, not analyze the 
given situation. Ultimately it is the public 
that must take in the information, and form 
an opinion. As Barrie Dunsmore from ABC 
news put it, "People should process every- 
thing, but form their own thoughts." 

14 TlieArchon ae Fall 2003 

Governor: Do French teens have a bet- 
ter sense of world affairs than their 
American counterparts? 

L.A.: French teenagers do tend to think 
more globally than American teens. 
They seem to be more aware of world 
affairs and politics, and they may tend to 
read more. 

Governor: Are French teens' lives more 
relaxed than those of their American 
counterparts, in terms of college and 
other matters, or did you get the sense 
that being a teenager involves the same 
pressures, concerns, and pleasures in both 

L.A.: There is significant tension felt by 
the young French associated with the 
passing of the "baccalaureat" (a very long 
and comprehensive exam) at the end of 
high school. It must be passed in order 
to go on to a prestigious college. 
Socializing for French teenagers seems to 
take place more in groups than in cou- 
ples until at least the late teens. The 
"Maisons des jeunes et de la culture" 
help in this area. Overall, though, 
American and French teenagers experi- 
ence many of the same pressures and 

Governor: There's no drinking age in 
France, right? How does that affect teen 

L.A.: The legal age for drinking alcohol 
in France is 16. Underage drinking in 
France is not as great a concern in 
France as it is in the United States. It is 
not unusual for teenagers to drink wine 
mixed with water at the family table. 
Greater prevalence and exposure seem to 
lessen the connotation of forbidden fruit. 

Governor: How do the French perceive 
Americans these days? 

L.A.: The French remain very friendly 
toward Americans. They separate gov- 
ernmental decisions from people to peo- 
ple relationships. 

k Pn 



Iti/ 7Dc\)ciMjriai£ Fluul/ 

By Laurel and David Abusamra 

In April 2003, 30 GDA faculty 
members were awarded Faculty 
Development Grants for activities as 
diverse as traveling with PRIDE students 
to the Dominican Republic, taking 
courses at a variety of universities, attend- 
ing the NAIS People of Color 
Conference, participating in a clay work- 
shop in New Hampshire, and preparing 
for certification as a strength and condi- 
tioning specialist. Below is a recount from 
foreign language teachers Laurel and 
David Abusamra who used their grant to 
travel to France during the summer of 
2003 and take part in a workshop for 
teachers of French. 

The organization offering the work- 
shop, "The French Traveler," put together 
a series of classes, guided visits, and dis- 
cussions with French people whose pro- 
fessions involve 
youth. Topics such 
as immigration, 
youth today, the 
role of women, 
and technology 
were stimulating, 
timely and enor- 
mously helpful to us and the other French 

In addition, we increased our knowl- 
edge of the history of southwestern 
France, were introduced to the current 
popular singers and writers, and learned 
about the recent changes in the language. 
While in Toulouse, each teacher complet- 
ed and presented a project to the other 

members of the workshop that will be 

used in one or more classes this year. 

Excursions from Toulouse included visits 

to Cordes-sur- 

Ciel, a hilltop 

town, and Albi, 

famous for its 

painted, southern 

gothic church and 

as the home of 

Toulouse Lautrec. 

A visit to a "Maison des jeunes et de 
la culture" (a cultural center for youth) in 
Toulouse gave us a unique opportunity to 
learn about many of the programs offered 
by talking with two center directors. A 
tour enabled us to appreciate the ample 
facilities that are used for afternoon and 
evening enrichment courses (play pro- 
ductions, music practice, pottery, dance 
and athletics). These centers, designed to 
enhance the after-school life of French 
teenagers, are found throughout France. 

After our stay in Toulouse, we moved 
on to the medieval town of Sarlat in the 
Dordogne Region. There we visited for- 
tified castles and went even further back 
in time to view the prehistoric paintings 
in the caves of Pech-Merle and 
Rouffignac and the troglodyte homes of 
La Roque St-Christophe. 

Laden with pamphlets, postcards, 
posters, and CDs, we and the other par- 
ticipants returned to the United States, 
even more passionate about our field and 
with memories galore to share. 

TheArchon-e* Fall 2003 15 

JJ Morrissey '02 recently completed his freshman 
year at the University of Virginia, where he played on their 
NCAA Championship Men's Lacrosse team. Wliile at 
GDA, in addition to being an honor roll student, and dormi- 
tory proctor,]] captained the football, hockey and lacrosse teams, re- 
ceiving All-America recognition in lacrosse his senior year. He received 
the Academy Prize at Commencement last June. He is the younger brother of Paul 
'00, and older brother of Brian '05. Tlie following chronicles his lacrosse experience 
during his first year at UVA. 

I began playing lacrosse at GDA my freshman year, starting out on the 
JV squad. I learned a lot that first year from Coach Suggs and really 
started to appreciate the game of lacrosse. The next year I moved up 
to the varsity squad and that's when I became a lacrosse 
player. I had always considered myself a hockey player 
until I realized what lacrosse was all about. I never ex- 
pected to make it as far as I did, but coaches Bidstrup, 
Rokous and Van Ness pushed me to succeed. I was 
never the most skilled player on the team but, 
thanks to the coaching staff, I like to think I was the 
most technically sound player. Because my stick- 
work was behind at first, I worked really hard to be 
the best defensive player. That may be the number 
one reason why I am here at UVA. 

Coming to UVA my freshman year, I was nerv- 
ous and wasn't sure what to expect, but as soon as we 
hit the fields for "fall ball," I realized that GDA had pre- 
pared me for everything. It all telt natural. I fit right in. 
Leading up to our opener at Syracuse, I felt overwhelmed. The 
excitement around town, the local TV stations talking about the game, and 
the feeling I got from the older players made me realize that I was at the 
next level and I had to play that way. It was my first real Division 1 game and it was even better 
than I had thought. The pace was at a speed I had never seen before and all I could do was smile be- 
cause I was so happy to be a part of it. I got my first shift in the second quarter of that game which 
we won 16-15. 

The NCAA tournament was all I thought about as soon as our regular season ended. We 

had long practices every day - watching film, lifting, running and doing stick work. I'm 

positive that there was no other team as thoroughly prepared for the tournament as we were. 

We had the best team in college lacrosse and some say the best team UVA has ever had. It 

was a thrill to be a part of it and to play in every game both in the regular season and post 


I was completely confident going into 
the NCAA's that we would come out on 
top. I knew there were only a few teams that 
could challenge us - Princeton, Johns 
Hopkins, Maryland and Syracuse - but I 
knew that we had the skill, the heart and the 
leadership to beat all of these teams. I slept 
better and was less nervous before the 
Championship game against Johns Hopkins 
than I was before the New England Class B 
football championship my senior year. My 
confidence was reassured when we took a 5- 
lead in the first quarter and never looked 
back. When the game ended and we were 
number one in the country I just kept saying 
to myself, "We are the best team in the 
country and I am a part of it" It took me a 
while to realize just what a great accom- 
plishment it was. 

JJ (bottom left) and friends 

Coming from GDA's Porter Field 
where the crowd reached maybe 100 people 
to Ravens Stadium where the 
Championship Game attendance was 40,000 
is something indescribable. I was proud to 
represent GDA at such a high level and I was 
overwhelmed by all the support I got. 
Though I may be a Cavalier now, I'll always 
be a "Red Dog" at heart. 

Our team this year has taken the stance 
that it's a brand new season. Teams will be 
gunning for us, so we need to play with the 
same heart and determination while guard- 
ing against complacency. In my opinion we 
have another great team; we are young but 
very talented and very athletic, and I look 
forward to getting the season underway. 
While here at UVA I plan to major in histo- 
ry, in hopes of becoming a teacher and a 
coach. I will always remember the teachers 
from GDA and I hope that one day I can 
impact kids' lives like they impacted mine. 

Tfte/lnr/ioH^ Fall 2003 17 

In case you were wondering... 

GDA welcomed five new teachers this year. To learn more 
about them, The Archon staff posed a few questions. 

Christopher Drelkh, Choral Director 

OI?a deQrasse, Spanish teacher 

Teachers inspire students, but students also 
inspire teachers. Tell us about a student who 

inspired you. 

Christopher Drelich: 

My first teaching assignment fresh out of college was at Pentucket 
Regional Middle School in West Newbury. A well-known "trouble- 
maker" joined the 7th Grade Chorus, and I assumed his tenure there 
would be short-lived. Something with Chorus just "clicked" with him. 
Today he is a senior in high school, well respected by both teachers and 
his peers, and plans to pursue music in college. 

liai Dynuiri: 

I was lucky enough to witness a freshman student become a real poet 
without even trying. 

OI?a deQrasse: 

Last year I spent Christmas in the Dominican Republic and returned 
with photos of my old grammar school. One of my students was so in- 
trigued by the place, and so moved by the basic needs of the poor stu- 
dents, that he arranged to have school supplies sent to them as part of a 
Boy Scout project. 

In today's world, people often pursue more than one career. In 
what other vocation can you envision yourself? 

OI?a deQrasse: 

I am sure I would be working in some type of social work, or with some 
disadvantaged group. 

Christopher Drelich: 

I have already tried the "other" career, and I can legitimately say that I 
cannot picture myself doing anything but teaching. 

Catriona DaKer: 

I am part-time here at the academy, so envisioning other "vocations" is 
easy to do. Teaching horseback riding and training horses, working in 
my art studio, and teaching at GDA lets me pursue all of my dreams. 

I\ai Dyniun: 

Any job that lets me to talk about Ernest Hemingway, Walt Whitman, 
and Jack Kerouac is good enough for me. 

18 Tlie Archon &> Fall 2003 

Hai Dynum, English teacher 

Imagine a limitless classroom 
budget. What would you purchase that 
would further your educational ?oals for 
your students? 

Kai Dynum: 

I would purchase a dictionary and a copy 
of Ludwig Wittgenstein's The Blue and 
Brown Books for every student. 

Catriona Daher: 

I would purchase pencil, paper, and an open 
mind for every student. (Open minds 
are currently on sale at KMart-Blue light 
special.) ' 

OI$a deGrasse: 

I would arrange travel, accommodations 
and stipends for weekly guest lecturers in 
all my classes. Imagine authors, statesper- 
sons, professors, and citizens from various 
Spanish-speaking countries coming to work 
with our students. 

Holly Scharfe: 

I would get a private plane so I could fly 
my students to all the places that we study. 
There is something powerful about seeing 
these places; it makes history more real. 

*3* •» 

Molly Scharfe '93, History teacher 

(atriona DaKer, Computer Art teacher 

Tell us something about yourself that people at ODA do not know, and you 
would like them to know. 

Chris Drelich: 

I am the Resident Caretaker ofThe Coffin House Museum in Newbury. I live upstairs, 
in the Resident's quarters, maintain the grounds, and oversee the general upkeep of the 

Catriona Daher: 

Choteau and Tavi, my two dogs, take up most of my "free time". Tavi is named after 
"Ricki,Ticki,Tavi", the mongoose in my favorite hook," The Jungle Book" by Rudyard 
Kipling. Choteau is named after Choteau, Montana, where I used to work for the for- 
est service. 

Holly Scharfe: 

When I was a student here I told Bill Quigley that I would be back to teach in the his- 
tory department and now here I am. 

TlieArchon «• Fall 2003 19 






Coach Bert McLain 

As of press time, the girls soc- 
cer team was having a great 
season. The team beat some 
of its Long time nemeses such 
as BBN, Brooks and Middlesex 
and was hoping to finish 
the season strong. 

</-';>;• "■■■ Fall 20 

Varsity Boys 

Coach David Abusamra 

Currently ranked fourth in the ISL, the 2003 team 
continued to improve race by race. Its goal was 
to bring home a plaque from both league and 
N.E. Division 3 Championship meets this month, 
and to place individuals among the 15 finishers. 

Boys Soccer 

The varsity boys soccer team had an ex- 
cellent season. At press time, the team 
was in sixth place out of sixteen teams 
and in the running for a post-season 
playoff spot. The team won a big game 
against Middlesex though they lost to 
St. George's, another challenging foe. 


Mark Gerry, Coach 

In the midst of another 
successful season, the Governors 
beat back rival Brooks with an 
impressive 33-6 victory. At press 
time, the team was 7-0, one win 
away from another championship 

Varsity Field Hockey 

Tracey Stickney, Coach 

GDA field hockey had a great season this fall. With a new head 
coach and the loss of 11 seniors, the Govs stayed in the thick of 
the league's best right until the end, with a record of 7-3-3 at 
press time. The future looks promising with plenty of talent on 
the JV team this year and the juniors and sophomores on Varsity. 

Current GDA students Mohammed Sulley '07, Ebony Knowlin '05 

and Obenawaa Boakye '07 

City Prep 

City Prep Visitors 

"I send some of my best kids 
to GDA," Fred Gluck says. "My fa- 
vorites. The ones I have a vested in- 
terest in." 

Gluck is the 
founder and direc- 
tor of City Prep, an 
academic program 
in New York for 
students of promise. 
Six days a week for 
two hours each day, 
City Prep offers enrichment and enhancement to the 
participants' regular public school curriculum. At 

City Prep, kids might read 
To Kill a Mockingbird, 
Inherit the Wind and 
Tom Sawyer, texts they •would not be 
exposed to in their schools, all in an ef- 
fort to expand their skills and academ- 
ic experiences. 

Gluck's isn't the only program 
aimed at helping students achieve ac- 
ceptance at prestigious prep schools, 
but what distinguishes City Prep is 
the area it serves. "My kids are 
Black and Hispanic students from 
the South Bronx," says Gluck. 
"They are not kids from 
Manhattan with advantages. Just 
kids who want to achieve and 
have the abilities." 
What prompted Gluck to start City Prep? A self-described city 
kid himself, he grew up in the Bronx from the age of 10, and then 
attended Hunter and City Colleges. He's been a middle school 
teacher for 33 years at PS. 229 and has seen firsthand where the re- 
sources are allocated in schools. "They all go to the at-risk students 
who are struggling to pass the test. There is nothing for the bright 
and talented kids. After years, I saw the exceptional kids in the Bronx 

"At GDA I can develop who I want to be. 
The faculty and staff here at GDA help me 
to strive for my highest potential. They put 
time in to make sure that everything is go- 
ing well and they genuinely care..." 

Ebony knowlin, 

City Prep '01, GDA '05 

da tU cfcance 
me and \ ^ e 

^' UOnme SeatsVOU 

£veryo ne 

cw prep 03. 

going nowhere while I saw programs paving the way for privileged 


City Prep started in 1996 after Gluck had worked with the large 

national organization, A Better Chance, which finds schools for tal- 
ented students of color. He 
realized that he needed to 
be more aggressive in find- 
ing schools for his students. 
At first, Gluck found he 
was not placing as many of 
his kids in private boarding 
schools as he had hoped. 
"The next year, I made 
phone calls from the 
Directory of Independent 
Schools. Some schools 
came immediately. GDA 

was the first to come. In fact, Peter Bidstrup came himself. He 

thought the kids were just terrific and he was impressed with their 

motivation and po- 

The relationship 

between City Prep 

and GDA has blos- 
somed over the past 

seven years. "I've 

been visiting Fred's 

program annually 

now for years, and we 

have his kids in each 

grade here at GDA," 

says Bidstrup. "Fred is 

finding top students 
the Bronx, and 

"City Prep helped me to learn how 
to interact with different people 
and faces and this has certainly 
aided me in my life here in GDA 
where I'm surrounded with many 
students from different 
backgrounds and cultures..." 

Mary Boadu, 

City Prep '02, GDA '06 


preparing them for boarding school. We are getting some of his top- 
notch kids, and we're thrilled to have them with us. They've made a 
strong positive impact in our community and are involved in all 
facets of school life." 

The positive feelings are clearly mutual. "GDA gives them all the 

22 TlieArchc 

Fall 2003 


Comes to Byfield 

"Many of the people here 

at GDA are relatively well 

off, and to see them give 

back to people who don't 

have is great. It's some- 

thing 1 would have never 

seen in the Bronx..." 

Annika Brown, 

City Prep '00, GDA '04 

support they need. They 
may struggle in the begin- 
ning, but they all do well," 
says Gluck. "Everyone from 
maintenance to the librari- 
ans says to me, 'Those are 
your kids, they're great 

In past years, one or 
two City Prep students at- 
tended a summer session at 
GDA with local students. 
Last summer, for the first 
time, GDA and Gluck creat- 
ed a program specifically designed for City Prep kids. Accompanied 
by Gluck, 15 City Prep students lived in the dorms for a week and 
got a real taste of boarding school life while engaging in academic 
and arts activities as a 
group. GDA faculty of- 
fered the students 
hands-on and class- 
room marine biology, 
U.S. history, creative 
writing, and study 
skills courses. Gluck 
and Karen Gold, 
Director of Summer 
Programs at GDA, plan 
to expand next year to two weeks, offering a total of 30 students the 
opportunity to live and study at GDA during the summer. 

Although Gluck still teaches in the Bronx, he lives in the tony 
community of Scarsdale in Westchester County, NY. How does strad- 
dling the two worlds impact his 'work? "Living in Scarsdale gives me 
an opportunity to see what it takes to be successful," he explains. "If 
you go to a good high school, you can go to a really good college, 
and you can get a really good job, so whatever we can do to get these 
kids good schooling will mean they can have a better life." 

Bidstrup credits Gluck with truly walking the talk. "Through 
the energy and personal investments of his own time and money, this 

"City Prep gave me a head start 
on the work at GDA..." 

Obenawee Boakye, 
City Prep '03, GDA '07 

City Prep Visitors 

r dedicated teacher is 

H^ helping to change the 

lives of his students and 
their families." 

Gluck believes 

boarding school, in par- 
ticular, has specific ad- 
vantages for his students. 
"It offers an environ- 
ment that is distraction 
free. Families, the streets, 
friends, and school can be 
a distraction. Boarding school gives the kids a chance to develop in- 
dependence, to understand there is a bigger world out there." 

And, says Gluck, GDA provides one of the very finest boarding 
school experiences for his kids. "GDA is one of the most nurturing 
of the schools where we place. The kids are happy here." 

" In City p rf > D 

raca ^m/ cw/0r ^?^rea// y/7e/ 

TlieArchon w Fall 2003 23 


Steve Sterman '79 

25th Reunion 

Family: Pajes, wife 

* Sons: Isaac eleven and Samuel eight 
PROFESSION! TIAA- CREF Managing Director, Corporate bond Portfolio Manager 

HOW LONG VOLUNTEERING? Volunteering on and off for about 20 years 

GOAL THIS YEAR; My personal goal is to work harder this year to reach every classmate and make our 
25th year reunion pledges stand out over those in past years. I also hope to get people 
interested in coming back for the reunion. 

WHY AM I CLASS AGENT. To support the many dedicated people both past and present who work so 

hard to prepare their students for a successful life journey. The Annual Fund is a critical source of 

funds for GDA, and the class agents can make the difference between not hitting target and 
exceeding goals. Most people are very willing to participate and support GDA. The calls ■ 

from the Agents remind them that it has been another year, and that it is time once 
again to make a pledge. 

How To Get In Touch: 

24 TheArchon w Fall 2003 

The Annual Report 2003 

The Annual Report included herein highlights the fact that even in difficult economic times the greater 
GDA family pulls together for the benefit of our Academy. A record Annual Fund goal has been achieved 
and, at the same time, our Capital Campaign has made a final push toward its fifty-plus million-dollar goal. 

These numbers plus our 29th straight balanced budget reflect the dollars and cents of a successful year. 
But, there is much more of a story to tell about year two hundred and forty in the history of the nation's 
oldest school of its kind. 

The momentum gained during GDA's surge forward in recent years has continued to grow as positive 
change impacts practically every aspect of the educational experience of the Academy. One reason for the tremendous 
progress is that, as we move forward with our numerous initiatives for improvement, we remain centered around the core of 
what the GDA experience has been throughout its history - our unique community. 

A shared vision of what GDA can become and an on-going planning process to identify specific objectives for moving the 
school forward have also been important reasons for the progress we are experiencing at the Academy. During this past 
year, the planning process was rejuvenated as the Board of Trustees undertook a Long Range Planning initiative. Months of 
committee work by trustees, faculty and administration as well as numerous interviews with representatives from all of our 
constituencies culminated in a strategic plan accepted by the Board at its annual meeting. The main areas of concentration 
and action rising from the Long Range Plan are compensation for faculty and staff, creation of a financial master plan along 
with a campus master plan, community life initiatives, creating a comprehensive plan for advancing diversity in our commu- 
nity, an examination of curriculum related issues, exploration of admissions issues and development of a marketing plan. 

Some of these strategic initiatives have been ongoing for some time and are being re-focused or reconfirmed. Others are 
new objectives that have been given a priority based upon current circumstances and/or expected future requirements of 
our school. In either case, as an identified priority for GDA's long-term success, each initiative will be acted upon. 

In the end, people taking action on behalf of our school explains the forward surge we continue to enjoy at GDA. People giv- 
ing to the Annual Fund, the Capital Campaign or The Schoolhouse Society. Volunteers donating their time to serve GDA in 
one capacity or another. Faculty and staff going beyond the expected to perform their jobs. Students exceeding expectations 
in serving their community. Each positive action for GDA, no matter how small, stimulates a powerful and positive momen- 
tum that carries our Academy forward. 

Thank you for your contribution to this exciting time in the history of GDA. 

Daniel M. Morgan '6y, P'97'02 
President, Board of Trustees 

The Honor Roll of Donors 

Governor Dummer Academy wishes to 
thank the alumni and alumnae, parents and 
friends who generously contributed to the 
Academy in 2002-2003. Gifts to the Annual 
Fund promote the continuation of a strong 
tradition at Governor Dummer. 

Alumni and Alumnae, parents and friends 
who contribute $500 or more to Governor 
Dummer Academy are recognized as leader- 
ship donors, and qualify for membership in 
one of GDA's six leadership societies. 
Graduates Of the Last Decade (GOLD) qualify 
as leadership donors with gifts of $100 or 
more while young college undergraduates 
qualify with a gift of any amount. 

AW-Alumni Widow; GP-Grandparent; < 
FR-Friend; FS-Faculty/ 'Staff; P-Parent; 
TR-Trustee; '-Deceased 

The 1763 Society 

In grateful appreciation to these alumni/ae, 
parents, and friends who gave $50,000 or 
more to the Annual Fund. 

Robert M. '67 and Anne Bass 
Donald Carter P'03 
Jennifer Carter P'03 
Jewish Communal Fund 
Carrie W. Penner '88 
Estate of John Rolfe 
The Walton Family Foundation 

The Milestone Society 

In grateful appreciation to these alumni/ae, 
parents, and friends who gave $25,000 or 
more to the Annual Fund. 

The William Dummer Society 

In grateful appreciation to these alumni/ae, 
parents and friends who gave $10,000 or 
more to the Annual Fund. 

Christopher C. Beebe '55, TR 

Theodore '37 and 

Beverly Bergmann, P'65'70'75 

Jay Cooke III '64 

Putnam P. Flint '37, GP'99 

David H. Harris '36 

Richard and Nancy Kelleher P'99'01, TR 

Josiah '69 and Gloria Lilly P'91'98 

Meredith Morgan Trust 

Joshua '69 and Mary Miner P'96'98, TR 

Reynolds E. Moulton, Jr. '56, TR 

William F. O'Leary '73, TR 

Brian and Stacey O'Rourke P'05 

Robert '73 and Sherilyn Phillips P'03 

Robert '40 and 

Marilyn Schumann, P'66'74, GP'03 

Steven G. Shapiro '74, TR 

Stephen and Karen Swensrud GP'04'05 

Bruce C. Turner '83, TR 

S. Robson Walton P'88 

The Governor's Society 

In grateful appreciation to these alumni/ae, 
parents and friends who gave $5,000 or more 
to the Annual Fund. 


Barby Almy P'86,'02,'05 

R. Macdonald Barnes, Jr. '67 

Charles C. Bowen '50 

James C. Deveney, Jr. '60, TR 

Edward and Janet Dipple P'03 

Fisher Scientific International Inc. 

Stephen and Beverly Giblin P'04'05 

David M. Hicks '54 

Crosby Hitchcock '43 

Stephen '62 and 

Marie-Louise Kasnet P'95, TR 

Mark and Regina Leibovitz P'05 

Paul and Priscilla Mclnnis P'02'03'06, TR 

William S. McPhee, Jr. '62 

Nathaniel & 

Elizabeth Stevens Foundation 

Daniel '67 and Mayo Morgan P'97'02, TR 

Richard A. Nielsen '55 

William R. Plumer '53 

Michael and Denise Porter P'96'99'01, TR 

Haskell Rhett '54, TR 

George and Coreen Scharfe P'95'00, TR 

Robert G. Segel '63 

Charles and Dolly Shalvoy P'02'04, TR 

Sumio Shimoyama P'04 

Howard F. Stirn '41 

C. Thomas '39 and Eunice Tenney P'66'69 

C. Thomas Tenney, Jr '69, TR 

The Nielsen Family Foundation 

Courtney S. Wang '74 

The Wang Foundation 

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Webster P'78 

The Master Moody Society 

In grateful appreciation to these alumni/ae, 
parents and friends who gave $2,500 or more 
to the Annual Fund. 


William L. Alfond '67,TR 

Andrew P. Bendetson '78 

Catherine D. Burgess '91 

Charles and Brenda Cavallaro P'04 

Hugh and Connie Collins P'03 

Andrew Cotreau and 

Dyane Mini-Cotreau P'06 

Todd A. Dagres '78, TR 

Hubert and Frances deLacvivier P'03'06 

Steve and Edith Dubord P'01'02'06 

Eaton Foundation 

Fidelity Foundation 

Robert and Shirley French P'76 

Jim and Deborah Gallagher P'04 

A. Charles Goodrich III '39 

Jeffrey L. Gordon '69, TR 

Paul and Lauren Gudonis P'03 

Hurdle Hill Foundation 

Iel Heum Joh and Jung-Keun Kim P'04 

Thomas P. Jones III '60 

Donald W. King III '73 

Robert C. Kirkwood '58 

George M. Lord '39 

Laurence and Judith Lyons P'01'03 

Gordon G. MacVean '56 

Sean Mahoney '85 

Brad and Sharon Malt P'04 

Mark and Sandra Muscatello P'05 

Brian H. Noyes '76, TR 

Brian and Krystyna Owen P'05'06 

PAN Communications, Inc. 

Philip A. Nardone, Jr. P'06 

Peninsula Community Foundation 

James Pierce 72 

The Pittsburgh Founation 

Quaker Hill Foundation 

Robert M. Rex '53 

The Grace Jones Richardson Trust 

Peter L. Richardson '71 

William '71 and Marcy Shack P'06 

Perry M. Smith '76 

Russell and Frances Smith P'68'76 

Andrew J. Sterge '77 

Jennifer G. Steward '81 

Elizabeth W. Winder P'04 

Nathan '58 and June Withington P'84'97 

The Headmaster's Society 

With grateful appreciation to these 
alumni/ae, parents and friends who gave 
$1,000 or more to the Annual Fund. 

Laurel E. Altshuler 78 

Nathalie E. Ames '85 

Sumner R. Andrews '38 

Mrs. William B. Ardiff AW'55 

Karla A. Austen '81 

Andrew C. Bailey '40 

Richard J. Bates 72 

Paul and Ann Bergman P'05 

J. Derek Bergmann 75 

William Berry & Sons 

Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood C. Blake P'73'79 

John A. Blau '87 

Gary and Cheryl Borden P'03 

George B. Bowden '53 

Preston and Allison Bradford P'04'06 

Peter and Dorothy Bragdon FS 

Norman G. Brown '47 

Jordan J. Burgess Jr. '88 

Kwangrae Cho and Yoonmi Lee P'06 

Jonathan Clifford '53 

Anthony J. Cohen '91 

Robert 0. Coulter '49 

Wendy B. Cowie 79 

George W. Cowles '53 

Colin P. Cross 74 

Douglas J. Curtis '67 

Charles A. Davis '67 

Robert and Patricia Dempsey P'04 

Design Technique 

Frank S. Dickerson III '57 

John and Maryjane Doorly P'97 

Frank B. Dow, Jr. '53 

John and Jane Ellis P'02 

David H. Ellsworth '48 

Michelle Eudailey P'06 

William Eudailey P'06 

Fidelity Foundation 

Garson and Nancy Fields P'05 

First & Ocean National Bank 

Fleet Matching Gifts Program 

F. Curtiss Fox III 78 
Frederic Franzius '51 
Mirick Friend '59 
George E. Gale III '53 
Philip N. Garfield '41 

Richard and Katherine Goglia P'04 

Leo and Betty Goldberg P76 

David '41 and Elizabeth Goodhart P'78'80 

Robert and Barbara Grant P'06 

Claude and Rose Grayer P'00, TR 

William G. Griffith '37* 

Hyun Ho Han and Kyoung Choi P'00'04 

Richard and Susan Harris P'03 

Donald R. Hayes, Jr. '68 

Bernhard and Susan Heersink P'88'92'03 

Louis H. Higgins '64 

Lon W. Homeier '45 

In Pyo and Hyun Sook Hong P'05 

Jae and Kye Hong P'03 

Charles E. Hussey II '51 

Tom and Mary Hyndman GP'04 

Joyce Rudolph Jacobson P'68 

Robert L. Jaffe 70 

John A. 70 and Jamie James P'04 

G. Kimble and Denise Jett P'93 
Ralph F. Johnson '64 

E. William '49 and 

Consuelo Judson P'79'83 

Michael Kaleel P'86 

John and Kathleen Kavanagh P'92 

John and Victoria Kelley P'03 

Yongwoo and Eunshin Kil F03 

Eui Chul Kim and Kyung Sook Lee P'06 

Suk Han Kim and Young Hee Kim P'06 

Young and Kyong Kim P'05 

Thomas P. King '53 

William D. King '53 

Eileen Kinloch P'94 

Frank and Suzanne Kinzie P'04 

Frank R. Kitchell '35 

James M. Knott '47 

James Krzywicki and Debra Scannell P'06 

Charles and Ann Lagasse P'03 

Joseph and Susan Lang P'03'05 

Andrew D. Lappin 72 

Alan B. Leahey 78 

Jae Lee and Kye Ryu P'06 

Lester and Robyn Lee P'01 

Sung and Jong Lee P'05 

Woo and Kyun Lee P'05 

J. Andrew Leonard II '66 

Randall and Cynthia Lilly P'05 

Seok Lyoo and Hae Shin P'05 

Kathleen Leary Livermore 79, P'04, TR 

Richard D. and Mary Mack P'87'91'93, TR 

Mark and Wendy MacLennan P'02 

Robert and Paula MacPhee P'05 

J. Scott Magrane, Jr. '65 

Kenneth and Mary Mahler P'80 

Timothy Maier '66 

Thomas and Joyce Markey P'93 

Marsh & McLennan Companies 

Walter L. McGill '43 

George E. McGregor, Jr. '51 

Raymond and Kathleen McKinnon P'05 

M. Jason '89 and Kara R. McLoy '88, TR 

H. Thomas McMeekin 71 

Merrill Lynch & Company Inc. 

John and Beth Miller P'05 

James Monroe, Jr. '41 

Paul S. Morgan '41, P'67, GP'97'02 

Daniel L. Morison '88 

Paul and Sara Morrissey P'99'02'05 

Theodore P. Munro '40 

Gordon Eric O'Brien 76 

J. Jeffcott Ogden 76 

John A. O'Leary '69 

Richard B. Osgood '53, P'85'88 

The Penates Foundation 

Richard '38 and 

Susanne Phippen P'71'7278 

Richard and Joan Purinton P'75'78 

Spencer L. Purinton 75 

Norman L. Quint '40 

John H. Raymer '54 

Carlton '49 and 

Elizabeth Reed GP'02'03'05 

David Y. Rogers 72 

Gary and Jill Rogers P'04 

Gregory H. Rose 78 

Henry M. Rosen 79 

Russel and Joan Ross P'00 

James '68 and Susan Rudolph P'05, TR 

David and Nancy Russell P'02'06 

Richard and Nancy Russell P'89'95 

David and Nanette Rutter P'06 

Anne Seaver P'71 

John and Ellen Serhant P'06 

Jonathan '63 and Carol Shafmaster P'90 

Ilbo and Soon Shim P'04 

Anthony and Katherine Sillari P'03'06 

David A. Smith '53 

Philip T. Smith '53 

Richard W. Snowdon III '61 

Mark and Sharyn Solomon P'04'06 

David and Janet Splaine P'05 

Peter N. Starosta '81 

Jason E. Starr '42 

State Street Bank & Trust 

Norman and Robyn Stavis P'05 



Hit Y 



jUN i ^ 


NIL l.J U 



Pictured is GDA alumnus Rafus King, 

1755-1827, Delegate Constil mtiort; 


; ' ■ . 

~ ; ' 

i ..;'■ eriator i - 

York, 1789-96, 1813-25; Minister to Gre 

.'' /"' 

^^^^^^Bm^BBB' / jJKm 


deralist' candidate for ¥ice,Pri teifeit 


Quo ■■ :rc ■• i i ei ic D iiftraei ftcademy History 1763 -1^6.3 bj Idjin W, Ragle 


John |l ■■ embei 

oi the English & parte ri ■ I G] « feora L9"47-19.50 
and Mt& in residence du trig 1953 1954 

Joseph Story '67 

David C. Bailey, Jr. '50 

Gorton's Seafoods 

Robert L. Morrell '43 

Sunghoon and Soon Wong Suh P'04 

Wayne '68 and Jayne Barbaro P'94'95'02 

Stanley F. Greenberg '67 

Robert L. Morse '51 

Jackie Sweet P'04 

Peter M. Barkin '68 

Richard H. Greenwood '50 

Michael K. Mulligan '71 

Elizabeth Sylvia P'03 

Swift C. Barnes III '69 

A John Gregg '65 

William H. Murray '70 

Jeffrey P. Taft '85 

William A. Barrell, Jr. '45 

Irwin M. Grossman '49 

Thomas Nathan '36 

Peter C. Thomas '64 

Harold and Anne Baumann P'03 

Richard Guenther '71 

Newburyport Youth Lacrosse Association 

Bowen H. Tucker '55 

Carl A. Berntsen II '68 

Robert and Tracy Hadden P'04 

John F. 0'Dea '64 

George '50 and Benson Tulloch P'77 

Heather Blair '77 

Diana Harrison P'81 

Michael P. O'Leary '70 

Uptack Plumbing & Heating 

Kenneth C. Bloom '78 

Harvey L. Hayden '58 

Richard H. O'Leary '75 

Richard and Heidi Vancisin P'05'06 

Robert and Sally Bohanon P'03 

James J. Healy '56 

David and Pamela O'Neill P'03'04 

Chris and Janet Vinzie P'03 

August W. Boss '52 

William and Louise Hery P'05 

The Oxford League, Inc. 

Abbot W. Vose '60 

Frederick P. Bowden III '52 

Joseph J. Hill '53 

George Q. Packard, Jr. '52 

W. C. Cammett Engineering, Inc. 

Kimberlee G. Burgess '84 

William E. Hill, Jr. '42 

Kimball M. Page '49 

Wachovia Foundation 

Peter T. Butler '62 

Cyrus W. Hoover '62 

Dana A. Pascucci '93 

Jay and Lynn Wailes P'04 

Leonard and Ursula Ceglarski GP'02'04 

Newton E. Hyslop Jr '53 

Richard Paul P'04 

Samuel W. Wakeman '61 

Thomas H. Chalfant '57 

Edwin and Lola Jaffe P'70 

Jonathan and Norma Peabody P'92'97 

James C. Waugh '44 

Childs, Bertman, Tseckares, Inc. 

Mosa P. Kaleel '86 

William L. Phippen '71 

William Webber and Joan Howland P'04 

Harry C. Churchill '33 

Harry J. Kangis '68 

William and Susan Picardi P'95 

John A. Webster '78 

Elizabeth S. Clark P'97 

Michael W. Kaplan '71 

Kenneth and Alison Pickering P'05 

David and Elayne Weener P'90 

John dayman '71 

Jeffrey S. Karelis '64 

Davison Pierson '48 

The David and Elayne Weener 

Peter R. Conway '72 

James and Lorraine Kelly P'05 

The Pierson Fund 

Family Foundation 

Robert Corcoran and Virginia Maurer P'04 

Thomas L. Killough '39 

John and Noreen Pramberg P'74 

Josiah '47 and Donna Welch P'80'83 

Corning Foundation 

Leslie '78 and Michael Lafond P'05 

A. Gordon Price '49 

Randolph and Ronna Werner P'05 

Timothy T. Crane '73 

C. Derek Lagemann '42 

Providian Corporation 

Peter T. Wheeler '69 

Robert D.W. Culver, Jr. '62 

Thomas H. Larsen '54 

The Prudential Foundation 

Edward D. Whitley '42 

Harry L. Curtis III' 7 2 

Daniel '55 and Betsy Leary P'88 

Peter Quimby '85 

Richard and Gail Rappoli P'03 

Frank and Maureen Wilkens P'95 

David and Clair Cushman P'05 

Harold 0. Leinbach '43 

The Williams Companies Foundation 

Amy A. Daniels '92 

Frank and Charlotte Lombardi P'88 

William '50 and Judy Rex P'73 

Richard F. Winckel '41 

James Dean III '56 

Stephen and Sandi Lundquist P'03'06 

John D. Roach '87 

Thomas M. Windle '53 

Joel and Mary Decareau P'04 

Robert J. '40 and Thelma Lyle P'69, 

E. Stephen Robinson '68 

Young and Keum Yoo P'03 

Roland and Carol DeForrest P'03'04 


Lawrence and Sally Roche P'05'06 

Doh-Joon Yoon and Jin-Sun Kim P'04 

Archer '49 and Carol des Cognets P'88 

Carolyn Malleck P'06 

Lewis Rumford III '67 

Vincent and Elizabeth DiCesare P'05 

Francis W. Martin '44 

Frederick and Lucille Saliba P'77 

The Catherine Dudley 

Michael and Barbara DiGuiseppe P'01'03 

Ulysses G. Mason III '59 

Richard and Susan Savage FS 

Dummer Society 

Christen H. D'Orio '88 
Peter K. Dorsey '69 

Helen Mackay-Smith Mazarakis '80 
Craig D. McConnell '75 

Linda R. Schwartz P'84 
Jonathan B. Sendor '74 

In grateful appreciation to these alumni/ae, 

Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation 

R. Neal '76 and Nina '76 McElroy 

James B. Shay, Jr. '68 

parents and friends who gave $500 or more 

The Ellsworth Foundation 

Michael and Gail Medeiros P'04 

Kenneth and 

to the Annual Fund. 

Estate of Warren Lane 
Russell F. Ethridge '71 

Howard D. Medwed '59 
Christopher and Linda Mello P'06 

Bernadette Shedosky P'96'01 
Peter M. Sherin '59 


Michael and Sue Adams P'05 

Parker B. Field III '53 

Thomas M. Mercer Jr. '61 

Hyun Y. Shin '89 

Allmerica Financial 

David W. Francis '69 

Don and Ann Millard, FS 

Jay and Kathleen Siegel P'04 

Sung-Jin An '95 

Steven B. French '76 

Phebe Miner P'69, GP'96'98'06 

Humphrey '42 and Rosalie Simson P'72 

Dennis D. Andersen '44 

Hugh R. Friedman '84 

Anne Minster P'78'80 

Gardner P. Sisk '67 

Ralph E. Ardiff Jr. '58 

James W. Furgal '70 

William R. Moore, Jr. '51 

Michael B. Smith '54 

Charles B. Atkinson '80 

Barry Gately '52 

Jeanne Morauer GP'04 

Richard J. Smith '48 

Harold H. Audet '38 

Pamela Webb Gentile '78 

Hoyt D. Morgan '92 

Robert F. Smythe HI '52 

Sideris D. Baer '66 

Louis and Elisabeth Gobin P'00'03'05 

Morgan-Worcester Inc. 

Carl F. Spang, Jr. '68 


Every day trustees and staff 
seek ways to encourage more 
alumni to get involved with GDA. 
Involvement comes in many forms: visiting campus, tak- 
ing in a game, watching a play or a stage performance, 
calling classmates, visiting the web site, writing a note to 
a class agent, becoming a class agent, sitting in on a class 
or two (no tests will be given), writing a note to a teacher 
or headmaster, talking with a board member, or sending a 
check to support the wonderful opportunities GDA offers 
its students. 

During the past year, many alumni did just that. 
They took a moment -- or more -- and made contact. What 
is amazing to me is the feedback we get when we hear 
from alumni who have returned for a visit after being out 
of touch for some time. They are wowed! The school has 
changed, grown, evolved, they rave. 

Even as I walked across the campus last summer the 
grass seemed greener than I had remembered, the build- 
ings seemed brighter, the view of the salt marsh from 
Route One seemed more awesome. Perhaps that is 
because I am inspired by what GDA is today. The beautiful 
campus is only an outward manifestation of the fabulous 
faculty, classes, and programs that this school offers its 

I encourage you all to take a minute and get in touch. 
Write a note to a teacher or coach or advisor who helped 
you. Make a date to visit. I guarantee that you will be 
reminded of the impact that GDA had in your life. Then 
help us ensure that the impact will be available to another 
generation of students by participating in this year's 
Annual Fund. 

1&fiy , 

JoAh L. Miner, IV '6g, P'96'98 
Chair, Capital Steering Committee 

William F. Spence Jr. '55 

Daniel Spofford '68 

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Stavis GP'05 

Pui Wha Sung P'04 

Joseph Sweeney P'04 

Brett and Joan Sylvester P'05 

Ete Szuts and 

Susan Oleszko-Szuts P'96, FS 

Paul and Casmera Tagtiamonte P'95'01'04 

Peter Tarr and Gail Nelson P'06 

Henry L. Terrie III '69 

John and Kathleen Thomas P'02 

Widgery Thomas, Jr. '43 

Richard M. Tyler, Jr. '49 

Arthur H. Veasey III '68 

Nancy Weinstein P'05 

Albert B. Wende '55 

John A. Whitmore '66 

J. Randall 70 and Joan Whitney P'01'05 

A. Roland '40 and Constance Will P'72 

Katherine Williams P'04 

Raymond E. Williamson '47 

Charles C. Windisch '52 

Robert L. Wise '64 

John Witherspoon FS 

Dorothy Woglom P'04 

Michael Wong P'04 

Benjamin T. Wright '40 

The Lieutenant 
Governor Society 

With grateful appreciation to those Graduates 
Of the Last Decade who gave $100 or more to 
the Annual Fund (the GOLD graduates). 

Jason N. Benedict '93 
James S. Cavanaugh '94 
Amy E. Collins '95 
Joshua McKay Freeman '00 
Piper A. Gore '97 
Jonathan K. Jett '93 
Hilary H. Knight '97 
Adelle C. Lilly '98 
Raymond M. Long '96 
Joshua R. Manring '94 
Katherine D. Meyer '96 
Matthew '94 and 
Nicole Abdulla '94 Prunier 
Brian Rybicki '96 
Michael T. Silverio '96 
Rahul K. Sivaprasad '94 

The College Club 

With grateful appreciation to those college 
undergraduates who gave to the Annual 

Kate Almy '02 
Michael H. Askenase '02 
Sarah E. Avalon '99 
Meghan K. Barry '00 
Diana Burnell '00 
Joel C. Crawford '99 
Michael E. Curran '02 
Edward J. Darisse '99 
Francesca DeMeo '02 
Rachelle Dennis '02 
Jeffrey C. Desmarais '01 
Bradford C. Downey '00 
Joshua McKay Freeman '00 
Lindsay B. Gadd '99 
Lindsay R. Gobin '00 
Daria C. Grayer '00 
Sarah L. Jameson '00 
Margaret H. Lloyd '01 
Marc McDonnell '00 
James G. Meniates '00 
Marlena L. Mercer '99 
Rebecca L. Messinger '99 
Bijou I. Mgbojikwe '00 
Marienna H. Murch '02 
Emily R. Ouimette '01 
Otis S. Panall '00 
Scott P. Pelletier '00 
Jessica S. Reed-Zaplin '99 
Genevieve J. Reynolds '00 
Ann B. Rickley '00 
Jessica Ross '01 
Vanessa M. Russell '02 
Jason M. Salony '00 
Kirsten W. Scharfe '00 
Eve R. Seamans '00 
Marjory E. Searles '02 
Emily G. Sears '00 
John C. Shuster '01 
Regina M. Suggs '02 
Elizabeth D. Turnbull '00 
Joseph P. Turner, Jr. '99, TR 
David W. White '02 
Sarah B. Willeman '99 

Alumm'/a e 

Old Guard 

John P. English '28 
Joseph Langmaid '31 
Frederick S. McVeigh '31 
Howard J. Navins '31 

Class of 1932 

Amount Raised: $200 
Participation: 66.67% 
Elwood N. Chase II 
Stanley L. Levin 

Class of 1933 

Amount Raised: $750 
Participation: 18.18% 
Harry C. Churchill 
Thomas N. Willins, Jr. 

Class of 1934 

Amount Raised: $200 
Participation: 10.00% 
Seth N. Baker 

Class of 1935 

Amount Raised: $1,925 
Participation: 71.43% 
Russell B. Brewer 
William V. Broe 
C. Nelson Corey 
Frank R. Kitchell 
Donald Lawrence 

Class of 1936 

Amount Raised: $11,075.00 
Participation: 77.78% 
George W. Bovenizer, Jr.* 
David H. Harris 
Donald E. Hastings 
Julian Hess 
Stafford J. King, Jr. 
Thomas Nathan 
John C. Wells 

Class of 1937 

Class Agent: Putnam P. Hint 
Amount Raised: $27,050.00 
Participation: 85.71% 
Theodore G. Bergmann 
Putnam P. Flint 
William G. Griffith* 
John A. Hubbard 
W. Dana Jones 
Donald B. Kirkpatrick 
Nathaniel N. Lord 
Edwin C. Murphy 
Clark Neily 

Harris S. Richardson, Jr. 
Melvin Salwen 
William P. Sheffield 

Class of 1938 

Amount Raised: $4,425.00 
Participation: 52.38% 
Sumner R. Andrews 
Harold H. Audet 
L. Alan Bullwinkel 
William R. Ferris 
Charles T. Henrich 
Arthur C. Jameson 
Robert F. Olander 
Richard D. Phippen 
Robert W. Seavey 
Clifford H. Sinnett 

Class of 1939 

Amount Raised: $19,524.23 

Participation: 44.00% 
David F. Ellbogen 
John H. Gannett 
A. Charles Goodrich III 
Charles E. Hewitt 
Thomas L. Killough 
John R. Klotz 
George M. Lord 
Edmund G. Noyes 
Philip A. Simpson 
Donald W. Stockwell 
C. Thomas Tenney 

Class of 1940 

Amount Raised: $16,039.95 
Participation: 50.00% 
Andrew C. Bailey 
David F. Gearhart 
Warner W. Kent, Jr. 
Willard S. Little 
Robert J. Lyle 
Charles E. McDowell 
Theodore P. Munro 
Norman L. Quint 
Robert F. Schumann 
Edwin S. Sheffield 
David H. Solomon 
Frederick Stanger, Jr. 
Lawrence N. Van Doren 
A. Roland Will 
Benjamin T. Wright 
Sanford P. Young 

Class of 1941 

Class Agent: David T. Goodhart 

Amount Raised: $15,950.00 

Participation: 55.26% 

William C. Abbott, Jr. 


Henry F. Britcher 

Herbert S. Chase 

Richard T. Cleaver 

Neal W. Cox 

Philip N. Garfield 

David T. Goodhart 

Lewis E. Harrower II 

Ployer P. Hill 

Frank F. Kirkpatrick 

R. Andrew Little 

James Monroe, Jr. 

Paul S. Morgan 

Guy H. Nichols 

Gordon L. Pirie 

Samuel M. Robbins 

George J. Siganos 

Howard F. Stirn 

Wilbur E. Webster 

Richard F. Winckel 

Class of 1942 

Class Agent: Edward W. Stittlll 
Amount Raised: $4,400.00 
Participation: 42.31% 
William E. Hill, Jr. 
David S. Jarvis 
D. Robert Kelly 
William B. Kirkpatrick 
C. Derek Lagemann 
William H. MacMillan 
Seward E. Pomeroy 
Humphrey B. Simson 
Jason E. Starr 
Edward W. Stitt III 
Edward D. Whitley* 

Class of 1943 

Class Agent: Walter L. McGill 
Amount Raised: $9,745.00 
Participation: 74.29% 

Thomas Akin 
Benjamin B. Brewster 
Roy E. Coombs 
Morgan Cooper 
Warren L. Court 
Malcolm Goldstein 
Crosby Hitchcock 
Donald G. Hudson 
Henry W. Kelly 
Harold 0. Leinbach 
Benjamin E. Mann 
David H. Mason 
Walter L. McGill 
Murray S. Monroe* 
Peter S. Morgan 
Robert L. Morrell 
Angus W. Park 
Philip N. Sawyer 
Alexander D. Smith 
Robert S. Tannebring 
Widgery Thomas, Jr. 
Richard C. Urie 
Decius B. Veasey 
Robert Wadleigh 
William C. Wis wall 
Robert M. Wood 

Class of 1944 

Class Agent: James C. Waugh 
Amount Raised: $4,055.00 
Participation: 64.29% 
David W. Ambrose 
Dennis D. Andersen 
Andrew L. Brillhart 
William N. Campbell, Jr. 
Courtland J. Cross 
Nathaniel N. Dummer 
Gordon J. Hoyt 
Steven K. Kauffman 
Francis W. Martin 
Benjamin Pearson 
Leonard N. Plavin 
John T. Scott 
Edmund C. Tarbell 
James C. Waugh 
Alan H. Welch 
John R. Whitney, Jr. 
Albert L. Wyer 

Class of 1945 

Class Agent: Donald G. Palais 
Amount Raised: $4,727.00 
Participation: 96.67% 
Bradford F. Alden 
David W. Barnard 
William A. Barrell, Jr. 
Stephen D. Bean 
Edgar S. Catlin, Jr. 
Richard A. Cousins 
Warren W. Furth 
John S. Gillies, Jr. 
David P. Graham 
William J. Hale 
Stanley A. Hamel 
Joseph L. Hannan 
Edward C. Haynes, Jr. 
Lon W. Homeier 
Edwin L. Hubbard 
Brewster W. Jameson 
Keith A. Johnson 
Archibald J. Kingsley 
Leon L. Noyes 
Arthur S. Page, Jr. 
Donald G. Palais 
Bradley H. Roberts 
Robert R. Simon 
Robert S. Steinert, Jr. 
Warren G. Symonds 
Allan H. Teel 

Irvine F. Williamson 
Paul Withington 

B. Botsford Young, Jr. 

Class of 1946 

Amount Raised: $435.00 
Participation: 21.43% 
Alan P. Carpenter 
James E. Chase 
Herbert J. Levine 
Douglas L. Miller 
Theodore G. Mixer 
Robert W. Waugh 

Class of 1947 

Class Agent: John W. Deering 
Amount Raised: $5,425.00 
Participation: 67.65% 
Homer Ambrose, Jr. 
Ralph E. Bailey 

C. Benson Birdsall 
Norman G. Brown 
Jay C. Curtis 
John-W. Deering 
Henry T. Dunker 
Kevin J. Gaffney 
Daniel M. Hall 
Peter Hill 

Plato H. Kangis 
James M. Knott 
Robert J. McGill 
Charles C. McLaughlin 
Charles W. Morse, Jr. 
John J. Patterson 
Robert W. Peale 
Leslie E. Richard 
Henry M. Sanders 
James A. Soper 
Peter R. Sutton 
Josiah H. Welch 
Raymond E. Williamson 

Class of 1948 

Amount Raised: $3,865.00 
Participation: 46.51% 
Richard D. Attwill 
Harry R. Beaudry 
S. Kenneth Bruce 
Peter T. Case 
Allen H. Cumings 
John H. Deuble 
E. Ashley Eames II 
David H. Ellsworth 
Philip Gemmer 
Robert C. Hill 
Pete Houston 
Theodore A. Long 
Richard N. Macnair 
Richard S. Palais 
Landon Peters 
Davison Pierson 
Robert B. Skeele 
Richard J. Smith 
James P. Weldon 

Class of 1949 

Class Agent: William L. Chamberlin 
Amount Raised: $7,585.00 
Participation: 54.76% 
William L. Chamberlin 
Robert 0. Coulter 
Archer B. des Cognets 
William H. Drake 
Thomas R.M. Emery 
Peter N. Fitch 
Irwin M. Grossman 
Manson P. Hall 
Chester R. Ham 
Philip E. Hopkins 

G. Leonard Johnson, III 
William T. Johnson 
E. William Judson 
Arthur B. Martin 
Thomas Otis 
Kimball M. Page 
A. Gordon Price 
Carlton D. Reed 
Thomas D. Sayles, Jr. 
Peter C. Statler 
Richard M. Tyler, Jr. 
John E. Veasey 
Donald L. Wochomurka 

floss of 1 950 

Class Agent: Timothy G. Greene 
Amount Raised: $12,334.83 
Participation: 59.62% 
David C. Bailey, Jr. 
Souther H. Barnes 
Charles C. Bowen 
Henry T. Brockelman 
Robert T. Comey, Jr. 
Robert H. Cushman 
Ansel S. Davis 
William D. Engs 
David C. Esty 
William F. Fletcher, Jr. 
Alan F. Flynn, Jr. 
Peter W. Gavian 
Clifton E. George 
Carl L. Glaser 
Timothy G. Greene 
Richard H. Greenwood 
David R. Hershey 
John G. Ives 
William E. Little 
Philip M. Long 
Richard H. McCoy 
James H. McManus 
Richard W. Patton 
William E. Rex 
Malcoumbe C. Robertson 
Robert W. Squire 
Donald F. Stanyon 
Linwood R. Starbird 
George S. Tulloch, Jr. 
Arthur Withington II 
David W. Yesair 

Class of 1951 

Class Agent: George E. McGregor, Jr. 

Amount Raised: $6,585.00 

Participation: 34.48% 

Kenneth M. Bistany 

E. Ronan Campion 

Peter D. Dunning 

Robert H. Fleming 

Frederic Franzius 

Charles E. Hussey 

Louis A. Ireton 

George D. Kirkham 

T. Robley Louttit 

George E. McGregor, Jr. 

Nathaniel S. Merrill 

William R. Moore, Jr. 

Robert L. Morse 

David A. Pope 

Walter G. Staley 

Edward G. Stockwell 

Louis F. Tobia 

Robert L. Wenz 

Peter J. Whitney 

Webster Wilde 

Class of 1952 

Class Agent: Franklin E. Huntress, Jr. 

Amount Raised: $4,950.00 

Participation: 38.78% 

August W. Boss 

Frederick P. Bowden III 

Peter T.C. Bramhall 

Edward P. Carter 

John P. Eveleth 

Barry Gately 

N. Matthew Grossman 

Franklin E. Huntress, Jr. 

Walter R. Lawson 

John T. Lucas 

Richard J. Nader 

B. Dirk Owens 

George Q. Packard, Jr. 

David L. Powers 

Howard E. Quimby 

Donald N. Rice 

E. Richard Rothmund 

Robert F. Smythe 

Charles C. Windisch 

Class of 1953 

Class Agent: William R. Plumer 
Amount Raised: $32,771.00 
Participation: 54.39% 
Arthur C. Bartlett 
George B. Bowden 
Jonathan Clifford* 
George W. Cowles 
Richard B. Devane 
G. Edward Dodge 
Frank B. Dow 
Parker B. Field III 
George E. Gale III 
Charles F. Gibbs 
Lawrence W. Guild 
Joseph J. Hill 
Newton E. Hyslop, Jr. 
Thomas P. King 
William D. King 
Percival M. Lowell 
Richard T. Marr 
Henry J. Moore 
Richard B. Osgood 
Charles C. Palmer 
Norris R. Peirce 
William C. Pinkham 
William R. Plumer 
Robert M. Rex 
Henry H. Rogers 
Richard M. Sargent, Jr. 
David A. Smith 
David C. Smith 
Philip T. Smith 
Allen Staley 
Frederick C. Waldron 
Thomas M. Windle 

Class of 1954 

Class Agent: Richard H. Pew, Jr. 

Amount Raised: $15,025.00 

Participation: 45.45% 

Robert G. Abbott, Jr. 

David H. Alven 

Cary K. Bradford 

Robert C. Burr 

Howard V. Clarke 

Bradford H. Crane 

David W. Ellis 

Robert L. Fish 

David M. Hicks 

Thomas H. Larsen 

Richard A. Michelson 

K. Dodd Miles 

Stuart L. Miller 

John M. Nash 

John M. Perrigo 
Richard H. Pew, Jr. 
John H. Raymer 
Haskell Rhett 
Michael B. Smith 
Gerard G. Vaughan 

Class of 1955 

Class Agent: William S. Friend 
Amount Raised: $22,750.00 
Participation: 56.00% 
G. James Allen 
Philip A. Angell, Jr. 
Richard H. Bailey 
Christopher C. Beebe 
David F. Brainerd 
Thornton Burke 
Orrin M. Colley 
Dudley A. Dorr 
Lawrence G. Eliot 
William S. Friend 
George 0. Gardner III 
A. C. Hubbard, Jr. 
Norman S. Jessop 
Allan R. Keith 
Daniel L. Leary, Jr. 
Peter F. Littlefield 
Bruce Macgowan 
Richard A. Nielsen 
John J. Pallotta, Jr. 
Peter F. Scott 
Frederic J. Sears 
William F. Spence Jr. 
David G. Stockwell 
William P. Stone 
Roger S. Tompkins 
Bowen H. Tucker 
Albert B. Wende 
C. Fredric Young 

Class of 1956 

Class Agents: Joseph E. MacLeod 

John S. Wilson 
Amount Raised: $27,375.00 
Participation: 65.31% 
Richard A. Ananian 
Rufus Ansley 
Arthur E. Balser, Jr. 
Richard S. Bartlett 
Huntington Blatchford, Jr. 
George L. Boynton 
Daniel F. Bridges 
Robert B. Conklin 
James Dean III 
Stephen R. Domesick 
Clark G. Duncan 
Donald A. Dunsford 
Thomas P. Elder 
James S. Finger 
Frank A. Graf II 
James J. Healy 
John A. Henry 
Herbert H. Hodos 
Joseph E. MacLeod 
Gordon G. MacVean 
True G. Miller 
Reynolds E. Moulton, Jr. 
George L. Needham 
A. Latham Nichols 
David S. Pennock 
Peter H. Renkert 
Stanley W. Rhodes 
Otto P. Robinson, Jr. 
William W. Sayles 
Edward B. Spalding 
Reaves E. Strobel, Jr. 
John S. Wilson 

Class of 1957 

Amount Raised: $4,595.00 
Participation: 45.45% 
David H.M. Andersen 
Edmund C. Beebe, Jr. 
John A. Bissell 
Eugene R. Bouley 
Peter Y. Cadigan 
Thomas H. Chalfant 
Lyman A. Cousens III 
Frank S. Dickerson III 
Geoffrey E. Fitts 
Gale H. French 
Frank H. Gleason 
Robert F. Hicks 
Peter B. Metcalf 
Donald W. Morse 
Richard J.V.C. Pescosolido 
Charles E. Reed III 
Chuck E. Schroedel, Jr. 
George W. Starbuck III 
Edward J. Stone 
Brian Sullivan 

Class of 1958 

Class Agent: Harvey L. Hayden 
Amount Raised: $7,865.00 
Participation: 31.71% 
Ralph E. Ardiff, Jr. 
Maxwell Brace III 
Paul S. Clark 
Michael G. Dunsford 
Harvey L. Hayden 
William T. Hunt 
Robert C. Kirkwood 
James C. Main 
Edmund G. Meeker II 
John F. Morse 
John A. Schabacker 
James R. Sylvester 
Nathan N. Withington 

Class of 1959 

Class Agent: William J. Donnelly 
Amount Raised: $6,125.86 
Participation: 48.89% 
Courtney F. Bird, Jr. 
Edward S. Bliss, Jr. 
Walter B. Cannon 
William W. Capel 
William J. Donnelly II 
James S. Foley 
Mirick Friend 
Frederick A. Huntress 
David A. Latham, Jr. 
Geoffrey W. Lewis 
C. Randolph Light 
Brian P. Marsh 
Ulysses G. Mason IE 
Howard D. Medwed 
Roy C. Nash 
Robert H. Pouch 
Richard C. Pratt 
Peter M. Sherin 
Everit B. Terhune III 
Alan N. Tucker 
William B. Whiting 
Nathan D. Woodberry 

Class of 1960 

Class Agent: Carl M. Youngman 
Amount Raised: $12,258.00 
Participation: 45.10% 
Mark F. Acerra 
Robert H. Adams 
Donald G. Alexander 
H. Paul Buckingham III 
David L. Connor 
James C. Deveney, Jr. 



JO I) — 

rs, i :/ lyti \\ i : w i 6 

U Vjgf' 

^v SmL 

z-o I 1 In t 


% " 'Wsffimiii 


r, F( T r\l 


-^ Mh mM^ 

- - " ■■' ; ry [ K ' "' '"' ' 1 t~ ~%~~ • ' ■ A / 

■ - ' ■'■■■■ ' ■' 


^j^ §mk 

>■] rBE 

BUT' j£v?&K%Z\ 


John C. Elwell 

John S. Davagian II 

3ruce Fraser 

John G. Bryer 

Malcolm E. Flint 

Malcalm L. Donaldson, Jr. 

3 aul S. Freedberg 

Robert C. Burnham 

Walcott B. Hamilton 

James P. Gordon 

ference C. Golden 

Edgar M. Caldwell 

Richard L. Henry 

Stanton T. Healy 

Thomson R. Gregg 

James T. Connolly 

Thomas P. Jones III 

Charles A. Higgins 

•I. Laurence Henchey 

Henry Y.W. Eu 

Stanley R. Morton 

Cyrus W. Hoover 

.ouis H. Higgins 

Stephen F. Gripper 

Willard R. Nalchajian 

Robert A. James, Jr. 

*alph F. Johnson, Jr. 

Peter C. Hicks 

Geoffrey H. Nichols 

Benjamin J. Jameson 

Jeffrey S. Karelis 

Leonard W. Johnson, Jr. 

S. Robert Rimer 

Mark R. Johnson 

Thomas J. Maier 

James H. Keeler III 

John L. Slater 

Stephen G. Kasnet 

John S. Mercer 

Timothy R. Keeney 

Peter W. Stonebraker 

Timothy W. McNally 

Richard B. Noyes 

J. Andrew Leonard II 

Thomas F. Taplin 

William S. McPhee, Jr. 

John F. O'Dea 

Michael J. Little 

R. William Turner, Jr. 

Robert H. Michel 

Christopher C. Olney 

Timothy Maier 

William F. Tuxbury, Jr. 

James B. O'Dea, Jr. 

David J. Pearsall* 

Peter L. Navins 

Abbot W. Vose 

Kenneth A. Pouch 

A. Rocke Robertson 

Bradford H. Silsby 

Arnold S. Wood, Jr. 

Charles F. Pyne 

Robert S. Sherman 

David W. Stonebraker 

Carl M. Youngman 

George A. Randall 

John A. Steele, Jr. 

Barry Sullivan 

Joseph B. Selden 

Joseph P. Stevens 

David W. Tinker 

Class of 1961 

Slater Smith 

3 eter C. Thomas 

John L. Trickey 

Amount Raised: $5,163.75 

John W. Tarbell, Jr. 

Richard A. Tuxbury 

Jeffrey C. Weber 

Participation: 36.17% 

Thomas S. Tobey 

Robert L. Wise 

John G. Wellman 

Alan D. Booth 

Anthony D. Whittemore 

John A. Whitmore 

Peter L. Boynton 

Class of 1965 

John T. Brickson 

Class of 1963 

Class Agent: Jeffrey H. Kane 

Class of 1967 

John J. Canepa, Jr. 

Amount Raised: $7,450.00 

Amount Raised: $3,123.00 

Class Agents: Remington A. Clark III 

Geoffrey G. Dellenbaugh 

Participation: 20.00% 

Participation: 26.32% 

Jeffrey R. Harris 

Theodore E. Dietz 

Robert K. Cate 

John E. Bickley 

Amount Raised: $69,341.00 

David W. Graff 

Peter B. Coburn 

Alan L. Chase 

Participation: 66.67% 

John R. Hill 

David R. Dent 

Charles H. Dunton 

William L. Alfond 

James F. Hunt, Jr. 

Robert G. Fullerton 

A. John Gregg 

R. Macdonald Barnes 

Thomas M. Mercer, Jr. 

Frank B. Gummey III 

Jeffrey H. Kane 

Robert M. Bass 

Bertram S. Noyes, Jr. 

Robert P. Ingalls 

Garret D. Leahey, Jr. 

Bennett H. Beach 

Geoffrey H. Robinson 

G. Calvin Mackenzie 

(enneth A. Linberg 

E. Stark Beatty 

J. Stephen Sawyer 

Robert G. Segel 

John M. Mackenzie 

Sidney M. Bird TV 

Richard W. Snowdon III 

Jonathan S. Shafmaster 

J. Scott Magrane, Jr. 

Roger T. Block 

David D. Stringer 

Richard A. Stockton, Jr. 

William E. Major 

Russell S. Bolles 

Samuel W. Wakeman 

James C. McGuire 

Richard D. Boucher 

Thomas C. Woodruff 

Class of 1964 

Stephen M. Rolfe 

Winston S. Burt 

Class Agent: John S. Mercer 

Peter B. Sargent 

John W. Butler 

Class of 1962 

Amount Raised: $17,250.00 

: . J. Shepard 

Remington A. Clark III 

Class Agent: Peter T. Butler 

Participation: 50.91% 

Javid B. Sullivan 

Donald H. Congdon 

Amount Raised: $17,350.00 

Donald S. Balser 

Phillip S. Congdon 

Participation: 45.76% 

Jay Cooke III 

Class of 1966 

Andrew F. Creed 

Raymond A. Bird 

R. Townsend Dexter 

Class Agent: Timothy R. Keeney 

Douglas J. Curtis 

Nils P. Bjork 

Peter Dolce 

Amount Raised: $4,840.00 

J. Barry Davidson, Jr. 

Peter T. Butler 

John C. Everett, Jr. 

Participation: 34.29% 

Charles A. Davis 

Douglass L. Coupe 

Robert S. Farnum 

Sideris D. Baer 

Theodore H. Dix 

Robert D.W. Culver, Jr. 

Howard W. Foss 

Samuel G. Billings 

Carter S. Evans 

Awards and Prizes for Alumni/ae Giving 
The Morris P. Frost '35 Bowl 

Old Guard (1926-195_, 

Class of 1937 
Putnam P. Flint 

Middle Years (1954-1977) 

Class of 1967, $69,341 

Remington A. Clark III, Jeffrey R. Harris 

Younger Set (1979-1992) 

Class of 1985, $7,385 
Anthony P. Fusco 

The Putnam P. Flint '37 Bowl 

Old Guard (1926-1952) 

Class of 1945, 96.7% 

Donald G. Palais, Richard A. Cousins 

Middle Years (1954-1977) 

Class of 1967, 66.7% 

Remington A. Clark III, Jeffrey R. Harris 

Younger Set (1979-1992) 

Class of 1979, 32.3% 
Steven L. Sterman 


The G. Heberton Evans Bowl 

umber of donors 

Leslie Russell Lafond, Scott M. Pope, Ike Suggs 

The Reunion Class Bowl 

dghest dollar total as of 

Robert £ Phillips, G. Douglas Pope, Edward C. Young 

.. .led to the reunion class with the highest participatio r 
of Reunion Weekend 

Class of 1978, 61.5% 

Leslie Russell Lafond, Scott M. Pope, Ike Suggs 

The Arthur W. Sager Bowl 

highest dollar total 

Class of 1995, $1,295 

Gretchen E. Scharfe, Eric J. Whittier 

The Howard J. Navins '31 Bowl 

he Last Decade) class with the 

ughest participation 

Class of 2000, 16.1% 

Jason M. Salony 

ast Decade) class with the 



Philip T. Finn 
Harper Follansbee, Jr. 
Anthony R. H. Gerard 
Stanley F. Greenberg 
William M. Haggerty 
Jeffrey R. Harris 
Paul A. Hemmerich 
Richard A. Jensen 
Kevin R. Leary 
David R. Marsh 
Robert E. Marsh 
Michael V. Miles 
Daniel M. Morgan 
Charles M. Murphy, Jr. 
Andrew G. Nichols 
Ralph H. Perkins 
Wilfred C. Poon 
H. Reid Pugh II 
Dwight H. Reid 
Alan F. Rothfeld 
Lewis Rumford III 
F. Jay Ryder III 
Joseph Schwarzer II 
Gardner P. Sisk 
Joseph Story II 
Jonathan W. Strater 
George H. Swift III 
Thomas G. Taylor 

Class of 1968 

Class Agents: Wayne A. Barbara 
E. Stephen Robinson 
James L. Rudolph 
Carl F. Spang, Jr. 
MarcK. Tucker 
Arthur H. Veasey, III 

Amount Raised: $10,163.00 

Participation: 52.94% 

Wayne A. Barbaro 

Peter M. Barkin 

Carl A. Berntsen III 

William H. Black 

James F. Brooks 

Howard W. Burns, Jr. 

Steven B. Cox 

William M. Degen 

John W. Emerson 

Brian M. Griffin 

Donald R. Hayes, Jr. 

Kevin M. Huban 

R. Thomas Jacobs 

Charles B. Johnson, Jr. 

Charles S. Johnson III 

Harry J. Kangis 

Richard C. Kaye-Schiess 

Harold G. Levine 

Robert M. Lord 
David J. McGowan 
David S. Mitchell 
Stephen M. Murphy 
Fred J. Nahil 

D. Christopher Page 
Robert W. Parsons 

E. Stephen Robinson 
James L. Rudolph 
James B. Shay, Jr. 

J. Hale Smith 
John W. Sowles 
Carl F. Spang, Jr. 
Daniel Spofford 
C. Wilson Sullivan 
Marc K. Tucker 
Marcus M. Urann III 
Arthur H. Veasey IH 
John W. Wannop, Jr. 

Class of 1969 

Class Agent: Peter K. Dorsey 
Amount Raised: $41,780.00 
Participation: 36.51% 
Robert H. Amsler 
Christopher C. Barker 
Swift C. Barnes III 
Peter A. Borneman 
William S. Clyde 
Johnston P. Connelly II 
Peter K. Dorsey 
David W. Francis 
Jeffrey L. Gordon 
Edmund C. Lattime 
Josiah K. Lilly TV 
Frederick J. Lyle 
Garrett R. Martin 
Joshua L. Miner IV 
Jonathan M. Nelson 
John A. O'Leary 
John L. Pates 
Brian Pfeiffer 
Thomas M. Pierce 
Shelden N. Sacks 
C. Thomas Tenney, Jr. 
Henry L. Terrie III 
Peter T. Wheeler 

Class of 1970 

Class Agent: Henry B. Eaton 
Amount Raised: $5,180.13 
Participation: 40.00% 
Emery R. Boose 
Jeb Bradley III 
Peter M. Briggs 
James F. Brown IV 

Van Cherington 
John W. Cutler, Jr. 
Henry B. Eaton 
Michael L. Franchot 
James W. Furgal 
Alonzo A. Gay* 
Chandler R. Gilman 
Robert L Jaffe 
John A. James Jr. 
Ronald B. Latham 
Adam L. Levin 
Nicholas P. Meyer 
William H. Murray 
John L. Newman 
Michael P. O'Leary 
Benjamin T. Smith 
Frederick R. Statler 
John A. Stichnoth, Jr. 
Guy A. Swenson III 
Thomas C. Turner 
Richard W. Welch 
J. Randall Whitney III 
Nathaniel Williams 
Andrew S. Winneg 
Christopher C. Wyle 

Class of 1971 

Amount Raised: $10,415.00 
Participation: 31.51% 
Barry A. Burlingham 
Edgar S. Catlin III 
John M. dayman 
Scott L. Collins 
Russell F. Ethridge 
James S. Fleming 
Richard Guenther 
Michael W. Kaplan 
Joseph R. LaPaglia III 
W. Jed Lee 
H. Thomas McMeekin 
Arthur J. Moher II 
Michael Mulligan 
Mark I. Nickerson 
Eric H. Nietsch 
Albert P. Pettoruto 
William L. Phippen 
Peter L. Richardson 
Jonathan Roof 
Warren K. Ross, Jr. 
Scott H. Seaver 
William P. Shack 
Malcolm L. Wright 

Class of 1972 

Amount Raised: $9,860.05 
Participation: 34.12% 
Richard J. Bates 
Charles S. Bouchard 
Robert R. Bryan 
Paul J. Commito 
William S. Connolly 
Peter R. Conway 
Harry L. Curtis III 
Geoffrey A. Durham 
William D. Duryea III 
Arthur S. Follansbee 
Peter W. Franklin 
George G. Freimarck 
William N. Frost 
John J. Halloran 
Frank A. Holmes 
Cameron C. Hosmer 
James V. Irving 
Andrew D. Lappin 
Robert C. Little 
Robert E. Martin 
Benjamin Pearson 
Peter D. Phippen 
James Pierce 

David Y. Rogers 
G. Barrett Simson 
Sarah Ewell Smith 
William A. Watts 
James H. Whitmore 
William B. Wickliffe II 

Class of 1973 

Class Agent: G. Douglas Pope 
Amount Raised: $29, 784. 60 
Participation: 19.35% 
William C. Arthur III 
Christopher D. Baker 
Thomas R Bell 
Sheldon L. Chase 
Timothy T. Crane 
Jonathan C. Gilman 
Adolf F. Haffenreffer III 
Mark N. Hoffman 
Charles C. Holleman 
Donald W. King III 
David D. Metcalf 
William F. O'Leary 
Geoffrey E. Peters 
Robert E. Phillips 
G. Douglas Pope 
Frederick W. Sargent 
Arthur A. Scangas 
Philip C. Smith 
George W. Williams 

Class of 1974 

Class Agent: Konrad 0. Schoen 
Amount Raised: $18,275.00 
Participation: 19.19% 
Alexander M. Andrews 
Robin Cohen Baker 
Carl M. Bosch 
Raymond E. Brooks 
Colin P. Cross 
Thomas G. Huffsmith 
Stephen A. James 
Randi Birenbaum Lapidus 
Jonathan B. Sendor 
Steven G. Shapiro 
Andi Lipsky Shaw 
Carol Bendetson Shube 
William B. Skaff 
Robert E. Spaulding 
P. Woodbridge Wallace 
Courtney S. Wang 
E. Scott Williams 
Steven M. Winer 
Lawrence B. Woolson, Jr. 

Class of 1975 

Class Agent: Spencer L. Purinton 
Amount Raised: $4,260.00 
Participation: 17.71% 
J. Derek Bergmann 
Pamela R. Blanchard Post 
Daniel G. dayman 
Stephen C. Dunfey 
Kingsley Goddard 
Audrey Cesareo Grant 
John Harrington 
Louise S. Johnson 
Craig D. McConnell 
Barry H. Miller 
Wendy Lougee O'Brien 
James F. O'Donnell 
Richard H. O'Leary 
Barbara Hallas Pierce 
Spencer L. Purinton 
Winston S. Rice, Jr. 
Bennett R. Young 

Class of 1976 

Class Agent: Perry M. Smith 
Amount Raised: $9,750.00 
Participation: 23.38% 
Stephen W. Allison 
Thomas P. Balf 
Steven J. Benson 
Gordon D. Boulger 
John J.R. Cavendish 
Steven B. French 
Mary Weldon Karlin 
Nina Chiara McElroy 
R. Neal McElroy 
Brian H. Noyes 
Gordon Eric O'Brien 
J. Jeffcott Ogden 
Catherine Rooney 
Perry M. Smith 
Murray J. Swindell, Jr. 
Stephen Titcomb 
John J. Walsh 
William C. Woods 

Class of 1977 

Amount Raised: $6,049.72 
Participation: 16.13% 
Heather Blair 
Evelyn L. Caron 
Benjamin S. Collins 
Jeanne Waltz Gorham 
Huw R. Jones 
Elizabeth J. Kannan 
Hilary K. Laraba 
C. Eric Laub 
Perrin H. Long 
Elizabeth Saunders Oski 
Sally Pendleton 
Christopher L. Poole 
Allison McElroy Quinttus 
George L. Richards III 
Andrew J. Sterge 
Frank P. White, Jr. 

Class of 1978 

Amount Raised: $18,575.00 

Participation: 81.50% 

Laurel E. Altschuler 

Robert M. Barnes 

Jody R. Baum 

Douglas D. Beattie 

Andrew P. Bendetson 

Kenneth C. Bloom 

Anna-Maria Markos Bussing 

Ray A. Casey 

Gina M. Chiara 

Bradford D. Clark 

Todd A. Dagres 

Rolf H. Dammann, Jr. 

H. Thomas Diehl III 

William F. Drislane 

David R. Drukker 

Anita Heffron Fisher 

C. Curtiss Fox III 

Pamela Webb Gentile 

James M. Giampa 

James C. Goodhart 

M. Philip Graham 

Geoffrey C. Gwynne 

Peter A. Hey 

Robert Higgins 

Peter W. Jenkins 

William C. Jerome III 

Drew R. Jones 

Gregory J. Kaknes 

Alexandra Mackay-Smith Keirstead 

Leslie Russell Lafond 

Alan B. Leahey 

Jule-Ann Huffnagle Malloch 

Tomas G. Mathews 

Meredith K. Miller 
Douglas J. Minster 
Stephen E. Monaghan 
Richard P. Neville 
Timothy 0. Norton 
Philip M. Ogden 
Thomas W. Ostheimer 
Jonathan K. Palais 
Scott M. Pope 
Jamie Purinton 
Andrew W. Robinson 
John J. Rooney 
Gregory H. Rose 
James P. Slater 
Jami Bougas Spencer 
Andrew W. Stephenson 
Dana L. Stetson 
Isaiah Suggs, Jr. 
Patricia Mulligan Taylor 
John A. Webster III 

Class of 1979 

Class Agent: Steven L. Sterman 
Amount-Raised: $5,530.00 
Participation: 32.26% 
Holly Baum Berkowitz 
Stuart R. Cawley 
Wendy Bixby Cowie 
Dara Entekhabi 
Elizabeth A. Farley 
Jeffrey W. Garnett 
Kathleen Coffin Hourihan 
Bruce W. Lindsay 
Kathleen Leary Livermore 
Randy Tye O'Brien 
William J. Paladino 
John S. Perlowski, Jr. 
James J. Ronan 
Henry M. Rosen 
Anne C. Sandt 
Hal F. Sizer 
David H. Smith 
Steven L. Sterman 
Richard E. Theriault 
Derek 0. Van Etten, Jr. 
Abigail M. Woodbury 

Class of 1980 

Class Agent: James A. Gardner 

Amount Raised: $3,530.00 

Participation: 30.77% 

Charles B. Atkinson 

R. Jeffrey Bailly 

William M. Bartlett 

Virginia A. Bushell 

Kevin W. Callahan 

Cornelia McCarthy DeNey 

Emily Woolf Economou 

Elizabeth W. Evans 

James A. Gardner 

Erica Baum Goode 

Dana H. Jones 

Frederick H. Long 

Scott C. Mason, Jr. 

Helen Mackay-Smith Mazarakis 

Andrew M. Minster 

Jamie D. Rosenthal 

Bryan J. Rourke 

Russell C. Savrann 

Jeffrey M. Segil 

Nicholas G. Taylor 

Matthew D. Tomlinson 

E. Ashley Van Etten 

Stephen G. Wall 

Pamela Kurtz Welch 

Class of 1981 

Class Agent: Michael M. Reilly 
Amount Raised: $5,915.00 
Participation: 13.58% 
Karla A. Austen 
Peter W. Brandli 
John S. Cole 
David W. Critics 
Daniel C. Cross 
Sherman D. Horton III 
Lisa Louden 
Michael A. Menyhart 
Michael M. Reilly 
Peter N. Starosta 
Jennifer Graf Steward 

Class of 1982 

Amount Raised: $1,611.00 
Participation: 16.30% 
Richard D. Brown 
Claire Dober Danaher 
John F. Leary III 
Erica Norton Lewis 
David L. Marglous 
Mark D. Miller 
John B.A. Nye 
Annalisa Tornberg Oneill 
Ann Rooney 
Heather Vickers Ryan 
David L. Schwartz 
Paul J. Shoulla 
Nancy Lord Wickwire 

Class of 1983 

Amount Raised: $15,955.00 
Participation: 13.33% 
James H. Aimone 
David S. Dow 
Aaron L. Halpern 
David S. Hoffman 
Caroline S. Krause 
Susan Studley Sanidas 
Karen Gronberg Schulte 
Gregory W. Skaff 
Bruce C. Turner 
Amy S. Welch 
Lori A. Whitney 
Hope A. Williams 

Class of 1984 

Class Agent: Charlotte Johnson Amorello 

Amount Raised: $2,760.00 

Participation: 20.00% 

Charlotte Johnson Amorello 

Kimberlee Grillo Burgess 

David H. Carlson 

Michael D. DiModica 

Elizabeth Tuthill Farrell 

Hugh R. Friedman 

Michael P. Graf 

Mariel Hagan 

Michael P. Leary 

Stefan J. Marculewicz 

Daniel T. Nye 

Steven C. Shula 

Kathleen M. Sullivan 

Brent A. Tingle 

Jeffrey S. Wallace 

Kathleen Lambert Watt 

Class of 1985 

Class Agents: Anthony P. Fusco 
Amount Raised: $7,385.00 
Participation: 31.33% 
Nathalie E. Ames 
Benjamin C. Armstrong 
Samuel T. Blatchford 
Steven M. Bornstein 

Robert L. Cloutier 

Peter D. Condon 

Victoria M. deLisle 

Katherine Appleton Fitzpatrick 

Jonathan A. Gardner 

Dennis P. Gately 

Anna Hill Gerry 

Stephanie Gardner Ginsberg 

Jessica A. Gould 

Kate M. Kaplain-Cook 

Jeffrey P. Kelly 

Sean Mahoney 

Meredith Lazo McPherron 

W. Quinn Pollock 

Peter H. Quimby 

Katrina Russo Ramsey 

Jeanne Smith-Hollett 

Donna M. Stram 

Jeffrey P. Taft 

Michael J. Terrile 

Rebecca Chase Werner 

Jiseop Yoon 

Class of 1986 

Amount Raised: $1,475.00 
Participation: 12.50% 
John B. Bailly 
Russell B. Jones 
Mosa P. Kaleel 
Eric S. Krukonis 
Karen Rybicki McCann 
Patrick W. McCullom 
Kimberly Mooney McNulty 
Anne W. Pollock 
Robert H. Studley, Jr. 
Blake B. Underhill 
Melanie Waldman 

Class of 1987 

Class Agents: Lucy Armstrong Henkes 

Robert C. DeLena 
Amount Raised: $3,525.00 
Participation: 20.00% 
Peter G. Barton 
Anita Russo Bartschat 
John A. Blau 
David A. Bonenko 
A. Kipchoge Brown 
Lisa A. Carrigg 
Douglas Crocker 
Robert C. DeLena 
P. Cris Dobrosielski 
William J. Dumoulin 
Lucy Armstrong Henkes 
Anne Taylor Kindblom 
Amy F. Mack 
Lyndsay E. McCandless 
Christopher D. McMorris 
David R. Miller 
Amy Goldstein Northup 
Kristen LaBrie Poulin 
John D. Roach 
Gregory B. Waldman 

Class of 1988 

Class Agent: Carrie Walton Penner 
Amount Raised: $23,210.00 
Participation: 20.19% 
Wayne M. Belleau 
Deana Giamette Boyages 
Paul A. Bucci 
Erika Sayewich Buell 
Jordan J. Burgess, Jr. 
Anne L. Cole 
Christen H. D'Orio 
Meganne Murphy Fabrega 
Kristina Von Trapp Frame 
Shawn E. Gager 
David J. Hanlon 

Damon K. Kinzie 
Kara Moheban McLoy 
Jill Goldman Miller 
Daniel L. Morison 
Andrew B. Noel III 
Hugh M. Ogilvie 
Carrie Walton Penner 
Julie Miller Segal 
Charity Lombardi Simard 

Class of 1989 

Class Agents: Robert T. Wattie III 
Amount Raised: $3,275.00 
Participation: 24.44% 
Robert S. Ashworth 
Adam M. Barton 
S. Preston Beach 
John H. Costello III 
Philip Dimitriou 
Matthew F. Downing 
Herrick S. Fox 
Jeffrey L. Fullerton 
John E. Hellerman 
Charles B. Kahn 
Jason McLoy 
Alexander G. Moody 
Daniel F. Nadeau 
Ashley E. Newbert 
Jessica Cowles Pidgeon 
Sara Stuart Pleninger 
Victoria Hill Resnick 
Patrick E. Riley 
Amy Russell Sheeran 
Hyun Young Shin 
Derek R. van Vliet 
John S. Wilson 

Class of 1990 

Class Agents: Margo Doyle Dhaliwal 

Michael S. Yeagley 
Amount Raised: $1,055.00 
Participation: 13.83% 
Kathryn DiNanno Barbieri 
Grayson H. Coale 
Shannon Ballard Davenport 
Margo Doyle Dhaliwal 
Kate S. Fyrberg 
Glenn W. Johnson 
Michelle B. Kahn 
Peter S. Langley 
Kevin D. O'Handley 
Amy P. Shafmaster 
David M. Smith 
Kyrie F. Stevens 
Michael S. Yeagley 

Class of 1991 

Class Agent: Kori Winter 
Amount Raised: $5,270.00 
Participation: 10.87% 
Catherine D. Burgess 
Alanna S. Caffrey 
Anthony J. Cohen 
Philip P. Gatchell 
Mia Lindenfelzer Kerns 
Nicole F. LaTour 
Toby G. Levine 
Stratton B. Newbert 
Brian J. Novelline 
Anita M. Sweeney 
Kori Winter 

Class of 1992 

Class Agent: Amy A. Daniels 
Amount Raised: $1,695.00 
Participation: 13.04% 
Amy A. Daniels 
Carolyn Mclnnis DiGiammo 
Grace P. Jeanes 

Joshua C. Lappin 
Judith Livingston Loto 
Joseph P. Montminy 
Hoyt D. Morgan 
Sean P. Naughton 
Erin Elwell Rich 
Christopher Ruggiero 
K. Brooke Whiting 
Catharine A. Wickes 

Class of 1993 

Class Agent: Jennifer L. Saunders 

Amount Raised: $1,261.00 

Participation: 15.63% 

Use E. Abusamra 

Jason N. Benedict 

Eleanore R. Godfrey 

Jonathan K. Jett 

Elizabeth J. Lee 

Alexander MacLachlan 

Shawn T. Markey 

Michael A. Nadeau 

Dana A. Pascucci 

Anne Savage 

Nicole R. Simkins 

Nancy C. Stevenson 

James R. Walsh 

Saundra E. Watson 

Christopher R. Yeagley 

Class of 1994 

Class Agent: Rahul K. Sivaprasad 
Amount Raised: $1,000.00 
Participation: 11.70% 
James S. Cavanaugh 
Kurt R. Danielson 
Elizabeth D. Griffin 
Melissa V. King 
Joshua R. Manring 
Timothy C. O'Keefe 
Catherine R. Perry 
Matthew T. Prunier 
Nicole Abdulla Prunier 
Katharine L. Savage 
Rahul K. Sivaprasad 
Rebecca L. Vieira 

Class of 1995 

Class Agents: Gretchen E. Scharfe 

Eric J. Whittier 
Amount Raised: $1,295.00 
Participation: 10.19% 
Sung-Jin An 
Elisabeth F. Byrne 
Amy E. Collins 
Chandlee R. Gore 
Stephen A. Kasnet 
Ashley Russell Krasinski 
Arnaud A. Lessard 
Gretchen E. Scharfe 
Molly K. Scharfe 
Christopher D. Terry 
Eric J. Whittier 

Class of 1996 

Class Agent: Brian Rybicki 
Amount Raised: $855.00 
Participation: 15.00% 
Lauren M. Abernathy 
Daniel A. DiPietro 
Jeffrey R. LaBelle 
Raymond M. Long 
Kate Manzella Mayhook 
Katherine A. McCullough 
Katherine D. Meyer 
Lea B. Miner 
Jason S. Randlett 
Jason W. Rivera 
Brian Rybicki 





V. U l ,3 I.A-INL 


■:■'■:■ ■"■'." ;• '. ."■' 

totfealt ira 1908 


* s w 

Aaron M. Sells 
Michael J. Shedosky 
Michael T. Silverio 
Jessica Stormont Stevens 

Class of 1997 

Amount Raised: $360.00 
Participation: 7.53% 
Kevin P. Bromby 
Adam P. Doorly 
David H. Fyrberg 
Piper A. Gore 
Hilary H. Knight 
Meta M. Mason 
Nicole R. Suggs 

Class of 1998 

Amount Raised: $445.00 
Participation: 12.61% 
Naveen K. Ayyagari 
Kelly M. Barry 
Eric S. Blair 
Jacqueline M. Downing 
Alicia K. Flynn 
Kate A. Katzenberg 
Adelle C. Lilly 
R. Michael Meagher 
Emily M. Novis 
Stoddard R. Panall 
Brooke L. Peltzman 
Elizabeth E. Pilkington 
Jessica M. Savage 
Sarah M. Turner 
Philip A. Venturelli 

Class of 1999 

Class Agent: Joseph P. Turner, Jr. 
Amount Raised: $196.00 
Participation: 10.10% 
Sarah E. Avalon 
Joel C. Crawford 
Edward J. Darisse 
Lindsay B. Gadd 
James G. Meniates 
Marlena L. Mercer 
Rebecca L. Messinger 
Jessica S. Reed-Zaplin 
Joseph P. Turner, Jr. 

Sarah B. Willeman 

Class of 2000 

Class Agent: Jason M. Salony 
Amount Raised: $540.00 
Participation: 16.07% 
Meghan K. Barry 
Diana K. Burnell 
Bradford C. Downey 
Joshua McKay Freeman 
Lindsay R. Gobin 
Daria C. Grayer 
Sarah L. Jameson 
Marc McDonnell 
Bijou I. Mgbojikwe 
Otis S. Panall 
Scott P. Pelletier 
Genevieve J. Reynolds 
Ann B. Rickley 
Jason M. Salony 
Kirsten W. Scharfe 
Eve R. Seamans 
Emily G. Sears 
Elizabeth D. Turnbull 

Class of 2001 

Class Agent: Derek Falvey 
Amount Raised: $105.00 
Participation: 5.68% 
Jeffrey C. Desmarais 
Margaret H. Lloyd 
Emily R. Ouimette 
Jessica Ross 
John C. Shuster 

Class of 2002 

Class Agent: Shane MacDonald 
Amount Raised: $205.00 
Participation: 9.09% 
Katherine L. Almy 
Michael H. Askenase 
Micheal E. Curran 
Francesca DeMeo 
Rachelle Dennis 
Marienna Murch 
Vanessa Russell 
Marjory E. Searles 
Regina M. Suggs 

Campaign Donors Since Inception 

The Academy extends its gratitude to these donors who have made capital gifts designated for 
scholarships and the construction, acquisition and endowment of facilities and equipment that 
enhance Governor Dummer Academy's educational experience. 

David White 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Alfond 

Mr. and Mrs. William L. Alfond 

The William Alfond Foundation 

Mrs. Barbara Almy 

Ms. Linn Anderson and 

Mr. Frederick Joseph 


Mr. and Mrs. Ralph £ Ardiff, Jr. 

Arthur W. Sager Memorial Fund 


Mr. and Mrs. William W. Atwell 

Mr. Dana H. Babcock 

Mr. and Mrs. Swift C. Barnes III 

Robert and Anne Bass 

Mr. and Mrs. Bennett H. Beach 

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher C. Beebe 

Mr. and Mrs. James L Bildner 

Mr. and Mrs. George K. Bird IV 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Black 

Mr. Anthony J. Bolland 

Boston Red Sox Foundation 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Bragdon 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Brox 

Mr. and Mrs. John N. Burnham 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter T. Butler 

Mr. Donald C. Carter 

Central New York Community Foundation 

Mr. and Mrs. Adisorn Charanachitta 

Mr. Jonathan Clifford 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Clunie 

Mrs. Joan Cook 

Mr. Jay Cooke III 

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene M. Corbett 

Mr. Andrew Cotreau and 

Mrs. Dyane Mini-Cotreau 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Crocker II 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Cross 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Curran 

Mr. and Mrs. Todd A. Dagres 

Davis Family Foundation 

Mr. and Mrs. James Dean III 

Mr. and Mrs. Hubert deLacvivier 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Dempsey 

Mr. Archer B. desCognets 

Mr. and Mrs. James Y. Deupree 

Mrs. Edward L. Dillinger 

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Doggett, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank D'Orio, Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Dornbush 

Eaton Foundation 

Elizabeth M. Lyman Trust 

Mr. John P. English 

Mr. and Mrs. C. Peter Erickson 

Estate of Arthur W. Strenge 

Estate of John Rolfe 

Mr. Thomas Farrell and Ms. Elizabeth 

Tuthill Farrell 

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Ferry 

Mr. and Mrs. Parker B. Field III 

First & Ocean National Bank 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Fish 

Fisher Scientific International Inc. 

Mr. Putnam P. Flint 

FMC Foundation 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L.V. French 

The French Foundation 

Mrs. Elizabeth Friend 

Mr. Mirick Friend 

Keewaydin Fund 

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Gallagher 

Mr. Barry Gately 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Giblin 

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford J. Gillespie 

Mr. and Mrs. Louis R. Gobin 

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Gordon 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Gore 

Mr. Stanley A. Hamel 

Harold Curtiss Trust 

Mr. and Mrs. David H. Harris 

Current Parent Campaign Challenge 

The 2002-2003 Parent Fund received a challenge by an anonymous donor to raise $75,000 in new money. The challenge was a 2:1 
match resulting in a gift of $150,000 to the Performing Arts Center. The catering room in the PAC was named after the "2002-2003 
Parent Fund. " Thank you to the parents listed below who met the challenge. 

Campaign Challenge Mr. 

Anonymous Mr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Adams Mr. 

Mrs. Barbara Almy Mr. 

Mrs. Carlyn D. Anderson Mr. 

Dr. and Mrs. David W. Archibald Mr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Arno Mr. 

Mr. and Mrs. David T. Arthur Mr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Mr. 

D. Baker DVM Mr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Baumann Mr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Becker Mr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Beech Mr. 

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Benjamin Mr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Bergman Mr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Black Mr. 

Mr. Anthony S. Boadu Mr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Bohanon Mr. 

Mrs. Jane Bonaventura Ms. 

Dr. and Mrs. Gary E. Borden Mr. 

Ms. Mary A. C. Boyle Mr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Preston B. Bradford Mr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Brierley Dr. 

Mr. and Mrs. David C. Bryson Ms. 

Mr. David and Dr. Catherine Budd Mr. 

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Burns Mr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Campbell Mr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Winston B. Carroll, Jr. Mr. 

Mr. Donald C Carter Mr. 

Mrs. Jennifer Carter Mr. 

Mr. Kwangrae Cho and Mrs, 

Ms. Yoonmi Lee Mr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh J. Collins, Jr. Mr. 
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Connaughton ' Mr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Connors Mr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Coppolino Ms. 

Mr. Robert Corcoran and Mr. 

Dr. Virginia Maurer Mr. 

Mr. Andrew Cotreau and Mr. 

Mrs. Dyane Mini-Cotreau Mr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Alexis Cruz Mr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Joel A. Decareau Mrs, 

Mr. and Mrs. Roland F. DeForrest Mr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Hubert deLacvivier Mr. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomas Devaney Ms. 

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent A. DiCesare Mr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. DiFronzo, Jr. Mr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael DiGuiseppe Mr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Dipple Mr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Dodge Mr. 

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Doggett, Jr. Mr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Dubord Mr. 

Mr. Robert S. Dudley Mr. 

Mrs. Louise Dudley Mrs, 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Eaton Mr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Engel Mr. 

Mr. William A. Eudailey Mr. 

and Mrs. Stephen P. Falvey 

and Mrs. Michael Ferrick IIL 

and Mrs. Garson R. Fields, Jr. 

and Mrs. Andrew S. Fischer 

and Mrs. David M. Foley 

Bernard S. Frey 

and Mrs. James L. Gallagher 

and Mrs. Stephen J. Giblin 

and Mrs. Richard A. Goglia 

and Ms. Gary Goodman 

and Mrs. Robert P. Grant 

and Mrs. Rene Graziano 

and Mrs. Paul R. Gudonis 

and Mrs. William B. Gurney 

and Mrs. J. Douglas Guy 

and Mrs. Robert Hadden 

Louis H. Hamel III 

Hyun Ho Han and 

Kyoung Choi 

and Mrs. Peter J. Harmeling 

and Mrs. Richard C. Harris 

and Mrs. Joel T. Hartnett 

and Mrs. Bemhard Heersink 

Denald £ Hienkle -McCarthy 

and Mrs. Bruce R. Holt 

and Mrs. Jae S. Hong 

and Mrs. In Pyo Hong 

and Mrs. James A. Hughes III 

Daniel A. Jeffre 

Iel Heum Joh and 

. Jung-Keun Kim 

and Mrs. Scott N. Johnson 

and Mrs. Theodore 0. Johnson 

and Mrs. Stephen M. Juba III 

and Mrs. Jan Kapstad 

Dawn Whiston Keith 

and Mrs. John P. Kelley 

and Mrs. James H. Kelly 

and Mrs. Yongwoo Kil 

and Mrs. Suk Han Kim 

Eui Chul Kim and 

, Kyung Sook Lee 

and Mrs. Thomas E. Krasco 

James Krzywicki and 

Debra Scannell 

and Mrs. Michael R. Lafond 

and Mrs. Charles A. Lagasse, Jr. 

and Mrs. Joseph J. Lang 

and Mrs. Woo S. Lee 

Jae Lee and Ms. Kye Ryu 

and Mrs. Sung H. Lee 

and Mrs. Mark S. Leibovitz 

and Mrs. Lee Leonard 

. H. H. Leonards 

and Mrs. Peter F. Liacos 

and Mrs. Jonathan 0. Light 

and Mrs. Randal D. Lilly 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Lundquist 

Mr. Seok Lyoo and Mrs. Hae Shin 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. MacPhee 

Mrs. Barbara Mahoney 

Mr. Carolyn E. Malleck 

Mr. and Mrs. R. Bradford Malt 

Mr. Jeffrey A. Marcoux 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Marsh 

Mr. Casper Martin 

Mr. and Mrs. Luis A. Martinez 

Mr. Peter D. Mauritz 

Mr. Gregory McCarthy and 

Ms. Heidi Taylor 

Mr. Matthew McDonnell and 

Ms. Kathleen May 

Mr. and Mrs. William 

F. McGonigle, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas P. McGuirk 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Mclnnis 

Mr. and Mrs. Shawn L. McKenna 

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher R. Mello 

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Mercer 

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Miller 

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel G. Miner 

Mr. John C. Moberger and 

Ms. Kathleen A. Hirbour 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Monigle 

Ms. Ramona Montilla 

Mr. and Mrs. Pantaleon Morales 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Morrissey, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Muscatello 

Mr. Philip A. Nardone, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul K. Nelson 

Mr. and Mrs. Gaylord C. Noblitt III 

Mr. and Mrs. David J. O'Neill 

Mr. and Mrs. Brian C. ORourke 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. OShaughnessy 

Mr. and Mrs. Brian D. Ott 

Mr. and Mrs. Brian D. Owen 

Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Pelletier 

Mrs. Leigh Perham 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Phillips 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Pickering 

Mrs. Mary L. Pool 

Dr. William Press and 

Ms. Jeffrey Howell 

Mrs. Suesan S. Randlett 

Mr. and Mrs. George E. Richardson 

Mrs. Beth M. Riley 

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony P. Robinson 

Ms. Diane Rock 

Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Rogers 

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Rudolph 

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Russell 

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Rutter 

Mr. Patrick Salony and 

Ms. Christine McGrath 

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Serhant 

Mr. and Mrs. William P. Shack 

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Shanahan 

Mrs. Judith E Sharland 

Mr. and Mrs. Jay A. Siegel 

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony C. Sillari 

Mrs. Pauline Smith 

Mr. Lawrence Smith and Mrs. Sandra 


Mr. Larry Smith and 

Ms. Judith Wilson 

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Splaine 

Mr. and Mrs. Norman A. Stavis 

Mrs. Beth M. Stevens 

Mr. and Mrs. Sunghoon Suh 

Mr. Joseph T. Sweeney 

Mrs. William J. Sweet 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Swensrud 

Dr. and Mrs. Brett Sylvester 

Mrs. Elizabeth M. Sylvia 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Tagliamonte 

Mr. and Mrs. Laurence I. Talbot 

Mr. Peter Tan and Ms. Gail Nelson 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Tataronis 

Mr. Stiles Thissell 

Mr. Samuel Tinsley and 

Ms. Susan MacMillan 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick S. Tomaino 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Tortorici 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Vancisin 

Mr. and Mrs. Jay B. Wailes 

Mrs. Kathleen M. Ward 

Mr. William Webber and 

Ms. Joan Howland 

Mrs. Nancy D. C. Weinstein 

Mr. and Mrs. N. Scot Wilks 

Ms. Katherine Williams 

Ms. Elizabeth W. Winder 

Ms. Dorothy E. Woglom 

Mr. Cham Wong 

Dr. and Mrs. Young S. Yoo 

Mr. Doh-Joon Yoon and 

Mrs. Jin-Sun Kim 

Campaign Donors (continued) 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Herron 
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Hershey 
Mr. and Mrs. Morton Hooper 
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon J. Hoyt 
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Huebner 
Rev. Franklin Huntress 
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Jameson 
Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Jenkins 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Johnson III 
Mrs. Charles S. Johnson, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore 0. Johnson 
Joseph Cook Memorial Fund 
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Kasnet 
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Kavanagh III 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Kelleher 
Mr. and Mrs. Sargent L. Kennedy 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. King 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Kitchell 
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel F. Kitchell 
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Knapp 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Larsen 
Mr. Willard S. Levings 
Mr. and Mrs. J. Tyler Livermore 
Reverend Mally Lloyd 
Mr. and Mrs. George M. Lord 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Lucy 
Miss Sylvia B. Lunt 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Lyle 
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence A. Lyons 
MacDonald Family Foundation 
Dr. and Mrs. Richard D. Mack 
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. MacLennan 
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon G. MacVean 
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mahler 
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce M. Male 
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Marsh 
Mr. Casper Martin 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Mclnnis 
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher R. Mello 
Mr. Stephen C. Metz 
Mrs. Anne Meyer 
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua L. Miner IV 
Mrs. Phebe Miner 
Mr. and Mrs. Daisuke Mizutani 
. Mr. and Mrs. David S. Moore 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Morauer 
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Morgan 
Mr. Dodge D. Morgan 
Morgan-Worcester Inc. 
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Morse III 
Mr. Reynolds E. Moulton, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin C. Murphy 
Nathaniel & Elizabeth Stevens Foundation 
Mr. Andrew J. Nelson 
Mr. and Mrs. Martinus H. Nickerson 
Mr. and Mrs. Gaylord C. Noblitt 
Mr. and Mrs. Brian H. Noyes 
Mr. and Mrs. J. Jeffcott Ogden 
Mr. and Mrs. William F. O'Leary 
Mr. and Mrs. Brian D. Ott 
Mr. and Mrs. Brian D. Owen 
Mr. Carl Panall and Ms. Susan Chase 
Mr. and Mrs. Jackson A. Parker 
Ms. Emily A. Pearl 
Mrs. Rosalind Peck 
The Penates Foundation 
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Penner 
Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Perry III 
Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Pescosolido 
Mrs. Evelyn Pescosolido 
Lispenard Phister Trust 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Porter 
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pribadi 
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Purdy 
Quaker Hill Foundation 
Mr. William Quigley and 
Mrs. Leslie Cargill 

Mr. John W. Ragle 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Rex 

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Rex 

Mr. Haskell Rhett and Ms. Janet Rollings 

Mr. James L. Richards 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Rodgers 

Dr. Young Roe 

Dr. and Mrs. Michael E. Rowan 

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Rudolph 

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Rumford 

John G. Salinger Trust 

Mr. and Mrs. Taiichiro Sato 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Savage 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Sayles, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. George S. Scharfe 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Schumann 

Mrs. Linda R. Schwartz 

Mr. Robert Segel 

Mr. Jonathan S. Shafmaster 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Shalvoy 

Mr. and Mrs. Steven G. Shapiro 

Mr. and Mrs. James Sheatzley 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Sherin 

Ms. Nancy S. Shilts 

Mr. Hyun Ri Shin 

Mr. Hyun Young Shin 

Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Shuster 

Mr. and Mrs. W. Lucas Simons 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick M. Smith II 

Mr. Larry Smith and Mrs. Judith Wilson 

Mr. Richard J. Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. Herman A. Spigel 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Stokes 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Tamposi 

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Tarbell, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Tataronis 

Mr. and Mrs. C. Thomas Tenney 

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Thomas, Sr. 

The John M. Timken, Jr. Family Foundation 

Mrs. Cornelia Tobias 

Mrs. Cynthia Tracy 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Trent 

Mr. and Mrs. Bowen H. Tucker 

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce C. Turner 

Mr. and Mrs. George C. Twombly 


The Walton Family Foundation 

Mr. and Mrs. Josiah H. Welch 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Werner 

Mr. Peter Werner 

West Indies Management Company 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wilkens 

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony P. Wilson 

Ms. Liane Y. Wood 

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Youngblood 

Current Parents 

Current Parents annually play a significant 
role in contributing to the Annual Fund. For 
2002 - 2003, Pat Salony and Christine 
McGrath P'00'04 and Kazia and Paul 
Tagliamonte P'95'01'04 were the co-chairs for 
the Current Parents' Fund. 

2003 Parents 

Captains: Richard and Susan Harris 
Charles and Ann Lagasse 

Solicitors: Jane Bonaventura 

Hubert and Frances deLacvivier 
Joe and Susan Lang 
Robert and Janet McDonnell 
Michael and Marcia Spector 
Richard and Linda Zirin 

Amount Raised: $105,520.80 

Participation: 57% 

Carlyn Anderson 

Stephen Antell and Barbara Leaf 

Joseph and Jeanne Arno 

Raymond and Marjorie Bastarache 

Bill Bates 

Harold and Anne Baumann 

Kenneth and Kathleen Black 

Robert and Sally Bohanon 

Jane Bonaventura 

Gary and Cheryl Borden 

Molly Boyle 

James and Elizabeth Burns 

Donald Carter 

Jennifer Carter 

Richard and Kathryn Clunie 

Hugh and Connie Collins 

David and Cathyann Connaughton 

Roland and Carol DeForrest 

Hubert and Frances deLacvivier 

Loren and Martha DeLaGarza 

Michael and Barbara DiGuiseppe 

Edward and Janet Dipple 

Henry 70 and Cathy Eaton 

Stephen and Candace Falvey 

Bill and Beth Gilmore 

Louis and Elisabeth Gobin 

Paul and Lauren Gudonis 

Richard and Susan Harris 

Bernhard and Susan Heersink 

Jae and Kye Hong 

Theodore and Rachelle Johnson 

Gail Kelleher 

John and Victoria Kelley 

Yongwoo and Eunshin Kil 

Charles and Ann Lagasse 

Joe and Susan Lang 

Stephen and Karen LeBlanc 

Peter and Julie Liacos 

Stephen and Sandi Lundquist 

Laurence and Judith Lyons 

Donna Mansolilli-Bates 

Jeffrey Marcoux 

Robert and Janet McDonnell 

Paul and Priscilla Mclnnis 

Shawn and Laurel McKenna 

William and Jacqueline Mercer 

Bijay and Janaki Misra 

Mark and Diane Monigle 

Gaylord and Judith Noblitt 

David and Pamela O'Neill 

David and Diane Oxton 

John Peterman 

Pat Peterman 

Robert '73 and Sherilyn Phillips 

Richard and Gail Rappoli 

Brian and Marilyn Shannahan 

Douglas and Diane Shealy 

Anthony and Katherine Sillari 

Lawrence Smith and Sandra Dandrinos 

Peter and Susan Stokes 

Elizabeth Sylvia 

Richard and Susan Tataronis 

Stiles Thissell 

David and Susan Turnbull 

Chris and Janet Vincze 

Cathy Wade 

Young and Keum Yoo 

2004 Parents 

Captains: Beverly and Stephen Giblin 
Pamela and David O'Neill 

Solicitors: Preston and Allison Bradford 
David and Kathleen Bryson 
William and Alice McGonigle 
Jonathan and Marcy Samel 
John and Joan Webb 
Katherine Williams 
Elizabeth Winder 
Dorothy Woglom 

Amount Raised: $68,878.60 

Participation: 74% 


Paul and Felicity Beech 

John and Bette Benjamin 

Adrienne Berry-Burton 

Preston and Allison Bradford 

David and Kathleen Bryson 

Walter and Maria Campbell 

Joseph and Deborah Casey 

Charles and Brenda Cavallaro 

Leonard and Catherine Ceglarski 

Richard and Kathryn Clunie 

Frank and Catherine Coppolino 

Robert Corcoran and Virginia Maurer 

Joel and Mary Decareau 

Roland and Carol DeForrest 

Robert and Patricia Dempsey 

J. Thomas and Mary Devaney 

Marty and Patty Doggett 

Peter and Lyra Engel 

Michael and Cynthia Ferrick 

David and Charlene Foley 

Bernard Frey 

Jim and Deborah Gallagher 

Stephen and Beverly Giblin 

Joel and Leslie Glynn 

Richard and Katherine Goglia 

Robert and Tracy Hadden 

Hyun Ho Han and Kyoung Choi 

Robert and Rita Havener 

Kate Higgins 

Thomas and Laurie Hyndman 

John A. '70 and Jamie James 

Daniel Jeffre 

Iel Heum Joh and Jung-Keun Kim 

Stephen and Cheryl Juba 

Frank and Suzanne Kinzie 

Thomas and Kelly Krasco 

H. Leonards 

J. Tyler '69 and Kathleen '79 Livermore 

Brad and Sharon Malt 

Stephen and Molly Marsh 

Peter Mauritz 

Matthew McDonnell and Kathleen May 

William and Alice McGonigle 

Douglas and Eileen McGuirk 

Michael and Gail Medeiros 

David and Pamela O'Neill 

Richard Paul 

Stephen and Donna Pelletier 

Mary Pool 

William Quigley and Leslie Cargill 

Suesan Randlett 

Jeffrey Ravitz 

Bob and Marjorie Reason 

George and Gayle Richardson 

Diane Rock 

Gary and Jill Rogers 

nomic chaos have exposed the soft 
underbelly of both public and private 
institutions that let discipline get away from them during the 
big boom years of the 1990s. Irresponsible spending habits, 
reckless regard for budgets, over-expenditure on capital 
investments, and a sense that the good times would last 
forever drove many of those institutions into the trouble that 
we have been reading about for the last year or two. Only time 
can cure some of those ills, and for many this will be a diffi- 
cult adjustment. 

Governor Dummer Academy on the other hand, has 
weathered this period with remarkable success. The GDA cul- 
ture has always been one of taking measured steps, and dur- 
ing the late 1990s the school maintained its budget disci- 
pline, never expanding beyond its own means. Sources of rev- 
enue have been constant, expenses have, on the whole, been 
contained, and the product we produce continues to be in 
greater demand in the marketplace. If we rephrased this 
statement in business terms, our revenues (over $13 million) 
are up, our expenses (under $13 million) are up less, and our 
admissions picture continues to show large percentage 
increases in many key areas. 

New buildings have been built, the campus improve- 
ments are now legend, and life at the Academy reflects the 
enormous efforts of the administration, faculty, trustees, and 
parents to make the significant difference we all want for our 
great school. The capital campaign has produced the 
resources to make all of this possible. While there is more left 
on our agenda, we have confidence that our loyal alumni and 
alumnae will be there for GDA when asked. 

Governor Dummer Academy is in very good hands. The 
administration and board of trustees are determined to follow 
long-held financial rules of order in the day-to-day manage- 
ment of this complex institution. These rules have kept the 
Academy's budget in balance for 29 years, and will serve us 
well in the future in good times and bad. 

Jeffrey L. Gordon '69 
TreaAurer, Board of TruMeeA 

John and Roberta Russell 

Patrick Salony and Christine McGrath 

Jonathan and Marcy Samel 

George SantaCruz 

Charles and Dolly Shalvoy 

John and Katherine Shanahan 

Judith Sharland 

Ilbo and Soon Shim 

Sumio Shimoyama 

Jay and Kathleen Siegel 

Pauline Smith 

Mark and Sharyn Solomon 

Sunghoon and SoonWong Suh 

Pui Wha Sung 

Joseph Sweeney 

Jackie Sweet 

Stephen and Karen Swensrud 

Paul and Casmera Tagliamonte 

Laurence and Deborah Talbot 

Frederick and Elizabeth Tomaino 

Jay and Lynn Wailes 

William Webber and Joan Howland 

Hans and Janet Weedon 

Kenneth and Diane Wieczorek 

N. Scot and Karin Wilks 

Katherine Williams 

Elizabeth W. Winder 

Dorothy Woglom 

Michael Wong 

Doh-Joon Yoon and Him-Sun Kim 

2005 Parents 

Captains: Bruce and Pamela Barnaby 
Winn and Jill Carroll 

Solicitors: Christopher and Robin Baker 
Bruce and Jane Holt 
Scott and Doreen Johnson 
Michael and Leslie Lafond 
Jack and Beth Miller 
Brian and Stacey O'Rourke 

Amount Raised: $49,749.22 

Participation: 65% 

Michael and Sue Adams 

Barby Almy 

Christopher 73 and Robin 74 Baker 

Dennis and Donna Becker 

Paul and Ann Bergman 

Robert and Cynthia Brierley 

Winn and Jill Carroll 

Stephen and Susan Clark 

John and Catherine Correia 

David and Clair Cushman 

Vincent and Elizabeth DiCesare 

Raymond and Elaine Dietz 

Robert and Mary Dodge 

Peter and Julie Ferriero 

Garson and Nancy Fields 

Douglass and Ellen George 

Stephen and Beverly Giblin 

Louis and Elisabeth Gobin 

Rene and Jennelle Graziano 

J. Douglas and Katherine Guy 

Louis Hamel 

William and Louise Hery 

Bruce and Jane Holt 

In Pyo and Hyun Sook Hong 

Scott and Doreen Johnson 

Jan and Kimberly Kapstad 

James and Lorraine Kelly 

Young and Kyong Kim 

Michael and Leslie 78 Lafond 

Joe and Susan Lang 

Sung and Jong Lee 

Woo and Kyun Lee 

Mark and Regina Leibovitz 

Lee and Anita Leonard 

Randal and Cynthia Lilly 

Seok Lyoo and Hae Shin 

Robert and Paula MacPhee 

Barbara Mahoney 

Casper Martin 

Luis and Silvia Martinez 

Raymond and Kathleen McKinnon 

Jack and Beth Miller 

John Moberger and Kathleen Hirbour 

Paul and Sara Morrissey 

Mark and Sandra Muscatello 

Brian and Stacey O'Rourke 

Daniel and Pamela O'Shaughnessy 

Brian and Lorraine Ott 

Brian and Krystyna Owen 

Jack and Susan Parker 

David and Jayne Peng 

Kenneth and Alison Pickering 

Beth Riley 

Lawrence and Sally Roche 

James '68 and Susan Rudolph 

Hal and Anju Scheintaub 

David and Janet Splaine 

Norman and Robyn Stavis 

Beth Stevens 

Brett and Joan Sylvester 

Marc '68 and Sharon Tucker 

Richard and Heidi Vancisin 

Nancy Weinstein 

Randolph and Ronna Werner 

Andrew Wheelwright 

J. Randall 70 and Joan Whitney 

2006 Parents 

Captains: Brian and Krystyna Owen 
Rick and Heidi Vancisin 

Solicitors: Andrew and Dyane Cotreau 
Robert and Barbara Grant 

James Krzywicki and 
Debra Scannell 
Daniel and Nancy Miner 
David and Nancy Russell 

Amount Raised: $28,672.60 

Participation: 83% 

David and Marilyn Archibald 

David and Pamela Arthur 

Anthony Boadu 

Preston and Allison Bradford 

Robert and Cynthia Brierley 

David and Catherine Budd 

Kwangrae Cho and Yoonmi Lee 

Mark and Joanna Connors 

Andrew Cotreau and Dyane Mini-Cotreau 

Alexis and Dianne Cruz 

Hubert and Frances deLacvivier 

Louis and Cathleen DiFronzo 

Steve and Edith Dubord 

Louise Dudley 

Robert Dudley 

Michelle Eudailey 

William Eudailey 

Andrew and Louise Fischer 

Bernard Frey 

Gary and Gail Goodman 

Robert and Barbara Grant 

William and Margaret Gurney 

Peter and Susan Harmeling 

Joel and Patricia Hartnett 

Denald Hienkle-McCarthy 

James and Deborah Hughes 

Dawn Keith 

Eui Chul Kim and Kyung Sook Lee 

Suk Han Kim and Young Hee Kim 

James Krzywicki and Debra Scannell 

Jae Lee and Kye Ryu 

Jonathan and Joanne Light 

Stephen and Sandi Lundquist 

Carolyn Malleck 

Gregory McCarthy and Heidi Taylor 

Paul and Priscilla Mclnnis 

Christopher and Linda Mello 

Daniel and Nancy Miner 

Ramona Montilla 

Pantaleon and Elsa Morales 

Philip Nardone 

Paul and Brook Nelson 

Brian and Krystyna Owen 

Brian and Kathy Pelletier 

Leigh Perham 

William Press and Jeffrey Howell 

Anthony and Hart Robinson 

Lawrence and Sally Roche 

David and Nancy Russell 

David and Nanette Rutter 

John and Ellen Serhant 

William '71 and Marcy Shack 

Larry Smith and Judith Wilson 

Peter Tarr and Gail Nelson 

Samuel Tinsley and Susan MacMillan 

Frank and Joanne Tortorici 

Richard and Heidi Vancisin 

Parents of Alumni/ 'ae, 
Grandparents and Friends 

The fund-raising efforts of parents ofalum- 
ni/ae were led this year by Michael and 
Patricia Lucy P'02, whose generosity and dili- 
gence helped to highlight the importance of 
these gifts to the Annual Fund. 


David and Laurel Abusamra 

Ruth Accolla 

Donald '60 and Ruth Alexander 

Susan Allen 

Barbara Almy 

David and Georgia Amsler 

Louis and Stella Andriotakis 

Philip '55 and Rosalie Angell 

Ralph and Anne Antell 

Susan B. Ardiff 

Christopher and Elizabeth Armstrong 

Evans and Helen Arnold 

Denise Atchley 

David and Mary Balestrieri 

Wayne '68 and Jayne Barbaro 

William and Elizabeth Barraclough 

Timothy and Dale Barry 

G. Wayne and Elaine Belleau 

Robert and Alexis Benson 

Joseph and Claire Berardino 

Henry and Marion Bergman 

Theodore '37 and Beverly Bergmann 

Adrienne Berry-Burton 

Joseph and Sandra Bissell 

Nils '62 and Marlies Bjork 

Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood C. Blake 

Huntington '56 and Sharon Blatchford 

Laura Blau 

Jane Bonaventura 

Margaret Bonner 

James and Kathleen Bougiouskas 

Anne Boyce and Paul Swift 

Helen J. Bradley 

Leslie and Barbara Brewer 

Benjamin '43 and Anne Brewster 

Roberta Britton 

Lynda F. Bromley 

Lena Browne 

Philip and Patricia Bucci 

William and Patricia Byrne 

George L. Cadigan 

Bartley and Katherine Calder 

Robert and Barbra Campbell 

Bradford and Ellen Cannon 

Stephen and Lilia Carey 

Keith and Kerry Cassell 

Edgar '45 and Marilynne Catlin 

Paul D. Cavanagh 

Hugh and Elizabeth Cawley 

Leonard and Ursula Ceglarski 

Leonard and Catherine Ceglarski 

Jane B. Chance 

Craig and Merrill Chapin 

Alan '65 and Susan Chase 

John and Patricia Chase 

George and Allyn Chase 

Stuart and Penny Chase 

Jai-Gin Cho and Kyung-im Park 

Susan K. Clancy 

Ms. Elizabeth S. Clark 

Mrs. Leigh F. Clark 

Lincoln and Nancy Clark 

Peggy Clark 

Ronald and Judith Clark 

Ruth P. Clark 

Rene and Charlotte Cloutier 

James and Nancy Coleman 

Robert H. Colgate 

William and Frances Connelly 

Grace Conway 

Frank and Catherine Coppolino 

John and Catherine Correia 

Theodore and Marie Craft 

Karen A. Crawford 

Douglas '67 and Linda Curtis 

Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin Dane 

Art Daniels 

Thomas and Linda Darisse 

Robert and Ruth Davidson 

Eleanor Dempsey 

Archer '49 and Carol des Cognets 

Gary and Karen Desmarais 

Joe and Anna Devaney 

Frank and Maria Dibble 

Stephen and Harriet DiCicco 

Michael and Barbara DiGuiseppe 

Marge Dillinger 

Richard and Eleanor Dober 

Helen E. Dobrosielski 

Annabelle Doggett 

John and Maryjane Doorly 

William and Eleanor Dorsey 

Burton and Susan Dow 

James and Katherine Dow 

Steve and Edith Dubord 

John and Esty Duff 

Harry and Mary Durham 

Janet A. Eagleson 

Lawrence '55 and Charlotte Eliot 

John and Jane Ellis 

Nancy Ellis 

George and Claire Ellison 

John '60 and Carol Elwell 

Jeremiah and Phyllis Falvey 

Stephen and Candace Falvey 

Irving D. Fish, Jr. 

Mrs. Mitchell Fish 

Putnam P. Flint '37 

Martin and Judith Forrest 

Robert and Jane Franklin 

Robert and Shirley French 

William '55 and Judy Friend 

Robert '63 and Elaine Fullerton 

Michael and Irene Galajda 

Harold and Sarah Galpern 

George '55 and Karen Gardner 

Leonard and Jill Gardner 

Mildred Gates 

Philip Gemmer '48 

Clifford George '50 and Margaret 


Samuel and Lori Gerber 

Carolyn Gibbs 

Beatrice Gibbs 

Clifford and Alina Gillespie 

Dorothy D. Gilman 

Bill and Beth Gilmore 

Louis and Elisabeth Gobin 

Leo and Betty Goldberg 

David '41 and Elizabeth Goodhart 

Amanda Gordon 

Robert and Judith Gore 

Mrs. John Gorham 

Frank '56 and Joan Graf 

Claude and Rose Grayer 

LuAnn M. Green 

0. Eric and Anne Gronberg 

Victoriano and Aurora Guzman 

Peter and Barbara Haack 

William and Janet Haley 

Denis Hamboyan 

Hyun Ho Han and Kyoung Choi 

John and Barbara Hanson 

Martin and Carol Harband 

Diana Harrison 

Bernhard and Susan Heersink 

Charles and Charlotte Hefford 

David '50 and Brenda Hershey 

Donald and Patricia Hesselbach 

Joseph* and Ruth Hoffman 

Jeffrey and Lois Hogan 

Julie Hogue 

Susan C. Holden 

Katherine Howe 

John '37 and Jeanette Hubbard 

Robert and Virginia Huettner 

Andres Hurwitz 

Charles '51 and Barbara Hussey 

Tom and Mary Hyndman 

John '50 and Monica Ives 

Joyce Rudolph Jacobson 

Edwin and Lola Jaffe 

Arthur Jameson '38 

Benjamin '62 and Ellen Jameson 

William Jaques 

G. Kimble and Denise Jett 

Richard and Edith Johnson 

Susan T. Johnson 

Roger Jones and Joanne Muther-Jones 

E. William '49 and Consuelo Judson 
Michael Kaleel 

June Kane 

Plato '47 and Gwenette Kangis 

Ann Kapstad 

Frank and Betty Karakula 

Richard and Linda Karon 

Betsy Karp 

Stephen '62 and Marie-Louise Kasnet 

John and Kathleen Kavanagh 

Paul and Judith Keaney 

Allan '55 and Winifred Keith 

Richard and Nancy Kelleher 

Paul and Leah Kelley 

Edward and Carol Anne Khantzian 

Richard and Christina Kimball 

Dorothy Kinaci 

Eileen Kinloch 

Pamela Kirk 

George '51 and Mary Kirkham 

Mrs. Dudley Knott 

Elaine R. Krol 

L. Lavallee Co. Inc. 

Stephen and Katherine Lamson 

Landscape Planners Inc. 

Hildegarde Lang 

Joseph '31 and Sabina Langmaid 

F. Stephen Lamed 

Donald '35 and Ellen Lawrence 

Hartley C. Laycock, Jr. 

Lance and Cyrille Lazo 

Daniel '55 and Betsy Leary 

Richard N. Leavitt 

Lester and Robyn Lee 

Stanley '32 and Lois Levin 

George and Janet Libin 

Ray and Mary Light 

Josiah '69 and Gloria Lilly 

Marilyn Lilly 

Michael '66 and Terri Little 

Frank and Charlotte Lombardi 

George '39 and Maribel Lord 

Robert and Barbara Lovejoy 

Michael and Patricia Lucy 

Sylvia B. Lunt 

Robert '40 and Thelma Lyle 

Laurence and Judith Lyons 

Richard and Mary Mack 

A. and Leigh Mackay-Smith 

Justin and Meredith Mackay-Smith 

Mark and Wendy MacLennan 

Ann MacMillan 

Helen Magrane 

Kenneth and Mary Mahler 

Robert and Nancy Malo 

Mrs. Ronald Malt 

Thomas W. Manring 

Richard and Mary Ellen Marino 

Thomas and Joyce Markey 

Stephen and Molly Marsh 

Alfred and Mary Marshall 

Alfred and Claire Martin 

Richard and Judith Masinter 

Frank and Sheila Mastrangelo 

Frank and Janet McCormick 

Robert and Janet McDonnell 

Lane and Ann McGovern 

Helen McGuire 

Paul and Priscilla Mclnnis 

Kristin Mcintosh 

Jack and Susan McLeod 

Joseph and Denise McManus 

Sara Mengel 

John '64 and Florence Mercer 

William and Jacqueline Mercer 

Douglas '46 and Margaret Miller 

Jeannette Miller 

Joshua '69 and Mary Miner 
Phebe Miner 

Pemberton and Anne Minster 
William and Jacalyn Mitchell 
David and Elaine Moody 
Michael Moonves and Josephine 
David and Robin Moore 
Sandra 0. Moose 
Jeanne Morauer 
Daniel '67 and Mayo Morgan 
Paul '41 and Anne Morgan 
Stephen G. Morison 
Paul and Sara Morrissey 
Charles '47 and Pricilla Morse 
Donald '57 and Judith Morse 
Robert L. Morse '51 
Sherman and Anne-Lise Morss 
Kathy J. Mullen 
Chris and Mary Murch 
Edwin '37 and Elizabeth Murphy 
Mrs. Elizabeth Murphy 
James and Priscilla Murray 
Wallace and Eleanor Murray 
Norman and Barbara Myers 
Howard '31 and Frances Navins 
George L. Needham '56 
James and Susan Nelson 
New England Insulation 
John '70 and Ewa Newman 
Earle and Vivian Neyman 
Martinus and Sheila Nickerson 
Gaylord and Judith Noblitt 
Philip and Janet Notopoulos 
David and Martha Novis 
Geraldine Olmstead 
Christopher '64 and Mary Olney 
Virginia Olsen 
Anthony Oreto and 
Margaret Layden-Oreto 
Richard B. Osgood '53 
Arthur '45 and Barbara Page 
Donald '45 and Judith Palais 
Carl Panall and Susan Chase 
Mark S. Panall 
Jack and Susan Parker 
Ronald and Cynthia Pascucci 
William and Kathleen Pasquina 

Richard '50 and Lynda Patton 

Jonathan and Norma Peabody 

Benjamin '44 and Jean Pearson 

Mrs. Rosalind Peck 

Steven and Susan Peltzman 

Rafael and Enedina Perdomo 

Leigh Perham 

Carroll and Anne Perry 

Landon Peters 

Paul and Beverly Peterson 

Shirley Phillips 

William Phinney 

Richard '38 and Susanne Phippen 

William and Susan Picardi 

David '51 and Suzanne Pope 

Michael and Denise Porter 

David '52 and Runie Powers 

John and Noreen Pramberg 

Jean Paul R. Proulx 

Richard and Joan Purinton 

Howard E. Quimby '52 

John W. Ragle 

Carlton '49 and Elizabeth Reed 

William '50 and Judy Rex 

Alfred and Linda Reynolds 

Charles and Geraldine Reynolds 

George and Charlotte Richards 

S. Robert '60 and Paula Rimer 

Jean Robertson 

Alvin and Doris Robins 

William and Susan Rodgers 

Klas and Anita Romberg 

Anne Roome 

John and Helen Rooney 

Russel and Joan Ross 

Bernard and Jane Rothwell 

Wallace and Carol Rowe 

Lawrence and Jeredith Rugo 

David and Nancy Russell 

Richard and Nancy Russell 

Frederick and Lucille Saliba 

Patrick Salony and Christine McGrath 

Charles and Alice Savage 

Sylvia and Chris Schanbacher 

George and Coreen Scharfe 

Hal and Anju Scheintaub 

Patricia Schemm 

Mary Helen Schultz 

Robert '40 and Marilyn Schumann 

Dr. and Mrs. Alvin F. Schwartz 

Linda R. Schwartz 

Stephen and Diane Scully 

Robert and Stella Mae Seamans 

Richard and Kathleen Searles 

Mrs. Anne Seaver 

Jonathan '63 and Carol Shafmaster 

Charles and Dolly Shalvoy 

Andrew and Shirley Shea 

Thomas and Anne Shealy 

Thomas and Heidi Shealy 

Kenneth and Bernadette Shedosky 

Edwin '40 and Dorothy Sheffield 

Steven and Martha Shuster 

W. Lucas and Susan Simons 

Humphrey '42 and Rosalie Simson 

Theodore and Nancy Sizer 

Douglas and Rosemary Sloane 

Grace Smith 

Russell and Frances Smith 

Mrs. Roger A. Snerson 

John Soursourian and Judith Klein 

Mrs. H. Stephen Spacil 

Ronald and Karen Sparks 

Joseph and Paula Spector 

Barbara Jo Sprague 

Robert '50 and Rae Squire 

Cathy Marie F. St. Pierre 

Mr. and Mrs. Myles Standish 

Mrs. Albert F. Statler 

Peter '49 and Brenda Statler 

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Stavis 

Katharine Steinwedell 

Ruth Stokes 

William '55 and Ellen Stone 

Frederic A. Stott 

Ike '78 and Dorothea Suggs 

Peter '47 and Jean Sutton 

Mary Sweeney 

Stephen and Karen Swensrud 

Ete Szuts and Susan Oleszko-Szuts 

Paul and Casmera Tagliamonte 

Carter and Sylvia Tallman 

Robert '43 and Nancy Tannebring 

Thomas '60 and Cynthia Taplin 

Taylor Rental Center 

C. Thomas '39 and Eunice Tenney 

Michael and Marjolein Terry 

John and Kathleen Thomas 

Widgery '43 and Jonnie Thomas 

W. Banks Tobey 

Roger and Janet Tobin 

Paul and Francine Townsend 

Alan '59 and Ruth Tucker 

Marc '68 and Sharon Tucker 

George '50 and Benson Tulloch 

David and Susan Turnbull 

Gail E. Turner 

Joseph and Sandra Turner 

Mary Twichell 

Maureen Twombly 

David and Susan Van Ness 

Decius '43 and Ruth Veasey 

Joan Walsh 

S. Robson Walton 

Paul Wann and Bonnie-Jean Wilbur 

John and Anne Webster 

David and Elayne Weener 

Josiah '47 and Donna Welch 

James '48 and Virginia Weldon 

Lee W. Wesson 

Virginia White 

William '59 and Roberta Whiting 

J. Randall '70 and Joan Whitney 

John '44 and Katharine Whitney 

Bradford and Geneva Whitten 

John and Sheila Whittier 

Roland and Mary Whittier 

Frank and Maureen Wilkens 

Valleau and Donna Wilkie 

A. Roland '40 and Constance Will 

N. Laurence and Lorna Willey 

Louise Williams 

Daniel and Susan Wise 

John Witherspoon 

Nathan '58 and June Withington 

Paul Withington '45 and Drusilla 


John Woodberry 

Donald and Jane Woodbury 

David '50 and Ruth Yesair 

James and Joyce Zafris 

James and Dorothea Zografos 





;\4ER / I 





Ms. Sylvia B. hunt 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Savage 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Brdgdon 

Class of 1933 

Mr. Thomas N. Willins, Jr. 

Class of 1934 

Mr. and Mrs. Seth N. Baker 

Class of 1935 

Mrs. Cynthia Dietz Tracy AW'35,P'60,'63 

Class of 1936 

Mr. and Mrs. David H. Harris 
Mr. Julian Hess 

Class of 1937 

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore G. Bergmann 
Mr. Putnam P. Flint 
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin C. Murphy 
Mr. William P. Sheffield 

Class of 1938 

Col. and Mrs. Harold H. Audet 
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Ferris 

Class of 1939 

Mrs. George M. Simson AW'39 

Class of 1940 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Lyle 
Mr. and Mrs. Norman L. Quint 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Schumann 

Class of 1941 

Mr. and Mrs. Howard F. Stirn 

Class of 1942 

Dr. and Mrs. William E. Hill, Jr. 

Mr. C. Derek Lagemann 

Mr. Edward W. Stitt III 

Mr. and Mrs. Humphrey B. Simson '42 

Class of 1943 

Mr. Crosby Hitchcock 
Mr. and Mrs. Murray S. Monroe 
Mr. and Mrs. Widgery Thomas, Jr. 
Mr. Robert Wadleigh 

Class of 1944 

Mr. and Mrs. Albert L Ayer 
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace L. Bolton 

Class of 1945 

Mr. and Mrs. Warren W. Furth 

Class of 1946 

Dr. and Mrs. Herbert J. Levine 

Class of 1947 

Mr. and Mrs. G. Gorton Baldwin 

Rev. Robert W. Peale 

Mr. and Mrs. Josiah H. Welch 

Class of 1948 

Mr. Richard J. Smith 

Class of 1949 

Mr. and Mrs. Jacob B. Brown 

Mr. and Mrs. William L. Chamberlin 

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce M. Denkert 

Mr. Kimball M. Page 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Sayles, Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. Mansfield F. W. Smith 

Class of 1950 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Comey, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy G. Greene 
Mr. Dodge D. Morgan 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Patton 

Class of 1951 


Mr. and Mrs. George D. Kirkham 
Mr. William R. Moore, Jr. 
Mr. Robert L. Wenz 

Class of 1952 

Mr. Barry Gately 

Mrs. Linda Remis Schwartz AW '52,P'84 

Class of 1953 

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Bartlett 
Dr. and Mrs. Newt E. Hyslop Jr. 
Mr. Richard B. Osgood 
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C. Waldron 

Class of 1954 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Michelson 
Mr. and Mrs. Haskell Rhett 

Class of 1955 

Mrs. William B. Ardiff 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Peter Haendler 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Nielsen 
Mr. Albert B. Wende 

Class of 1956 

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Henry 

Mr. and Mrs. Otto P. Robinson, Jr. 

Mr. John S. Wilson 

Class of 1957 

Mr. David H. M. Andersen 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Dickerson III 

Class of 1958 

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey L. Hayden 
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Morse 

Class of 1959 

Dr. James S. Foley 
Mr. Mirick Friend 

Class of 1960 


Mr. Randolph J. Fuller 

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Hyslop 

Mr. C. Frederic Lyman, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold S. Wood, Jr. 

Class of 1961 

Mr. and Mrs. David D. Stringer 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Haemo De Thorneycroft 


Class of 1962 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter T, Butler 

Class of 1963 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Hawkins, Jr. 

Class of 1965 

Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Shepard 

Class of 1966 

Mrs. Walter A. Bodwell P'66 

Class of 1968 

Mr. Carl A. Berntsen III 

^ss of 1969 

Mr. Swift C. Barnes III 
Mr. and Mrs. Peter K. Dorsey 
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Gordon 
Mr. Brian Pfeiffer 

Class of 1972 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Bates 

Class of 1974 

Mr. Stephen D. Bottomley 

Class of 1976 

Mr. Perry M. Smith and Ms. Eva Ribarits 

Class of 1980 

Mr. and Mrs. Alvin G. Robins P'80 

Class of 1981 

LTC. and Mrs. David W. Critics 
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Cross 
Mr. and Mrs. Lance Lazo 

Class of 1982 

Ms. Ann K. Rooney 

Class of 1983 

Mr. John M. Stahl 

Class of 1985 

Ms. Nathalie E. Ames 

Mr. and Mrs. Rene Cloutier P'85 

Class of 1986 

Mrs. Elizabeth Lyman P'86 

Class of 1996 

Mr. and Mrs. P. Prentice Gilbert P'96, '98 

Class of 1997 

Ms. Betsy Karp P'97 

Class of 2000 

Mr. and Mrs. Russell J. Ross P'OO 

ill! illS II 


fS30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 1JM41 42 43 44 45 46 4? 48 49(95551 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 HM 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 

17172 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 f9M 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 - 89 «9fl 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 992W01 1)21)3 


David and Laurel Abusamra 

Ed Wall and Janet Adams-Wall 

Tom and Penny Aham 

David Alonzi 

Geoffrey Brace 

Peter and Dottie Bragdon 

James and Amy Brayshaw 

James and Mel Bride 

Lynda Bromley 

Leonard and Cathy Ceglarski, Jr. 

Anne Connolly-Potter 

Michael Delay and Martha Leonard 

John and Patricia Doggett 

Anna Finch 

Mark and Anna '85 Gerry 

Matthew Gettings 

Diane Griesbach 

Douglas and Kathy Guy 

Lloyd and Maud Hamovit 

Scott and Doreen Johnson 

Jeffrey '85 and Dionne Kelly 

Kenneth and Sandra Keyes 

Carolyn Kimball and Alex Macquisten 

Karen Knezevic-Gold 

Jason Lacroix 

Peter and Mary Leary 

Richard Leavitt 

Lee and Anita Leonard 

Aaron Mandel 

Shawn Markey '93 

William and Jacqueline Mercer 

Don and Anne Millard 

Michael Moonves and 

Josephine Moonves Henley 

David and Robin Moore 

Steven and Julie Ogden 

Irina Okula 

Scott and Michelle Orvis 

David and Diane Oxton 

Carl Panall and Susan Chase 

Patricia Peterman 

William Quigley and Leslie Cargill 

Tom Robertson and Sharon Slater 

Chris and Judy Rokous 

Richard and Susan Savage 

Gretchen Scharfe '95 

Hal and Anju Scheintaub 

Richard and Kathy Searles 

John Soursourian and Judith Klein 

Ike '78 and Dorothea Suggs 

Ete Szuts and Susan Oleszko 

Richard and Patricia Thomas 

David and Susan Van Ness 

Greg '87 and Melanie '86 Waldman 

Paul Wann and Bonnie-Jean Wilbur 

Jim and Nancy Warner 

Timothy Weir 

Peter Werner 

Chris and Elaine White 

Mary Willingham 

Jeffrey and Cheryl Wotton 

Krzysztof Zalewski 

Gifts from Corporations and 

Governor Bummer Academy is grateful to the 
corporations and foundations that have con- 
tributed generously to the Academy through 
direct gifts and matching gift programs. The 
Academy also thanks the alumni/ae and par- 
ents who have made the extra effort to obtain 
monies for the school. 

Allmerica Financial 

Russell and Frances Smith P'68'76 

Altria Group, Inc. 

Harold Audet '38 

Ralph and Anne Antell GP'03 

Bank of America 

Stephen M. Rolfe '65 

Chase Manhattan Bank 

Carter Evans '67 

CIGNA Foundation 

Kenneth A. Pouch '62 

Corning Foundation 

William A. Eudailey P'06 

Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation 

Jay and Lynn Wailes P'04 

Emerson Electric 

Robert H. Amsler '69 

Fidelity Foundation 

Joseph and Susan Lang P'03'05 
Jordan J. Burgess '88 

First Union Corporation 

David R. Bent '63 
Catherine B. Burgess '91 

Fisher Scientific International, Inc. 

Steven G. Shapiro '74, TR 

Fleet Matching Gifts Program 

Raymond A. Bird '62 
Colin P. Cross '74 
Benis Hamboyan P'OO 
Ralph F. Johnson '64 
Bruce W. Lindsay '79 
Karen R. McCann '86 

GAP Foundation 

Ashley Russell Krasinski '95 

General Mills Foundation 

Donald '57 and Judith Morse P'83'87 

Gorton's Seafoods 

Richard and Heidi Vancisin P'05'06 

Houghton Mifflin Company 

Alan P. Carpenter '46 


Nina Chiara McElroy '76 
Neal McElroy '76 

Intel Foundation 

Kathleen Lambert Watt '84 

International Data Group, Inc. 

Lauren M. Abernathy '96 

Marsh & McLennan Companies 

Charles A. Bavis '67 
Robert C. Burnham '66 
Robert H. Studley, Jr. '86 
Elizabeth M. Sylvia P'03 

Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co. 

Hal F. Sizer '79 

MBNA America Bank 

Joseph and Paula Spector P'99 

McDonnell Douglas Foundation 

Gerard G. Vaughan '54 

Mellon Bank Corporation 

Kevin P. Bromby '97 
Berek R. van Wet '89 

The Merck Company Foundation 

Katrina M. Ramsey '85 

Merrill Lynch & Company Inc. 

David T. Goodhart '41, P'78'80 
Christopher R. Yeagley '93 

Morgan-Worcester, Inc. 

Baniel '67 and Mayo Morgan, P'97'02, TR 
Peter S. Morgan '43 

Nathaniel & Elizabeth Stevens Foundation 

Joshua L. Miner N '69, P'96'98, TR 
Mrs. Phebe Miner P'69, GP'96'98'06 

Northwestern Mutual Life Foundation 

John H. Raymer '54 

Parker Hannifin 

Bavid and Cathyanne Connaughton P'03 

Pepsico Foundation 

Hartley C. Laycock, Jr. P'60 

Providian Corporation 

Gordon O'Brien '76 

The Prudential Foundation 

Peter T.C. Bramhall '51 
Frederick J. Lyle '69 
H. Thomas McMeekin '71 

Quaker Hill Foundation 

Daniel and Nancy Miner P'06 
Joshua L. Miner LV '69, P'96'98, TR 
Phebe Miner P'69, GP'96'98'06 

Raytheon Corporation 

Richard and Linda Karon P'93 
William C. Jerome III '78 

Saint-Gobain Corporation 

Amy R Collins '95 
Irvine F. Williamsom '45 

Sanofi-Synthelabo Inc. 

Jeffrey W. Garnett '79 

State Street Bank & Trust 

John and Ellen Serhant P'06 

The Home Depot 

James B. O'Bea, Jr. '62 
Karen A. Schulte '83 

The Nash Foundation 

John M. Nash '54 

The Oxford League, Inc. 

Richard and Nancy Russell P'89'95 

The Stanley Works 

Edmund G. Noyes '39 

The Williams Companies Foundation 

Frank S. Bickerson III '57 


John and Virginia Walsh P'93 

Wachovia Foundation 

David R. Dent '63 
Catherine D. Burgess '91 

Wells Fargo 

Chris and Sylvia Schanbacher P'97 

Wyeth Nutritionals 

Brett and Joan Sylvester P'05 

Endowed Scholarship Fund 

Governor Dummer Academy's scholarships are 
made possible through gifts from alumni/ae 
and friends, operating funds and by income 
from the following funds established through 
the years: 

The Charles Z. Abuza Memorial Scholarship 
Established in 1988 by his family and friends 
in memory of this alumnus, Class of '53 

The George I. Alden Trust Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1989 by the George I. Alden 
Trust of Worcester, Massachusetts and alumni 

The Alfond Scholarship Fund 
Established in 2003 by the Alfond family to 
benefit qualified students from Maine who 
are athletes, or from families of past or pres- 
ent shoe workers of Dexter Shoe Company, its 
affiliates and other shoe manufacucturers 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Alfond F67,'71 
Mr. Peter G. Alfond '71 
Mr. William L. Alfond '67 
Emily A. Pearl '90 

The Alumni/ae Scholarship Fund 
Established and supported by Governor 
Dummer Academy graduates to provide finan- 
cial aid to deserving students 

The Francis R. Appleton Fund 
Established in 1909 by Francis R. Appleton 

The Col. Harold H. Audet Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1989 by Col. Harold H. Audet 
'38 for a "day boy" from Newburyport, 

The Sarah Avalon Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1999 by Putnam '37 and 
Dorothy Flint GP'99 to honor their 
granddaughter Sarah Avalon '99 to benefit a 
Senior who through four years of work, 
determination and strength of character, has 
worked to develop his or her potential to the 
fullest and, in doing so, has been a true 
credit to Governor Dummer Academy. This 
award carries a stipend to aid in buying 
books for college. 

4An rv ism a i 

■ FUNDING OF TWO i'l 11 TAN D It* 

" A P 


,W h 

I .J i 1 i 

.■.■: ■''-' :.:'■;- V W'-.iVi},).?. -' . : 

77ie James Barriskill Fund 

Established in 1960 in memory of the former 

Governor Dummer Academy master teacher 


The William L. Brian III Memorial 
Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1990 by his family and class- 
mates in honor of this alumnus, Class of '59 

Kerry Anne Carson Memorial Scholarship 
Established in 1995 by her family 
and friends 

Marie Anello 

Richard and Elizabeth Carson 

John Deris 

Roy Furo 

Daniel Gregory 

Christopher and Andra Hepler 

W.J. and Margaret Holtz 

Stephen and Deborah Ingham 

Frank Landry 

Susan Leonard 

Scott Maranian 

E. Scott Michalek 

Claire Murphy 

Terry and Nancy Nightengale 

Joseph and Jane Olivere 

David and Linda Paul 

John Raffael 

Hugh Rodgers 

Jennifer Stritzinger 

Scott and Kisha Therrien 

Normand and Lee Veilleux 

The David Knowles Chilton Memorial 

Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1986 by Mr. and Mrs. Herman 

Chilton in memory of their son, Class of '61, 

awarded to a student "who best demonstrates 

the high principles of Governor Dummer 


The Class of 1950 Scholarship Fund 
Established in 2000 by the graduates of the 
class of 1950, in celebration of their 
fiftieth reunion 

Charles C. Bowen '50 
Richard H. Greenwood '50 
Richard W. Patton '50 

The Edmund Coffin Coleman Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1939 through the will of 
Elizabeth Tappan to provide aid for 

The Corning Fund 

Established in 1989 by Nathan E. Corning to 
provide financial assistance to the children of 
Governor Dummer Academy Staff 

The Cumings Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1948 by Mrs. Fred T. Cumings 
in memory of her husband and in honor of 
their son Allen H. Cumings '48 

The Richard Little Dodge Fund 
Established in 1940 in memory of this 
alumnus by his family 

The Edward W. Eames Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1975 in tribute to the 
headmaster who led the Academy for 29 years 

The Eastman Fund 

Established in 1983 by the bequest of 
Elizabeth Eastman Hall in memory of her 
nephews Robert Kimball Eastman, Jr. and 
Charles Bond Warner Eastman 

The Vida F Ellison Scholarship 
Established in 1989 by William G. Griffith '37 
and John E. Griffith '40 for a student from 
Colorado or Wyoming 

Non Sibi Sed Aliis 

Special thanks to all of these volunteers who committed their time to strengthen the 
community of Governor Dummer Academy. These individuals fulfill the true spirit of 
Governor Dummer's motto "Non Sibi Sed Aliis" - "Not for self but for others. " 

Phonathon Volunteers 

Use E. Abusamra '93 
Sung-Jin An '95 
John B. Bailly '86 
R. Jeffrey Bailly '80 
Wayne A. Barbara '68 
Jeffrey R. Black '03 
Huntington Blatchford '56 
Marc I. Borden '03 
Catherine D. Burgess '91 
David H. Carlson '84 
Gregory M. Ceglarski '04 
Remington A. Clark '67 
Tyler 0. Collins '03 
Richard A. Cousins '45 
Christen H. D'Orio '88 
Amy A. Daniels '92 
John W. Deering '47 
William M. Degen '68 
Patrick R. Dempsey '04 
Cornelia M. DeNey'80 
Margo L. Dhaliwal '90 
Brooke M. Eaton '03 
Putnam P. Flint '37 
Peter W. Franklin '72 
Anthony P. Fusco '85 
Shawn E. Gager '88 
Kathleen A. Glynn '04 
David T. Goodhart '41 
Jason G. Greenberg '96 
Daniel J. Guyton '03 
Jeffrey R. Harris '67 
Julian Hess '36 
Katherine A. Hugo '03 
Timothy S. Johnson '03 
Gerald D. Kean '94 
Michelle A. Kinzie '04 
Leslie R. Lafond '78 
Jessica R. Long '04 
Robert M. Lord '68 
Michael S. Lucy P'02 
Andrew M. Lundquist '03 

Joseph E. MacLeod '56 
Philip P. Mclnnis '03 
Kara M. McLoy '88 
Patrick W. Monigle '03 
Michael D. O'Neill '03 
Donald G. Palais '45 
Dana A. Pascucci '93 
Gabrielle A. Petraglia '03 
Richard H. Pew '54 
W. Quinn Pollock '85 
Scott M. Pope '78 
Aanand S. Radia '03 
E. Stephen Robinson '68 
Brian Rybicki '96 
Michael M. Salony '04 
Jennifer L. Saunders '93 
Kelsey I. Shannahan '03 
Michael J. Shedosky '96 
Perry M. Smith '76 
Carl F. Spang '68 
David S. Spector '03 
Nancy C. Stevenson '93 
Jennifer G. Steward '81 
Isaiah Suggs '78 
Moira A. Talbot '04 
A. Cushing Titcomb P'97'99 
Marc K. Tucker '68 
Arthur H. Veasey '68 
James R. Walsh '93 
Jacqueline M. Ward '04 
Robert T. Wattie '89 
John S. Wilson '56 

Phonathon Hosts 

Richard H. Pew '54 

Morse Payson & Noyes, Portland, ME 

David H. Carlson '84 

UBS Paine Webber, Boston MA 

In Honor and Memoriam 

In Memory of 
Donald Blodgett '50 

Mr. David Hershey '50 

In Memory of Joseph Cook '53 


Mrs. Joan Cook 

Mr. and Mrs. John Foster 

Mr. Thomas Larsen '54 

Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Nickerson 

Mr. and Mrs. Coleman Yeaw 

In Memory of Mitchell Fish '44 

Mrs. Mitchell Fish 

In Honor of Michael Moonves In Memory of Howard S. Peck '34 

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Cassell Mrs. Rosalind Peck 

In Memory of In Memory of 

A. Macdonald Murphy P'68 Edward Rybicki P'86'96'01 

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Chapin . Mrs. Karen Rybicki McCann '86 

Mrs. Elizabeth Murphy 

In Memory of Arthur Sager 
In Honor of Howard Navins '31, Mr. Keith Johnson '45 
Mr. Thomas D. Sayles '49 In Memory of Roger Snerson '53 

Mrs. Roger Snerson 
In Memory of Colin T. O'Neill '93 
Ms. Amanda Gordon 

",X: ?' . '-r:. 

The Ellsworth Family Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1990 by David H. Ellsworth '48 in honor of his 


The G. Heberton Evans III Memorial Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1985 in memory of the teacher, coach and dorm 
parent of 34 years 

The Richard Hawkes Francis Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1930 in memory of this alumnus by his family 

The Friend Family Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1987 by Mirick Friend '59 and family in memory 

of his father Robert A. Friend 

The William Pinkham Gove Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1926 by his wife and son 

The Joanna Grugeon Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1990 by her family, faculty and friends in mem- 
ory of this Governor Dummer Academy master teacher 

Susan K. Clancy 

Phillip Gould and Elizabeth Ratigan 

David Gould 

The Carl D. Hale Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1970 through the will of Grace Hale in memory 

of her husband to provide financial aid 

The Henley Group Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1988 by the Henley Group, Inc. of Hampton, NH, 

to benefit a deserving 


The Janet G. Higgins Memorial 

Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1976 in her memory by her family and friends 

The Bernard K. Holdsworth Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1987 by Clifford Holdsworth 
in memory of his son, a member of the 
Class of '44 

The Ingham Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1927 by the family of the late Samuel Kellogg 
Ingham, whose son Dr. Charles C. Ingham became the 22nd 
headmaster of Governor Dummer Academy 

The E. Randall Jackson Memorial Fund 

Established in 1966 by the bequest of his wife Lillian A. 

Jackson, to benefit a young person from Danvers, 


The Christian A. Johnson Endeavor Foundation Scholarship 


Established in 1982 to enable a worthy student to attend an 

independent school 

The Kitchell Family Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1989 by Frank Kitchell '35. Members of the 
Kitchell family who attended the Academy include Frank '35, 
Peter '36, Samuel '38 and Webster '48 

The George Laite Scholarship Fund 

Established in memory of this alumnus from the Class of '32 by 

his family 

The Leary Family Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1989 by Jack ('48) and Mary Leary and their 
children, '79 '81 '82 '84 '85, to benefit a student from 
Newburyport, Massachusetts, demonstrating a strong personal 
character and financial need 

The Barry Nelson Lougee Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1989 to honor this alumnus of the Class of '51 

by his classmates and family 

The Burton Machinist Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1987 by his family to honor this Class of '36 


Peter B. Machinist '62 

The David Macomber Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1978 in his memory by his family and the Class 

of 1957 

The Magoun Family Scholarship Fund 
Established in 2001 by Thomas Magoun '48 in honor of his 
family, to benefit a deserving student from Rockingham 
County, New Hampshire. 

The Magrane Family Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1994 by members of the Magrane family -- Mrs. 
Elizabeth Magrane P'65'67, J. Scott Magrane '65 and Ross 
Magrane '67 - to benefit a student who contributes to all 
aspects of the Academy 

The Thomas McClary Mercer Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1992 by Charles A. Goodrich III '39 in apprecia- 
tion for all this former English master teacher contributed to 
the Academy 

The Montrone Family Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1988 by Mr. and Mrs. Paul Montrone P'82'87 to 

benefit a deserving 

student from the New Hampshire 

seacoast area 

TheC.W.& L.H. Morse Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1988 by the Morse family in honor of Charles W. 
and Louise H. Morse of Newburyport, Massachusetts given by 
their sons and grandsons, seven alumni of the Academy 

The Howard J. Navins Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1988 by a former student and alumni in honor 
of this alumnus, coach, and master teacher of 41 years to rec- 
ognize courage and high personal standards 

The Edward Parish Noyes Fund 

Established in 1915 in memory of the former student (Class of 

1873) and trustee (1895-1913) by Joseph Lee of Boston 

The Ben Pearson Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1988 by Benjamin Pearson Jr. '44 and Anne 
Pearson ofByfield in honor of a five-generation relationship 
with Governor Dummer Academy 

The Carl. A. Pescosolido, Jr. '55 Award 

Established in 1992 by family and friends of Carl A. "Skip" 

Pescosolido, Jr., President of the Academy's Board of Trustees 


1980-92. The award is presented annually to the top male and 

female scholar-athletes in the junior class whose academic and 

athletic performances exhibit the character and commitment to 

excellence of 

Carl A. Pescosolido, Jr. 

The Reader's Digest Endowed Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1981 by the Reader's Digest in honor ofDeWitt 

Wallace, its founder 

The Peter R, Remis '52 and James A. Remis '84 
Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1991 by Linda Remis Schwartz in memory of her 
husband Peter and son Jimmy. Peter Remis served the 
Academy for many years as a Trustee 

The Revere Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1982 by Howard Zuker '57 for deserving students 

from Revere, Massachusetts 

The 1763 Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1946 by the Alumni Association 

The Arthur W. Sager Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1987 by his friend C. Thomas Tenney '39, to ben- 
efit deserving students from the state of Maine 

The Ellsworth H. Sherin Memorial Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1985 by his children and employees. Ellsworth 
Sherin was the father of Peter Sherin '59, a GDA alumnus and 
former trustee. 

The Senator Benjamin A. Smith II '35 Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1991 by family and friends in memory of U.S. 
Senator Ben Smith to benefit a deserving student 

Angel Talavera '95 Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1995 by his classmates and their parents 

The Grace S. Tisdale Memorial Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1981 by Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Buettner of 
Auburn, Maine, in memory of Mrs. Buettner's mother 

The Richard Tucker Fund 
Established in 1930 in his memory by 
family and friends 

The Asa Wilson Waters Fund 

Established in 1930 by her bequest in honor of her son and 


The Timothy Rogers Whittemore Fund 

Established in 1963 in his memory, 

by his sophomore classmates 

The Thomas N. Willins Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1990 and given in memory of his father by 

Thomas N. Willins, Jr., 

Class of '33 

The Nathan N. Withington Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1990 by a classmate in honor of this alumnus, 

former trustee, and GDA parent, Class of '58 

The Henry Hornblower Fund, Inc. 

A. Laurence and Katherine Norton F82 

Nathan '58 and June Withington F97 

The John Young Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1943 by Dr. John Young 

Class Secretaries 

Harold Audet '38 
Pacific Grove, CA 

Donald W. Stockwell '39 
Brattleboro, VT 

William H. Torrey '40 
Babylon, NY 

R. Andrew Little '41 
Little Falls, NY 

Seward E. Pomeroy '42 
Worcester, MA 

Benjamin B. Brewster '43 
Plymouth, MA 

Steven K. Kauffman '44 
Williamsburg, VA 

Richard A. Cousins '45 
Newburyport, MA 

George E. Duffy '46 
Tucson, AZ 

Homer Ambrose '47 
Falls Church, VA 

Robert C. Hill '48 
Naugatuck, CT 

Thomas R.M. Emery '49 
Charlottesville, VA 

Alan F. Flynn '50 
Rehoboth, MA 

Ted H. Barrows '51 
Bristol, RI 

Franklin E. Huntress '52 
Marblehead, MA 

William C. Pinkham '53 
Estes Park, CO 

Michael B. Smith '54 
McLean, VA 

George 0. Gardner '55 
Acton, MA 

James Dean '56 
South Berwick, ME 

Lyman A. Cousens '57 
Boscawen, NH 

Ralph E. Ardiff '58 
Danvers, MA 

Mirick Friend '59 
Mirror Lake, NH 

John C. Elwell '50 
Newburyport, MA 

Thomas S. Tobey '62 
Los Altos, CA 

Louis H. Higgins '64 
Lake Placid, NY 

Kenneth A. Linberg '65 
Isla Vista, CA 

Michael J. Little '66 
Waterville, ME 

Bennett H. Beach '67 
Bethesda, MD 

Daniel C. Look '68 
Marietta, GA 

Jeffrey L. Gordon '69 
Newport, RI 

J. Randall Whitney '70 
Concord, MA 

Mario Rivera '71 
Sunrise, FL 

Geoffrey A. Durham '72 
Libertyville, IL 

Edward C. Young '73 
Phoenix, AZ 

Pamela McElroy Toner '74 
Fairfield, CT 

Pamela D. Pandapas '75 
Quincy, MA 

Carol Ann Goldberg-Aydin '76 
New York, NY 

Carolyn Lyons Nissi '77 
Evanston, IL 

Scott M. Pope '78 
Kingston, NH 

Troy A. Dagres '79 
Newburyport, MA 

Lynne E. Durland '80 
Londonderry, NH 

Jennifer Graf Steward '81 
Boxford, MA 

Nancy Lord Wickwire '82 
Bedford, NH 

Danielle Schwartz Jacobs '83 
Marblehead, MA 

Laurie Nester Murphy '83 
New York, NY 

Cathleen Riley Scerbo '84 
Stratham, NH 

Nathalie E. Ames '85 
Chicago, IL 

Paul B. Nardone '86 
Lynnfield, MA 

Melinda C. Stahl '86 
Los Angeles, CA 

Amy Goldstein Northup '87 
Charlestown, MA 

Kristen LaBrie Poulin '87 
Byfield, MA 

Deana Giamette Boyages '87 
Columbus, OH 

Kristin A. Brown-Hirsch '89 

John S. Wilson '89 
Dallas, TX 

Nicolle Fardy DelliColli '90 
Andover, MA 

Nicole F. LaTour '91 
San Francisco, CA 

Catherine A. Wickes '92 
Colorado Springs, CO 

Kristen Lynn Marvin '94 
Van Nuys, CA 

Laura Beth Barnes '95 
Kowloon HK, China 

Brian P. Crowe '95 
Boston, MA 

Janna Panall De Risi '96 
Greenwich, CT 

Jeffrey R. LaBelle '96 
Chicago, IL 

Sandra T. Padilla '97 
North Hollywood, CA 

Jacob A. Chase '98 
Cambridge, MA 

Elizabeth E. Erickson '98 
Boston, MA 

Stuart W. Gilfillen '99 
South Hamilton, MA 

Jessica S. Reed-Zaplin '99 
Boston, MA 

Meghan K. Barry '00 
Wenham, MA 

Catherine E. Correia '00 
Wakefield, MA 

Maria E. Moore '01 
Providence, RI 

James M. Morrissey '02 
Winchester, MA 

Michael G. Woods '02 
Everett, MA 

Laura E. Ellison '03 
Newburyport, MA 

Michael D. O'Neill '03 
Byfield, MA 

Statements of Financial Position 

June 30, 2003 and 2002 


Cash and cash equivalents 

Accounts receivable 

Tuition notes receivable, net of allowance 

for doubtful accounts of $26,352 and $82,924 

in 2003 and 2002, respectively 

Other assets 

Deferred compensation 

Contributions receivable, net 

Beneficial interest in Phillips Trusts 

Investments, at market value 

Land, buildings, and equipment, net 

$ 3,965,050 

$ 3,475,535 















Total assets 

$ 103,884,637 $ 97,232,452 


Accounts payable and accrued expenses 

Annuities payable 

Deferred revenues and deposits 

Note payable 

Bond payable 

$ 687,035 

$ 841,353 









Total liabilities 

$ 13,376,030 $ 13,467,988 

Net assets: 


Current operations 

Funds functioning as endowment 

Faculty housing 









Total unrestricted 

$ 51,019,618 $ 49,590,953 

Temporarily restricted 
Permanently restricted 

17,075,130 16,423,832 

22,413,859 17,749,679 

Total net assets 

$ 90,508,607 $ 83,764,464 

Total liabilities and net assets 

$ 103,884,637 $ 97,232,452 

Statements of Changes in Unrestricted Net Assets, 
Current Operations 

June 30, 2003 and 2003 


Education and general: 
Tuition $ 9,995,910 $ 9,524,638 

Less: student aid (1,949,498) (1,875,495) 

Net tuition revenues 8,046,412 7,649,143 

Special programs, activities and fees 


Investment income 

Phillips income 

Other income 

Total revenues 














Education and general: 



Operations and maintenance of plant 

Student services 

Special programs, activities and fees 
Facilities use charge 

Total expenditures 

» 3,337,632 

$ 3,077,588 













Designated for: 

Unexpended plant 
Faculty housing 







Total designations 
Net change 



Balance at beginning of the year 

Balance at end of year 


$ 276,531 

$ 276,531 

- *v 

Outright GifU 

Donors may transfer cash and other assets directly to the Academy for 
immediate use in funding any of the needs of the Campaign or the Annual Fund. 
Such gifts can be made by check or in the form of securities, real estate, or gifts- 
in-kind (antiques, art, jewelry, coin collection). Gifts may qualify as a charitable 
deduction, as allowed by law. 

Pledges are encouraged for up to three years but may extend over a period 
of five years. Gift payments may be made in convenient installments. 

In making a significant gift to Governor Dummer Academy, you may com- 
mit to the gift now but delay the Academy's possession and use of the gift until 
your death or that of the final beneficiary. Charitable Remainder Unit Trusts 
and Charitable Annuity Trusts offer the satisfaction of making a gift to 
Governor Dummer Academy while retaining income from the principal for your 
personal use. These irrevocable trusts qualify for special tax consideration. 

Corporate Match GifU 


As a donor, you may be able to increase your support for Governor 
Dummer Academy by taking advantage of your spouse's or your employer's 
matching gift program. 


' Life Iiuurance 

Naming Governor Dummer Academy as the 
primary beneficiary of a life insurance policy is 
another giving option. This enables the donor to 
retain ownership of the policy and have access to 
the policy's cash value. This type of gift can reduce 
your estate tax liability. 

Should you wish a more immediate tax bene- 
fit, you may name Governor Dummer Academy as 
the owner of the policy. This becomes an irrevoca- 
ble assignment of all rights in the insurance policy 
to Governor Dummer Academy. You are allowed an 
immediate federal income tax charitable deduc- 

Charitabl e Lead TruAt 

This type of trust provides for a gift of pay- 
ments from the trust property to Governor 
Dummer Academy for a term of years, after which 
the property reverts to you or passes to a non-char- 
itable beneficiary designated by you. The charita- 
ble lead trust, depending upon the manner in 
which it is structured, can significantly reduce or 
even eliminate either the gift or estate tax. 

*Sfcvj. ; o 

ReAidence or Farm 





Donors may give a personal residence or farm to Governor Dummer Academy while retaining the 
right to occupy the residence or operate the farm. This type of gift provides an income-tax charitable deduc- 
tion that frees up tax dollars into spendable income without causing any disruption to your lifestyle. It also 
permits you to escape any potential capital-gain tax on the built-in appreciation. 

A single-family dwelling, condominium, vacation home, or stock owned by you as a tenant stockhold- 
er in a cooperative housing corporation qualifies as a personal residence if used each year by you. 


Gifts by bequest will build the school's endowment and provide a stream of operating income to 
Governor Dummer Academy in future years. Charitable bequests may specify a dollar amount or a percent- 
age of your residual estate. In each case, the amount of the gift is excluded from the valuation of your 
estate for estate tax or inheritance tax purposes. 

For more information about giving opportunities, please call the Development office at 
(978) 499-3187 or consult the website at 






50th Reunion 

FAMILY! married 41 years to Julie 

* two daughters, Allison and Amy, who are both married 

* five grandchildren: Allison has 1.7 -month-old twins, a boy and girl; 
Amy has 10-month-old twin girls 'plus a three-year-old daughter 

PROFESSION! Insurance broker (employee benefits) for 30 years 

*Vice President with Morse, Payson & Noyes, now known as Banknorth Insurance Group 
since we are owned by Banknorth headquartered in Portland, Maine. Banknorth is a $28 
billion financial services company operating throughout northern New England and 
upper New York state. 

HOW LONG VOLUNTEERING? Volunteered for GDA in a few different ways: 

* served for 2 or 3 years on the Alumni Council 
'participated in. the Alumni Glee Club for a number of years under the leadership of Art Sager 

-'have been 1954 Class Agent since 1996. :■■" 

GOAL THIS YEAR; This June will be the 50th reunion for our class of 195 4. We are hoping to raise 

$30,000 as our gift to the Annual Fund. We believe this is a realistic goal and already have 
a $10,000 pledge from one of our classmates. Of course we are very grateful for large gifts, 
but contributions of all sizes are welcome and we really hope to increase our participation 
from 45 percent last year to about 65 percent this year. 

WHY AM I CLASS AGENT. I guess because Tom Larsen had served tirelessly for so many years and when 
he asked me to succeed him, I couldn't say no. 

* I also feel very indebted to GDA for helping me "grow up" during those adolescent years. The 

school taught me self confidence, self discipline and the importance of setting goals. It's a 
cliche, but I want to give something back to an institution that did a great deal for me. 

* It's also great fun to stay somewhat connected with classmates through email, notes 

and by telephone. 

How To Get In Touch: Home address < 

* 803 Prince's Point Road 
Yarmouth, ME 04096 

* Telephone, (207) 846-4572 

* Email, 

The Archon ^ Fall 2003 25 




^f\ Pre 1939 

^jT^S Harold H.Audet '38 

511 Crocker Avenue 

Pacific Grove, CA 93950-3705 

(831) 373-5652 

audet 37 





15 th 






■ - ■ -^ 

The Old Guard at Reunion 2003 

Put Flint '37 and Dana Jones '37 

Put Flint '37 and Dana Jones '37 got 
together on Dana's annual spring visit from 
Australia. "Now we're bound by ties that 
cannot sever." True! 

It has been a long hot summer, not 
much activity, and there has been less com- 
munication than usual among the senior 
alumni. Eastham Guild '32 expressed the 
feeling of most of us in his note. "Nothing 
startling to report! Just living from day to 
day." Unfortunately for me, "just living" 
means disposing of the trash from a number 
of pine trees that came down during a late 
spring storm. 

Marshall Brown '30 is still living in 
Ipswich, MA and is retired from the insur- 
ance business. He is 91 years old, and as a 
hobby carves models of shore birds, and half 
models of ships. He and his wife Virginia 
have seven great grandchildren. Is this a 
record for our group? 

John Whittlesey '33 is one of the ten 
remaining members of his class. Last June 
was the 70th anniversary of their graduation, 
and he still feels that his years in Byfield are 
among his fondest memories. John and his 
wife Barbara are still living in their home of 

many years in Chappaqua, NY. 

L. Alan Bullwinkle '38 is now 82 but 

still singing in a church choir and a glee club, 
although increasingly in fear that he is guilty 
of singing wrong notes! "I am also heavily 
involved in local history research, recovering 
monumental inscriptions in churchyards and 
transcribing 16th to 18th century docu- 
ments which are often interesting wills. 
Health-wise, I'm benefiting from having had 
a quadruple bypass operation three years ago 
and a perforated appendix dealt with two 
years ago." 


Locke, Richard J. 


Cleland, Philip Augustus 


Gardiner, James B. 


Berry, Edmund J. 


Derby, William Bowditch 


Horr, Albert W. 


Alexander, Frederic C. 


Carter, Robert C. 


Budgell, Walter J. 


Fitzsimmons, Robert 


Matthes,Adolph L. 


Van Etten.Jack Eaman 


Lacrosse, Emmart 


Adams, Gray 


Levin, Sidney 


Martin, Willard Shepard 


Barrell, Daniel Alden 


CoUins, Philip P. 


Dawson, Harold C. 


Barndollar, Hugh 


Frank, John Otto 


Halas, Julius Hugo 


Kinky, Ralph W. 


Clapp, George Brooks 


Disbro, Guy 


Freeman, Harold Heald 


Gill, Roland E. 


Ingersoll, Robert S. 


Mensing, Henry Stewart 


Smith, James Stuart 


Sumner, Louis B. 


Ward, Stephen D 


Graham, John F. 


Hyde, William Waldo 


Kerr, Otis Russell 


Malcolm, James 


Quigley, David F 


Ridgeway, Basil Augustus 


Weber, Philip E. 


Whitman, William Parsons 


Woodbury, Walter A. 


Wyman, Louis C. 


Bartlett, Edward J. 


Chase, Reginald David 


Cunningham, John J. 


Day, Ellison G 


Day, Leonard I. 


DeWitt, Philip D. 


Fitzpatrick, William H. 


Leavitt, Edmund H. 


MacAusland, David B. 


Merrill, Norman C. 


Ogden, Norman 


Shook, Franklin F 


Sommer, Robert James 


Swift, Ernest H. 


Block, Louis T. 


Brennan, Barry K. 


Foss, David W. 


Loeman, Walter C. 


Mensing, John B. 


Smith, Robert Ray 


Voorhees, Willard P. 


Williar, Charles Vans 


Staples, Harry Oliver 


Faurot, Henry 


26 TheArchon «• Fall 2003 


Class of 1939 

Donald W. Stockwell 

39 Country Hill 

Brattleboro,VT 05301 

(802) 254-5504 

65th Class Reunion 

June 11, 12, 13 2004 

Our 64th Reunion was once again a 
happy and fun-filled occasion with Phil 
Simpson and his wife Sue joining Alice and 
me. Although we were the only members of 
our class to attend, we want you to know we 
raised our glasses on high and made sure you 
were remembered. The reunion was tops 
with many activities to make our stay at 
GDA very enjoyable. Social hours, fine din- 
ing, talks by current students about campus 
life, faculty and staff Emeritus Induction, 
Alumni/ae, games and a dinner/dance made 
our stay all too short. Among members of 
the Old Guard attending for the first time 
was our good friend, Mike Lawlor '38, 
whom many of you will remember as one of 
the outstanding athletes of our era. Phil and 
I made a point to make him welcome. 

Now for our 65th which will be held 
June 11 and 12, 2004. As soon as you get a 
new calendar, check off those dates as a re- 
minder. I promise it will be an exciting 
weekend. The gang at GDA are masters at 

Tom Tenney hopes, as we all do, that 
our 65th will bring many together so that we 
can relive those memorable days. His notes 
indicate he needs pepping up as he's seen 
nobody and talked to nobody; golf stinks and 
tennis is worse. If he will come back to 
Byfield in June, I guarantee that occasion 
will resolve everything except golf and ten- 

John Klotz celebrated his 83rd birth- 
day recently by playing golf. He adds that he 
is fortunate to also include tennis in his 
many activities. He has a condo in Boynton 
Beach, FL, where he visits ten months out of 
a year. Always on the go, John will be in 
Ireland in November and December. When 
does he have time to just think? 

A welcome note from Dave Ellbogen 
reports he recently had lunch with Chuck 
Goodrich who has had some recent health 
problems. However, he looks hale and 

Bob Lyle '40, Ted Munroe '40 and Andy Bailey '40 celebrating a 
mini-reunion June 9, 2003 and remembering their GDA hockey days. 

hearty and says these are now behind him. 
Dave keeps busy and goes to a retiree pro- 
gram at Northwestern. 

It was great hearing from Ed Koenig. 
He brings us up to date as to what has been 
happening in all these years. He graduated 
from Amherst m 1948 following World War 
II. Following service with the British Army 
in North Africa and the NZ and Free 
French, he was an ambulance driver in 
1942-43. He was in the Merchant Marines 
from 1943-46, in Haines, Alaska from 1948- 
51 and was an Army Transportation officer 
1951-53 at Fort Richardson, Alaska. He was 
associated with Garrison Freight in Alaska 
until 1956. He moved to Tucson, AZ and 
was Terminal and District Manager for 
Hopper Truck Lines. For several years, he 
was an officer in the Teamsters Union, fol- 
lowing which he was Federal Mediator in 
several midwestern states, eventually moving 
to Houston in 1970. Continuing to be on 
the move, he was with the USAC 
Championship Racing as a crewmember 
from 1973-84 and is a member of the 
Indianapolis Motor Speedway. For a number 
of years he has been a Federal arbiter in the 
heartland and Texas. What an interesting ca- 
reer! Many thanks for the bio. 


Byfield, Hugh W. 
Dewey, H. Curtis 
Dillingham, John B. 
Hatch, John Page 

Hubbell, G Lonng 
Kaufman, Richard L. 
Livingston, Robert L. 
Mulcahy Edward B. 
Pitcairn, Norman B. 
Thomas, Edwin W. 
Wittig, Carl F. 


Class of 1940 

William H. Torrey 

1 12 Fire Island Avenue 

Babylon, NY 11702-3902 

(631) 669-4339 

purejoy2 1 T@aol. com 

Bob Goodspeed and Joanne had a very 
fun-filled summer in Hampton, NH with 
many children and grandchildren in the NH 
area. Business with the tannery in China 
continues to grow as they get into more 
manufactured leather items. 

Bob Schumann had a grandson gradu- 
ate from GDA as did Bob Lyle a step-grand- 
son. Judah Thissell '03 managed to enter 
Hartwick College thanks to GDA. Bob's 
been busy with two foundations, Schumann 
Center for Media and Democracy and Both are progressive with 
outstanding direction from Bill Moyers. A 
very rewarding experience. 

David Solomon says he is finally 
headed tor near-retirement, tapering off of 
projects in geriatrics that he has been work- 
ing on. Fellow geriatricians threw a party 
for his 80th birthday, causing his wife to ad- 
mit that he was doing something all of those 
years, not just goofing off. He says now he 
has really fooled her. 

E. Robert (Bob) Little and wife 

Tlie Archon ** Fall 2003 27 

c 1 a 

s s 


Jeanne M. had to delay their celebration of 
50 years of happiness because of an attack 
early on the 8th of March. Jeanne suffered a 
stroke at 7:30 a.m. and a heart attack at 
11.50 a.m. After three months in the I.C.U., 
she came home. With slow but positive steps 
of progress they are again looking forward to 
continuing their celebration. 

W.S. Little made another month's visit 
to Plum Island this summer. Weather was 
not so good - somewhat like Texas. Joined 
by son from San Francisco and Chris from 
Newbury of course. Daughter Jennifer con- 
tinues to do well with her liver transplant 
(six years.) 

Andy Bailey, Bob Lyle, and Ted 
Munro had a wonderful mini reunion at 
Andy's home in June. It was the first get to- 
gether of the high scoring GDA hockey line 
in '39-40. 

Left wing - Bob Lyle 

Center - Randy Bailet 

Right wing - Ted Munro 

(notice the old tacks on Ted's neck) 

Robert J. Lyle attended the com- 
mencement 240th of GDA on June 6 be- 
cause his wife Thelma's grandson, 
Christopher Jacob Ebinger '03, was in the 
graduating class. Chris is the grandson of 
William Jacob who was a GDA Assistant 
Headmaster and Latin teacher. Bob visited 
with Bob Schumann whose grandson was 
also graduating and had lunch with Andy 
Bailey and his wife along with Ted and 
Marge Munro. "Prep" Munro could tell 
you the score of every game. Check out the 
photo taken before drinks and lunch. Note 
that Andy brought his skates. 

Ben Wright writes that he has com- 
pleted an update to the original history of 
the international Skating Union published in 
1992. He and his wife attended the National 
championships (in figure skating) in Dallas in 

We heard from Helen Lampes that 
Nicolas Lampes passed away on April 17 
after a short illness. They were living in 
Naples, FL at the time. 

Bill Torrey I have really enjoyed hear- 
ing Irom my classmates but regret to say I 
cannot be responsible for the class notes any 
longer. My health just won't permit it. I am 
hoping someone from the class will step up 

to the plate and fill my shoes. 


Blood, Webster B. 
Carnrick, Richard M. 
Ellis, Locke 
Hoffman, Kurt T. 
McGill, William R. 
Rutherford, Adrian H. 
Walker, Sandor P. 
Walton-Black, James A. 

Ortega-Samper, Julio 
Peabody, Arthur D. 
Rowe, Richard B. 
Urie, Robert E. 



Class of 1941 

R. Andrew Little 

146 Fincks Basin Road 

Little Falls, NY 13365-5019 

(315) 823-1662 

Richard Wyman writes: "A usual 
HOT summer in Maitland, FL. We are al- 
most recluses — saved by our A/C! We are 
unable to travel due to our health problems 
and medical requirements. (Any more good 
news?) Wish we could attend Bill Abbott's 
80th birthday celebration September 14 but 
1475 miles is too far to go! (This is the good 
news!!!) We miss our northern expeditions, 
but so it goes. I'll be 81 September 9 and 
feel every bit of it! Golden Age? HA! 

Edward Flynn reports: "We left Fort 
Lauderdale for some digs in Palm City, FL. 
We hope to recover our sanity by early 

Howard Stirn reports: "What is going 
on in my world? I'm healthy, alive and en- 
tire family is also doing well. Married 55 
years! 80 years old or young? Still involved 
in dude ranch in Jackson Hole, Sea Research 
Foundation in Mystic, CT and Sanibel, FL 
(to 'relax'). Will slow down someday 


Barrows, Richard H. 
Damon, Philip A. 
Ferguson, Oliver G. R. 
Gillfillan, Thomas L. 
Greenwood, Carleton Edward 
Johnson, Maurice M. 
Murchie, Alexander 


Class of 1942 

Seward E. Pomeroy 

29 Berwick Lane 

Worcester, MA 01602-1407 

(508) 152-1469 

We had a card from Ted Stitt who 

writes: "Many thanks for your note. I'm 
much better, but still seeing too many doc- 
tors, and taking too many pills. Three major 
operations in early spring does take its 
toll... especially when they were in the space 
of one week! Hope to see you this fall. Best 
to all." 

Tom Fenn got off a note writing: "We 
completed an 8,600-mile trip to New 
England and Eastern Canada in our forty- 
foot motor home. I was able to appear at 
GDA for one day That's all!!! Unfortunately! 
The humidity in the East was very bad. We 
saw the sun only occasionally My best." 

And from Bill Hill: "Aging slows down 
here in Maine. Nice summer on the coast at 
our family cottage, incidentally since 1923! 
No problems, just getting more set in my 
ways. I'm content to slow down and stay put 
and 'smell the flowers.' Please, classmates, 
make an effort to show up on campus. 
Times are running out." 

Bud Wellman died on July 16. Our 
deepest sympathies to Bud's family and 


Green, Newcomb 
Knight, David N. 
Means , W Jordan 


Class of 1943 

Benjamin B. Brewster 

88 Warren Avenue 

Plymouth, MA 02360-2428 

(508) 146-1306 


As we said in the plea for notes, the re- 

28 TlieArchon &* FaU 2003 

union was fun and very well done by the 
school. Now that we are "Old Guard" we 
can go every year. More of you should make 
the effort, or at least drop in on South 
Byfield and see what they have done in the 
last 60 years. You will find that the student 
body is MUCH younger than you remem- 

On a sad note, we got word that Peter 
Staples died the first of July in Connecticut, 
leaving his wife Ann, a daughter and two 
grands. We give them our prayers. 

In a happier vein, Dick Hamilton has 
moved to smaller quarters in Green Valley, 
still in Arizona and they love the change. I 
hope he is still playing the piano. 
Incidentally, if any of you would like a list of 
addresses or a particular one of a classmate, 
write me on the e-mail or snail mail and I 
can provide. There are 38 of us still drawing 

Bill Wiswall has finally joined with the 
rest of us drawing Social Security, if doctors 
are eligible. He now plays golf all week in- 
stead of just weekends. 

Bob Wadleigh has had a bit of health 
difficulty, but will be well enough to return 
to Costa Rica this fall. He is slowing down 
but still active on a couple of boards. 

Walt McGill reports that he had a great 
time at the reunion. They did have a bit of 
navigational difficulty trying to find their 
lodgings Saturday night in spite of their 
ON-STAR equipment. He had to resort to 
the very unmanly act of asking a person 
where he was. 

Phil Sawyer now lists himself as retired, 
still living in Brooklyn. I'm sure he is still 
consulting. It is hard to stop a doctor once 
he gets going. 

Tom Akin finally replied to the survey. 
I saw him at the 60th so I know he is doing 
well in spite of the fact that he says, "I don't 
understand how this 58-year-old ended up 
in this 78-year-old body". There is a lot of 
that going around among the class of 1943. 


Holden, Duncan 
Lambert, Jordan W. 
McKay, Donald Stuart 
Munro, James C. 
Sewell.J. Nicholas 
Stearns, Lester 


Class of 1944 

Steven K. Kauffman 

137 Jefferson's Hundred 

Williamsburg, VA 23185-8910 

(757) 220-9013 

60th Class Reunion 

June 11, 12, 13 2004 

Nate Dummer reports that he did the 
usual things last summer, the day-to-day stuff 
which fills the day. Monday and Wednesday 
mornings, nearly every week of the year 
Nate and Millie work on the town's Meals 
on Wheels Program for Senior Citizens. He 
also drives tor an organization here in this 
northeast corner of Massachusetts called 
Northern Essex Elder Transport. The organ- 
ization takes those people who can no 
longer drive to medical appointments, in- 
cluding dialysis. He also volunteers to serve 
on the Zoning Board of Appeals and the 
Historic District Commission in Rowley. In 
September, he and Millie went on a four-day 
bus trip to Washington, DC. SKK note: If 
that is the "usual things" to do, I am way be- 
hind the curve. 

Frank Skirball says he is still retired 
from American Airlines and working part- 
time at Office Depot in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He 
is hoping to make our 60th reunion in 2004. 

John "Pinky" Whitney, responding to 
my tirade about only 66 percent of us hav- 
ing email addresses, says he is stuck in the 
20th century and can say he doesn't mind a 
bit! Pinky looks back to a highlight of his 
life: getting to know Buster Navins at Camp 
Winona back in the early '30s where Buster 
gave Pinky his nickname. Under the instruc- 
tion of Pinky s sons, Randy and Peter, Pinky 
attended Buster's 90th birthday celebration 
with cake and ice cream. It was a joy to see 
this very special "ICON". The party was at 
GDA with a "damn good bunch of 'Ol 
Boys" to wish Buster well. 

Ben Pearson writes from the "Old 
South" that he is still golfing and bird and 
deer hunting, but seems to be slowing up a 
shade. He and Jean had their 54th wedding 
anniversary on August 27 - way to go, Ben! 
He says he does not know how she put up 
with him (all these years.) Ben and Jean have 
an email address, but he never reads email; 

Pictures of Hurricane Isabel in 
Williamsburg, VA. 

"I'm completely computer illiterate." 

Gordon Hoyt wrote that he was leav- 
ing for British Columbia "tomorrow" 
(August 19) and going to Croatia in 

Wally Bolton signed in and said hello. 

Among other things that happened to 
your secretary during Hurricane Isabel is 
that I mismanaged my computer and my 
postcard filing system. I am concerned that I 
may have lost the input that some of you 
sent me. If so, I apologize. 

Isabel sent mini-tornadoes through 
"Kingsmill on the James," the 2,500 home 
community in which we live in 
Williamsburg. Isabel severely damaged many 
homes. On some streets almost every other 
home had a tall poplar or oak smash in the 
root as the tree succumbed to the violent 

TlieArchon a- Fall 2003 29 

c 1 a 

s s 


wind. Trees fell in every direction. We had 
three tall in our yard, two east to west and 
one north to south. The root balls were eight 
feet in diameter. One picture shows our 
street, Jefferson's Hundred, blocked by three 
tall trees and the second shows the house 
across the street with my wife, Teresa, walk- 
ing to survey the damage. One of those lean- 
ing trees smashed a huge hole in the roof. 
The third photo shows what happened to 
the house next door. 


Gordon, Bruce 
Johnson, Frederick H. 
Manville, Richard W. 
Porter, W. Everett 
Randall, John L. 
Simpson, C Parker 
Trask, James Stuart 


Class of 1945 
Richard A. Cousins 
71 Federal Street 
Neii'buryport, MA 01950-2814 
(978) 462-4542 

Warren Furth writes: "This has been 
for us the year of travel. April was spent in 
Florida, Louisiana and Texas, after a short trip 
to Milan, Italy earlier in the year. In May, we 
flew to Vienna, in June to London and in 
July to Paris. In between, many day trips and 
lots of 'walking. In September we will be in 
Provence, and in October in Cyprus." 

Jack Gillies says, "We'll have to meet 
sometime at the Grog or elsewhere in 
Newburyport to catch up on the class news. 
I really enjoy reading the class notes. I'm 
sorry I haven't contributed, but what is 
newsworthy? The Holy Grail is still missing. 
No cure for cancer has been found. We can't 
seem to get a decent President elected. 
Maybe some miracle will soon appear." 

Arch Kingsley reports: "Loving our 
new location in White Stone, VA. Reading 
about induction of Ted and Eleanor Eames 
in the Old Guard "Hall of Fame" brings 
back many wonderful memories — some of 
the best times of my life." 

Brad Roberts called and reported what 
his wife refers to as "the summer from hell." 

In June he had surgery, fusing his spine. He 
also had heart problems and a mild stroke 
and ended up in the hospital twice more. 
He has been having physical therapy and is 
making good progress. He is driving a car 
again. Brad sounds good and is upbeat as al- 
ways. He has been active in working with 
the University of Nevada, and was pleased to 
receive an award for services to the universi- 
ty earlier this year. 

Paul Withington tells us: "#1 grand- 
child — junior year in college; #2 grandchild 
a freshman this year. All is well with us. 
Possible knee replacements for both of us in 
near future. Fifty-five years married - too 
late to change - two comfortable old 

Ed Movsesian's '47 daughter Janice Young 
and new granddaughter Danielle Andrea 


Brown, George E. 
Hinckley, Frank H. 
Morrill, Charles S. 


Class of 1946 

George E. Duffy, II 

14161 North Ageratum Way 

Tucson, AZ 85737-7183 

(520) 825-4710 

Jim Knott '47 and Peter Bragdon outside 
of Jim's plant in Northbridge, MA 


Hamburger, Walter J. 
Neale, Samuel S. 
Ring, Frank E. 
Stevens, Charles C.B. 

IAPJ Class of 1947 

^r / LTC Homer Ambrose, Jr. 

5601 Seminary Road #2205N 
Falls Church, VA 22041 
(703) 379-8011 

Pete Sutton writes: "Thought you'd be 
interested in a wonderful evening Jean and I 
spent with Charlie and Ann McLaughlin 
recently. They have both had books pub- 
lished within the past year. Charlie has writ- 
ten a fascinating introduction to Frederick 
Law Olmsted's book Walks and Talks of an 
American Farmer in England. Charlie traced 
the author's original route throughout 
England during the 1850s and learned how 
he became a landscape architect. He was the 
architect of many parks throughout the U.S. 
including Central Park in New York. Ann 
also has just published her fifth novel called 
The House on Q Street that Jean enjoyed thor- 
oughly. They both read excerpts from their 
respective books at Shady Hill School. They 
are such an inspiration. Also present were 
Andy Leighton and his wife Phebe." 

Charlie McLaughlin confirmed Pete's 
note. "Since we have been in touch, I have 

30 TheArchon «* Fall 2003 

written an introduction and notes and tak- 
en photographs to accompany a new edi- 
tion of Frederick Law Olmsted's (1829- 
1903) first book Walks and Talks of an 
American Farmer in England (1852) pub- 
lished by the University of Massachusetts 

Joe Welch writes: "Had a nice call 
from Buster Navins. He seemed quite 
cheery and in good spirits — even while 
bemoaning the trials of his beloved Red 
Sox. Donna and I enjoyed a singular ex- 
perience this summer. We flew to 
Edinburgh and after a few days respite, 
boarded the 'Royal Scotsman,' a magnifi- 
cent train that took us up through the 
Highlands for four nights. Visited castles 
and gardens, and more importantly, distill- 
eries en route. Train takes a maximum of 
36 people - superb dining. We gave it very 
high marks." 

Jack Deering reports that he and 
Norm Brown had planned to attend the 
Old Guard reunion, but a wedding prevailed. 
Jack reports all well in Portland; huge golf 
tournament for Ed Rogers was successful as 
well as raising lots of bucks for children with 

Norm Brown writes: "It seems my 
'barrel of news' is empty at the moment. The 
summer wasn't great for boating. I went out 
twice. Prorating the dock rental, summariz- 
ing, launching, hauling, winterizing, and 
winter storage of the boat, I figured each trip 
cost about $800 ... which proves my theory 
that economics was never my forte." 

Jim Knott recently received kudos 
from Harvard Business School for his dona- 
tion of historical material, some dating back 
to 1870, documenting the Whitin Machine 
Works. This new collection is an addition to 
the material HBS already holds in the Baker 
Library Jim found the material in three 
large safes that he bought at auction of 
Whitin Machine Works property. The gift 
includes approximately six linear feet of ma- 
terial, 300 microfilm reels, and 19 bound 
volumes. Jim donated all literary and prop- 
erty rights to the library. 

Jack Dowse writes: "After being erro- 
neously reported in the Archon obituaries 
last fall, I'm pleased to report that I'm enjoy- 
ing retirement in the foothills of The 
Smokies. My brother 'King' '39 died at that 
time. My life has never taken me back to the 
Academy where many fine memories abide. 
As we all approach the 'Fourth Quarter,' 

Nancy and Ken Bruce '48, Bob Hill '48 

maybe that will happen!" 

Ed Movsesian writes: "Took the 
plunge in 1996 and enrolled in the Salem 
State College Master of Science in mental 
health counseling - received my degree in 
'99 — and now doing outreach counseling in 
the Merrimac Valley area. But the really ex- 
citing news (for me) is the recent birth of my 
granddaughter to Janice Young (my daugh- 
ter). Danielle Andrea is the new love of my 
life. Am planning a trip (tour) ofVienna and 
Armenia this fall." 

Homer Ambrose Jr. received his doc- 
torate in Engineering Management from 
California Coast University in May, 2003. 
President George W. Bush sent Homer a let- 
ter of congratulations upon the occasion. 




Bellamy, Peter K. 
Farrar,John L. 
Hughes, Allen B. 
Hunt, James E. 
Seager, David C. 
Shannon, John R. 
Walton, Donald L. 
Webb, John Robert 


Class of 1948 

Robert C. Hill 

143 Hickory Lane 

Naugatuck, CT 06770-1724 

(203) 758-2962 

Let me first say that my last appeal for 
more responses from classmates •was heard! 
For all of you who came through, thank you 
very much. 

Not a very good showing for our 55th 
Reunion, however. Those of us who came 
enjoyed a great time. My wife, Mary Cay 
and I, Dorri and Bill Lindquist, Barbara 
and Bill Richter, Ken Bruce, Phil 
Gemmer and Ash Eames did our best to 
represent our class. 

Now for Class Notes: Bill Richter 

Put Flint'37 and Ash Eames '48 at Reunion 2003 

Tlie Archo 

Fall 2003 31 

c 1 a 

s s notes 

Richard Smith '48 is Peter Bragdon's host 

in Palm Springs 

suggested that I put my email address on the 
"Don't be Shy. . ." reply card as well as on my 
response request letter. Good idea... I'll see 
to it. Bill also expressed disappointment in 
our turnout for the 55th. . .Maybe we should 
start working on the 60th now. . . 

Dick Smith writes that he is living in 
Palm Desert, CA where they have 121 golf 
courses and he has played most of them. He 
is still a successful small businessman dealing 
in architectural products. He says his favorite 
visitor is Peter Bragdon. 

David Rock writes: "The high point in 
the past five years for this old day student was 
a month-long trip to New Zealand. 
Presently operating in low gear on the home 
place in the hills of Waldo County, ME 
where our 60 acre wood lot is green-certi- 
fied and our cooking/heating stoves are all 
wood fired." 

Pete Case says, "Finally had long need- 
ed cataract surgery — surprising what I've 
missed these past years (especially the short 
putts). All other 'parts' seem operational. 
Hope all is well with everyone." 

Webster Kitchell writes: "After a life 
of writing, I am learning to draw. I find the 
experience engrossing. I read that the pur- 
pose of art is to see. I am seeing!" 

Bill Day writes: "I've been retired from 
the USAF for over 26 years. Been a widow- 
er for over seven years. Live in Stratham, 
NH and love it. Am relatively healthy and 
active with the local community church. 
Have one grandson in Marine Corps boot 
camp. Best regards to all class members!" 

32 TheArchon ^ Fall 2003 

Fritz Freeman says, "Ann and I are 
back on the South Shore from whence we 
came (Plymouth). Still a Manufacturing 
Rep but down to half days and enjoying the 
action. My grandson, Woody 's boy Max, a 
lefty, can really 'bring it' for a four-year old. 
Maybe he'll take my place on the mound. I 
told him, 'there's gold in that little round 
ball' but he wiD finish education first. Hi to 
all. God Bless." 

Bill Quattrocchi sends a big hello to all 
of his friends and classmates from his new 
home in Jupiter, FL. Bill says, "I'm about to 
enjoy my 73rd birthday in October and still 
find it difficult to believe it's been 55 years 
since we were last together. Had a hip re- 
placed in May, 2002 and now can play some 
golf again. Can't quite make it around the 
tennis courts, though. Play backgammon a 
lot at clubs, tourneys and on the internet 
and do volunteer work at the local hospital. 
Give me an Internet shout at billyq@bell- Would enjoy hearing from you!" 

Phil Gemmer had lunch with Bill 
Lindquist recently and says it was a good 
catch up visit. He hopes to have a visit with 
Bill at his summer home in Kennebago 
Lake, ME soon. Phil and I have spoken 
many times on the phone, but just can't seem 
to coordinate a time to get together. We will 
keep trying, Phil, I promise. Phil did say that 
he had a good time at our 55th Reunion. I 
understand that Phil hosted a very nice 

Alumni/ae gathering at the Portland, ME 
Country Club. 

Ash Eames wrote to say, "Thanks for 
your enthusiasm and time spent on our class 
(reunions and letters)! It was great being on 
stage at GDA with children Polly, Ned and 
grandson, Nikko, when so many received 
Emeritus Awards in June". (Ash and family 
were presented with the Emeritus Award be- 
stowed on Ash's father, former Headmaster 
Ted Eames). Ash continues, "Had a great 
weekend on the Cape with Manson and 
Alison Hall '49 and Tom Emery '49. 
Looking forward to seeing Pete and Jackie 
Dunning in Sunapee soon." 

Ted Long said that he is suffering from 
the same "Golden Years" problems that most 
of us are putting up with. I'm with you too, 
Ted. He enjoyed a nice visit with his son 
Ted, and daughters Julie and Carrie, all the 
way from Arizona and Illinois. Ted was un- 
available at the time, but his wife had a nice 
telephone call from Al Cumings about our 
55th Reunion. Ted says that he is in reason- 
ably good health and hopes that all of our 
classmates are enjoying happy and rewarding 
lives. Keep the faith, Ted. 

Dave Ellsworth was one of the fea- 
tured cast members in Jean Kerr's comedy, 
Mary Mary, performed at the Barnstable 
Comedy Club, Cape Cod, MA. Dave had 
planned to attend our 55th Reunion, but 
had to bow out because he was bowing on 

ULU UU/lfflJ 

Bill Richter, Ken Bruce, Bob Hill, and Bill Lindquist celebrating their 

55th Reunion together. 

stage to well-deserved curtain calls. His per- 
formance rated rave reviews in the newspa- 
per. Way to go, Dave! Sorry Mary Cay and 
I missed your performance. 

Jim Weldon recently retired after 16 
years as a Trustee at University of New 
Hampshire helping oversee five campuses 
and 50,000 students. He now is co-chair- 
man of the NH Port Authority checking up 
on large ship harbor traffic. He's had to learn 
a new vocabulary when riding out seven 
miles to meet incoming tankers, climb up 
the 50-foot side of the ship on a rope ladder 
and watch the pilot take 25,000 tons thru 
three bridges inside the harbor. Sounds like 
fun, Jim. He visited GDA recently and com- 
mented, "How pleased I was to see all the 
new buildings bright and shiny." He had two 
children graduate from GDA and was happy 
to say, "The school does a fine job and both 
kids enjoyed their years there." 

Pete Houston said, "The big Houston 
item is the return home of Air Force Second 
Lt. daughter Kate, following a seven-month 
deployment to Jordan and Iraq in a support 
role. In August, she spent a week in 
Williamsburg with the old folks before re- 
turning to Fairchild Air Force Base in 
Spokane. Over Labor Day weekend the 
whole family gathered in Denver with geol- 
ogist son Bill and family. In June, Mannie 
and I took a grand 15-day tour of seven 
National Parks sponsored by the William & 
Mary Alumni Assoc. No matter how many 
National Geographic photos you have seen 
in your lifetime of such sites, nothing comes 
close to seeing them 'LIVE!'" 

Bob Hill (kiiyk) will just add that 
everything seems to be going along fine here 
in Naugatuck, CT Probably the only thing 
that has changed here is Bob himself. I'm 
the typical "Golden Years" individual so you 
can equate to that I am sure. 


Brantley, James W. 
Brazier, Edward D. 
Carver, Alexander B. 
Chase, George J. 
Dean, Joshua Judson 
Farny, Christopher H. 
Hammond, Douglas L. 
Heath, Milton W. 
Huff, Alden Lloyd 
Kenney, Frank Jordan 

Keppel, David 
MacQueen, Bruce B. 
Maroni, Edward Walsh 
Messing, Richard N. 
Morgan, John Answorth 
Rappoh, Robert E. 
Reeves, Walter F. 
Stem, Nicholas Eternell 
Thibodeau, John W. 
Wagner, Peter K. 
Worth, Donn H. 


Class of 1949 

Thomas R.M. Emery USN 

312 Rookwood Drive 

Charlottesville, VA 22903-4729 

(434) 977-8763 

tgemery@cstone. net 

55th Class Reunion 

June 11, 12, 13 2004 

Fall greetings! Lots of varied and inter- 
esting inputs - many thanks for taking the 
time to share these experiences. 

Kim Page writes: "Gosh, how I hate 
disappointing people - particularly ones 
who call and ask for some input - like you! 
After reading what others of our class have 
done I've come to the conclusion that I re- 

Gryfinder guides Mansfield Smith'49 and his 
Chris Craft swiftly across Lake Tahoe, NY. 

ally live a simple life though there are those 
who ask how do we do all that we do? Well, 
it ain't much that we do - other than just 
meeting things as they come along. We seem 
to have a knack for making things we're in- 
terested in come to pass or happen. Like fi- 
nally seeing, after three years of trying to get 
tomatoes to grow, a garden basket so full of 
the reddest and largest ones I could ever 
iinagine. The past failures have vanished 
from memory. Or at long last getting over 
the thought I've got to buy American, and 
purchasing a VOLVO wagon with a Turbo 
engine! It's a joy to drive and at 74, so what 
if I feel a lot younger and express it with a 
fun vehicle? I've a lot to be thankful for. A 
wonderful partner for 30 years, four wonder- 
ful grandchildren, one's an Eagle Scout and a 
three-year lacrosse player. Another is a 
dancer, yet another a musician (piano and vi- 
olin) and our heart throb, a 10-year-old 
Down's child who lights up the room and 
has made such great strides in overcoming 
that handicap. This year we've housed and 
fed 38 of our friends from as far away as 
Seattle and as close as Vermont. Being a part 
of a network like this affords me so much 
pleasure and keeps interest in others at such 
a high level. I hardly have time to deal with 
a broken toe (two weeks ago) or other va- 
garies of aging. We expect six here on 
Saturday. Yesterday I made four of my fa- 

Jlie Archon ^ Fail 2003 33 

lass notes 

mous Hash Brown Pies to last the season 
here in Maine. Today is a three-layer car- 
rot cake day — make at least four ot them a 
year (two are for the Women's Club Book 
and Bake Sale in North Carolina which al- 
ways fetch just short of $100 for their char- 
ities). Recipes available at no charge! P.S. 
You see what I mean? It's all just so ordi- 
nary what I do — no fabulous trips, cruises 
or get-to-gethers with classmates... It's just 
one day at a time... with a martini waiting 
at 6 p.m.!" 

Dave King writes about why he 
came to GDA. "Bonding: Looking back 
at my GDA relationships, I regret missing 
opportunities to establish bonds and life- 
time ties with my schoolmates. Bonding 
develops by sharing personal experiences. 
Sharing why I came to GDA was a signif- 
icant omission that I am now belatedly ad- 
dressing. THE BENCHING: I want you to 
know why I came to GDA. Three months 
before I came to GDA my football coach 
benched me before the first game, inexplica- 
bly and indefinitely without explanation. 
Solidly a first string player at the top of my 
game, I did nothing wrong. I was devastat- 
ed. Local reporters observed my subjugation 
and voiced their puzzled, consternation in 
the newspaper. THE CHASTISEMENT: 
My dad was the superintendent and coach's 
boss. Dad compounded my despair by re- 
buking me for complaining. When I went to 
him for support, carrying favorable news 
items, he explained, 'If you read that junk, 
you'll get a fat head.' He said my responsi- 
bility was to submit to the coach's castigation 
without complaint like a man. Without his 
support it was clear that my high school 
football was finished. THE DEPRESSION: 
I slipped into deep depression. My grades 
plummeted fromAB's to CD's. My Dad's re- 
action when he saw the grades was, 'I'm 
pleased to see them; it is now clear that I 
would no longer need to worry about hav- 
ing to come up with money for college tu- 
ition.' What I did not know was that, to re- 
solve our predicament, behind the scenes 
Dad surreptitiously was arranging for my en- 
rollment at GDA. This was a lifesaver; how- 
ever my depression did not abate until a 
Hometown reporter paid me a visit at GDA 
two months later. REPORTER'S STORY: 
A sports reporter came for an interview 

Tom Otis '49 preparing to one put... or 

more... at Round Hill Golf Course in 

South Dartmouth, MA 

about my situation. From him I learned all 
about the benching. The problem began 
when the City's Booster Club, afraid of los- 
ing a great football coach over money, de- 
manded the coach's salary be increased to 
where it would exceed Dad's. Dad balked, 
replying that a school-educator head was of 
higher value than a football head. THE 
coach's reaction was to bench me. DAD'S 
PREDICAMENT: Dad did not react to the 
benching, being unwilling to draw the pub- 
lic and the Board into the controversy. He 
viewed engaging the coach in a confronta- 
tion over an alleged mistreatment of Dad's 
offspring to be a mistake that could easily be 
misinterpreted as a nepotistic meddling. 
Then should the focus shift to the salary is- 
sue, it could cause a brouhaha of unwanted 
public and newspaper controversary which 
could polarize an already split and fractious 
School Board. This situation could endanger 
Dad's job security. Dad no doubt feared the 
revelation of a specter of events 19 years ago, 
when with roles reversed, it was my Dad 
who was the popular successful coach (in 
Newburyport) who ended up replacing his 
superintendent. THE RESOLUTION: The 
reporter shed some light on Dad's motives 
and actions and he viewed them to be de- 
fensive and not offensive in my case. This in- 

sight rifted my gloom, restored my self- 
worth, and engendered empathy for my dad's 
actions. Dad and I were on good terms be- 
fore this incident, ended up on even better 
terms afterwards. Looking back on my trou- 
bles, they provided me a chance to gain ma- 
turity and a tremendous GDA experience. 
Although I continued playing football at 
GDA and in college, I never fully regained 
my football intensity of those early years. At 
Dartmouth I was second and third string un- 
til I dropped out my senior year focusing on 
studies and my major, Geology, whose labs 
were gobbling up my football afternoons. 
POSTSCRIPT: Geological Engin-eering 
was my profession for nearly 25 years. This 
included tours with James and Buffin, 
Consulting Geologists, Anaconda Mining 
Co., U.S.A.E.C, U.S. BuMines, and W.R. 
Grace, Ore & Mining Division. My Army 
Service and various work outside my career 
lent me some of my most challenging, pro- 
ductive, and rewarding work of my life." 

John Canepa reports: "Attended 50th 
Class Reunion at Harvard, and celebrated 
our 50th wedding anniversary September 

Heard from Mansfield Smith and his 
Gryffindor: "Same old summer. Fallen Leaf 
Lake, old wooden boat, happy hunting dog. 
Also baptized seventh grandchild in June, 
Reid Mansfield Smith, age six months." 

Tom Otis writes: "Mina and I are real- 
ly enjoying retirement at Round Hill, South 
Dartmouth, MA. Many visitations from 
friends, kids and grandkids. We would wel- 
come calls from classmates at (508) 991- 

Bob Coulter informs us: "Our major 
news is that we have moved from Guilford, 
CT to Top of the World Road, Center 
Sandwich, NH 03227 - PO Box 418. After 
40 years in our house, it was hectic to say the 
least last May. We are next to Squam Lake 
where we keep our boats in the summer, and 
Sandwich has many cross country ski trails in 
the winter." 

Rick Tyler reports his summer travels 
and his athletic highs and lows: "Ann and I 
drove from Salt Lake with our dog, Alex, to 
Maine, arriving June 1 for the summer. The 
first weekend, we spent at Colby College 
celebrating my 50th. The following 
Saturday, I drove down to GDA and played 

34 TlieArchon s* Fall 2003 

in the alumni lacrosse game. The first half 
was great as I scored two goals. The second 
half ended for me on the first play. As I was 
about to shoot, I got hit, landed on my right 
shoulder and broke my collarbone; however, 
I did get an assist on the play. Needless to 
say, the summer has not been active, but get- 
ting along fine now." 

Carlton Reed says, "We still visit GDA 
campus regularly — attended graduation in 
June - granddaughter Elizabeth Bernard 
'03 graduated. We also took in some of the 
athletic events - grandson Gardiner Parker 
'05 playing lacrosse this past spring and also 
Elizabeth played girls lacrosse." 

The Vermont Maple Syrup Classic of 
2003 was played at Middletown, CT 
(Grossman & Hall Vs. Emery & des Cognets) 
and I now can shout, but humbly, what Arch 
reports of that event: "There is nothing to be 
shy about when you play golf the way the 
Emery and des Cognets team does — victory 
or tie is assured. Nice going, team mate." We 
actually tied them... it was Arch's 12-foot 
putt on the last hole... but for us, that is a 
great victory!!! They are indeed a formida- 
ble team. 


Foster, J. Howard 
Getchell, Dana H. 
Jennings, W Rodman 
Maclnnis, Philip B. 
Mozzicato, John J. 
Royce, James 

Class of 1950 

Alan F. Flynn,Jr. 

1 Katherine Road 

Rehoboth, MA 02769-1938 

(508) 252-6482 

The special feature of this report arrived 
last April. It was from Tom Zins, respond- 
ing to the baseball picture provided by Bob 
Dickerman. "I had been in the Lahey 
Clinic for most of March. Had an aneurism 
in the brain. Just talked to George 
MacGregor '51 and he mentioned a picture 
in the Archon, so I checked my pile of mail. 
What a handsome trio — thanks for giving 
me reason to smile all afternoon!" Great to 
hear from you at last, Tom. Trust the medical 

problem has been fully resolved! Now 
start planning for the trip of 10-15 miles 
to GDA for our 55th in '05. We want to 
see you. 

In making calls to inform people of 
Bill Fletcher's invitation to join him on 
Cape Cod in July, I caught Don Bishop 
the day before he and Polly left for ME. 
Don is always enthusiastic about GDA, but 
summer is not the time to catch him in 
southeastern New England. Moments lat- 
er I talked with Bob Dickerman. He had 
just participated in the alumni baseball 
game at Amherst. Bob started and caught 
four innings. I should have asked him the 
age of the next to oldest alumnus playing. 
He was probably half Bob's age. Bob, too, 
was off to ME to coach in a summer base- 
ball camp. What an amazing guy. 

Seven members of the Class of 1950 
gathered at Bill Fletcher's lakeside cot- 
tage on a beautiful day in July for some 
rest, recreation and a bit of frivolity. We 
celebrated Tim Greene's 70th birthday in 
style with swimming, boat tours ol four or 
five connected lakes, great food and drink 
and the usual distorted recollections of 
days gone by. The other five were 
Souther Barnes, Ansel Davis, Al Flynn, 
Dick McCoy and Dave Yesair. Many 
thanks, Bill. 

Dave Esty couldn't make it to the Cape 
because of family comnutments, but he al- 
ways is first to return his card. Dave is "go- 
ing back to school — wonder is the begin- 
ning of wisdom - learning to be a critical 
Incident Stress Counselor for police, fire and 
rescue people." Dave expects to be useful af- 
ter many years as an EMT, ski patroller and 
US Public Health Disaster Medical Team 
member. He's busy getting ready tor the 
50th Reunion at Amherst as president of the 
Class of '54. Dave concludes: "Still staying 
in shape, still in love with my Betsy, six kids 
all A+, same with grandkids, still in biz, still 

Rick Greenwood had to pull out of 
the Fletcher festival at the last moment. A 
month later while driving south on Route 
28 to Falmouth, MA, I spotted a commercial 
van entitled Greenwood Home Alarms - 
Gardner, Plymouth, Nantucket. Some 
things, and people, never change. 

Bob and Sally Comey report: 
"August 13 was 'GDA Day' for us during 
our annual stay in Maine. We saw Bob and 
Dee Cushman at a luncheon in Sebasco 

Host and Master Chef Bill Fletcher '50 

and dined in Topsham that evening with 
Kim Page '49 before going to the Maine 
Summer Theater in Brunswick. Bob has the 
unenviable task of producing a 50th 
Reunion Book for the Bowdoin Class of 
1954. We met for lunch the following week, 
and I shared some experiences in preparing 
our Class Book in 2000. As I write this in 
late August, Sallie and I are getting ready for 
a two-week river cruise in Russia in 
September. Al and Emi Flynn took the 
identical trip in May and have made sure we 
won't encounter ice floes as they did. Al of- 
fered me lots of valuable travel tips." 

For Tim Greene, Dave Yesair and me, 
we sang with the Alumni Singers on 
Reunion Day at GDA in June. At the testi- 
monial tribute to faculty and staff it was 
great to see Peter Dunning, Ash Eames, 
Louise Lovell, Sylvia Lunt, Jack Ragle, Val 
Wilkie and John Witherspoon among oth- 

"I spent a delightful two-week cruise 
through the Panama Canal — fascinating!" re- 
ports Carl Glaser. "We were visited by our 
five great grandchildren this summer. I now 
know why you have children when you are 
young!" In order to retain this youth, Carl is 

Tlie Arclh 

Fall 2003 35 

class notes 

beginning his third year as a high school 
volleyball official. Five great grandchil- 
dren, can anyone in our class match that? 
How about any great grandchildren? 
Please respond on your next card. 

Ruth and Dave Yesair "are off to 
England and France, visiting friends from 
my earlier days of studying in London and 
Paris. With the expected hurricane next 
week, we are buttoning up the house and 
yard, leaving the responsibility to our 
daughter, Karen '74. Had a great reunion 
at Bill Fletcher's place on the Cape." 

Thanks for all the good news. Most 
of us graduated from college in '54. 
Please pass along plans for college 50th 
reunions for the spring Archon. 


Baumgardner, Alan W. 
Bozarth, James A. 
Cragin, Donald H. 
Edington, Frederick R. 
Fraser, George Edwin 
Gifford, Robert Henry 
Hart, Edward G. 
Jones, Marshall W. 
Levine, Mark M. 
O'Rourke, Jerome J. 


Class of 1951 

Ted Barrows III 

4 1 Ridge Road 

Bristol, RI 02809-1355 

(401) 254-1909 

Jim Hicks reports trips to Bermuda, 
Tuscany, HI, Scotland. 2005 - summer in 
New Hampshire from Florida. 

Ed Stockwell reports spending a pleas- 
ant summer at Plum Island, including a nice 
visit and dinner with Bill Lacey. He is 
preparing for a strong football/party season 
in Ohio before heading south to Marathon 
Key for a couple of winter months. Ed states, 
"Not a bad life for a couple of 70-some- 
things." (He must be much older than the 
rest of us.) 

George Kirkham complained about 
the wettest summer in recorded history. He 
had planned to stop at GDA on the way to 
Maine, but the weather precluded his mak- 

Ansel Davis, Dick McCoy, Tim Greene, Souther Barnes, Dave Yesair, Bill Fletcher, 

Class of 1950, celebrating Tim Greenes 70th birthday. 

ing the trip. 

Dave Pope chastised me for not print- 
ing a "whole biography" sent on his last card, 
for which I apologize - but, will have to ask 
for a repeat since it's not in my well-organ- 
ized extensive files. However, Dave reports 
that he and Woodie are going to Scotland for 
Thanksgiving to be with their granddaugh- 
ter who is attending St. Andrew's University 
outside of Edinburgh. 

"Finally a grandchild!" reports Webster 
Wilde. He adds that "if you are 
ever in Eugene, Oregon, check out 
Henry Wilde and his Dad, Peter, a 
local folk legend." 

And our old reliable commu- 
nicator, Dave Bullock, checks in 
with both card and pictures. "My 
Retirement Party was a gas, as you 
can see. Guys said I was going on 
a trip down memory lane and 
when I looked up, there was the 
Little Red Schoolhouse and two 
very nice young GDA gals. 
Balance of the evening spent visit- 
ing every strip joint on the North 
Shore — the ones not considered a 
part of a complete education at 

In spite of a less than ideal 
weather pattern here in the 
Northeast, this spring and summer, 
things are just fine in Bristol. 

Jackie and I would welcome a call from any- 
one in the area. We still need a summer re- 
union spot and Block Island remains a pop- 
ular choice. 


Cebe-Habersky, J. Vladimir 

Gabby Petraglia '03 Dave Bullock'51 and 

Julia Tataronis '03 

36 Tire Archon ^ Fall 2003 

Claghorn.Jack R. 
Dickason, G. David 
Moreau, George A. 
Nute, James Watson 
Palmer, Gerald I. 
Sefton.John S. 

Class or 1952 

Rev. Franklin E. Huntress. Jr. 

5 Independence Way Apt. C 

Marblehead, MA 01945-4659 

(781) 631-4785 

Dave Powers says, "I have one more 
project in my consulting work with 
Grenzebach Glier & Assoc, then looking 
forward to the final retirement. My wife and 
I have recently hosted two groups cruising in 
the East Caribbean and Vietnam. This will 
add yet another chapter to what we do." 

Skip Sawyer reports: "Well, Reunion 
Weekend was just perfect (again) - but look 
guys, don't wait until the 55th! Come every 
year, so we can see each other, and just laugh. 
At our table, we had me — Frank Huntress 
- Barry Gately - Rib Smythe - creating 
more laughs and 'disturbance' than any oth- 
er table. You know you're getting older 
when you can't drink champagne (the old 
beta blocker thing). We all gave it to Frank 
(no, he didn't drink it all) — and I made up 
for a couple vegetarians by consuming three 
helpings of scallops; now, if you don't come, 
we'll just talk about you anyway. Barb and I 
are enjoying our two grandchildren, and 
trips to South Carolina this spring. P.S. 
PLEASE guys, next time let's see more (all?) 
of you in the class notes here! The reunion- 
ers have nothing to do with how pretty, or 
rich, or famous you are — they keep you 
young (even if I'm 70)." 

Rib Smythe says: "Peggy and I are en- 
joying the summer despite the monsoons! 
We're spending a week in the Northeast 
Kingdom of Vermont and hoping to see 
some of our kids. In December, we plan on 
a three-week trip to Thailand, Angkor Wat, 
and Burma." 

George Packard reports: "First of all, 
thanks for all your efforts as class secretary. I 
enjoyed the 50th last year — it was great see- 
ing so many old friends. Unfortunately, my 
wife Mary was in a battle with lung cancer 
at the time, a battle that she lost in July of 
2002. I continue to 'work'. We started 
Wainwright Bank & Trust Company in 
Boston in 1987 after having sold our oil and 
gas exploration and production company 

which was headquartered in Boston and 
Midland, Texas. I am presently trying to 
downsize and looking at condos in the 
Boston area. Looking forward to spending 
time in Naples, Florida after selling our 
property in the Caribbean. Life is presently 
'work', a lot of golf and spending time with 
my daughter and her family." 

Your secretary: 70 — 40 — means 70 
years and 40 of them have been spent in the 
Church, but I hasten to add on the stint of 
Class Agent/Secretary to and for you all 
which has been a pleasure divine! All of 
these years have kept me in touch with you 
out there so far; the next 40 years you owe 
me some delicious news and happenings. 
NOW before we all pass on to that larger 
life! Rib Smythe is seen in the JCC pool 
and Sabu frequents the Agawam when not at 
the Grog! We see each other often, but we 
miss you! Now show up at the 7:10 evening 
meeting for our delight!!! 


Brum, William L. 
Burg, John Arkert 
Gill, John 
Gove, Clinton I. 
Knauff, Robert P. 
Krieger, Peter S. 
Miller, Frank E. 
Morrell, Prior S. 
Poor, David Warner 
Rodriguez, David P. 
Wensinger, Charles F. 
Zabriskie, Humphrey D. 

Class or 1953 

William C. Pinkham 

760 Meadow Circle 

Estes Park, CO 80517-8409 

(970) 586-0992 

sbpinkham @charter. net 

Those who made it to reunion 
echoed Charlie Palmer: "Reunion was 
great. Lots of laughs, renewing with old 
friends. You can't beat it. Great to see 
guys like Eddie Dodge after almost 50 
years." Sounds like everyone had a great 
time. Sorry to have missed it!! 

Don Tracy still resides in Rockport, 
Maine, where he and his wife, Linda, are in 
the process of building a new home. They 
sold their larger home last May and found a 

wooded lot only a few hundred feet from 
the ocean. They are downsizing but still have 
room for visits from both family and friends. 
Always enjoying the ocean, Don and Linda 
recently took a six-day schooner cruise out 
of Camden Harbor. Although there were 
hazy, cool days, the wind was brisk, and the 
vessel moved along at a speed of eight knots 
or more most of the time. 

Don keeps busy all year long doing tax- 
es and pulling people out of the turbulent 
tax waters they sometimes find themselves 
falling into. For him it is enjoyable work, and 
he looks forward to moving into his new of- 
fice and home sometime in October. 
Summer has been enjoyable in a temporary 
apartment on the main street of Camden 
where he and Linda have taken many 
evening walks around the harbor, enjoying 
the atmosphere and working at removing 
the six pounds gained on the schooner 

Don Bullock also was sorry to miss re- 
union, but he had too many family obliga- 
tions with six grandchildren! Don and 
Marieanne are thoroughly enjoying their re- 
tirement home in America's hometown — 
Plymouth, MA. They're on a pond near 
White Horse Beach, and their boat is at 
Bourne Marina. Don says, "Who remembers 
work?" Their home phone is 508-224-5937 
if anyone's near. 

Bill Pinkham '53 and Sue in 
Grand Lake, CO. 

Joe Hill missed reunion due to his trav- 
el schedule. Joe's a grandfather twice and 
catching up to the rule, "We were born to 
take care of our children." 

There's never a dull moment at the 
Pinkhams'. . . Missed reunion, but we've had 
a busy summer with guests, the Art Center 

TheArchon ■■ Fall 2003 37 

c 1 a 

s s 



Reunion Profiles 

Tom Larsen '54 

Next June is our 50th reunion and I, 
for one, am looking forward to this spe- 
cial occasion and to seeing classmates 50 
years after graduation. When I think back 
on my years at Governor Dummer 
Academy, there are two things that im- 
mediately come to mind. The first is the 
"Old Guard," those Masters who had so 
much influence on our daily lives and 
development. I couldn't think of the 
"Old Guard" without mentioning Buster 
Navins. I still see him on occasion and al- 

ways enjoy reminiscing about the televi- 
sion set he found in my room and about 
his athletic teams. One of Buster's finest 
hours was the class of 54's undefeated 
soccer season. Many records were bro- 
ken; the Governors scored a total of 47 
goals with only five scored against them 
for the season. 

The second thing that comes to 
mind is my own experience in the ath- 
letic arena. My sports were wrestling and 
lacrosse, both coached by Heb Evans. My 
finest hour was a lacrosse game against 
the Andover JV's where I scored the one 
and only goal of my career. If you re- 
member, my position was goalie. 

I'm looking forward to our 50th on 
the weekend of June 11-13, 2004, and 
expect it to be the reunion of the century! 

and Estes Valley Land Trust activities. Joined 
Rotary this summer, and we have a 17-year- 
old Rotary Exchange student living with us 
through Thanksgiving. Jon's English is far 
better than our Norwegian... He played 
"American football" in Norway, and has be- 
come a key player for the Estes team. He 
consistently kicks into the end zone and af- 
ter three games has a 23-yard and a 43-yard 
field goal, several extra points, and a 73-yard 
interception run for a touchdown. We'd for- 
gotten what it was like to have a teenager in 
the house, and we're enjoying every minute. 
Sue and I are headed to Mesa Verde and the 
Ute Reservation for a few days in late 
September. The Southwest is a cultural, 
archeological and geological treasure trove, 
and living here is like starting a new life. 

The Class of '53 Archon photos showed 
some pretty young looking guys. Are you 
sure you didn't substitute some of your 


Bowes, Cutler D. 
Brown, Charles S. 
Fallon, John J. 
Hannon, John 
Hayward, William L. 
Johnson, Frank Barrows 
Kaplan, Herbert M. 
Meyer, Raymond B. 
Navas, Felipe U. 
Reeves, G. David 
Sears, Keith G. 
Swenson, Theodore H. 
Williams, Kent 


Class of 1954 

'Ambassador Michael B. Smith 

1315 Merrie Ridge Road 

McLean, VA 22101-1826 

(703) 351-6940 

50th Class Reunion 

June 11, 12, 13 2004 

Howie Clarke writes that he had to 
cancel the family trip to China this past 

spring because of the SARS epidemic but it 
was rescheduled for October with an addi- 
tional stop in Bangkok. He avers that "re- 
tirement is great," that he plays golf with 
Bob Fish from time to time, and that he 
plans to be at the 50th. 

Dick Michelson sent a note along say- 
ing that he continues his vigorous outdoor 
activities, mountaineering, backpacking, and 
skiing in the four corners of the globe in ad- 
dition to his volunteer work with Habitat for 
Humanity. Dick's ski stop this year was to 
Japan for a month, skiing 12 different areas. 
We all hope that Dick has travel to Byfield in 
his sights for next June. 

Dodd Miles penned a note that he suf- 
fered a stroke in early March, briefly lost 
speech and right side movement but, most 
happily, all came back in good order three 
days later. Then a short time later, Dodd suf- 
fered another stroke affecting his left side. 
Despite some lingering numbness, Dodd 
plans to be with us for the 50th in June 
which is certainly good news for us all. 

Arky Vaughan says he and his wife, 
Sandy, will be at the Reunion. Arky remains 
very busy — and very happy - as a Boeing C- 
17 instructor in Charleston, SC where Sandy 
and he also enjoy their eight grandchildren. 
Arky's father, Norman, the famous explorer 
who accompanied Admiral Byrd to the 
Antarctic in 1929, is still very active at age 98 
— and Arky is hopeful that his Dad's genes 
rub off a bit on him. 

Bob Abbott writes that trying to wind 
down into "retirement" seems to mean he's 
as busy as ever. First, he's trying to keep up 
with eight grandchildren. Second, Bob 
spends time in the summer on the Cape get- 
ting his golf and tennis into shape. Third, he 
spends the winter in Vero Beach, digging 
divots as he overlooks the Inland Waterway. 
Bob parenthetically adds that his condo in 
Vero Beach can be rented to any interested 
classmate at, I am sure, very favorable rates. 
And finally, he'll be taking a break to jet to 
Vail to hit the slopes for ten days. Sounds 
like a pretty good retirement to me!! 

Dick Moore sent an e-mail with the 
exciting news that his daughter, Stephanie, is 
expecting triplets in December - one girl 
and two boys. Around the same time, his 
daughter-in-law is expecting a baby boy, so 
the Moores' grandchild population will 

38 Tlie Archon a« Fall 2003 

triple virtually overnight. All of which rais- 
es an interesting question - can any other 
54ers offspring beat the Moore record of 
multiple births? Imagine the scholarship 
possibilities from GDA for those triplets!! 

Haskell RJiett writes that Janet and he 
began 2003 in the sunny climes of Key West, 
then on to the QE2 to join up with the 
Orient Express, and finally to watch the 
Henley Royal Regatta. Janet, who still cap- 
tains 777s for United, and Haskell are volun- 
teers with the US Olympic rowing team that 
trains in their hometown of Princeton; and 
Haskell maintains his busy schedule serving 
on six non-profit boards, including that of 

John "Fritz" Raymer dropped a card 
to say he continues in his 42nd year as a fi- 
nancial representative for Northwestern 
Mutual, but he's taking more time off for 
things "French" - whatever that means! No 
freedom fries or freedom toast for John? 
Fritz says he'll see us at the Reunion and in 
the meanwhile life is "pretty much vanilla." 
(I assume not French vanilla). 

Don't forget the Reunion dates — June 
11, 12 and 13,2004!!! 


Barstow, Kenneth W. 
Bates, C.Joseph 
Benjamin, Robert W. 
Burke, William 
Coyne, Robert P. 
Crawford, Ralph R. 
Fothergill, James L. 
Gardner, John W. 
Griffin, Robert E. 
Harrison, H George 
Idler, Nelson Jay 
Robinson, William B. 
Steinberg, Paul D. 
Stiteler, I. Newton 
Tubman, William Shad 
Tudor, CW. Mathews 
Windle, Jonathan W 


Class of 1955 

George O. Gardner, III 

53 Woodbury Lane 

Acton, MA 01720-3912 

(978) 263-3052 

David Hutt has three sons and four 
grandchildren. He is finding life busy and 
fulfilling, visiting grandchildren, working in 
his woodworking shop and gardens, and do- 
ing a great deal of reading. 

Peter Littlefield has just undergone 
prostate surgery. He is recovering well and 
would be pleased to discuss options for solv- 
ing prostate problems. 

Tony Marquis spent an evening with 
Bob and Janet Conklin '56 in Portland, 
OR. Two GDA alumni meeting in Portland, 
OR is rare! 

Jack Pallotta has been retired for five 
years and really enjoys playing golf. He and 
his wife will be visiting Quebec City this 

Peter Scott just completed harvesting 
his crop and taking a 10-day trip up the 
California coast from Carlsbad to Napa. He 
spoke at the GDA Career Day for Seniors 
about opportunities in the military. 

David Stockwell has two grandchil- 
dren and continues to work. This spring he 
and his wife enjoyed a river cruise from 
Amsterdam to Vienna. 

George Gardner and his wife, Karen, 
have just returned from a trip that originat- 
ed in Sorrento, Italy, continued to 
Dubrovnik, Croatia where they boarded a 
yacht and sailed through the Greek islands to 
Rhodes, and then finished in Athens. 


Butler, Richard M. 
Coyne, Thomas 
Diephuis, James Hughes 
Fisher, David I. 
Fuller, Paul H. 
Jones, Timothy Walker 
Lyerly, James M. 
Rignall, Raymond H. 
Starr, Robert J. 

Class of 1956 
fames Dean, III 
P.O. Box 186 

South Berwick, ME 03908-0186 

(207) 384-9184 

After years of cajoling by Tony Miller 
to come see his native land for a mini-GDA 
reunion, members of the Class of 1956 and 
assorted wives arrived at Heathrow Airport 

Tour guide extraordinare Tony Miller '56 

on May 3 1 for four days of fun and touring 
of England's countryside. Jimmy and 
Diane Dean, Henry and Merrilee Hill, 
Dan Bridges, Joel Nichols, John Wilson, 

and Loraine Waybourn, piled mto a private 
bus arranged by Tony the adventures began. 

The group was based out of a charming 
and antique-filled B&B in Marlow-on- 
Thames within walking distance of the fa- 
mous river. The first day started with a bus 
tour of the Buckinghamshire countryside 
and a leisurely champagne luncheon hosted 
by Tony and his delightful wife, Susan, at 
their family home in Maidenhead. The stay 
was made even more pleasurable with an in- 
vitation to swim in their beautiful gardened 
pool, a chance to visit with their grandchil- 
dren, and such scrumptious culinary treats as 
coronation chicken, smoked salmon and as- 
sorted puddings (that's English for desserts). 

From then on, the group was kept mov- 
ing from morning to night - with any free 
time filled with tall tales of our GDA days. 
With Tony as a very knowledgeable tour 
guide (he quickly discovered that the bus 
had a microphone) and Alan as our trusty 
bus driver (who by the way is our new hon- 
orary classmate), we toured through the 
Cotswolds, watched a roof being thatched, 
wandered bug-eyed through Windsor Castle, 

TlieArchon ®* ^ Fall 2003 39 

c 1 a 

s s notes 


Left to right Jim Dean, Joel Nichols, Joe MacLeod, John Wilson, 
Dan Bridges, Tony Miller, Henry Hill - Class of 1956 Reunion in England 

enjoyed a raucous evening at a traditional 
English dinner theater, shopped at more than 
one antique store, took a leisurely boat trip 
down the Thames, and squeezed in a few 
samplings of the local bitters — did we men- 
tion The Plough? 

On one special day, Tony delighted the 
group with a trip to The Stowe School from 
which he had graduated before coming to 
GDA. Scheduled guides took us on a tour of 
the vast and beautiful school grounds, which 
are now being maintained by The National 
Trust, and the school itself, which was the 
former home/castle of the Duke of 
Buckingham (for more information visit This was topped off 
by a wonderful private luncheon at the 
school of English sandwiches, fruits and 
wines — all graciously arranged by Tony! 


Groben, Robert 
Hinckley, Marshall E. 
King, Richard S. 
MacGonagle, Peter 
Olsen, Per R. 
Philbrook, Timothy P. 
Rose, Dennis M. 
Shea, Nicholas D. 
Sondheim, Arthur A. 

Taylor, Prescott R. 
Van Woert, John D. 
Woolverton.Ward Daniel 

Class of 1957 

Lyman A. Cousens, III 

4 Goodhue Road 

Boscawen, NH 03303-2500 

(603) 796-6446 

Way back last winter, I received a won- 
derfully informative email trom Johnny 
Wichers. After some mandatory years in 
Her Majesty's Navy, J. W spent 34 years with 
the British-American Tobacco Company in 
Greece, Nigeria, North Carolina and many 
countries in between. After an early retire- 
ment, John and Judith embarked on a career 
in sailing, teaching bloody budding "yotties" 
how to sail. Admittedly, Judith's cooking was 
the major attraction. That boat is now sold 
and replaced by another — no more teaching, 
just cruising! 

Hardy Bedford sent a photo of himself 
and Sharon in Chicago for their 38th 
Anniversary. Sold his marina and getting 
ready for retirement. (Sharon looks great! 
Hardy's bulked up!). 

Steve Correll continues to inundate 
me with correspondence. Twice in 46 years. 
Thanks to wife Linda, they spent this sum- 

mer in India where she received a visiting 
professorship in Ahmedabad.( I think that is 
a town, not a course of study). Steve is now 
back teaching ethics at the home of the 

Ned Beebe continues his snowbird 
ways between N.H. and Florida. Singing, 
traveling a bit, and putting around. 

Jeff Fitts, another snowbird but a better 
putter than Beebs, commutes between 
Sarasota and Wolfeboro. Jeff spent a week in 
Scotland playing golf during the heat wave. 
Jeff sends his best to fellow '57ers. 

Pete Cadigan has also decided to retire, 
working part time at a fly fishing shop and 
doing lots of... guess what? Right!... fly-fish- 

Gene Bouley is also retired, but he and 
Terry have 10 grandchildren, a class record! 
Gene tore an ACL but recovery is going 
well. Now married 43 years. Can't imagine 
Gene slowing down! 

From the fertile valleys of California 
comes word that Wink Pescosolido has his 
second grandchild while qualifying for 
Medicare. Wink, not the wee one... 

Obie Obetz has become a permanent 
resident of Florida, settling down in Naples 
near the Beebes'. The Annual Family 
Gathering at Hilton Head with the grand- 
children helped refresh the mind and body 
of Grampy Obetz. 

Your secretary seems to be keeping 
busy. Nice to have that Social Security check 
while still pulling down a salary There are 
advantages to working! And I'm still con- 
tributing for the rest of you retired slugs! 
Keep the faith and be sure and write if you 
get work. 

Peter Bragdon, Nancy and 
Howard Zuker '57 in Sheroran Oaks, 


40 Vie Archon a- Fall 2003 


Field, Richard W. 
Holman, Derek V. H. 
Jackson, Albert A. 
Lynch, Dana B. 
Mandelbaum, John David 
Ober, Peter C. 
Pouser, Harold I. 
Seder, James K. 
Stanley, Peter Von Schilling 
Wasson, Robert F. A. 

Class of 1958 

Ralph E. Ardiffjr. 

238 Conant Street 

Danvers, MA 01923-2528 

(978) 774-3336 

rardiff@ardiffblake. com 

The 45th Reunion of the Class of 1958 
was highlighted by the return to the GDA 
campus after an absence of 45 years of Russ 
Tornrose who was persuaded to return by 
his old friend, Chick Carroll. Russ spent 
time in Pakistan teaching after graduating 
from Princeton back in 1962, and has been 
in education ever since. He retired recently 
from the Berwick School System in Maine 
and is now doing some teaching at the 
University of New Hampshire. It was terrif- 
ic to see Russ after all those years and I look 
forward to his appearance again at our 50th 
Reunion coming up in just 5 years. Chick 
is now living in Topsham, Maine and is 
presently building a post and beam house 
with his son. He has been working on it for 
over a year and there is not yet an estimated 
time of completion. One can be certain that 
it will be a well built home with Chick in 

A highlight of the Reunion was the 
Golf Shoot Out at Ferncroft Country Club 
in Danvers with yours truly teamed up with 
Jim Sylvester against Gump Hayden and 
Nuff Withington. Suffice it to say that 
Nuff and Gump were exhausted after 18 
holes and experienced every inch of the 
course during their round. The group 
amassed 408 strokes with Gump and Nuff 
contributing 221 of that total. 

Our Reunion Dinner featured June 
Withington, who accompanied Nuff to the 
banquet. Gump, Jim, and I joined the 
Withingtons and Jack Morse for a lovely 
dinner. We reminisced about our time spent 
at GDA. Nuff and Jim reported that they 
used to ride ice floats down the Parker River 
in early spring, just for laughs. That would be 

risky activity for the boys today, but they 
were invincible 45 years ago. Jack is retired, 
but still does some traveling to do some con- 
sulting. He misses flying with Gump as his 
pilot. The skies are just not as safe as they 
were in the days of Gump Hayden. Jim 
Sylvester runs his hardware store and has a 
great line of cupolas and weather vanes. 
Check them out the next time that you are 
in Hanover, Massachusetts. 

Newt Lamson was unable to attend 
the Reunion because he was undergoing 
knee surgery. He is still running his market- 
ing/public relations firm and hopes to be 
able to join us for our golf outing at our next 

Neil Quinn still runs his 
bicycling/cross country shop in Putney, 
Vermont. He finally gave up lacrosse a few 
years ago, but plays badminton regularly and 
enjoys flat water kayaking and bicycle riding. 

Richard Morse is back in Kenya at the 
Tenwek Hospital where he will be acting as 
an advisor, instructor, and counselor for the 
Kenyan interns. 


Allen, William B. 
Day, Nicholas E. 
Emmons, Thomas A. 
Evans, Robert S. 
Howell, Erik M. 
Kyle, Donald F 
Lewis, Gordon P. 
McQuarrie, Allan J. 
Palson, Allen C. 
Staples, Brewster H. 
Williams, John G. 


Class of 1959 

Mirick Friend 

P.O. 540 

Mirror Lake, NH 03853-0540 

(603) 569-4812 

45th Class Reunion 

June 11, 12, 13 2004 

Walt Cannon is still working too hard 
and flying and restoring gliders. The kids are 
out of the house and he and Irene find it 
peaceful. They recently spent four weeks 
hiking in the Swiss Alps. 

Bob Dietz'59 and Peter Bragdon with 
Bob's sporty '72 Datsun in Albuquerque 

Ferg Jansen tells us that he and Linda 
took their youngest (Caroline) to Cal State 
at Long Beach in August. They are now be- 
ginning to be empty nesters as well with a 
second grandchild on the way. He saw Ray 
Ferris and his wife on a trip out west who 
reciprocated with a trip in October to CT 
(Fergie, get Ray to write me.) Ferg is busy 
with his restaurant consulting in Hanover 
(NH) and with two clients in CT. 

Dr. Ken Wolf continues to practice 
ophthalmology while his wife practices law 
in Maine. With a pilot's license to his credit, 
they fly often to Florida to visit their grand- 
child, whom they love dearly. Ken is earning 
his chopper license soon which will allow 
them to pop over to Central Maine tor 
Sunday brunches. He also teaches eye sur- 
gery aboard Project ORBIS, a DC-10 flying 
eye hospital which travels the world. Last 
year it was Bangladesh and this year, hope- 
fully, the Philippines. 

Robert Dietz sent me a long letter. In 
August he was headed off to Spain where he 
wa planning to hike the Pyrenees from the 
Atlantic to the Mediterranean. Previously 
this year he was trekking in eastern Nepal. 
His group was confronted by Maoist insur- 
gents who demanded a camera from them. 
They then spent the night in their tents lis- 
tening to a lot of gunfire and yelling, the 
purpose being intimidation. Later, Robert 
headed to Australia to chase the total eclipse 
in Ceduna on the south coast.. After watch- 
ing the clouds play cat and mouse with the 
sun, the sky cleared and he was in 30 seconds 
of total darkness. He is now hooked as an 
eclipse chaser. He says he saw Brian Marsh 
recently who had visited Topper Terhune 
recently at Topper's home in the Caribbean. 
Finally, Robert had a visit from Pete 
Bostwick and his wife Pik. Pete has bought 

TlieArchon s* Fall 2003 41 

1 a 

s s notes 

Wainwright, Harris E. 
Wilcox, Howard D. 


Peter Bragdon and BillVose '60 at 
Vose Galleries 

a new home in Corrales (NM) near 
Albuquerque. They plan to retire there after 
their commitments in Hawaii are completed. 
Bob asks, "Who would have thought that 
roommates in 1957-8 would end up togeth- 
er in New Mexico some 45 years later?" 

And Jim Foley writes that he spent 
seven weeks ('would prefer five) at Camp 
Caribou in Maine running the rifle range. 
He had no trouble with the kids as he feels 
that he projects "the grandfather image and 
was no one to be reckoned with." Most of 
the counselors are foreign nationals in their 
early 20s. He still volunteers at his local li- 
brary and he participates in a "community 
read" at the elementary school. And he is de- 
termined to get a turkey this season. He is 
looking forward to our 45th next year, as I 
hope all of you are. 

I am off next week to a meeting at GDA 
to start planning our reunion along with 
Peter Sherin, Bill Whiting and Bill 


Auker, James E. 
Babcock, Davy W. 
Barney, James M. 
Brooks, James G. 
Brown, Ernest Gregory 
Dail, Calvin W. 
Dobbins, D. Cameron 
Gregory, Arthur W. 
Haskell, Joseph B. D. 
McLaughlin, Joseph L. 
Piatt, Louis R. C. 

Class of 1960 

John C El well 

266 High Street 

Newburyport, MA 01950-3838 

(978) 462-8749 

Tom Wadlow writes: " After six years 
of living aboard our boat, we came ashore 
last winter to a house we are building in 
Stonington, Conn. This summer we took 
two-and-a half months off from building to 
cruise Labrador and Newfoundland." Tom 
said the cruising was great, but it is back to 
"work" now. Now that sounds like great re- 
tirement! Maybe The Archon ought to do a 
story on the unique experience of graduates 
in retirement. 

Geoff Nichols writes that #3 son 
Parker was married on September 20 which 
makes all three out of the nest with wonder- 
ful partners. Geoff now has four grandchil- 
dren with oldest 1 1 . (Since I only have one 
grandchild, Aidan, this proves that Geoff is a 
lot older than me.) Geoff and Joan recently 
bought a small farm in Ocala, Florida. They 
plan to spend five to six months there and 
the rest of time in Vermont. In November, 
he will move the horses, dogs, cats, etc. to 
Florida and only return a few times during 
the winter months for business. Sounds like 
another exciting retirement experience! 

Brad Conant shares that he is still at 
Fidelity and hopes to go to four days a week, 
in time for ski season. Brad's youngest 
daughter, Melissa, graduated in June and 
three weeks later landed a position with the 
Enterprise Rent-a-Car training program. 
Brad writes that this "has to be a record for 
getting a job." His daughter, Elizabeth, has 
left Miss Porter's to be athletic director for 
Moorehan's Hill School in Hartford, 
Connecticut. Sounds like Brad's family is 
doing well. It is a very good feeling when 
your children begin to find success in the 

"Duke" Stan Morton is fully retired 
on Cape Cod and reports that the 
Cleveland/Novelty House will be sold in 
about a year. Duke's third grandchild is due 
to his son, Rob Morton, and wife, Gwen, 

who live in New York City. Daughter, 
Wendy, continues to own Nantucket Book 
Works, and her husband, Randy, has added 
production to Cisco Brewers of Nantucket. 
They have two children — Evelyn, 5, and 
Owen, 3. See even Duke is older than me! 
Duke... Bill Tuxbury is living on the Cape 
also, perhaps you will run into him. 

Yours truly is enjoying retirement. I 
split my time between working at the farm 
in West Newbury where I have recently put 
in 750 Christmas trees, helping with our 15- 
month-old grandchild, Aidan, and doing 
projects around the house. I also am doing 
some teacher training and educational con- 
sulting •which I enjoy. In fact, I played more 
golf when I was working than since retire- 

Remember that if you are in the neigh- 
borhood, my porch light is on for you. 


Allen, David 
Jones, Douglas D 
Monkhouse, Frederick 
Morse, Alexander M. 
Plass, G. Randolph 
Probst, William C. 
Scruby.John B. 
Silver, John B. 
Smith, Frederick D. 
Williams, Robert B. 
Winslow, Sidney W 


Class of 1961 
Secretary needed 

Stan Thomas reports: "I lead a happy 
and uncomplicated life in western 
Wisconsin. For the past 31 years, I have been 
marketing railroad ties to railroads and I'll be 
keeping at it for a few more years. We have 
our first grandchild — our daughter and her 
husband just adopted a girl in China this 

Edgar F. Kaiser Jr. was invested in the 
Order of British Columbia on June 25, 
2003, in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. 
As the highest honor a province bestows on 
its citizens, it was given to Edgar in recogni- 
tion of his contributions as businessman and 
philanthropist.The recipient of many awards, 

42 Tlie Archon s» Fall 2003 

Edgar has supported hospitals, sports facili- 
ties, libraries, the arts, education, medical re- 
search, as well as social service and commu- 
nity groups. He holds the international 
around the world record in class, flying a 
British Aerospace 800 jet aircraft to raise 
public awareness of the problems associated 
with drug and alcohol use. 


Baumann, Anthony 
Kempf, John J. F. 
Leonardi, Robert P. 
McClure, Joseph G. 
Miller, Donald K. 
Mitchell, Jeffrey M. 
Poland, George M. 
Stearns, John H. 
Thieme, Allan P. 
Williams, Roger G. 
Zinn, Pvichard L. 


Class of 1962 

Thomas S. Tobey 

59 West Portola Avenue 

Los Altos, CA 94022-1209 

(650) 941-5060 

This is my 18th year as the Class 
Secretary after a nifty bait and switch by my 
old roomie Burke at our 25th reunion. The 
40th reunion revitalized my involvement in 
helping to keep the blood flowing through 
the veins of our class. 

Frank Bond, traveling all the way from 
Sante Fe, was a welcome addition at my 60th 
birthday celebration last May. I know from 
fuzzy recall that a few others are the same 
vintage including John Tarbell, Denis, 
Burke and perhaps Culver. My best wishes 
to any other celebrants who have crossed the 
line into the sixties recently. 

I was in the East twice this summer on 
"family business". I had the unexpected and 
pleasant surprise opportunity to visit with 
Charles Pyne and his delightful wife Betsy 
at their home on Block Island, RI. While 
there, we were entertained by their perfectly 
well-behaved yellow lab dog, Ginger. Among 
other things, Charley proudly shared a re- 
stored pinball machine stored in the base- 

Al "Pebble" Rock celebrated his 10th 

anniversary of 1st Arizona Credit, the world's 
only settlement company for the Mortgage 
Industry. He continues to play sub-par golf, 
enjoying golf heaven in Arizona and still an 
avid, million mile club Corvette driver. 

John Fay surfaced to report that he is 
retiring in eight months so that he is able to 
focus more actively on his two deepest de- 
sires: Ignatian Apostolic Partnership and 
Parelli Natural Horsemanship. 

Ted Moore checked in this week with 
news that I may have reported before but it 
is worth repeating all the same. His daughter, 
Heather, who was not home when we visit- 
ed Alaska last summer, was married amidst a 
snow storm in February. I have since learned 
that this kind of behavior is typical for Mr. 
Moore and his family. His entire family par- 
ticipate in numerous rigorous feats of en- 
durance in Alaska. 

Peter Machinist logged a communica- 
tion recently documenting his latest visiting 
professorship as Professor of Biblical History 
at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Peter 
writes: "In a region where instability is 
nightly trumpeted on all the news programs, 
it is amazing, and heartening, to see that 
people try to get on with their lives, finding 
pockets of normalcy wherever they can. I 
taught two courses to undergraduate and 
graduate students respectively, and the stu- 
dents were great. They often taught me as 
much as, if not more than, I taught them." 

Jim Gordon celebrated his 25th re- 
union trom Stanford Business School in 
June. I tracked him down for a brief visit in 
my backyard. Jim reports that he is still do- 
ing wealth management strategy at Smith 
Barney and loves it. He adds, "I have gotten 
really involved with Navy League, a civilian 
organization that supports the Sea Services 
and the men and women who serve." Jim's 
wife, Marcia, is in the Congo on a medical 
mission for a month; daughter Laurel is start- 
ing her junior year at Columbia; son Jeffrey 
reports for Marine Corps boot camp in 
November; daughter Gretchen is entering 
the 10th grade. "I am still running and bik- 
ing." Whew!! 

With the pennant race reaching a fever 
pitch here in San Francisco, Ed Kleven re- 
ported the he has his hands full and his fin- 
gers crossed for the Mariners. Ed's the agent 
for Hasegawa who has had a great year. 

Just in from Bob MacLaughlin: "In 
July I just decided to get away from it all and 
headed off with my backpack and kayak. I 

hiked several sections of the Maine A.T., 
ending with the Hundred-Mile Wilderness, 
from Abol Bridge just outside Baxter State 
Park south to Monson where I had left my 
car. My head was still healing from the sur- 
gery, so my trail name became 'Bullet Hole'. 
I also kayak-camped at Mooselookmeguntic 
before heading down east. A highlight of the 
downeast adventure was a two-nighter at the 
Cutler Coastal 'Unit', which is a spectacular 
section of reserved land managed by the 
Maine BPL (Bureau of Public Lands). There 
are three campsites, and you have to hike in 
five miles to get to them. So, the traffic there 
is mostly day-hikers, and even though I start- 
ed walking in on a Friday afternoon in peak 
summer, I had no trouble getting a very re- 
mote place to sleep and watch whales. After 
that, I spent a couple nights at Cobscook Bay 
State Park, which is beautiful and also light- 
ly used. (Most tourists don't go beyond Bar 
Harbor.) Drove out to Campobello one day, 
launched my kayak and paddled out to a 
lighthouse at the edge of the Bay of Fundy. 
Very gorgeous. I'm renting a house in 
Tenants Harbor now until the end of May. 
Then, I'll see what's next. Maybe I'll head to 
the Pacific Crest Trail. Meanwhile, I'm in- 
dulging my addiction of building winter 
greenhouses. I bought a truckload of old 
windows for $20 from a guy trying to clean 
out his grandfather's barn in Warren, and I'm 
off and running. It will look out to the cove, 
so it'll be fun to hang out in and munch on 
fresh greens." 

While attending my godson's wedding a 
week ago, I had the opportunity to visit with 
John Tarbell, wife Anne and daughter Liza 
at their weekend home in eastern Long 
Island. I learned that soon after I departed 
they were bracing themselves for the im- 
pending arrival of the latest hurricane. 
Fortunately, it veered off to the northwest of 
New York, averting any potential damage to 
Long Island. 

Times are changing in my family with 
one daughter, Rachel, in graduate school at 
Princeton while her younger sister, Kirsten, 
is at the School for Field Studies in Baja, 
California. My wife, Karen, continues to be a 
superstar in her 27th year teaching and over- 
seeing a top-notch community service pro- 
gram at Castilleja School in Palo Alto. I am 
still working in the sports camp business 
with STX Lacrosse in San Francisco. Give us 
a yell if you are headed this way. 

Tlie Arctic 

Fall 2003 43 

c 1 a 

s s notes 


Copeland, Lowell B. 
Hamilton, P Stephen 
Ives, Andrew McC. 

Mahany, Walter T. 


Class of 1963 
Secretary Needed 

Peter Morrin had a great lunch with 
Andy Thomas in Albuquerque. "He is a 
lawyer with the federal courts there, and in 
great form. After nearly 40 years to the day 
since I had last seen Andy, it was a case of, 
'Okay, where did we leave off?'" 

Don Connelly had three items of 
newsworthy interest: "On 12/2/02, my sec- 
ond grandson was born. His name is Ben. 
His older brother, Nate, is now 20 months 
old. And March, 2003 will mark my 15th 
anniversary with Putnam." 

Terry Delano reports: "My wife Paula, 
and I are delighted to report that our daugh- 
ter, Meg, was married to Christopher Mason 
of Colchester, VT, on August 31. The happy 
couple spent two weeks in Aruba. Both 
Paula and I retired from IBM last year, and to 
nobody's surprise, we have had no problem 
keeping busy." 


Aiken, Richard P. 
Andrews, Dexter L. 
Bailey, Harwood H. 
Beaman, Allen S. 
Holt, Don R. 
Johnson, Andrew Murray 
Marchini, William 
Nichols, Ellsworth G. 


Class of 1964 

Louis H. Higgins 

P.O. 268 

Lake Placid, NY 12946-0268 

(518) 523-9682 

hhlaw@capital. net 

40th Class Reunion 

June 11, 12 13 2004 

Joe Stevens reported pre-California 
elections and baseball playoffs: "My daughter 
starts college at UC Santa Barbara this week, 
which suddenly leaves me feeling much old- 
er. My son (21) moved to the wilds of 
Wyoming last month, and except for that 
pesky problem of not having a job, seems 
right at home. Traveled to India and Nepal 
twice during the past year with my signifi- 
cant other, as she is shooting a documentary 
film on the yogis of India and their contri- 
bution to the phenomenon of yoga in the 
US. My business is consulting to companies 
on workers comp, which is a huge problem 
out here. I'm volunteering for Tom 
McLintock to unseat Gray Davis in the gov- 
ernor recall madness. Loyal to my roots, I am 
willing the Red Sox into the playoffs, where, 
I have a dream. . .1 miss all my classmates, and 
hope we will have a turnout for our 40th, 
which I plan to attend." (Joe, regarding the 
40th, can we count on you to organize 
everyone west of the Mississippi?) 

Rocke Robertson is also singing the 
off-to-college blues. He emailed, "My 19- 
year-old is off to University at Carleton in 
Ottawa. It is both amusing and terrifying 
watching him try on life for the first time, 
but I have to remember that they let me 
loose in New York when I was only 18. In 
case you wondered, the major determining 
factor in my choice of colleges was that New 
York set the drinking age at 18. Anna, who is 
12 but looks 16, is starting grade seven, in 
her second year of competitive swimming, 
and shows definite interest in music. Piano, 
which she's studied for five years, continues 
well for her. Now she wants to add the cel- 
lo. We are trying to guide her enthusiasm 
without killing it. Barbara and I continue to 
enjoy our marriage, now 20 years old. I am 

forever thankful that I met her shortly after 
ending my disastrous first relationship. We ski 
and travel together, and continue to raise 
goats and vegetables for fun. I continue to be 
a fitness freak, running and biking four to six 
days a week. I did my first marathon this 
spring, and my first 'adventure race' last 
Sunday At 56, I obviously have a limited 
shelf life, and I'm trying to extend that a bit. 
But I'll probably die early of Alzheimer's or 
prostate cancer or something. In my life as a 
pathologist I continue to see people afflicted 
by horrible diseases at young ages, so I take 
nothing for granted. The exercising is, above 
all, a real high and lots of fun." 


Alexander, Charles K. 
Brown, Russell P. 
Clifford, Hanky W. 
Cntchley, F. Thomas 
Dresser, Richard P. 
Fielding, Dodge T. 
Foss, Dennis Carleton 
Lawrence, William W 
Martin, David J.P. 
Nason,Willoughby L. 
Roberts, William E, 
Segal, Robert M. 
Whiting, Richard P. 
Wilson, Richard S. 



Class of 1965 

Kenneth A. Linberg 

611 5 A Pasado Road 

Ma Vista, CA 93111-4901 

(805) 685-1868 

linberg@lifesci. ucsb. edu 

A delightful cascade of updates this 
time! A new son has enlivened Craig and 
Judy Johnson's Santa Barbara home. Not 
surprisingly, Craig is a hard man to reach 
these days, but he did take the time to send 
forth one of those little cards on which he 
wrote: "What can I add to the fact that Eric 
Andrew was born 6/24. He is a source of 
wonder, delight and hope. Our family has 
pulled even closer together with Eric at the 
center." How fabulous! Congratulations 
Judy and Craig and to a possible member of 
GDA's Class of 2021! 

Another carefully-penned card arrived 

44 TlieArchon **> Fall 2003 

from Russ Thomas: "Old friends coming 
back to me - that's my current theme: Jenny 
- my first sweetheart from Newcastle, IN; 
Teresa - my library school pal, inviting me to 
visit her in Mexico City. Fun in the offing!" 
We certainly hope so, Russ! 

Now to a related theme: old friends 
coming back to Byfield for Reunion 2005! 
That would be fun! We've missed your com- 
pany for far too long... 

But, mercifully, not as long as that of our 
next classmate chiming in: Charles 
Holcomb "Chuck" Dunton (See the ac- 
companying photo!) — more or less off the 
Academy's radar screen since graduation!! 
Evidently, for some time now Chuck's two 
daughters have been urging him to contact 
the Academy about which they had heard 
lots, and for which he obviously harbored af- 
fection. And so, earlier this summer, he did - 
making a donation to the Alumni fund in 
the process! Bravo to all three of you, and 
sincere thanks for making contact - and such 
contact it has been - an on-going flurry of 
effusive and fun e-mails. In essence: Chuck 
graduated from Oberlin; a first marriage 
while still in college was short-lived. He met 
Carol, his spouse since then, in 1972. In his 
own words, "I am officially declaring myself 
an artist (my accountant insists that the 
Federal government considers me unem- 
ployed). Carol and I have been living on 
Nantucket since 1985. Carol runs a property 
management business which has done very 
well and I am called upon to assist on occa- 
sion... it pays the bills... I am an affiliate 
member of a gallery in NYC where one can 
view some of my paintings 
(search for Dunton). We have two daughters: 
Sarah (29) married to Sharon Mehrman liv- 
ing in Florence, MA outside of 
Northampton, and Elizabeth (26), married 
to Jesse Levine, living in NYC's upper East 
Side... My hobbies are boating - started out 
building three small sailboats so the kids and 
I could go out together, then built a 20-ft 
open runabout so Carol and I could go out 
together (that one took four years and at 
least 200 cases of beer) — and, I have to con- 
fess that I have a weakness for motorcycles. 
Haven't ridden for 15 years but Carol turned 
me loose in a Harley dealership for a birth- 
day surprise and I'm now riding a LOUD 
1200cc Sportster... you have to realize the is- 
land is only 12 miles long..." And, needless 
to say, this is just the beginning of our reac- 
quainting ourselves with our long-missing 

pal. So great to be back in touch! 
Chuck has pledged to return to 
Byfield for the Reunion. May oth- 
ers of you be similarly inspired! I 
can't wait that long, and so we're 
planning a mini-Reunion this 
November when I go back to the 
Cape for Turkey Day. What fun 
that should be! 

Another fun event awaiting 
your ever faithful Class Secretary is 
attending one of the performances 
by the Ensemble Theatre 
Company at Santa Barbara's inti- 
mate Alhecama Theatre of Arthur 
Miller's comic drama, The Ride 
Down Mt. Morgan, in which one of 
the main roles is played by our 
own John Chandler Hill. Near 
the equinox, he wrote: "I am en- 
joying Montecito and Santa 
Barbara. We started rehearsals last 
week. They have me staying at a 
guest house on East Mountain 
Drive with a view of the moun- 
tains and the ocean." Way cool. 
And we locals get to enjoy John's excellent 
company here in town during the produc- 

Recent communications with Brewer 
Eddy have brought several classmates to- 
gether on the Internet in pursuing a treas- 
ured moment of our senior year at the 
Academy when the boys of Phillips II and III 
took it upon themselves to stage a "parody of 
modern art" by 'installing' an art exhibit in 
the corridors of their dorm, the so-called 
'Smink Gallery'. Brewer explains, "The idea 
was to use 'anything' we could 'find' (and 
with construction on campus, well...), and 
do it up just like a fancy, high priced 
gallery/museum — wall labels included! Now 
we were not thinking of doing a big thing. 
We decided not even to tell anyone of it 
(partly to see how long it might take for 
word to get around: 2.65 days as I remem- 
ber). As it ended up, when it got popular, all 
the visitors didn't, so we closed down pretty 
quick." Brewer adds that there was a Spring 
Show as well, which he feels Mr. Smink 
helped keep up even longer. Brewer is inter- 
ested whether other classmates remember 
the Show. In this context, he has recently 
contacted former English Master and men- 
tor, John Ogden, who now resides in 
Williamsburg VA where Brewer and his wife 
Jean have lived for 15 years. They conceived 

Charles Dunton '65 with his daughter Elizabeth at 
her engagement party to Jesse Levine 

of doing a write-up of this "seminal [cultur- 
al and intellectual] event in the history of the 
Academy" for inclusion in a future issue of 
The Archon. Brewer requests that any 
of you with memories of the event - or 
even better, pictures! - contact him at brew- What a delightful undertak- 
ing. My recollections of the exhibits are lost 
to time, but not those of Phillips II resident 
David Sheppard who recently wrote about 
what he called 'The Mad Art Exhibit': "I re- 
member it well. I thought Eric Sheperd was 
the most ingenious artist on the Phillips up- 
per levels, although Brewer's 'Adam' was ad- 

That Brewer should have launched this 
effort at this juncture is all the more impres- 
sive given the fact that he and his wife have 
just emerged from a nightmarish couple of 
years when they both lost parents and sib- 
lings, dealt with serious health set-backs, 
Brewer left his job of 13 years at William & 
Mary, and they sustained a disastrous fire in 
February 2002 that burned Jean's Veterinary 
clinic to the ground that they had built 
themselves only two years before. Happily 
Brewer reports that they "have moved back 
into the (rebuilt from the slab up) veterinary 
hospital (where I am known as Mr. Dr. Eddy! 
;-) 364 days later. Business continues to 
grow, so we're looking for a business manag- 

Tlie Archon » Fall 2003 45 

c 1 a 

s s notes 

er and a fourth DVM! In my spare time (I 
have some) , I am back into doing inlay work 
in my musical instruments and loving it." 
Great hearing from you, Brewer, and so re- 
lieved to hear that you and Jean have weath- 
ered such storms! Anxious to hear what oth- 
er classmates might recall of these Art shows. 

One of the aforementioned artists, Eric 
Shepard, reported recently that he is now 
employed as Sales Manager by the Raritan 
Engineering Company which, as he ex- 
plains, is "a company that I have known for 
more than 30 years. Once again I have the 
ever shrinking, entire world as my territory. 
There are those of our classmates who 
would think I am well suited to my new task 
as we manufacture toilets and other appli- 
ances for boats. The company is based in 
southern New Jersey, but I am commuting 
from our home in Florida as much of my 
work is traveling to customers." He adds, 
"My son Steven (31) got married last 
Summer to Dottie Owensby, and Di's son, 
Keith Martel (28), will get married to Kristi 
Simo this September." Eric continues, "As I 
write this, Di and I are anxiously looking 
forward to a four-day snorkeling trip in the 
Florida Keys. We trailer the boat down to 
Islamorada. We make sure the phones are 
turned off, the laptop is resting at home, and 
no one knows the motel's FAX number. " 
He concludes, "We are both looking forward 
to the Reunion. Anniversaries that end in 
zeros are a bit scary, but I will be happy to 
work on getting a strong turnout." Music to 
our collective ears, Eric; well be only too 
happy to take you up on that offer! Hope 
you and Di had a great getaway. 

On a personal note, I had a super visit 
back to Massachusetts in July. Had a chance 
to stay with Chester Parasco in his cozy 
Jamaica Plain home. We both attended the 
festive wedding of my late brother Bobs 
youngest son,Tim, to Mary Batty, the daugh- 
ter of a longtime faculty member at 
Northfield-Mt. Hermon where the event 
was held and from which both bride and 
groom graduated. A lovely time and a lovely 
couple. Speaking of lovely, have a lovely hol- 
iday season and a lucrative, healthful and 
happy 2004. Until next time... 


Bohaker, Page 
Hampshire, John Fairbank 
Harmon, Richard A. 
Home, Gregory S. 
Jack, Richard M. 
Norris,John R. 
Pope, Christopher M. 
Smith, David C. 
Stevens, John H. 


Class of 1966 

Michael J. Little 

82A Summer Street 

Waterville, ME 04901-6363 

(207) 859-9925 

I've heard from a few more old (and 
aren't we all!) classmates in response to my 
last letter. Jack Trickey is still living in 
Pelham, MA with his wife Judy. Their oldest, 
Samantha, is off to college this fall. His sons, 
Jacob and Nathan, are "enthusiastic" 
wrestlers at Amherst Regional High School. 
Jacob is ranked third in his weight class in 
western Mass. I remember the old wrestling 
room in the gym — and trying to oust Jack 
from his slot on the varsity team. 

Don Hudson wrote about his love for 
singing in a barbershop quartet, and attend- 
ing the International Barbershop Quartet 
Competition in Montreal - along with 
11,000 other singers - that's a lot of volume! 
He now has seven grandchildren. He is still 
working as a graphic designer and editor. 

Manley Applegate can't believe that 
we are turning 55 this year. (I agree, GDA 
seems like just yesterday, or maybe a year or 
two ago.) He and his wife Cathie are both 
still working - but also enjoy travel and golf. 
Their three sons are all doing fine. 

Though it doesn't concern our class di- 
rectly, I had a pleasant dinner conversation 
(at my land trust's annual meeting) with Bill 
Alfond's ('67) son Justin, who is now living 
in Belgrade, ME, where there is a great golf 
course for those of you who indulge. I don't 
play, but I have heard great things bout the 
course from folks who do. If you come to 
play, my office is only about a half mile away, 
so stop by! 

Brad Silsby is having a great time in 
the Colorado sunshine skiing, hiking, biking 
and planning a new campus for the 
University of Colorado. 


Adams, Jeffrey S. 
Beshareh, Ahmad E. 
Coleman, Peter K. 
Cummings, Willard H. 
Daniels, John H. 
Henery, William C. 
Hughes, Wilson E. 
Hyde, Simeon 
Kay, Scott B. 
Lee, Charles H. 
Michaud, Peter C. 
Nickerson, Mark W 
Pare, Edmond 
Pfeiffer, Peter H. 
Prewitt, James H. 
Robreno, Eugemo 
Senuta, Frederick S. 
Stevens, David C. 
Tyne, William J. 
Von Berg, William G. 
Webster, Philip Smith 


Class of 1967 

Bennett H. Beach 

7207 Denton Road 

Bethesda, MD 20814-2335 

(301) 951-9643 

Not a single one of our six Californians 
took advantage of the golden opportunity to 
earn the Class of '67 its first governorship. 
"It's loopy history," reports Mike Rogers, 
who apparently prefers to draw the carica- 
tures rather than be drawn by others. Wil 
Poon could have printed his own literature, 
but word is he was unwilling to give up any 
ice time to campaign. 

When Alan Rothfeld closed his out- 
patient practice, he fueled speculation that he 
would jump in, but he intends to spend that 
extra time doing more hospital work and 
teaching. He is also devoting more hours to 
his three teenagers, knowing how much kids 
that age welcome parental involvement in 
their activities. 

Down in Hatteras, N.C., Joe 
Schwarzer lost about eight trees when 
Hurricane Isabel hit, but his museum came 

46 TheArchon » Fall 2003 

The serious, dignified GDA graduate, 
Michael Little '66 

through unscathed. It was built to withstand 
sustained winds of 135 mph and gusts of 250 
mph. Son William's book, The Lion Killers: 
Billy Mitchell and the Birth of Strategic Bombing, 
is selling well and he expects to start college 
next fall. Franklin has begun law school at 
Boston College, but he devotes as much time 
as possible to Captain America's one-year- 
old granddaughter. 

Doug Curtis reports that 45 percent of 
sales by his medical products company is 
now international. On the home front, he 
and Linda have completed a horse barn and 
a mosquito-free screened sunroom. 
Daughter Lindsay '97 has finished a Master's 
dissertation in London, while Virginia is a 
junior at Manhattan College, majoring in 
secondary school education. 

Chuck Davis was in London last sum- 
mer, too, but calculates that his 52 business 
meetings in July took him across European 
borders 18 times. This supposed New 
Englander has signed on with the Yankees. 

Kudos to Wayne Noel, named 
Employee of the Year at Lyndon Furniture, 
makers of high-end pieces. He says that with 
Ward Westhafer now back in 
Massachusetts they have been getting to- 
gether regularly to solve some of the world's 
problems. They were in Byfield for this fall's 
gridiron showdown with Buckingham, 
Browne & Nichols . 

Phil Finn continues to watch for the 
right opportunity to move back to 
Portsmouth. Meantime, his two sons are try- 
ing out the West. Philip is at Berkeley, while 
Richard attends the University of Hawaii. 

Lew Rumford has been a mainstay in 
the effort to raise money and political 
awareness to build a public school campus in 
downtown Washington for Bell 
Multicultural High School and Lincoln 
Middle School. The existing facilities are 

among the city's worst, but they do a rela- 
tively good job of serving mostly immigrant 
children. Lew is a strong believer in showing 
how investment in schools can also stimulate 
economic revitalization in urban neighbor- 

Bill Haggerty is a partner in Metech 
International, which is a world leader in re- 
cycling industrial byproducts and old equip- 
ment, such as computers, that contain pre- 
cious metals. Nothing that goes through 
Metech's two plants ends up in a landfill. 

While making connections at a 
Midwestern airport, Paul Hemmerich 
called Barry Davidson at which point Ray 
Huard happened by. This is at least the sec- 
ond time in two years that Ray has bumped 
into a classmate in a remote spot. Last spring 
Paul reached 12,000 feet on Mount Rainier 
before being forced to pack it in. His group 
saw a breathtaking sunrise. 

If you haven't read Use of Positive 
Deviance to Improve Household Newborn Care 
in Rural Pakistan, you may want to secure a 
copy from its author, Dave Marsh. John 
Ogden gave it a C- in English 11, but it was 
well received at a World Perinatal Association 
conference earlier this year in Osaka. Dave 
also turned up near Khe Sanh, in the old 
DMZ, to size up a program sponsored by his 
employer, Save the Children. Then it was 
back to Amherst to celebrate his 25th wed- 
ding anniversary. 

Jay Ryder has bought a landscaping 
company, which he considers a great fit for 
Ryder Real Estate Management in Marion. 
Courtney is now a junior at Union College. 

Both of Rem Clark's daughters now 
own college degrees, with son Tyler, 17, next 
in line. 

Bill Alfond reports that his daughter 
Kenden is engaged to Keith Kurlander. Bill is 
on sabbatical, keeping track of the Red Sox, 
serving as a GDA trustee, and waiting for the 
next interesting opportunity. 

A Sox farm club, the Portland Sea Dogs, 
had Stanley Greenberg throw out the first 
pitch July 28, as part of "Lawyer 
Appreciation Night." Or was it Former' 
Skateboarding Greats Night? Stanley urges 
all classmates to keep the calendar clear for 
the total solar eclipse coming up on August 
21, 2017. That will closely follow our 50th 

Music Man Reid Pugh is a partner in 
the annual Mountain Stage Newsong 
Festival, which drew a lively crowd to 

Charles Town, WV, in late September. The 
featured contest drew 400 new songs, but it's 
doubtful any could have compared to "Last 

In Bristow, Oklahoma, the local high 
school golf team is getting some help from 
Rick Jensen: fundamentals of the swing, 
sportsmanship, and dress code. Right now 
the young men are somewhere between hip 
hop and 1960s prep, and Rick is trying to 
move them closer to the latter. He is also 
now giving some golf lessons on the side. 
During the fall, Rick baled some hay on his 
farm, and he's offering free room and board 
to any old classmates who want to pitch in 
next year. 

Starting in 2005, Gardner Sisk hopes 
to be spending most of his winters in the 
vicinity of Naples, Florida. By that time, all 
three of his kids will have finished college. 

Over the past year, Jeff Forte has retired 
and has married Kathy, his sweetheart of 10 
years. They are in the Bahamas, enjoying is- 
land life on their boat. Those days in Moody 
House must seem very remote. 


Magrane, Ross W. 
Parker, Stephen W. 

1 < 




Class of 1968 

Daniel C. Look 

3287 Whitfield Drive 

Marietta, GA 30062-1285 

(770) 977-3135 

It seems as if everyone is "newsed out" 
after Reunion. It was a phenomenal week- 
end and time with old friends and memo- 
ries. We even tried to call Urann and get him 
to join us! Mr. Ogden, Mr. Anderson and 
Mr.Wilkie were all as gracious as ever. It is 
easier to look backwards and see how these 
people helped shape us. And also, how we 
shaped each other. I look forward to seeing 
each other again soon. Perhaps a lunch or 
dinner in Boston next Spring. 

Here are the slim pickins' from this 
round of notes. I am still waiting to hear 
from Joseph Norm Studd. Anyone know 
where he is? 

TlieArchon <* Fall 2003 47 

c 1 a 

s s notes 

Roy Meyers '67 with girlfriend Christa and his daughter Madison 

Art Veasy wrote: "Anyone who attend- 
ed will attest our 35th reunion was a huge 
success and a heck of a lot of fun. We had, by 
far and away the largest turnout of any 
Reunion Class and the return of Messrs. 
Ogden, Sperry Williams, Wilkie, Anderson, 
Gosse, Eames, and Griffin made the weekend 
even more special. For me personally it was 
great to see Ted Nahil, Ted Brooks, Dan 
Spofford, Emmo and others who traveled 
long distances to be there. In other news, my 
daughter Helen is a freshman at Proctor 
Academy in Andover, NH and loves the en- 
vironment there. My 12-year-old, Bobby is 
doing fine in sixth grade but aspires to go to 
GDA some day, so we shall see. Thanks, Dan, 
for all your good work as Class Secretary and 
for being there last June!" 

In from Don Hayes: "I have changed 
my situation, so to speak, which continues 
working for LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified 
School District) but now am Network 
Administrator for a middle school. This 
means anything from track balls, to printers, 
to servers, and Group Policy. Boy, this is al- 
most as much fun as weekends at the Boston 
Hilton and The Nip! I'm sorry to have 
missed everyone this summer, but will make 
plans for upcoming events! Carl, compress 
the images so they download faster!" 

Dave Mitchell emailed: "First, reunion 
was a great time. Just wish I could have 
stayed the next day. Hopefully I can at the 

next one. Not much new since then, though 
the consulting business is picking up nicely. 
And, if I want to work for free, I find no end 
of opportunities. Just back from a week in 
the Colorado mountains which was very 
therapeutic. Sorry I don't have more, but all 
the best to all." 

And from Rob Stewart: "Since you 
seem desperate for class news for the Archon, 
let me briefly update you on my life's mean- 
derings. I (regrettably) did not make it to 
our reunion this year, so any information I 
provide should be 'news.' Last December, I 
essentially stopped practicing law after 23 
years, although I still retain a few of my more 
lucrative clients. Having experienced a very 
vituperative divorce and custody battle nine 
years ago, I decided that there had to be a 
better way to resolve family issues, so I be- 
came a family mediator. However, I quickly 
realized that my training as an attorney made 
me very directive and intolerant — not desir- 
able qualities in a family mediator — so I 
earned a Master's in Marriage and Family 
Therapy while continuing my legal/media- 
tion practices. I also spent two years working 
part-time as an MFT at a clinic where my 
clients were all child or adult 'casualties' of 
divorce. Today, my practice is primarily cen- 
tered on family mediation with adults or 
adults and children together, as well as fami- 
ly therapy with children whose parents are 
divorced or are in the process of getting di- 

vorced. I have developed something of a 
reputation for dealing with problematic fam- 
ily dynamics, so this April I gave a presenta- 
tion entitled 'Power Imbalances in Family 
Mediation: A Mediator's Dilemma' to the 
Connecticut Council of Divorce Mediators. 
This past Friday, I presented 'Power 
Imbalances in Family Mediation: 
Intervention Without Interference' to a 
group of family mediators in Maine. Now, I 
am in the process of writing an article for 
publication in a professional journal. After 
years of tremendous stress (and several battles 
with cancer), I finally have found my profes- 
sional calling. Better late than never... 

Hope all is well with you. I look for- 
ward to catching up with our classmates in 
the next issue of the Archon." 

Robert Terhune Stewart, 


thefamilymediator. com 

28 Garden Street 

Farmington, CT 06032 

Finally, for me, Dan Look while antic- 
ipating a fun weekend, it was an unexpect- 
edly wonderful time to be once again to- 
gether with the class. I tip my hat to Marc, 
C.F, Art et al for their wonderful efforts. 
Also, to the Alumni team from GDA — 
Thank you for a great weekend. It is still 
strange, yet very natural, to be sitting in 
Perkins II drinking wine and catching up 
with classmates. I hope we might do this 
again sooner than five years. 

As a solid footnote, my first grandchild 
was born the Friday morning of reunion 
weekend, a boy Patrick Daniel Moore. 

Keep in touch. 


Carpenter, John A. 
Carrel, Simon T. 
Lappin, Michel P. 
May, M.Anthony 
McCulloch, Simon Keith 
Newcomb, Robert M. 
Perry, Walter 

48 Vie Archon &* Fall 2003 

Stevens, Mark L. 
Wong, Wilfred M. 


Class of 1969 

Jeffrey L. Gordon 

39 Mill Street 

Newport, RI 02840-3016 

(401) 849-5893 

jlgordon 1 

35th Class Reunion 

June 11, 12,13 2004 

I received a post card from Jim Bayley 
postmarked from Iraq on April 30, 2003. 
The message was written on a MRE wrap- 
per showing the nutritional values of various 
of the ingredients. He writes: "Greeting from 
Northern Iraq. I'm here with the 404th 
Civil Affairs Battalion and 10th Special 
Forces Group advising the local medical of- 
ficials. Looks like we kicked Saddam's butt. 
Go Army!" I think we have a legitimate hero 
in our class. Well done, Jim! 

Also had a note from Steve Worthen 
who has moved to the Mendocino area of 
northern California. He says he is fulfilling a 
lifelong dream of working for a railroad, in 
this case the California Western Railroad 
(the Skunk Train) . He also has a singing and 
acting career with the Mendocino Musical 
Festival and various other productions of 
some distinction in the area, both opera and 

A note arrived from Doug Bradshaw 
mentioning his photo business is doing well. 
He is preparing to take our class photo for 
our 35th reunion in 2004. 

My wife, Jan, and I were recently in 
California on a vacation trip, and had lunch 
with Bill O'Leary '73, a former GDA 
trustee, in San Francisco. He said that I 
missed seeing Ralf by a few days since he 
was coming out to play in a golf tourna- 
ment. The O'Leary boys apparently have a 
good shot at winning this one. 

Nathan Follansbee was named presi- 
dent of Browning Associates in July. Since 
1997, Nat has been Associate Headmaster for 
External Affairs at The Loomis Chaffee 
School, where he began his teaching career 
in 1975. In his new job, Nat will assist clients 
in all aspects of development, particularly 

major gifts fund raising, trusteeship, board- 
head relations, management, and strategic 
planning. Nat lives in Farmington, CT with 
his wife Sally and their five children. 

I know it is a ways off yet, but everyone 
should seriously consider coming to the re- 
union next June. For those of you who 
haven't had a chance to get back to Byfield 
for some time, you simply won't believe how 
spectacular the campus and the new build- 
ings look. The change is dramatic, but the fa- 
miliarity of our old school is still profound. I 
do get back frequently, but I still marvel at 
just how much it still feels like home, nearly 
35 years later. 


Bond, Victor M. 
Brown, David E. 
Cole, William M. 
Crosman, William B. 
Ellsworth, Warren A. 
French, Richard H. 
Galyean, Gary A. 
Haas, Richard H. 
Hill, Jonathan B. 
Hudson, Harold 
Lund, Mark 
McCoy, John M. 
McGuirk, Murray B. 
Shay, Michael J. 
Smith, Stuart M. 
Stayman, John W. 
Stella, Paul D. 
Stnder, William B. 
Tarlow, Andrew H. 
Terry, Michael H. 
Whitmore, David R. 
Young, Bruce N. 


Class of 1970 

J. Randall Whitney, III 

77 Coolidge Road 

Concord, MA 01742-3301 

(978) 369-0914 

jrw3 @netway. com 

The Class of 1970 has a wonderful list 
of contributors this fall. Stilman Davis has 
just celebrated his silver wedding anniversary 
and would like to thank Don Barkin for 
"launching Mary and me on this wonderful 
voyage." Stilman has changed jobs (and his 
image) by going from the "pasty, dough- 
boy" look of the computer programmer to 
"tanned and thin" look of the gardener at 

Trustee Tim Tenney'69 introduces Peter 
Bragdon to a Pepsi colleague 

Owlpen Manor. He and Mary continue to 
breed and show Dalmatians - currently they 
have a litter of six. The dinner two years ago 
with John Newman and Randy Whitney 
near the Academy is still a fond memory. As 
always, come visit when your classmates "do 

Bill Murray is now vice president of 
sales and marketing for Compuspar, a large 
multinational computer repair company. Bill 
telecommutes as his company headquarters 
are in Spain and Florida. He is learning 
Catalan, the local dialect of Barcelona, to 
"curry favor with HQ!" Oldest daughter, 
Jennifer, is entering UC at Irvine, majoring 
in math and dance. Delila (13) won a special 
award this spring for Softball. Wife Janme is 
with Plato Learning, a large educational soft- 
ware company. 

Jeb Bradley writes that he enjoys very 
much serving in the U.S. Congress and is 
preparing for the '04 elections. He and Jack 
Cutler recently toured the Isle of Shoals re- 
search facility run by UNH and Cornell. 

Joe Borysthen-Tkacz writes that he is 
Principal Design Engineer at BAE Systems 
and his wife, Marcia, is a consultant to the 
pharmaceutical industry. Daughters 

Christina and Susannah will be a sophomore 
at Barnard College of Columbia University 
and a junior at Manchester-Essex Regional 
High School, respectively. 

Bob Jaffee is now "empty nested" with 
wife, Jill, as daughter Erica is a senior at 
Georgetown University and son Max starts 

TlwArchon w Fall 2003 49 





at Skidmore. He is busy enough, though, di- 
recting at the Perishable Theater in 
Providence, RI. Menopause Mama played all 
summer to sellout crowds and Bob is now 
directing a one-act play for the 11th Annual 
Women's Playwriting Festival. 

Henry Eaton writes that daughter 
Brooke '03 is now a freshman at Boston 
University and son Perry is a ninth grader at 
the Fessenden School. Wife Cathy is back 
teaching at B.U. after a family trip this sum- 
mer to the California coast. Never without 
a song in his heart, Henry says, "check out The latest 
CD," ClieckYour Bucket, has been released af- 
ter an exciting summer tour!" 

Terry Nolan says both of his sons are in 
training to be naval aviators. He has worked 
several Information Security Projects for 
Georgia Tech, while wife Ruby has been 
traveling to the Far East. 

Randy Whitney says he's the only one 
in the family not in school (and he may need 
it the most!). Catherine '01 is a junior at 
Dickinson College, son Alex is a junior at 
GDA, and wife Joan has returned to 
Simmons College this fall to begin study for 
a Master's in Social Work. 


Beit, Gregory A. 
Dunfey, David J. 
Halsband, Peter A. 
Imber, Jonathan B. 
Negus, Jay A. 
Pasbrig, David C. 
Piatt, Robert L. 
Przestrzelski, David R. F. 
Smith, David R. 
Toohey, Frederick W. 
Worth, Steven M. 


Class of 1971 

Mario Rivera, Jr. 

12264 N.W. 32nd MNR 

Sunrise, FL 33323-3004 

Scott Collins says, "After 10 years at 
the National Science Foundation in 
Arlington, VA, I have accepted a new job as 
Professor of Biology at the University of 
New Mexico. 

Michael A. Wellman has founded 
Jefferson Partners, a firm specializing in sen- 
ior level executive search. After 20 years with 
several other firms, Michael started his own 
company in order "to deliver a more fo- 
cused, client-centered approach to senior 
level executive search that exists today at the 
largest international executive search firms." 
Michael and his family live in Darien, CT. 


Barnard, Thomas A. 
Hewlett, Stephen C. 
Kane, Richard J. 
Learned, Edmund P. 
Litchfield, William F. 
Markin, Kenneth L. 
Rutherford, Timothy B. 
Schoepf, William R. 
Terry, David B. 
Worthington, Gary 
Young, Brad L. 

Steiner, Carl J. 
Stockwell, Bruce W 
Walker, Scott D. 
Whelan, Timothy G. 
Winston, Albert 


Class of 1972 

Geoffrey A. Durham 

504 Roosevelt Drive 

Libertyville, IL 60048-3120 

(847) 549-8407 

Bill Watts reports: "My wife (Joy) and 
our two daughters (Katie, 21, and Nikki, 19) 
have been living on Bainbridge Island, 
Washington, for nearly 20 years now. Our 
return trip to New England last year for the 
30th Reunion was great. Let's have more 
than 10 people show up for the 35th!" 


Baker, Gilbert A. 
Batcup, Michael R. 
Cole, Robert W 
Greenwald, Craig M. 
Kelley, Raymond F. 
King, Michael J. 
Lamson, Richard S. 
Limont, Mark F. 
Longmire, Derek R. 
Luke, David C. 
Matthews, John P. C. 
McNally, Mark J. 

A 973 

Class of 1973 

Edward C.Young 

15602 N. 13th Avenue 

Phoenix, AZ 85023-4491 

(602) 504-0651 

eyoung@allsaints. org 

Thanks to each of you who made it 
possible through your generous contribu- 
tions to the 2003 Annual Fund, for our class 
to win the Cup for the highest gift of a re- 
union class this past spring on the occasion 
of our 30th reunion. Sometimes money 
does speak louder than words! Next issue I 
hope to have loads of good news and loads 
of interesting events and happenings to re- 
port to you. All the best and have a great 
holiday season! 


Benitaz-Quinones, Luis G 
Chne, David L. 
Fitzgibbon, David 
Gray, David C. 
Hagan, Thomas A. 
Hodgetts, Shawn 
Manuelian, Mark D. 
Miller, Steven D. 
Morris, Casper W. 
Sandler, Alan J. 
Smith, Matthew M. 
Smith, Timothy C. 
Tye, Mark M. 
Wilson, Charles F. 

Class of 1974 

Pamela J. Toner 

223 Riverside Drive 

Fairfield, CT 06824-6930 

(203) 254-2371 

20th Class Reunion 

June 11, 12, 13 2004 

50 The Archon ae Fall 2003 

Karl Hendy writes: "After a brief stint 
in Boston's Business District (six years), 
moved on to the great outdoors. Eighteen 
years with Mass Electric Co. as a crew 
leader." Living in Gloucester with his wife 
since 2002, Julie, he has two children, 
Matthew,14, and Jason, 11. Karl's interests are 
travel, "the outdoors," camping and snow 

The best way to see Tom Huffsmith is 
on a plane between Paris and Minneapolis. 
His daughter, Sarah, is living with him in 
Paris and attending the International School, 
while his wife, Ann, and the boys are staying 
in Minneapolis. Tom writes that his sisters are 
both doing wonderfully - Gretchen '75 re- 
ceived her MBA from Simmons last year and 
Melissa '85 is a promising video editorial 
musician in NYC. 


Auerbach.Jonathon D. 
Bell, John G. 
Canning, James C. 
Cerier, Edward P. 
Cunningham, Quentin P. 
Elliott, Keith L. 
Free, Andrew M. 
Gorman, Bourke J. 
Herbert, Daniel S. 
Hyman, Michael A. 
Kilgore, Seth D. 
Lambros, Michael C. 
Leonard, James W. 
Mandrachia, A. Charles 
Maneepairoj, Paitoon 
McKenna, Brian R. 
Metcalfe, Lawrence A. 
Palmer, Thomas H. 
Poole, Burnell 
Potter, Robina G. 
Sanchez, J. Raul 
Scassellati, Allessandro 
Stein, Jacob B. 
Towner, Bruce M. 
Whiting, Douglas J. 


Class of 1975 
Pamela D. Pandapas 
52 South Walnut Street, Apt. 7 
Quincy,MA 02169-6862 
(617) 984-1532 

The baton has been passed, as it were, 
and I am now trying to elicit all the news 
from our class. I am still in Quincy for the 

I to r Carol Bendetson Shube'74, Andrea Lipsky Shaw' 
Randi Birenbaum Laoidies 

I have a memory box high on a she 
in my closet where important mementc 
of my life are kept: the kids' baby teetl 
strands from first haircuts, birthday care 
from my parents — my mother, realb 
who writes the most touching, lovin 
wishes you could ever read — old love let 
ters from my husband talking to me lik 
he never talks to me anymore, and tw 
letters from teachers at Governc 
Dummer Academy. For me, my experi 
ence at GDA was very much about th 
teachers: Mr. Murphy, Mr. Navins, M 
Ogden, Mr. Williams, Mr. Harlow. Thes 
men were phenomenal educators an 

Reunion Profiles 

Carol Bendetson Shube 74 

their effect on me was lifelong, and I 

thank them for that. 

Thirty years later finds me happily 

married for 25 years to George Shube. 

We have three children. My oldest, Billy, 

22, graduated last spring from Wesleyan 
74 University in Connecticut; Alexandra, 

19, is happily ensconced as a freshman at 
[f Middlebury College in Vermont; Dougy, 
)S 14, is a freshman at Marblehead High 
L School. I'd been a stay-at-home mom for 
s many years and thoroughly enjoyed it, 
, until eight years ago, when I ruined that 
g. idyllic life — I joined my husband at our 

family business, Shubie's Marketplace, 
e Wines, and Spirits. I'm the Marketplace; 
he's the Wines and Spirits. Now my life 
r isn't idyllic in the same sense, but it's been 

an entirely new and rewarding experi- 
e ence for me, and one that I hope will 
r continue long enough to pay for college 
e tuitions! I am looking forward to my up- 
^ coming reunion and seeing old friends. 

time being, although I am house hunting. I 
still do some legal work, albeit as little as pos- 
sible. But I fill my time with animal welfare 
and other projects. I have no kids of the 
homo erectus variety so that leaves me with 
a lot of freedom. I manage to get down to 
the Caribbean twice a year and day trips 
whenever there's something worth seeing! 
But, enough ol me. 

Brit Babcock is alive and well and liv- 
ing in sunny California. She has been a very 
busy girl although I doubt that she really 
won the Nobel Peace Prize nor did she ex- 
ecute Saddam Hussein! However, look lor 
her name in the Guinness Book of World 
Records. ..she cites an astounding list of ac- 

Ed Beardsley tells me that he and his 
wife, Mary Jo, are doing just dandy in 
Paradise Valley, Arizona. The "little"' 
Beardsleys have flown the coop and are now 
at the University ol Arizona, leaving the nest 
"nice and quiet." Ed is consulting in the 
non-profit arena while Mary Jo is active at 
the regional hospital. Ed says to feel free to 
call at 602-957-1201 or write at 

David Cain writes that although he 

was at GDA for only the year of '73-'74, he 
remembers some of his classmates. For those 
who need a reminder, he describes himself as 
a tall hippie who often wore a cowboy hat 
and vest! He has been with his wife for 23 
years, 16 of those married, and has three kids: 
Nick, 12, Erika, 10, and Addy 8. Both are 
very much involved with the whole kid ac- 
tivity thing. David is his own developer in 
Lake Sunapee, New Hampshire. He says that 
he would love to hear from any classmates 
who remember him... and those who don't! 

Dian Entekhabi tells me he is alive and 
well in Tehran. His eldest son is at the 
University ofVirginia after being the fourth 
of the family to graduate from GDA. Two 
younger kids are still with their parents in 
Tehran. His wife, Sara, is a university profes- 
sor in genetics and Dian is a tech consultant 
working in Dubai. 

Keith Esthirner is living with his fami- 
ly in Franklin, Massachusetts. His daughter 
Katelyn has begun high school, and his son 
Wesley is a sports enthusiast playing baseball 
and basketball. 

Sam Gilliand has been living in 
Greenwich for 12 years after 11 years in 
Manhattan. Married for 15 years to "excep- 

TheArchon » Fall 2003 51 

c 1 



tionally wonderful" wife Beth, they have 
produced daughters Anne, 10, Leigh, 8, and 
Charlotte, 6, all in Greenwich Country Day 
and soccer prodigies like their old man. Sam 
tells wealthy people what to do with their 
estates... He is a private wealth advisor to 
very high net worth families and leads a 
team practice out of the Greenwich branch 
of Smith Barney. Sam has a very impressive 
history of financial planning, some years in- 
cluding another schoolmate, Neal McElroy 
'76. I'm sure that he would be delighted to 
talk with any of you about it should you like 
to contact him. Beth has become a full time, 
stay-at-home mom after a remarkable career 
of her own, one she "threatens to return to 
every other day!" 

David Ingrassia writes that he and his 
wife, Gina, are living in Charlotte, N.C. He 
is working as an "embedded pastor" to peo- 
ple at work through the ministry of The 
Marketplace Community as well as serving 
as a missionary through Calvary Church in 
Charlotte. Dave and Gina have five... count 
'em, five children and maintain a very busy 

Vickie Bell Jones tells me that she is 
loving teaching preschoolers, as her kids have 
all left the nest. Peter, the baby, is on the col- 
lege search. Eric, the oldest, has graduated 
from Syracuse. And Katie, the middle kid, is 
a junior at Dartmouth. Although Craig has 
a bit of a commute to Portsmouth, the fam- 

Mike Ponce '75 and family 

ily loves living in Hollis.Vick is keeping busy 
coaching the girls lacrosse team and volun- 
teering as secretary of the Athletic Booster 
Club at the local high school. 

Rob Kaplan writes an abridged ver- 
sion of what was in his head. His and 
Katharine's brood consists of Lucas, a second 
grader; Harrison, a pre-schooler; China the 
cat; and Luke, the goldfish! Rob has spent 
the last six years in software sales while 
Katharine clocks in another 50 hours a week 
as well as raising the boys. 

Jim O'Donnell says he doesn't have 
too much to report. He would, however, like 
to hear from any of you out there. He's 
thinking "30th reunion. ..egads! Are we that 
old already?" So if you all want to write 
to Jimbo, his e-mail address is jfod@com- 

Rich O'Leary will be celebrating his 
25th reunion from Harvard this year. Wow! 
He tells me that life in the O'Leary house- 
hold is all well and good. 

Michael Ponce and his lovely wife, 
Jennifer are enjoying their two children, 
Annie, 6, and Lindsey, eight months. They 
have been dividing their time between their 
house in Philly and the house on Mount 
Desert Island in Maine. Mike sends his re- 
gards to all. 

Peter Richardson has been promoted 
to Eastern Regional Managing Director for 
the McDonald Financial Group's investment 

management division, which, he says, re- 
quires a bit of travel. For those of you in 
Maine, Florida, or upstate New York, give a 
holler! Pete has been happily married for 22 
years to the lovely and gracious Beth 
Cantara. He notes that she is also incredibly 
patient and forgiving. For those of us who 
remember Peter, that's a given! Peter and 
Beth have two children/adults; Bennett, 19, 
and Seth, 11. Bennett is a sophomore at 
Colgate, sings in the Colgate 13, plays rugby, 
and is pledging a fiat, and even studies on 
occasion . Seth is a hard-core sixth grader 
with sixth grade interests that include rap 
music (if you can call it that... music that is), 
piano, football and cross-country running. 
Peter and Beth are enjoying life in Cape 
Elizabeth, Maine... their new boat, the ocean, 
etcetera. Beth is .keeping busy covering 
Peter's backside when he's not bicycling. She 
is teaching in the business department at St. 
Joseph's College and she is also an active 
member of the Master Gardener Society. 
Pete sends regards to all. 

Bill Shaheen says hello to everyone. 
He's sorry to hear that so many of our '75 
faculty members are no longer with us but 
hopes to make the 30th reunion. See you 
there. Bill! 

Ben Young has been living in 
Kennebunk Beach for the last 10 years. He 
has a son and daughter in high school and his 
life is joy. While the Striper fishing is great, 
he would also like to hear from all the "dub- 
bahs" from the class of '75. 

Craig McCormell writes that he and 
his wife of 13 years are living in the snow 
belt of Ohio. They are completing their 
home which includes a 1 40-foot-long drive- 
way. Thanks to the snow blower they have 
yet to be stranded. They have no kids but 
they are keeping company with their 13- 
year-old Golden Retriever and three 
Siamese mix cats. When they aren't tending 
the menagerie they both work at the nuclear 
power plant. Craig is in Quality Assurance 
and Kristi is a supervisor in the Procedures/ 
Records area. Although they missed the 
1990 reunion (they were busy getting mar- 
ried!) they have attended a couple of times 
over the years and look forward to 2005. We 
look forward to seeing you both, Craig! 

Well, thththat s all, folks. Let's try to all 
make it to the reunion next year. I will as 

52 TlieArchon &* Fall 2003 

well. Mean time, a resounding good wishes 
to all. 


Abbott, Judith B. 
Barker, Patricia E. 
Bashaw, John N. 
Goduti, P. James 
Gossage.John R. 
Johnson, Nelson E. 
Kelly, B Franklin 
Majdi, Hossain M. 
McNutt, Paula E. 
Nearis,Jay B. 
O'Connor, Pamela K. 
Rooney, Matthew M. 
Spence.John T. 
White, Bradford P. 
Williams, Burniss 
Wissenbach, Thomas B. 


Class of 1916 

Carol Ann Goldberg- Ay din 

301 East 94th Street, 24B 

New York, NY 10128-4719 

(212) 410-1781 

Oh, my column has been empty for a 
couple issues and I apologize! I hope you 
are all well and had a wonderful summer. I'd 
love for you to catch me up on your news, 
so do email me or write soon. 

So, here is a Haverhill, Mass area story. 
I took my daughter Becky to the Goodreault 
Farm in Plaistow, NH, over the border, the 
last weekend in September. We are Iriendly 
with the family, so we go there to see our 
friends and for our daughters to play togeth- 
er and, of course, to get flowers and veggies. 
Coming from the big City, that farm is heav- 
en on earth for us. It's so peaceful that when 
the Canada geese fly over the farm, you can 
hear their quills beating together. Anyway, 
I've digressed. Deborah G. was cutting 
some flowers for my mom with me out in 
one of the fields, and I noticed that a couple 
in a car, who had already left the farm, were 
driving back. They drove out the dirt road 
to the field and stopped the car. The man 
who was driving rolled down his window 
and said to me, "I think I know you and I 
just had to come back to find out." I looked 
at him and said, "Your eyes look so familiar 
but I can't place you. Who are you?" He 
said, "Are you Carol?" At this point, I 'was 

feeling older than my years, because how 
could I forget the face of someone who 
knows me? I said, "Yes, what's your name?" 
"I'm Jim Barrett." Can't tell you how hap- 
py I was to see him and that he drove back 
to say "hi"! Thank you, Jim, because as my 
next big birthday approaches, it is comfort- 
ing to still be recognized! He still has those 
gorgeous twinkling eyes. He and his wife live 
right near the farm, lucky couple. 

I saw Lisa Palais this summer. We went 
to a Folk Music festival in Lowell, where Lisa 
and her husband Rick bought their new 
home. Lisa looks fabulous and is very happy. 
She is a JD/MSW and is working as a social 
worker advocate for older people. It was a 
joy after so many years to be together. The 
festival, by the way, was grand and we heard 
some Irish bands and folk guitarists play Lisa 
often gets together with Shelagh Warren, 
to whom I talk, of course, and Mary 
Weldon Karin, to whom I hope to talk 

Every so often I email with Lisa 
Bergman and Elizabeth "Liz" Field and 
they are both well and happy. 

OK, classmates, now do send me your 
news. I must confess it's easier for me to 
gather the information on my computer, so 
if you could email me, that would be perfect. 
But if you prefer snail mail, there is a GDA 
cubbie in my desk where your letter will rest 
and get submitted to the Spring Archon.... 


Auerbach, Daniel E. 
Baker, Douglas M. 
Bedard, James L. 
Bennett, Mark A. 
Bunce, Elizabeth A. 
Burch, Linda Holmes 
Canning, Carol Ruth 
Carey, Jandamarie J. 
Casey, Joseph C 
Dennis, Hussein E. 
Evans, Curtis P. 
Graham, Leslie B. 
Handley, Patricia M. 
Harper, David G 
Hashim, Molik Iah All 
Hilhard, Kristen D. 
Kaabi, Fouad 
McKmght, Daryl E. 
Robbins, Joseph B. 
Stark, Jennifer 
Sulhvan, Margaret Ann 
Suwathep, Chanchai 
Tucker, Bermce J. 
Warren, Shelagh 

^^ Class of 1977 

£ £ Carolyn L. Nissi 

2121 Reese Avenue, #1 

Evanston,IL 60201-1342 

(847) 869-0111 

Shelly Marean and her husband, 
Gerry, moved to Evanston, IL, in the summer 
of '02. Gerry had been commuting to 
Chicago from NJ for several years so they fi- 
nally bit the bullet and moved. She had been 
trying to get out of NJ for many years but 
never expected to go west (or rather mid- 
west). As she says, ".It's clearly a case of watch 
what you wish for.... So far so good for two 
reasons: Carrie is here, and I had a baby boy, 
Cameron, in July. We almost had to name 
him after the car. Best wishes to everyone!" 
I have seen Cameron, and he was worth the 
excitement of almost delivering in the car! 
Not sure they agree, however. 

Tracie Ackerman Fornaro's son, 
Alexander, is entering Newton South High 
School so Tracie is feeling very old! (She had 
best compare notes with Vicki, whose 
daughter is in college! And how about 
Voodie??) Tracie writes: "Always been in re- 
cruiting but have made the transition back to 
full-time headhunting with contingency 
boutique search firm in Old City Hall in 
dowtown Boston. Business is picking up 
and looking forward to a better market. 
Anyone hiring out there who needs very 
specific, targeted search assistance? Please 
give me a call directly at 617-308-7336. 
Using Tracie Ackerman Fornaro to leverage 
my two different careers in corporate HR as 
well as a recruiter for many years. Busy ski- 
ing, just came back from summer skiing in 
Chile. Should be at Mt. Snow again this sea- 
son and if you're in the area would love to 
say hello." Well, I sure would love to visit 
Mt. Snow!!! And I am sure Allison would as 

Kate Wise Tewksbury is still living just 
north of Baltimore. Taylor just started 
Middle School and Mackenzie started third 
grade. They don't get up north very often, 
but they are hoping to get home this 
Thanksgiving. The summer went fast, but 
they did manage to get in a fair amount of 
boating on the Bay. Unfortunately, some- 
thing mysterious happened to the engine 
and the boat was out of commission for most 
of the summer. The good news is that they 
are upgrading to a new one. 

Vie Archon «* Fall 2003 53 


ass notes 

Perry Long '77 

I managed to delete Vicki Jones' 
email, but I know that she is a certified nu- 
tritionist now, as well as a caterer and a li- 
brarian. I guess as her girls get older, she gets 
antsy and feels the need to fill in the gaps. 

Perry Long is busy in New Hampshire. 
His family, wife Julie, son Perry, 15, and 
Madeline, 10, camped in Acadia in June and 
traveled to Washington, DC where Perry was 
inducted into the American Academy of 
Chefs. He began his Master's degree in 
Gastronomy in September in Boston. His 
email is Maybe we ought 

to visit Perry for some yummy food after 

or before we visit Vicki!!! (Perry, I know 
you wrote Perrin on your card, but I just re- 
member you as Perry!! Sorry.) 

I am now teaching my own classroom. 
I have a class of 27 fifth grade girls at a 
Hebrew day school in Skokie, Illinois. This 
means that the girls study Hebrew all morn- 
ing and have me for regular ed for the after- 
noons only. I love it, and I love the vaca- 
tions! The challenge is fitting in a regular 
curriculum into less than three hours a day! 
My Sarah is in third grade and she challenges 
me daily. Andrew is doing well at his school 
here in Evanston. Joseph is as busy as ever. 
This summer I biked the Pan Mass 
Challenge - 200 miles across Massachusetts 
to raise money for cancer research. It was 
fabulous, and I encourage any bikers or 
wannabes to join me next August 7-8! 

My new email address is If you have any news at 

any time that you would like includ- 
ed in The Archon, please email me 
and I will hold it until the next issue. 


Antognoni, Ronald C. 
Arieli, Ron 
Burgon, Eric T. 
Cho,Jung O 
Cohen, Rodger F. 
Halloran, Brian M. 
Harris, Jennifer 
Holland, Philip G. 
Knudsen, C Thomas 
Mason, Donald L. 
Miller, Saul B. 
Mulherrm, Mark W. 
Olney, Claudia 

Rahmanop, Walter B. 

Class of 1978 

Scott M. Pope 

45 Rear Route 125 

Kingston, NH 03848 

popehousing@aol .com 

(603) 436-2903 

Hello All: Since I only received one let- 
ter from my request to have some remem- 
brances of the reunion, this article is going to 
be short. Andy Robinson was thoughtful to 
send me a long letter about his weekend on 
campus and very sadly, my computer crashed 
and I lost his letter with a bunch of other 
data. Andy, THANK YOU and please forgive 

To summarize Andy's letter, he was 
thrilled to have visited with so many of our 
classmates and he thought our 25th was the 
best reunion ever. He enjoyed watching the 
Alumni games, participating in Friday and 
Saturday evening's dinner and spending time 
with everyone at Ingham. Thanks for your 
letter, Andy. I am sorry it was lost. 

My observations of reunion: As I 
walked around campus, watched different 
events, it was evident everyone (in all class- 
es) was having a good time. Everyone was 
smiling. It felt good to witness that joy. All 
those who attended Friday evening's dinner 
in the James Duncan Library thought it was 
a perfect evening and an EXCELLENT 
meal. As an added gift, Tad and Jamie 
showed up, and enjoyed the evening! Thank 
you for making such a great effort, you guys! 

(As a side note, I saw his brother David the 
other day and I understand Tad's health is 
very good.) 

"Friday evening extended far later than 
anticipated and was a good sign people were 
enjoying themselves."... (a comment from 
Brad Clark). Saturday after the Alumni 
games, we all met at Ingham. We pushed 
back the lobby furniture, grabbed a few 
more chairs from the dorm rooms, tipped a 
few and just enjoyed ourselves being in the 
company of each other. Of those I can re- 
member being there: Tom Driscoll and his 
wife Tara, Peter Hey with wife Cathy, 
Curtis Fox, Doug Minster, Phil Ogden, 
Greg Rose and girlfriend Melissa, Ray 
Casey, and Andrew Robinson. Brad 
Clark and John Webster arrived late from 
playing golf.) Ray' Casey used the lobby 
TV to show some video footage of the day, 
and then continued with a few tapes of his 
daughter's track meet, including the state 
college championship! Ray threatened at 
lunch he would NOT be returning after this 

reunion was over, but I noticed he was 

having such a good time, he may just change 
his mind! We started giving him some grief 
about not returning, so I hope he returns for 
our 30th or 35th. Saturday evening's Dinner 
Dance was very well attended and many 
stayed until the music stopped. Although I 
went home at 11:30 p.m., everyone else re- 
turned to Ingham, ordered pizza (very late) 
and stayed up into the wee hours of the 
morning. I got up very early on Sunday 
morning and prepared my boat for a day ot 
fishing with Andy Stephenson! Later in the 
day we were to be joined by Brad Clark 
and Leslie Russell-Lafond. "The fish were 
fantastic" was the report Andy gave to his 
wife on the road trip home... the fishermen 
were not! Translation: The fish won, no bites, 
no fish... When Brad and Leslie arrived, we 
had a fantastic day of drifting in my boat, en- 
joying the conversation and the warm sun 
on Great Bay. We vowed to do it again at 
least in two years versus waiting for the next 
reunion. We couldn't have asked for a better 
day it was that enjoyable. 

Alan Leahey says, "I am still living in 
Allentown, PA with my wife Kathy and 
three daughters, 15,14 and 12. Our days are 
consumed with numerous kids' activities like 
everyone else. If you had told me 25 years 

54 Tlie Archon <m Fall 2003 

Andy Stephenson 78 (left) of Ellsworth, ME and Bill Lindquist '48 (right) of 
Sanibel Island, FL met up at Eagle Lake, Labrador while fishing in July, 2003 

ago that I would be camping out in the mid- 
dle of the night at Penn State for tickets to 
high school state swimming championships 
to watch my oldest daughter, I would have 
said you were nuts. All of our lives have 
changed. Looking forward to seeing every- 
one at the 25th." 

Well, that's it, guys. . .If I have forgotten 
me an email if you can... I am now saving 
the news on disk to avert another catastro- 
phe. Have a safe and joyous holiday season 
and winter. 

I'll keep writing if you will. 


Botero, Jaime. 
Cook, Paul J. 
Fulton, HerzelV. 
Graham, Philip A. 
Hunter, William E. 
Ingrassia, Steven J. 
Metzger, Curtis S. 
Walsh, R. Brabrook 



Class of 1979 

Troy A . Dagres 

6 Henderson Circle 

Newburyport, MA 01950-3406 

(978) 465-6672 

25th Class Reunion 

June 11, 12, 13 2004 

Now, now, now, not a very big response 
from the great class of '79. I'll just blame it 
on summer and busy lifestyles. Next time I 
expect many more of you to let us know 
what you're up to. 

Andy Linn writes that his son Logan 
has just turned one. He is still working on 
getting his fledgling home inspection busi- 
ness towards profitability. Just think, a few 
years ago it didn't matter if a business made 
money. All you had to do was have an idea 
and a logo and then go public. 

Stu Cawley is still at his job at the 
University of Maryland doing ag research 
(I'm not sure what "ag" stands for, so I just 
write it as Stu did) and his wife Alexa is 
working on her PhD dissertation. Oldest boy 
Angus (future rock guitar player, just keep 
him in the children's shorts) started kinder- 
garten and younger son Simon poses irritat- 
ing questions like, "Why do you have lines 
on your face?" and "Why are your teeth yel- 
low?" Answers are "you" and "coffee," re- 

Tom Atkinson just started a new job at 
Reveal Imaging as an Electrical Engineer, af- 
ter an eight-month vacation (read as lay-off) . 
Older son Benjamin is entering middle 
school and younger son Matthew is going 
into second grade. 

John Perlowski is still at Arbella 
Insurance. He and his wife Jane are enjoying 
their new home north of the border in 
Stratham, NH. 

As for me, I'm still at GNA Mortgage 
Group in North Andover giving away barrels 
of money and still trying to figure out how 

to get a bigger piece of it. Wife Stephanie 
is a Corporate Accounts Manager at 
Verizon Wireless and son Andrew is now 
in sixth grade. 

I hope you all enjoyed the summer 
months and have a nice fall. 



Allen, Caroline M. 
Campbell, Douglas F. 
Carpenter, Michael 
Daher, Mauricio ■ 
Hatfield, Jeffrey 
Lowery, Felicia Isabel 
Nounzadeh, Khashayar 
O'Keefe, Raymond F. 
Williams, Jeffrey M. 
Williams-Coover, E.B. 


Class of 1980 

Lynne E. Dnrland 

114 West Road 

Londonderry, NH 03053-3141 

(603) 421-0940 


Lennon,John C. 
Morrissey, Jonathan T. 
Saenz, Guillermo 


Class of 1981 

fennifer G. Steward 

715 Main Street 

Boxford,MA 01921-1118 

(978) 352-7694 

jgstcward@comcast . net 

As always, it was wonderful to receive 
word from so many classmates. All is well 
with my family. We are still enjoying our 
home in Boxford, MA. though often feel 
that school and work schedules give us little 
time to actually spend in the house! Our 
daughter Abby is 12... how time flies!, and 
thriving. Knock wood, she still likes us, and 
seems to be approaching adolescence with 
more grace then I did. Thus far, she has not 
taken to insisting that I walk 10 feet ahead of 
her. We enjoy getting our "baby fix" through 
frequent visits with my brother Michael 
('84) and his wife Aileen, who have two 


Fall 2003 55 

class notes 

beautiful daughters, 2 and 4, and live nearby 
in Newbury. 

Baby news was definitely the over-rid- 
ing theme of the notes I received from class- 
mates! Clarissa Dane Hughesand her hus- 
band Greg celebrated the arrival of Candace 
Alexandra Hughes. "Candace, 'Cady' was 
born March 4, 2003, weighing 9 lbs., 2oz., 
(thank the inventor of epidurals!!), 21 inches 
at 7:01 pm. As with many of us, I turned the 
little tour-o on May 23. Life is good. Loved 
seeing Lisa andVinca!! Hope to see more of 
you before our 25th or 30th." 

Kathryn O'Leary Shilale and her hus- 
band, Jim sent word and photos of their 
daughter Elizabeth Hope Shilale, who was 
born Saturday, July 26, 2003 at 11:41am, 
weighed 7 pounds, and was 19 inches long. 
As the pictures show, Cady and Elizabeth are 
both beautiful little girls! Congratulations to 

Keller Laros snuck a little baby news in 
with his email as well. "All's well here in 
Hawaii. This summer our business, Jack's 
Diving Locker (, was 
rated as one of the top 10 dive operators in 
the world by Rodale's Scuba Diving 
Magazine. Also, we're expanding into a new 
building with twice as much space for retail, 







Kathryn O'Leary Shilale's baby, 
Elizabeth Hope Shilale 

offices and classrooms. In June, I met my 
first Tiger Shark. It was a 12- or 14-footer. 
Big fat and fast. She just swam past and I got 
a little video. This fall I'll log my 5,000th 
scuba dive which is a milestone of sorts in 
my industry. My nonprofit organization, 
Manta Pacific Research Foundation 
(, has been moving 

Candance "Cady" Hughes born on 3/04/03 to parents of Clarissa Dane Hughes '81 

and Greg Hughes 

heart so deeply. I look forward to hearing 
about folks in the next Archon!" 

Eric Jones sent a postcard which I must 
admit made me pretty green with envy. He 
wrote, "My wife Andrea and I are moving to 
our house in Tuscany September 22 for at 
least a year to take some time off, and work 
in our olive groves. When I get email over 
there I will be in touch. I hope all is well 
with everyone." Please raise a nice glass of 
Chianti and toast your fellow '81ers, S willy! 
I'm sure you will enjoy a magical year. A 
perfect way to start the next 40 years! 

Early this summer my husband Chris, 
and Abby and I, were thrilled to be a part of 
the large group that welcomed home Mike 
Reilly from his tour of service in the Middle 
East. It's hard to express how wonderful it 
was to see him home safe and sound, sur- 
rounded by his beautiful family, and so many 
friends. Eric Adell and his wife Patty were 
there, as were Jeff Bailey '80 and his wife 
Maggie. Mike has settled back into civilian 
life. Recently he wrote: "I've been back at 
work for two months now and it almost 
seems like I never left. The kids are growing- 
Colin is four, Christopher is three, and Erin 
is five months — Oh, and Dad is 40! Not 
much else to report." I have said it before, but 
it bears repeating, welcome home, Mike! 
And thank you for all of the incredible sac- 
rifices you made. 

I was thrilled to learn that next time I 
head over to GDA to deliver notes or help 

ahead with our study of manta rays and our 
programs of educating the public about 
manta rays. My son Russell is seven, daugh- 
ter Janelle is four, and next month we'll be 
joined by our third and final child, a little 
boy •we'll call Alexander James Laros. He is 
due in late September. I talked to Brownie 
last week, and he sounds well. I'm so happy 
for KAOL! Please pass my Aloha on to all 
our classmates." Congratulations, Keller and 
Wendy, on the success of your business, and 
of course, the arrival of Alexander! 

Cynthia Horner emailed me with the 
following update: "It's hard to believe that 
the summer is over and nearly another year 
has gone by! How can it be that we gradu- 
ated from GDA 22 years ago?! We're all well 
here in D.C My two daughters, Grace and 
Nicole, are keeping us very busy these days, 
doing all the usual zany things nine-month 
olds and two-and-a-half year olds do. They 
bring me great joy ... and keep me humble. 
There's nothing like a toddler in your home 
to teach you about your strengths and your 
weaknesses! I am working at my practice 
now just one-and-a-half days a week. My 
other love which keeps me hopping is 
the children at the orphanage Sierra Leone 
where I volunteered in January '02. I am 
still active with the orphanage- 
stateside these days though. Check out our 
web page at http://www.childrescue.home-, to see "my other 
kids" in Sierra Leone, who have touched my 

56 Vie Archon &* Fall 2003 

with a phone-a-thon, I can stop by the 
Admissions Office and see a familiar face. 
Tracy O'Dea sent me a quick note to let 
me know that she has joined the staff at 
GDA as an Assistant to the Director of 
Admissions. Congratulations, Tracey! I'm 
sure GDA feels lucky to have you actively a 
part of the community again. 

That is all the news I have for now. 
Please do continue to stay in touch. I'll look 
forward to hearing from many more of you 
as the holidays approach. Enjoy a lovely fall! 


Davis, Heather L. 
Dubin, Michael S. 
Dudley, Rebecca M. 
Forsat,Ali Baba 
Greaney, Anthony J. 
Horatanachai, Chaturont 
Parigian, Theodore C. 
Pratt, Dana W. 
Ryan, David J. 
Sudduth, Robert S. 
Talley,Terrence E. 

Class of 1982 

Nancy Lord Wickwire 

33 Caron Road 

Bedford, NH 03110-6201 

(603) 472-8993 

anwick@comcast. net 

David Schwartz writes: "Things are 
fine here in DC. Still practicing law. I've got 
two great kids,Josie, 7 and Jake, 5. We drove 
through GDA last week (August, 2003) and 
I reminisced about jumping off the bridge 
into the river behind Farmhouse. I saw John 
Nye and his two brothers, Ben and Dan, last 
month when they came down for a wedding 
here in town. Except for less hair, Nye, you 
haven't changed a bit!" 

Cornelia Woodworth writes: "I'm 
now living in the Bay Area near San Jose, 
working for free at home taking care of our 
14-month-old daughter, Leah Carter Brown 
(born 6/27/02). The company I worked for 
shut down just after I delivered Leah. Since 
then, my husband and I feel so fortunate that 
we are able to do this whole parent/kid 
thing with one of us home and the other 
'bringing home the bacon.' I can always go 
back to corporate America, but we feel that 
there is only one time to raise Leah. We are 

enjoying CA, even with this whole recall 
thing. Outrageous events are just part of life 
out here!" 

Karen Jantzen writes: "This year we 
are all about to or have just hit that formida- 
ble age that makes us undeniably 'our par- 
ents': 40! Happy birthday, everyone. I, on 
the other hand, shall be celebrating just my 
10th birthday, as the rest of you count all 
those candles. I guess not having birthdays 
when you are young does eventually have a 
payoff. And just think, Nancy, a few hours 
earlier and you wouldn't be counting 40 
candles either! I have all four kids getting on 
the bus in the morning and off in the after- 
noon - a welcome change of pace. Now I 
just need to figure out which soccer field, 
school or other activity they are to be col- 
lected from in the afternoon. As we get old- 
er, so do they! I shudder to think that high 
school is next year for my oldest! Seems like 
it was just last week (not last year!) that we 
were at reunion. I'm still looking for Kevin 
and Stacy!" 

Robert Low writes: "Just returned to 
my office, after our team meeting, to see 
Nancy's email. In our meeting, one of the 
topics we touched on was some of my old 
experiences with my coaches at GDA, and 
how important they were . . .Starting anoth- 
er soccer season and school year. They go by 
quickly. Spent a large portion of the summer 
on the lake and on a back porch, with a few 
soccer and lacrosse camps to break it up. 
Hope all is well with everyone." 

Robin Fasciano Gianis writes: "I 
started teaching another school year by re- 
flecting on how important art was to me at 
GDA, how my teachers affected me, and af- 
fected my teaching in the arts in a public 
school forum. I strive to model a certain 
type of artistic spirit, to somehow help stu- 
dents understand why people make art and 
how it is important to history, culture, and a 
more solid sense of who they are. I think 
Kitty Mercer, Chris Stowens, Julie Soloway, 
and Pam Delgenio all lived it, perhaps in 
very different ways. The summer is good for 
thinking. When I am not teaching, I chase 
my own kids, and think about how I can 
teach better. My own education is always 
just beneath the surface." 

Ann Rooney Ewing writes: "Still en- 
joying life in Tennessee. We are eagerly 
awaiting the arrival of Samuel Frank - 
scheduled to arrive on October 5! The real 
estate business (buying and fixing up and 

renting properties) continues to go well and 
keep us very busy. Hope all is well with 

Andy Fredrick writes: "It's great to 
hear your news, Ann! I am sure it will be a 
blessed event; I can't imagine a better parent. 
Call me and let me know how it is! 
May you be blessed with minimal sleep dep- 
rivation." Andy has a new email address: 

John Nye writes: "I got laid off this 
summer after nearly 15 years at Sotheby's. 
Big shock. Long story short: I bought a 
company. The new gig is called Dawson & 
Nye and is New Jersey's largest auction 
house. It's located in Morris Plains and was 
started in 1977. Tupper, 11, was diagnosed 
with diabetes in May, which was a big shock 
but he is (and we are) adapting well. He be- 
gan Newark Academy, founded 1774, last 
week. He's in sixth grade. Hannah, soon to 
be six is now a first grader and Avery, two- 
and-a-half, is doing a pre-K program a few 
days a week. Kathy is getting increasingly 
involved in the auction business. GDA re- 
lated: I visited with JP this summer, when I 
was down in DC. We spent an afternoon to- 
gether. He hasn't changed a bit: great guy, 
tons-o-fun. Another trip to DC I hooked 
up with Dave Schwartz, all too briefly. It 
was such fun to see him. He looks the same. 
Full head of curly hair (unlike me or Chris 

Marc Rasbury writes: "The count- 
down has begun. Little 'Raz' is due to make 
his debut in four weeks (October 1) but I 
think it might be a little sooner. The way my 
wife's stomach is positioned right now, my 
mother swears the baby will be here by the 
end of the week. I'm going crazy getting 
everything together. But, I think we are 
ready. On the professional front: life at 
Verizon is a little less stressful after they set- 
tled the union contract. They are looking to 
reduce the work force where I am, but I 
can't worry about things that are out of my 
control. My photojournalism business is go- 
ing well. Over the past weekend, I pho- 
tographed the Yankee/Red Sox series, the 
US Open and the Giants' home opener. And 
this is the kicker, I may have nailed down an 
exclusive interview with Richard Williams, 
Venus' and Serena's father, that should be 
published in Essence Magazine. Mr. Rowe 
and Mr. Meechem must be scratching their 
heads trying to figure out how I'm making a 
living as a WRITER. Looking forward to 

Tlic Archo 

Fall 2003 57 


lass notes 

the winter reunion. Hope to see some of 
you there. I'm going to the gym three times 
a week so I can take on the GDA basketball 


Heather Vickers Ryan writes: 
"Unfortunately, this Archon note is a bit 
more difficult to write than they have been 
in the past. Last April my beloved sister, 
Holly Annamay Vickers, died suddenly and 
unexpectedly of a pulmonary embolism at 
age 46. Many thanks to Demetri Vlahoulis 
for giving me some legal advice, since she 
died in California, soon after the strict HIP- 
PA Act went into effect, which made access- 
ing her medical records extra difficult. 
Since her death, this year has been pretty dif- 
ficult, but I'm always happy to hear of the 
forthcoming baby arrivals such as Raz, Ann 
and my brother (Corky Vickers, GDA '77). 
Congratulations! Kids are great, although we 
are stopping at three. Still working from 
home full time for IBM and have dodged 
layoffs so far." 

Kim Newby writes: "I saw from 
Larry's note in the Spring Archon that he ran 
into Michele Montrone in St. Thomas. I, 
too, had the chance to catch up with 
Michele after she picked me out of a crowd 
of tourists when I was vacationing in St. 
Thomas last March. It was great to see 
Michele and she appears to be thriving on 
island life. Since then, I have opted for an is- 
land existence as well. My 'significant other' 
(James) and I have taken a yearlong leave of 
absence from our respective jobs and have 
moved to a remote island off the coast of 
Maine. We have been working on our home 
here (we are in the process of putting in run- 
ning •water, solar electricity and other mod- 
ern conveniences) and are enjoying this 
chance to get away from it all. We also plan 
to do some traveling before returning to 
work next spring. For the most part, 

though, I can be reached at: Cranberry 
Island, Friendship, ME 04547. Email is:" 

Claire Dober Danaher writes: [Ed. 
note: Claire is this edition's winner of the 
"use the postcard" award. She's the only one 
who sent in the official GDA Don't Be Shy 
postcard for her notes. Congratulations, 
Claire! Now go get an email address like 
everyone else!!]: "I can't remember if I've 
passed this tidbit on before, so here's a possi- 

ble repeat. Remember the cigarette-scented 
business manager who sat in the basement 
office of Phillips and told us we couldn't 
have washing machines on campus because 
the sewers couldn't handle the soapsuds (as if 
anyone believed him)? Well, that's now me! 
I am now the director of Business and 
Finance at St. Andrew 's-Sewanee School, a 
day and boarding seventh- 12th grade 
Episcopal school. My five-year-old Phoebe 
started Kindergarten in early August, so I'm 
officially a public school mom. Husband Bill 
and the two of us squeezed in a week in 
mid-June on chilly, rainy, Nantucket, but we 
loved it. Best to everyone!" 

John Parker writes: "How fun it is to 
hear about all the lives of the people we were 
so close to many years ago. Also sad because 
of Heather's sister and the 9/11 anniversary. 
Two years ago, I was building a deck for a 
customer five days after the attacks, and Don 
Henley's 'New York Minute' came on the ra- 
dio and I wept uncontrollably. When we 
were together it seemed the biggest deals 
were what we were doing to prepare for our 
next exam (in my case it was too much par- 
tying and not enough reading) or what swill 
they were serving in the dining hall that day. 
Now with all the stuff going on around the 
world, this adulthood thing is really hitting 
home. OK, enough of the doom and gloom. 
Let's begin with what I did this summer. I 
turned 40 this summer, and my wife threw 
me a surprise party (a first for me) and it was 
great. I went camping in the mountains of 
Virginia. I went to a large amusement park 
called Carowinds in Charlotte with our 
company. And a really neat event was a vis- 
it from John Nye. He flew right into our 
little burg of Greensboro, and because of 
schedule constraints, all we did was sit in my 
kitchen and chat - it was awesome! Also 
this summer, I watched my three-and-a-half- 
year-old transform herself from a human an- 
chor to a non-drowner (saying "swimmer" is 

More Photographs! 

Send in your photographs and class notes 

still a stretch). I could not have been more 
proud. I tried to goad her into jumping off 
the diving board (she walked to the end and 
then changed her mind about a hundred 
times). On Labor Day I said, 'Last day of the 
summer, last chance to jump!' To which she 
replied, 'I'm gonna wait till I've growed up, 
Daddy' Don't you just love her? My six- 
year-old was into deep diving, gradually de- 
scending deeper and deeper, until going to 
the bottom of the 12-foot section became 
'easy' All in all, it was a good summer. Hope 
all are well. If anyone finds themselves in 
North Carolina, first, my condolences, and 
second, look us up. Come sit in my kitchen, 
chat and see my miraculous kids. We'll make 

Chuck Yerkes writes: "A weird and 
busy year. I'm a property owner now, so my 
vote counts (at least until they call a 'do over' 
nine months later). I closed on a house the 
same week that I filed for unemployment. 
That was pretty low stress . . . not. Had a ski 
house for the winter, but couldn't really jus- 
tify Tahoe when I didn't know when I'd ever 
work again. In hindsight, I should have just 
spent February up there! Job market in the 
Bay Area sucked for awhile — I'm not junior 
in what I do (make unix/hnux systems 
dance) but work was sparse. On the plus 
side, I'm not dealing with the stress of being 
at a company with marketing people who 
couldn't sell water in a desert. There's a bit 
of a web site up for some pictures: (What's snew? Not 
much, snew with you? Yes, there was alcohol 
involved, but I needed an alternative to If anyone has jpg's of pics or 
html to put up, I'm not a webguy, but I have 
a machine out there serving on a fast wire. 
Hoping to get my yearbook next time I am 
back east to do the 'before' pics to go with 
the 20th pics! I went through two (DOA) 
scanners and a bit of pain getting them up 
there. " 

Nancy Wickwire writes: "THANK 
YOU, CHUCK! The website is great. 
Those are my reunion pictures (she says 
proudly) if anyone cares. I don't know a lin- 
ux from a jpg myself, but you'll always be a 
'webguy' in my book! Life in NH is rolling 
along with no major bumps. Well, one ma- 
jor bump: I got laid off on Aug 1 from my 
job as deputy clerk at Hillsborough County 

58 TheArchc 

Fall 2003 

Superior Court. Then, on August 19 
(three days before my last day) the Judicial 
Branch rescinded the layoffs so I am still 
employed. It was a pretty miserable three 
weeks there in between, but it all ended up 
okay. Kids are in third grade (Eddie) and 
Kindergarten (Layla). Dog (Vinnie the 
Vizla) is now contained with Invisible 
Fence which is very effective and can also 
be quite entertaining when he tries to run 
through it. (apologies to any PETA mem- 
bers out there). Keep those cards and 
emails coming!!" 


Belgaumi, Annabel. 
Brackbill, David Alan 
Chapman, Thomas C. 
Darden.Todd J. 
Geffin, Daniel C. 
Gibb, Stephen 
Hunter, John J. 
Rice, Heather W. 
Riordan, Stacey K. 
Rollins, Richard L. 


8 3 

Class of 1983 

Danielle L.Jacobs 

91 Pond Street 

Marblehead, MA 01945-2604 

(781) 639-9272 

Laurainne Nester Murphy 

101 W. End Avenue Apt. 3 2D 

New York, NY 10023 

(212) 579-0822 

Greetings, Class of '83! I hope all of you 
had an excellent summer. Mine was great 
and as much as I love the fall I always hate to 
see the summer end. I sent my little one, 
Billie, off to kindergarten this September. 
She was counting the days in August until 
she could start which made it a little easier 
for me to let her go. Her big brother, Drew, 
8, is in third grade and started playing foot- 
ball this year. Real football with pads and a 
helmet. I thought soccer was a lovely sport 
but Drew and my husband Dave had other 

I spoke with Erika Walberg Nicholson 
recently. She and Steve Nicholson moved 
out to the Los Angeles area. They have two 

Class of 1983 Reunion Day with spouses and children, June 2003 

children, Olivia, 10, and Christian, 3. They 
are enjoying the west coast and would love 
to have classmates who are in the area look 
them up. They recently received a baby an- 
nouncement from Jamie and Deb Aimone. 
Jaime and Deb are now the proud parents of 
a boy, Eric James. Congrats! 

I got a good response from our class- 
mates and hope that more of you will write 
next time. From Becca Lapham Calandra 
I received this email: "Congratulations on 
your new position as well as Laurianne!!! It 
was wonderful seeing everyone at the 
Reunion, sorry we couldn't make it to cock- 
tail time, and it looks like everyone had fun. 
My three daughters and I have had a won- 
derful summer vacation and it is amazing 
how quickly it passes by. My oldest Caisi, 
who is five, is attending the Crowell School 
in Haverhill, and she is going into 
Kindergarten. Lilly is four and is going to 
preschool at the Children's Castle in West 
Newbury. Her first day was today and she 
had a great time. Christina is only two and 
has some quality time with mom in the 
mornings since the other two will be at' 
school. This makes her very happy. As for 
me, I'm going back to school to become a 
Registered Nurse. There is a program at the 
Northern Essex Community College in 
Haverhill, but getting into classes is tight, and 
I'm still working on it. Yes, I did buy a new 
backpack along with the thousands of other 

kids — made me fell like one too. I hope 
everyone enjoyed their summer and is look- 
ing forward to some cool weather ahead. 
Take care, everyone!!! 

Kevin Cryts writes: "Hey Danny! 
Glad to see someone picking up the slack for 
us. I hope all is well for you and your fami- 
ly My family and I love Williamsburg, VA. It 
has already been two years since we moved. 
Time flies. My kids are now back in school. 
Collan is in second grade and Abby in first 
grade, and both doing well. Collan plays 
football, hockey and baseball (all of which I 
also coach) and Abby dances and plays soc- 
cer. My wife and I both 'work. I started a pri- 
vate investigating company and we do fraud 
investigations for the insurance industry. We 
are licensed in 10 states now and growing 
fast. We have 35 employees and could use a 
few more. My wife works at the Sentara 
Hospital in Hampton, VA. Other than work 
and the kids' activities, there is not much 
time to do anything else. If anyone is ever in 
Williamsburg at Busch Gardens or Colonial 
Williamsburg, give me a shout and I will 
show you around." 

Email from Bart Calder on the west 
coast: "Hey, this update is probably too late 
tor the next Archon, but I'll send it anyway. 
First, thanks for volunteering to be class sec- 
retary. I appreciate it. I would like to have 
come to our 20th (and had been planning it 
since the 15th that I missed) but we were ex- 

TlieArchou ■** Fall 2003 59 

class notes 

peering our second son (Matthew) born on 
July 22. It was a little too close to travel. I 
am still at Sun Microsystems (over 10 years) 
and am enjoying living in the Bay Area. I 
continue to be involved with a number of 
standardization efforts with particular focus 
on client software (Java platform) for small 
devices. I still enjoy it despite the state of the 
industry and economy. I think our small 
family will cease its recent expansion with 
Matthew and his older (two-and-a-half- 
year-old brother William. My wonderful 
wife Kim and I are unwilling to move from 
the man-to-man defense to a zone defense 
when the children outnumber the adults. 
Hope everyone else is well and I look for- 
ward to reading updates! Cheers!" 

Gotta love Laura Koffman Reed, al- 
ways straight to the point. She writes: 
"Living in Andover again. Kids are seventh 
grade, junior and senior in high school. I 
finished school this year, passed my state 
boards and am working as a nurse. Better 
late than never. Life is good." 

And from Teresa Russo Cramphorn: 
"Life has been extremely busy with work 
and kids. Patrick is going to be 12 this 'week- 
end and he just finished recording his first 
song (wrote the music and played guitar). He 
is really talented! Abigail and Alexander can't 
■wait for the snow to hit the slopes with their 
grandfather. Brendan is now four and is our 
little inventor! In order for him to make new 
inventions our appliances are disassembled 
first. Shelia is our two-year-old who will not 
be left out of anything and is the only one 
who really pushes my buttons!" (Teresa, I'm 
exhausted just reading about all those kids!) 

From my Co-Secretary Laurianne 
Nester Murphy: "I spoke with Caroline 
Krause, who is very happy to be living in 
Florida! She just bought a new house and 
Mark, Haley and I are going to visit her as 
soon as it starts getting cold in New York. 
Everything is going well here. Haley is four 
years old and in nursery school. We kind of 
expected to leave New York when she was 
born, but we somehow never moved. It's 
kind of strange to raise a child in the city 
when you grew up in Rowley (and my hus- 
band is from Madison, CT , which is not 
much bigger), but here we are. I took time 
off when Haley was a baby, but started to 
miss work when she went to school, so I'm 


Laura Reed Koffman '83 and 

Doug Koffman, Saturday evening 

at the 20th Reunion 

doing the part-time thing. I had been with 
Teen Magazine for about seven years and 
now do Media Relations for Bonne Bell (re- 
member Lip Smackers?), so even though the 
teenage years feel hke they were a lifetime 
ago, high school is still a big part of my dai- 
ly existence! I have been very bad about 
keeping in touch with old friends, but I 
hope to be speaking with lots of GDAers re- 
ally soon!" 

Thanks to everyone who has been in 
touch! I hope more of you 'will write next 
time. Especially those of you who seem to 
have disappeared. On a personal note, I'm 
wondering, where in the world is Page? 
Have a great fall and holiday season! Danielle 


Aizenstark, Stanley G. 
Annis, Cheryl C. 
Barrett, Daniel Scott 
Esmiol, Lily C. 
Gardner, George O. 
Gilliatt, Charles L. 
Kagan, Mark P. 
Kinder, David H. 
Morris, Bambi L. 
Richards, John D. 

Class of 1984 

Cathleen Riley Scerbo 

35 Winterberry Lane 

Stratham, NH 03885-2472 

(603) 778-3169 

20th Class Reunion 

June 11, 12,13 2004 

This has been a good year for our class. 
Greg Thomson writes that he and his wife 
Kathryn welcomed Charles Hamish 
Thomson on March 13 of this year. 
Congratulations, Greg! Elizabeth Kimball 
Williams welcomed fourth son Charlie on 
January 1 this year which was front page 
news in Newburyport. Congratulations, Liz 
and family! 

Kristen McKenzie Pollard has re- 
turned from her year long sailing trip. The 
family's trip included the Bahamas, Turks and 
Caicos, Cayman Island, Honduras, Belize, 
Guatemala, Mexico and the East Coast with 
a final month in exotic Maine! What a 
tremendous experience for her children 
Graham and Clara! Kristen writes: "We are 
glad to have given our children and ourselves 
this year, and now I am glad to be home!!" 
Welcome home! You should share your sto- 
ry with the Archon! 

Aimee Walsh Schade has enjoyed her 
first year back in New Hampshire which is 
great news, especially after returning from 
CA to one of the worst winters in years! She 
writes that both Amie and Sarah Breed '83 
visited this summer with their families, Amie 
with her one-year-old son, Bo, and Sarah 
with her husband and almost two-year-old 
daughter, Olivia. Both Amie and Sarah are 
still in California, and are doing well! Aimee 
writes that she and husband H are expecting 
their fourth child in December to join Juila, 
6, Tyler, 4, and Carter, 3. Aimee home schools 
the kids and "loves the lifestyle and learning 
opportunities it enables us to have." She 
writes: "I wish you all a wonderful fall." 
Congratulations and make sure to let us 
know about the baby's arrival in December!! 

It wouldn't be a complete class update 

60 TlieArcho 

Fall 2003 

without news from Taos! Hank Friedman 
writes that life in the southwest is still good! 
He was named the head girls soccer coach 
for Taos High School! Good luck with your 

As for me, all is well. We are in a busy, 
but easy, time with the kids who are 5, 7 and 
9. Ryan started Kindergarten this year and is 
learning to read and loving it. He also start- 
ed soccer this year, which he feels he waited 
"forever" for ... watching his two brothers 
play for the past few years. He smiles the 
whole time and scored his first goal in his 
second game. Drew is in the second grade 
this year and his favorite class is computer. 
He told me today that I am still his best 
friend which works for me! Sean is in the 
fourth grade now and at nine seems to have 
really grown into himself. He seems very re- 
laxed and mature and is great with his 
younger brothers, encouraging them to read 
and learn. They all still like us now, so we are 
enjoying this phase in our parenting lives. 
Dan started his Master's last fall and is happy 
to be back in a classroom. I don't know how 
he is balancing family, work and school, but 
he is! I am doing fine at Liberty. I've been in 
my current role for about a year now and am 
starting to feel like I understand half of it. I 
will be traveling to our Ireland office again 
this fall, which is such a great perk! 


Bowman, Joseph R. 
Liss, Ronald F. 
McCarthy, Michael R. 
Romboletti, Christine I. 
Sullivan, Mary E. 
Tempel, William H. 


Class of 1985 

Nathalie E. Ames 

443A West Grant Place 

Chicago, IL 60614-3806 

(773) 883-1325 

Sean Fleming has recently moved to 
6365 Alderson #2, Pittsburgh, PA 15217. 
He says he still has an extra couch in case 
anyone happens to drop by glamorous 

Victoria de Lisle writes that every- 
thing is well. She just got back from a trip 

to northern 

California, Oregon 
and the Olympic 
Peninsula. She had 
lunch with Jeff 
Taft in San 
Francisco where 
they both attended 
the American Bar 
Association Annual 

Jon Shain is 
getting great press 
with his music. He 
writes: "I have a 
couple of pieces of 
news to share with 
you guys. Click 
and Clack used my 
tune 'Getaway 

Car' on Car Talk 

(NPR) a couple of weeks ago!. ..and the 
good press continues to roll in for 
'No Tag, No Tail Light' — a full-page article 
inCharlotte's Creative Loafing last week, 
thanks to writer Grant Britt.. If you'd like to 
hear 'No Tag' on your hometown roots mu- 
sic station, please call and request it. Every 
little bit helps! Email me if they say they 
don't have the disc and we'll remedy the 
situation." Check out 
to order his new CD and for more info on 
his live shows. 

Esmee Huggard Williams and her 
family, Ken, Jon and Catz had a fun summer 
exploring the Northwest and cruising in 
their new boat. Esmee and I also had dinner 
when she was in Chicago tor a business trip. 
It was great to catch up with her and see 
photos of her family. I was also able to see 
Becky Chase Werner and her children, 
Matt, Lindsey and Christopher, this July. 
Laura and I spent a week at my parents' farm 
in western Mass. and Becky was able to drive 
out to visit for a day of swimming. I can't 
believe how quickly the kids are growing up! 

Jeff Taft is well and writes that his 
neighbor and our classmate Jessica Gould is 
engaged to be married in February. He said 
they usually get together for dinner every 
couple of months and joke about the class 
notes. (Thanks a lot!! The job is open at the 
reunion. I'm going on 10 years now!) 

My daughter and I had a busy summer. 
In June, Laura went to summer camp in 
Colorado for five weeks while I went to 
Alaska for two weeks. Then we took several 

Class of 1985 friends Becky Chase Werner and Nathalie Ames 

with their children, Matt Werner, Lindsey Werner, Laura Ames 

and Christopher Werner enjoying a summer day. 

trips together. We visited family out east 
in July. Then in August we went to Europe 
for three weeks visiting many of the Baltic 
countries: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Russia, 
Estonia, Denmark, Belgium and England. It 
was a fantastic trip. 

I am going to keep reminding all of you 
to make plans to come to GDA for our 20th 
in 2005. 1 would be great to see everyone on 
campus again. It will be here before you 
know it. 


Allen, Andrew H. 
Arata, Steven D. 
Asadoorian, Elizabeth 
Bennett, Patrick A. 
Berghager, Alexa 
Bucknall, Stevenson L. 
DiNanno, Thomas G. 
Galpern, Wendy R. 
Haack, Matthew M. 
Kasarda, Serge B. 
Konovalchik, Alexander 
I ess.ird, Robei t I' 


Class of 1986 

Paul B. Nardone 

190 Summer Street 

Lynnfield,MA 01940-1857 

(781) 334-2037 

TlieArclhvi ^ Fall 2003 61 

class notes 

Melinda C. Stahl 

1529 Partner Avenue 

Los Angeles, CA 90026-2621 

(323) 462-4313 

Andrew Eaton says: "Hello, 

Gentlemen - quick quiz! Who's the fastest 
kid ever to cover center, right center and left 
center fields? I don't know either, but I 
know when I played it was me! Wanted to 
check in after ages away Became a certified 
personal fitness trainer shortly after graduat- 
ing Colby in 1990. Moved to Illinois in 
1991, where I have been living in the North 
'burbs of Chicago ever since. Married Paige 
Brennan — a nice Irish girl — in 1995. Three 
kids, one inherited with my nice Irish wife! 
Justin, 14, is starting high school in the fall. 
Dillon, 7, is just finishing up first grade, and 
Kaitlyn will be starting Kindergarten in the 
fall. I'm currently the Director of Health & 
Fitness for the Deerfield Multiplex Health 
Club — 100,000 square feet of everything fit- 
ness! I plan to be back in June, primarily for 
my Dad's 60th birthday, but may make an ap- 
pearance at the alumni baseball game. Hope 
all is well there!" 

Monique Proulx- Walter reports: "Hi 
to all! I have moved again!! We live in North 
Andover right down the street from the 
Equestrian Shop. We have two girls - Briana, 
5,- and Allysha, 3. My husband has started a 
new business selling vinyl sheds/pool houses 
etc. in addition to his landscaping business. I 
am still involved in the equestrian industry 
and have two horses (and a pony for the 
girls). I still speak with Tanya Curry 
Hoffman who has a son and daughter and 
fives on Staten Island, NY. All the best to 


Asadoonan, Margaret A. 
Brown, Kirk M. 
Cheung, Tae Yong 
Davis, Michael A. 
Fischer, Rees M. 
Frank, Catherine E. 
Greenstein, David M. 
Harris, Gregory S. 
Konovalchik, Christopher A. 
Mecca, Irshad A. 
Russell, Thomas E. 
Seward, Lindsay H. 
Siewert, Karen T. 


Class of 1987 

Amy B. North up 

7 Albion Place #1 

Charlestown, MA 02129-1701 

(617) 241-3944 

anorth rup @pacificpkg. com 

Kristen M. Poulin 

51 Boardinan Street 

Newbury port, MA 01950-2433 

(978) 462-9953 

Hey there. Summer seemed to fly by 
for most of us. Apparently, that was why we 
didn't hear from everyone... but it was great 
to hear from those of you who did write. 
Have a great fall and please stay in touch. 

Buzz Crocker emailed: "Here is my 
news. Jennifer Talman, University of Illinois 
Class of 2000, and I are getting married on 
July 17, 2004 in Chicago. We bought a con- 
do this year at River City. I am a property 
administrator for Grubb & Ellis 
Management Services, Inc. Thanks for keep- 
ing in touch, Amy and Kristen." 

Chris McMorris emailed: "Hi. My 
biggest news is that my wife Marianne and I 
are expecting our third child at the end of 
September. Julianna is four and Dale is two. 
So they are coming about every two years, 
but don't be looking for another one in 
2005. I also returned to a little competitive 
running this spring and did several road 
races. No personal records, but I found that 
I enjoyed the fast and furious pace of the 5k 
race over the more measured pace of the 10k 
race. Work continues to go well. I'm now a 
Senior Architectural Historian at JRP 
Historical Consulting Services and have 
spent much of the year studying California's 
historic bridges." 

Jeff Ashworth wrote: "Hey, class, 
spending the summer working outside 
around the house, playing softball and loving 
almost every minute of chasing our two- 
year-old, Ben, all over the place, watching 
him grow." 

Nate Greene writes: "I finally had 
enough of Montana and moved back to 
Maine. I'm in the IT department at Sisters 
of Charity Health Systems in Lewiston, 
ME. I have two little ones: Caitlin, 3, 
and Hailey, 10 months. My email is Take care!" 

Kris Kobialka writes: "Learning the 
violin, singing in a lot of weddings. Have 

Monique Proulx- Walter '86, daughters 

Brianna Proulx- Walter 5yrs, 

Allysha Proulx- Walter 3yrs 

been writing a book on electronic records 
management and digital preservation and 
traveling all over the country and speaking 
on the topic to Archivists and Records 
Managers. I need a vacation!" 

Lyndsay Rowan McCandless 
dropped a fine with some news as well. 
"Newest addition, Olivia, turns one this 
September. Wow! I can't believe that already. 
I have a new business opening this fall. It's 
an art gallery/consulting business, focusing 
on contemporary art. It's called Lyndsay- 
Martin Art Group. I'm very excited! I hope 
that our website will be up by Christmas: 

Lisa Murray Taplin reports: "On 
September 20, David Murray and I were 
married in a field in Amesbury, Mass. We had 
a gorgeous day and were very lucky we 

62 TlieArchon <s» Fall 2003 

weren't affected by hurricane Isabel! We fig- 
ured that after eight years of being together, 
a house and a child, it was time to make it 


Carmichael, Timothy 
Daumit, David F. 
Gentile, Robert J. 
Hayes, Jacqueline E. 
Jansen, Thomas W. 
Murray, Michael B. 

Class of 1988 

Deana D. Boyages 

4911 Reed Road, Box 184 

Columbus, OH 43220 

dboyages @msn. com 

Notes this issue were reported 
by Anne Cole. 

I'm sure those of you who didn't attend 
Reunion this year will be envious to learn 
that you missed a fantastic concert given by 
Radiohead in the Bowl on Saturday night. 
The show was enjoyed by alumnae of all 
ages, shapes and sizes. Things got a little crazy 
when Damon did a swan dive off the stage 
into the mosh pit. He made it out with only 
minor injuries. 

But that's not all. At the end of the 
night, they gave us all solid gold paper- 
weights in the shape of the number 15 for, 
you guessed it, the 15th anniversary of our 
graduation. I've heard these things go for a 
bundle on the black market. That's right, 
people, you missed out big-time. 

OK, OK, none of this actually hap- 
pened. But perhaps we can push for it for 
our 20th. Truth of the matter is, our atten- 
dance was rather LAME. Cindy Draper 
Hatfield, where were you?? Michelle 
LaFlamme?? Mary Beth Childs?? It was 
not the same without you all. 

Here's who did show up for the 
Saturday night dinner: Charity Lombardi 
Simard, Heather Moore Roche, Heather 
Hinrichs, Julie Miller Segal, Kara 
Moheban McLoy, Chris D'Orio, Andy 
Noel, Kristina Von Trapp Frame, and 
Damon Kinzie. 

I can't keep track anymore of who all 

Anne Cole '88, Chris D'Orio'38, Julie 

Miller Segal '88, and Kara Moheban 

McLoy '88 enjoying Saturday evening 

during Reunion Weekend 

Class of 1988 at Reunion in June 2003 

has what kids, but I do know that one junior 
alumnus showed up tor the party in her 
stroller: Ms. Stella Frame, a tiny baby who 
appeared to sleep through the whole thing. 
Congratulations to Kristina and her husband 

It was great to see everybody and all 
seemed to be doing well. This is what I re- 
member: Heather Hinrichs made it in 
from San Francisco, where she is working at 
the Institute for Women's Studies. Heather 
Moore lives on Merrimac with her husband 
and two kids and works at comcast in 
Andover. Damon built a house outside of 
Burlington and is working at Smith Barney. 
Julie is a pediatrician in Atlanta and lives 
there with her husband Billy. Charity does 
marketing at Atari in Beverly and lives in 
Groveland with her husband Richard. 
Chris D. lives in Marblehead with his wife 
Dana and their kids. Kristina and family are 
out in Colorado. Andy's working at Choate 
and lives there with his wife, Kate, and their 
two kids. A third child is on the way in 
December. Good luck, Andy and Kate! 

Hopefully we'll have better attendance 
for our 20th. And maybe next time we 
won't get outdone on the dance floor by 

members of the class of 1920 who, for the 
record, do a mean Electric Slide. 

Here's news from Kara: "Jason and I are 
moving to Hingham next month to make 
room for our newest addition. We are ex- 
pecting a little one in March! I'm looking 
forward to catching up with Erika 
Sayewich who has been living in Hingham 
for a few years. We had a great time at re- 
union. It was fun to catch up with every- 
body, especially Julie Miller Segal who was 
MIA for some time. Kristina Von Trapp 's 
daughter is adorable — she was such a troop- 
er to make it to reunion. Hopefully, more 
people (including DEANNA, Lisa, Jed, 
Brendon etc.) will show up for our 20th." 
We sat next to Peter Bragdon at Fenway 
during game 4 of the Red Sox-Oakland A's 
playoff series (thanks to Bill Alfond '67). 
He still remembers the Class of '88 as being 
one of the best in his educational career. He 
regrets not being able to make it to the din- 
ner during reunion weekend. Hopefully, 
he'll make an appearance at our 20th. 

I myself am living in Hoboken, NJ and 
working in Manhattan as an Associate Editor 
at Doubleday. I recently visited Christina 
Dalessio at her new house in Portland, 
Maine. The house is great and she even has 
a nice backyard for her chocolate lab, 
Tallulah. Also saw Regina Glanzberg, 
who's still working as a vet and doing great. 
She and her partner Amy have a house in 
East Northport on Long Island which they 
share with their dachshund, Lucy and two 
"fairly useless cats".. 


Abrams, Jeffrey D. 
Bailey, Joseph A. 
Breed, Hannah P. 
des Cognets, Archer B. 
Osgood, William H. 
Schwartz, David N. 

TheArchon <&> Fall 2003 63 

c 1 




Class of 1989 
Kristin A. Brown-Hirsch 

37 HindhedeWalk 08-02 

Southaven II 



Kristin brown (alpost. harvard, edu 

John S. Wilson 

5530 Lindenshire Lane 

Dallas,TX 75230-2138 

(972) 980-6899 

15th Class Reunion 

June 11, 12, 13 2004 

Greetings, Class of '89! Scatter shooting 
while wondering of the whereabouts of Bob 
Foster, Hyun Young Shin and Kristin 

Spring of 2004 is just around the cor- 
ner, and with that comes your first oh-so- 
subtle reminder that the date has been set for 
our 15-year Reunion! Mark your calendars 
for a return visit to Byfield on June 11-13, 

Many of you have inquired as to the 
whereabouts of M.J. Forrest. Well, I am 
happy to provide the following report from 
the recently promoted Major Martin J. 
Forrest of the United States Marine Corps. 
"I got back from Operation Iraqi Freedom 
April 29th. I flew 28 missions in Iraq before 
coming home. It was great to come back and 
I appreciate all of the letters and emails of 
support that I got from the GDA communi- 
ty. My wife Katherine just began her final 
year of law school and we are looking for- 
ward to her finishing. I am hoping to make 
it to the reunion next year, but I am sched- 
uled to be in Japan. Hope all is well with 
everyone else." For those of you who would 
like to send M.J. an email, his address is 

Jonathan Koscis reports from Portland, 
Oregon, where he and his wife are expecting 
their third child this fall. Jon currently has 
two boys; the oldest is now in the fourth 
grade while the youngest has entered 

John Wilson '89 and his boys, Gray and Jack 

Kindergarten. All three children are being 
prepared "for life in the Berkshires under 
Kevin Lydon's stewardship." 

For those of you that missed the 
Berkshires reference in the preceding para- 
graph, here is your explanation. Kevin 
Lydon has accepted a position as the 
Associate Director of Admissions at the 
Berkshire School in Sheffield, MA. Kevin 
previously worked at the Landmark School 
and Cardigan Mountain. 

There may be a movement afloat to re- 
name Berkshire as GDA West. In addition to 
Kevin, Alex Moody now teaches math and is 
the head varsity boys hockey coach. Alex's 
wife Kristin is teaching English. The 
Moody's have two children, Sawyer and Tate. 
Prior to their arrival at Berkshire, Alex and 
Kristin taught and coached at Brooks. So, is 
this simply a coincidence? How could you 
possibly think so? Larry Piatelli is the new 
Head of School at Berkshire. I'd say Coach P 
has made three outstanding hires. 

Keri Fantasia and Dr. Michael D. 
Diodato II were married in 2002. Michael is 
a cardiac surgeon. The Diodatos are living in 
Chicago currently while Michael completes 
his surgery training. 

As of press deadline, Rob Ashworth 
and his wife Tammy were anxiously awaiting 
the arrival of their second child. "She's be- 
ing fashionably late," Rob writes, as the baby 
was already two days past its due date. Rob 
recently joined Derek Van Vliet, Dan 
Nadeau, Rob Wattie, Matt Downing and 

Pat Riley in New Hampshire for the 
third annual Northern Invitational golf 

Allison Schermerhorn Williams 

took the summer off from her pursuit 
of a Master's degree in social work. In 
between trips to Canada for a wedding 
and Disney World, Allison also had the 
opportunity to spend a day as a trainer 
at Sea World. "The animals are trained 
using methods found in child psychol- 
ogy (my background) and what I am 
focusing on for my Master's, so I had a 
very educational as well as entertaining 
day! If anyone has the chance to do 
this, do it!" Allison can be reached at 

Jessica Cowles Pidgeon checks 
in from China where she and her fam- 
ily currently reside. Jessica's husband is 
on assignment with the US State 
Department. As if she isn't busy enough 
looking after two children (4 & 2.5), Jessica 
has opened her own "western style" bakery 
and also teaches aerobics. 

Finally, my wife Kelly and I are proud to 
announce the arrival of our second son. Gray 
Birdwell Wilson joined us on September 17, 
checking in at 7 pounds, 5 ounces. Gray's 
older brother, Jack (2.5 years), is very excited 
about the new addition! 

Keep the updates coming. See you in 

(Editor's Note: The class of '89 Class 
Notes were submitted prior to Larry 
Piatelli's tragic death on October 19. Instead 
of an edited version of the Notes, John has 
asked that we run the original version high- 
lighting Mr. Piatelli's recent hire at Berkshire 
and his GDA-influenced additions to the 


Clapp, Jessica M. 
Denman, James W 
Entekhabi, Fatemeh 
Paul, Sidhartha 
Russell, Joshua U 
Seed, Courtney M. 

64 The Archon e» Fall 2003 


Class of 1990 
Nicolle Fardy DelliColli 
20 Post Office Avenue, Apt. 25 
Andover,MA 01810-3651 
(978) 474-4120 

More great news from the Class of 
1990. The first note received brought a huge 
smile to my face. It came from Glenn 
Johnson: "I started gymnastics at age 31! 
Working on backhand springs now. Should 
be able to show off a little at the 15th re- 
union." That's great, Glenn. Those aren't 
easy. Glenn keeps in touch with Neil 
Penick, Michelle Smith and Courtney 

Then I had a good giggle at Dan 
Vinkovetsky's note: "I 'was married to 
Sarah Miss on September 28, 2002 in 
Brooklyn (Park Slope) New York where we 
live. I have been working for the past few 
years as the marketing coordinator for High 
Times magazine. Life is good!?" Dan can be 
reached by email at or 
by phone at 212-387-0500. 

And so begins the segue into the wed- 
ding and baby section of the article: 

David Johnson is still teaching Latin 
and Greek at a small boarding school in St. 
Louis. "I have exciting news, though. I'm 
getting married next June. Her name is Lori 
Watson. I met her at church." What a great 
place to meet your spouse! 

David Smith was also married this 
summer in New Hampshire (North 

Taken on front steps of Farmhouse Dorm during 1987-88 school year. (L to R) Lori 
Werner, Danielle Kealler, Nikki Fardy DelliColli, Molly Jerabek and Robin Remick 

Members of the Class of 1990, Stephen Aron '91 (top) 

Lori Weener, Nikki (Fardy)DelliColli (middle) 

Mike Kalil, Jason Twomey, Todd Dixon, 

Chad Harlow (bottom) 

Picture taken on Plum Island in the Spring of 1990 

Sandwich). Brian Rodgers, Chad Harlow, 
Billy and Cat Batchelder and Jocelyn 
Malik all attended. "Despite a power outage 
and a Biblical downpour - it was the best 
day of my life," says David. Smitty's still 
teaching at London and looking for a house 
around D.C. 

Jay Male married Veda Chung on June 
26, 2003. Bill "Meat" Evans was a grooms- 
man and Liz Shea was in attendance. Jay is 
in the process of growing a new company in 
addition to ITG — and decorating his new 
house in Chestnut Hill. He reports that 
Shannon Davenport has 
also closed on her own 

Kevin O'Handley is 
back in the Andover area 
with wife Jen and daughter 
Molly having graduated from 
business school. 

Grayson Coale is ex- 
pecting her second child in 
late December and has been 
busy adding on to her house. 
She reports that Alison 
Magee's baby, Jane, is very 
cute. "I think now everyone's 
going to start having babies." 
Yikes! Some of us aren't 
even married yet! With all 
the reported marriages and 
children I was beginning to 
feel in a world of my own. 

Then, I received a note from Alexa 
Wriggins, who for the past seven years has 
been living in San Francisco: "I'd have to say 
that I am a west coast convert... Not mar- 
ried, no kids, no pets, but don't get me 
wrong, life isn't really very lonely at all. I 
have one great boyfriend and lots of other 
folks to do west coast sorts of things 
with... recently traveled to Europe and 
Mexico. I am two classes away from an 
MBA... and I have been learning how to 
surf." Ahhh. 

As for me, Robin Remick and Lori 
Weener are still two of my closest friends. 
As I mentioned in the letter to the class, 
Robin and her husband Brian Wille hosted a 
lovely cocktail party at their home in NYC 
this spring. It was a nice turnout and I was 
so happy to see Kathryn DiNanno 
Barbieri, Heather Mosher '89, and Dana 
Pascucci '93. We also met other alums for 
the first time, one being Joe Kirch '92 (who 
is friends with Matt Remis '92 who is now 
engaged to Lori's younger sister Cindy) I 
also ran into Chris Troianello '91, living in 
North Andover and working at a Tewksbury 
business. Is it just me or does GDA some- 
times feel like a 'good ole New England 
town', inbred and all! Just joking! Really, it's 
nice to have these roots and see how they're 
branching out. Congratulations again to all 
our graduates, newlyweds, engaged and new 
and expecting parents. Best wishes to every- 

TlieArchon s» Fall 2003 65 


ass notes 


Baldwin, Christopher P. 
Dalton, Christine L. 
Eliot, David S. 
Emerson, Anthony E. 
Evans, William T. 
Fox, Eric A. 
Habib, Richard R. 
Harris, Charles E. 
Hinkley, Bryan P. 
Langley, Nicole C. 
Lauder, Scott A. 
Lester, Alexis M. 



Class ofl991 

Nicole F LaTour 

2240 Bay Street, #204 

San Francisco, CA 94123-1860 

(415) 359-1860 

Well, I am happy to say that I heard 
from a lot of you this time around, and it 
seems that you all have been busy, busy pro- 
creating it seems. Mia Lindenfelzer Kerns 
and her husband Andy, welcomed their sec- 
ond child, a daughter, Anna Elizabeth, on 
July 2, 2003. Ironically, Megan Price Hight 
and her husband Brandon, welcomed their 
second child, also a daughter, Emily, on the 
same date! Megan is living outside of 
Philadelphia where she works for the 
Knowledge Learning Corporation and 
needless to say is quite busy with a. new baby 
and her three-year-old son Jamie to chase af- 

Alexis Colby Yates and her husband 
Tim welcomed their first baby, a son named 
Maxwell Colby Yates, on September 2, 2003 
(the second seems to be a running trend). 
Alexis and family are still living in Stamford, 
CT and Alexis is adjusting to her new role as 
"mom" like a pro. 

Leah Colangelo Benander was mar- 
ried last Labor Day to Thor Benander at a 
country inn in Vermont. She and Thor live 
in Hudson, MA on a lake with their two 
shepherds. Thor is busy writing and Leah is 
busy preparing a nursery. Leah is expecting 
her first child, a boy, in October 

Regan Jones Thompson celebrated 
her first wedding anniversary in June and is 
taking a year off from teaching to prepare for 

her first little bundle due in November, a girl 
(as Regan put it, "assuming the technician is 

Scott Miller is back living in 
Newburyport after being officially demobi- 
lized from his National Guard duty in June. 
He is working at Solstice, a group home for 
troubled teens in Rowley. 

Stephen Aron is still in Florida and en- 
joying being a home owner. Michael Aron 
was in the Army until September 17, so it 
was Stephen alone in their business for a 
time, but they are still trading at Aron Capital 
and are making a better time of it than ear- 
lier in the year. 

Nick Dunham is working at a new job 
in advertising in Boston and is very happy 
living in Somerville. 

Lindsey Miller has left her post at the 
Tower School to join her fiance in 
Pennsylvania. Congratulations, Lindsey! 
Lindsey and her fiance Michael have recent- 
ly bought a house in Newtown, PA. 

Toby Levine is still busy with her yoga 
business and is off to Thailand for a few 
months this fall to teach yoga there. There is 
always info about her •whereabouts on 

Steve Reeves is living in Philadelphia 
where he was married to his wife Julie on 
September 15, 2001. Julie is a working ac- 
tress. Look for her in upcoming episodes of 
the TV series Hack. They own a 200-year- 
old home in downtown Philly and have 
completely rehabbed the place which is on 
the Philadelphia Historical Registry. Steve 
loves his job as a financial planner and when 
not working or working on his house, he is 
also on the board of the Royal Heritage 
Society, which maintains a group of histori- 
cal homes in Philadelphia and its surround- 
ing parks, and helps them raise money. 

As for me, I have had a busy summer 
traveling and continue to do freelance design 
work. I also often have coffee meetings with 
Catherine Batchelder where we can soak 
up any SF sun when it is around or marvel 
at Will Batchelder's latest accomplishment. 
Waving and shaking his head at me are the 
"thing" at the moment. I caught up with 
Bence Oliver and Tyler Maheu '92 in 
Laguna Beach this summer where Tyler lives 
and works for Maiden Mills. Bence is busy 
working at Intrawest commuting between 

Orange County and Las Vegas. On my way 
back from Italy in September I caught up 
with Karen Queen in Boston. Karen had a 
wonderful 30th b-day celebration at the 
Milky Way in JP back in May and recently 
ran into Dave Corbett who has moved back 
to Charlestown with his wife from Chicago. 
It is with great sadness to tell you of the 
passing of Phoebe Valeo at the end of 
September, after a six-month battle with 
lung cancer. While Phoebe was only a part 
of our class her freshman year, I know that 
many of you spent years with her at 
Brookwood School as well. I was lucky 
enough to run into Phoebe again in NYC 
after college. Ironically, she and I lived two 
blocks away from each other. Her smile and 
energy was most certainly in tact. In her 
obituary it stated that Phoebe wanted people 
to know that lung cancer is the leading cause 
of cancer death in the United States. To 
learn more about the disease or make a do- 
nation in Phoebe's name, please visit On behalf of all of our 
class, we extend our deepest sympathies to 
her family and friends. 

That's all for now, I look forward to 
hearing from you all and perhaps some pic- 
tures of these latest additions? 


Dibble, Aaron A. 
Hahn, Kyu S. 
Hutchinson, Elizabeth 
Jenkins, Harry R. 
Mecca. Ashfaque A. 
Morgan, Keisha L. 
Pacelli, Giovanni M. 
Peterman, Charles J. 
Pimentel, Miguel A. 
Simons, Dorothy A. 
Stagakis, Anya A. 
Wallem, Petra E. 
Washington, Cohn 

66 TiieArchon w Fall 2003 

IQ9 2 

Class of 1992 

Catharine A. Wickes 

6155 Fountain Valley School Road 

Colorado Springs, CO 80911 

(719) 391-5317 

Hi, everyone. It sounds like you all had 
a great summer, and obviously a busy fall. 
Lots of people were a little too busy to drop 
those postcards in the mail, but at least all of 
the news that I did get was good news! 

Gus Mergins reports that the Miles 
van Rennselear sighting outside the 
Holland Tunnel was, in fact, true. Gus is still 
living and working in Brooklyn, but recent- 
ly spent time with his dad in Latvia. 

Steven Scully spent some time in the 
states this summer, celebrating the arrival of 
his new baby. 

Tyler Maheu was on the East Coast for 
his sister's wedding this summer, but is en- 
joying life in Laguna Beach, California. I'll 
get to see Tyler next month when I travel 
through California. 

Also in California is Candice Denby, 
who is living in Oakland 'while she studies to 
become a Physician's Assistant. I got a 
chance to see Candice a few weeks ago in 
the GDA chapel where Amy Daniels mar- 
ried Patrick Spellman. Other alums who 
made the trek back to Byfield included 
Saundra Watson '93 and Deb Barry '95. 
Nicole (Bellaire) Downer and her 
husband Chris welcomed their second 
daughter, Michaela Dwyer, on June 19. 
Nicole reports that Deirdre (Heersink) 
Brown is expecting a baby in November. 
Deirdre and her husband Marc are living in 
Bath, Maine and looking forward to their 
new arrival. 

Josh Lappin is also a proud new parent! 
He and Mara welcomed their baby boy, 
Shea, on July 17. They are already planning 
to move him into Perkins dorm. 

Sally Simpkins decided to finally write 
to The Archon, if only to say, "HI, MOM!" 
and report that life in Boston is great. She's 
living on Beacon Hill with her boyfriend 
and has just started law school at BU. (Sally, 
did you know that one of my best friends 
lives in the same apartment building as you?? 
He calls me every time GDA mail shows up 
- keep your eye out for him!) 

Brooke Whiting has a new house in 
Somerville and is keeping busy with all kinds 
of homeowner projects. 

Justin Philbrick reports that he is do- 
ing well as the Administrator of Poplin Way 
Assisted Living in Freemont, NH which 
provides long-term care. 

Devin Sullivan is still loving Boston 
and is happy to report that he's engaged to 
be married, probably in the fall of 2004. He 
got to see Chris Ruggiero tie the knot at 
the end of the summer. 

Hoyt Morgan reports his own engage- 
ment, all the way from San Diego. He might 
have the coolest engagement story yet: he 
proposed on the waterfront in Monte Carlo 
and then celebrated with dinner at Le Louis 
XV. Way to go, Hoyt! 

I didn't get an official Archon postcard, 
but rumor also has it that Pete Eliot got 
married in September. Congratulations to 
all who are making those wedding bells ring. 
No pressure on the rest of us! 

I'm glad to hear everyone's doing so 
well. I would love to hear from more of you. 
You don't have to wait for the postcards to 
show up —just email me at 
And remember to give me a call if you find 
yourself in Colorado this winter. 


Burnim, Allison B. 
Dennett, Peter N. 
Hocking, Melanie L. 
Impastato, Clark D. 
Irani, Heather J. 
Nix, Colin 

Rodes, Christopher T. 
Rogers, Anne C. 


Class of 1993 

Secretary Needed 

Use Abusamra says: "I just started a 
new job as Director of College Counseling 
at a small private high school in New York 
City. All is well so far. My best to everyone." 

Saundra Watson reports: "I just moved 
to Roslindale into a very cute apartment 
with one other person. I enjoyed Lissa 
Murnane's wedding but missed Shirani 
Wickramsinge's wedding. Hope everyone 
is well." 

Katie Mack writes: "Still living in San 
Francisco. Occasionally see Catherine and 
Billy Batchelder. Her sister Amy '87 is 
getting married next June - very exciting. 


Josh Lappin's new son Shea 

Hope all is well!" 

Nancy Stevenson reports: "I've taken 
nine weeks off work to be in Washington, 
DC. Most of the time, I've been helping care 
for my four-month-old twin niece and 
nephew. Other than that, seeing the sites and 
going out with college friends. Back in NH 
this week, then onto Carbo Mexico again!" 

Shirani Wickramsighe says, "Hello — 
this summer was a big one!! First in June I 
went to Lissa Murnane's wedding and 
spent the weekend with Saundra Watson. 
We had a blast — then on Aug. 9 I married 
my sweetheart of five years, Martin Straker. 
Lissa and her new husband, and Miles 
VanRennsealer '92 attended. I am in con- 
tact with Coral Rubey (Keith) and her 
new family in Gurnsey UK." 

Jill Hindle reports: "Back from a 
fourth summer working on my MA in Lit 
with the Bread Loaf School of English, this 
time in Santa Fe, NM. Drove around the 
country in an oldVW van which, merciful- 
ly, stayed in one piece. Matt and I are now 
back in Huntington pursuing photography 
and writing respectively. I hope to finish a 
draft of a children's book this winter. Going 
to my cousin Jeff Panall's '91 wedding this 
weekend! At last, Pinhead takes the plunge." 

Coral Rabey says, "Steve and I are 
proud to announce the birth of our son, Max 
Keith Rabey born August 27. I am enjoying 
being a mother and adjusting to the sleepless 
nights. Max is thriving and already smiles in 

Vie Archon <*•* Fall 2003 67 

class notes 

Reunion Profiles 


GDA Cross-Country Team (Todd 

Robbins '95, Coach David Abusamra, 

Eduardo Briones '94, Jon Stetler '94, 

Chris Terry '95, Gil Farmer '94, and 

Tim O'Keefe '94) at a pasta dinner with 

Olympic Medalist Lynn Jennings (middle 

front) in 1993. 

"So you must love your job," peo- 
ple often tell me. "You bet!" I respond, 
"I get paid to teach kids outside. What 
could be better than that?" 

As Education Director for the 
Roaring Fork Conservancy in Basalt, 
Colorado, I spend several days a 'week 
helping students find aquatic insects in 
crystal clear rivers or demonstrate 
stream dynamics using a water table. The 
job is really a perfect match of my pas- 
sion for kids, my love of the outdoors, 
and my excitement of teaching. 

I first toyed with the idea of teach- 
ing while at Governor Dummer. I saw 
how much fun many of my teachers 
were having: Mr. Abusamra jumping up 
on his desk during French class, Mr. 
Rybicki yelling at unruly Macintosh 
computers in English class, or Mr. 
MacGregor exploding chemicals in 
Chemistry class. In the midst of their 
antics, I saw a passion for students and a 
passion for teaching. Their passion, quite 
frankly, was contagious. 

Now my runs along the Parker 
River have turned into floats on the 
Roaring Fork River; my ecology study 
behind Ingham Dorm has turned into 
nature walks in the Colorado Rockies; 
my marine biology classes in the salt 
marshes of Plum Island have turned into 
muddy wetland explorations with kids. I 
look back fondly on my times at GDA 
and how they helped prepare me to be 
the guy who gets to play outside for a 

Tim O'Keefe teaching elementary 

school students about the local 

dam and reservoir. 

Tim teaching middle school students 

about ecology. 

response to your smiles. Living in Guernsey 
is very different from San Francisco but I am 
adjusting. Congrats to Shirani!!" 


Adams, Joshua C 
Albacar, Fernando 
Belanger, Shane A. 
Butler, Imani M. 
Cohen, David O. 
Crain, Cory D. 
Echavarria, Joaquin 
Gardner, Glenn H. 
Hong, Sung-min 
Karandanis, Stanley M. 
Lynch, Timothy F. 
Mergins, Ludis J. 


Class of 1994 

Kristen Lynn Marvin 

14335 Bnrbank Boulevard 

Apartment #6 

Van Nuys, CA 91401-4819 

(818) 780-1309 

10th Class Reunion 

June 11, 12, 13 2004 

Alfonso Garcia is now attending 
Fordham Graduate School of Business, in 
New York. 

Meg Graetzer married her boyfriend 
of 10 years, Christian Vaught, on July 12, 

Erin Canavin Goff and Beckey 
Anderson were both at the wedding. She is 
doing great and couldn't be happier. 

Gerald Kean is doing well, living in the 
West Village. He recently got engaged and is 
getting married in April of next year in 
South Carolina. He's still working at JP 
Morgan Asset Management and really enjoy- 
ing it. He wanted me to include that if any- 
one finds their way into Manhattan to feel 
free to give him a ring (646-554-5326). 

As for me, I'm now a writer on The 
Drew Carey Show and am still loving being in 
Los Angeles. Hopefully the class of 1994 will 
have more news for the next Archon... 

Ed Guzman '95 and son Noe born December, 2002 


Ayala,Yesenia P. 
Brown, Jason D. 
Farmer, Gilbert B. 
Goudreau, Melany 
Hayashi, Nobunaga 
Husseini, Cirine 
Jule, Kristen R. 
Lee, Joo-Yeong 
Metz, Izzi J. 
Milstein, Charlotte C. 
Pascucci, Beth A. 
Shin, Seyong 
Stetler, Jonathan E. 
Wentworth, Brett A. 


Class of 1995 

Laura B. Barnes 

P.O. Box 72279 

Kowloon Central PO 

Kowloon HK, China 

(852) 971-6004 


Brian P. Crowe 

145 Pinckney Street, Apt. 317 

Boston, MA 02114-3230 

(617) 367-8635 

brian .p. crowe@verizon . net 

Ed and Jenni Guzman have been 
keeping busy with son Noe who is eight 
months old. "He's been an absolute joy. He 
is so much fun to play with and he's been 
growing up fast. Even though it's only been 
eight months (he was born on December 28, 
2002), he's almost like a totally different 
baby. He's always smiling and he'sstarting to 

move around. Plus he's so big! I remember 
almost being able to hold him in one hand 
when he was born and now, well, you can 
see him in the picture." Ed, Jenni, and Noe 
are living in New York. "I'm still working as 
an editor at The New York Times. The job 
has been satisfying and living here has been 
a good experience, although we had quite a 
night with the big blackout in August. My 
family was OK and we survived it, but I end- 
ed up walking from our apartment in 
Queens to The Times offices in Times 
Square so I could get to work. The paper 
had emergency generators, so we were able 
to put out the newspaper although, by the 
time we were done, there was no real way to 
get home in the pitch-black dark. I slept in 
the office and walked back home at 6 a.m. It 
was great to see my family again after all 

Martha Fournier has just moved to 
Philadelphia, PA after living in Las Vegas for 
three years. She is still with Brian, her 
boyfriend whom she met four years ago at 
Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey 
Circus. "Life is fantastic! I am now going to 
school at the Art Institute, and making a liv- 
ing by performing on stilts and acting. 
Congratulations to Meg Murphy for get- 
ting married! Congrats to Dana Coholan 
as well! What have you crazy girls been up 
to? I hope all is well! Blessings and 
Beautiful things!" 

According to Chris Stowens, Jackie 
Bean is in law school at Georgetown. 
Rumor has it that JAG is next on her hori- 

As for me, Laura Barnes, I have re- 
turned to the U.S.A. from working in Hong 

Kong S.A.R. and studying Mandarin 
Chinese at Peking University in Beijing, 
P.R.C. Now, I am pursuing my Master's in 
Sustainable Development at the School for 
International Training in Brattleboro,VT 


Bean, Jacqueline 
Bowo, Humar Ambiya 
Carrier, Laurie A. 
Cho, Hong Gu 
Graves, Mark C. 
Metz.Jared A. 
Miller, Bradford S. 
Mullarkey, Rhienna 
Piket, Stacy C. 
Pribadi, Raymond 
Sethna, Judith T. 
Shulman, Jamie E. 
Swallow, Lindsey E. 
Taylor, Blair Niles 
Tierney, Michael A. 

Yu, Steve 


Class of 1996 

farina Panall De Risi 

1 Bryam Terrace Drive 

Greenwich, CT 06831-5123 

(203) 531-4503 

feffrey R. LaBelle 

451 West Wrightwood Avenue 

Apartment 1012 

Chicago, IL 60614-1778 

(773) 342-9124 

Hilary Friend and Katie Meyer rode 
their bikes 186 miles from Wellesley to 

TheArchon^* Fall 2003 69 

c 1 



Hilary Friend '96 and Katie Meyer '96 during the 24th Annual PMC in August 

Provincetown in the 24th Annual PMC (Pan 
Mass Challenge) this August. The PMC rais- 
es money for the Jimmy Fund and Dana 
Farber. This year's fundraising goal of $16 
million will put the PMC contributions over 
$ 1 00M and will one day help find a cure for 
cancer. Hilary rode in memory ot her 
grandmother and Katie rode in memory of 
her mother. The lives of both women ended 
due to cancer in 1999. "It was a great event 
and one we will continue to be a part of for 
many years to come! Hope to see some 
GDA alums out there someday!" 

Bradley Russell wrote that after work- 
ing for a year with Chris Coleman at the 
Chewonki Foundation in Wiscasset, Maine, 
he moved to Portland, ME where he lives a 
few blocks away from Kate Tierney. 

Kate Manzella Mayhack reports: "I 
will be in Chicago over Columbus Day 
weekend to run in the Chicago Marathon! I 
did my first marathon this past Memorial 
Day here in Buffalo and enjoyed it so much 
I'm doing my second one. My sister and her 
husband live in Chicago so I'm excited for 
the long weekend in October. Had a busy 
summer with a lot ot weddings and travel- 
ing. That's about it!" 

Jane Livingston writes that she is in 
the last year of nursing school. She currently 
works as a tech in the emergency room at 
Dover Hospital and she loves it. She wants to 
continue working in the ER when she re- 

ceives her Registered Nurse license and then 
move into the labor and delivery nursing 

Raymond Long writes that he was re- 
cently the best man at Lamar Robinson's 
wedding to his girlfriend and mother ot his 
daughter on Saturday August 23. The wed- 
ding was in Lamar's hometown of Basking 
Ridge, NJ. Mr. and Mrs. Ike Suggs 78 and 
Jeff Gilberg attended the ceremonies so a 
photo of the GDA clan. He went out to 
California tor vacation and met up with 
Jorge Flores in Los Angeles. As for Ray, he 
finally finished his project in New York City 
and luckily left NYC a few weeks before the 
blackout. He is now unstaffed and looking 
for a local project. 

Todd Walters writes that he played golf 
with this wanker named Jeff LaBelle in June. 
He has been running regularly with Andy 
Ramirez '98, and soon to add Ray Long to 
the bunch. He saw Dan Gadzuric '98 
when he came to town with the Bucks for 
the Celtics Summer League. Other than that, 
he was working in San Francisco for two 
weeks and planned to be back in 
Massachusetts in September. 

Scotty Coulon writes because he 
wants to let everyone know what's going on 
in his oh so swat life (good use of the adjec- 
tive). He is finally finishing college at UMass 
Amherst. This is his third year back in 
school, and now he is a straight A student if 

you can believe that. He recently went out to 
Milwaukee with Matt Perry to visit 
Grenier, and also hung out with Jerry 
Vasicko while he was out there. Dude, give 
it up, dude! He also saw the usual suspects 
Sells, Dippy, Ribs, Crowebar, Benson, 
Randy, Blades in Boston one weekend 
when they all got together for Sells's birth- 
day. He wants to let everyone know that af- 
ter he finishes school he plans on driving 
cross country in June to see some people 
from the classes of 95-97. He wants Richey 
and GM to know that he is coming to 
California for a couple ot weeks so there 
better be a place for him to stay. On the way 
back east he is stopping in Milwaukee be- 
cause he's the best man at Grenier s wedding. 
His email is 

As for me, I am happy to be 'working 
out on the east coast in Hartford, which has 
been a welcome change from my previous 
two years in Erie, Pennsylvania. As I am sure 
you guys all know, I am still trying to recov- 
er from the debilitating loss suffered by the 
Red Sox at the hands of the "Evil Empire" 
and the Cubs losing to the surprising 
Marlins. Besides that, I have been in touch 
with Jerry Vasicko and Todd Walters from 
our class and I kicked Todd's ass in golf this 
summer. Hope all is well with everyone. 
Cheers, Jeff. 


Erwin, Lauren E. 
Flanagan, Dalton C. 
Leung, Helen Kim 
Merrity, Corey Eugene 
Sanford, Alfred Terry 
Stucky, Jonathan A. 
Tabacinic, Alexis R. 
Taber.Adam M. 
Tierney, Katherine 


Class of 1991 

Sandra T. Padilla 

11124 Debby Street 

North Hollywood, CA 91606 

(202) 261-5192 

sandy. Padilla@stanfordalumni. org 

I hope you are all doing well! It's always 

70 TlieArchon m* Fall 2003 

a pleasure to hear from you. 

Ross Hogan writes in from the water- 
front in Boston's North End where he is liv- 
ing. Ross is working as an engineer at a bio- 
pharmaceutical campus north of Boston. 
Life is pretty busy for Ross, but he tries to 
find time to see Shane O'Neil, Mike 
Leonardi, Ben Webber, and Alison Spring 
on occasion. Ross would love to hear from 
anyone if they are in the area. His email is 

Susan Gilberg recently moved from 
Washington, DC to the Boston area where 
she will be getting married in December. 
Congratulations, Susan! She is hoping to 
move to the Philadelphia area after the wed- 
ding. Susan keeps in touch with Mary 
Farrell and Molly Senko and reports they 
are both doing well. Both Mary and Molly 
will participate in the wedding festivities. 
Susan reports that her brother Jeff is also en- 
gaged and plans to be married in August 

Jodi Leverone spent this summer in 
Boston doing research at Brigham and 
Women's Hospital. She was able to spend 
some time with Deke Fyrberg, Eric 
Bornhofft, Meghan Earle, and Laura 
Hirsch. Jodi is now in her second year at 
Dartmouth Medical School. 

Moritz Elkmann writes in from 
Germany. During the summer, Moritz spent 
six weeks working at the German Embassy 
in Washington, DC. He found the work very 
interesting and met a lot of great people. 
Moritz was able to make a trip up to GDA, 
and reports that it's always nice coming back 
even after so many years. He has now re- 
turned to Germany and has one more year 
of university, which he'll spend in Freiburg. 

Jessie Gannett writes that she's had a 
very relaxing summer. She reports a perk of 
being a teacher is that she only had to work 
part time this summer, so she had plenty of 
opportunities to soak in the sun. She spent 
plenty of time on Lake Sunapee at the 
beach. School has started and Jessie is work- 
ing as a special education teacher with third, 
fourth, and fifth graders. She sends her love 
and best wishes to all. 

Nicole Suggs reports that she recently 
got engaged. Congratulations, Nicole! She 
will be married at GDA in 2005. Nicole 
started business school this semester at the 
Sawyer School of Management to get her 

Julia Davis is still living in Los Angeles 

and recently started teaching special educa- 
tion in the Los Angeles Unified School 
District, while pursuing a Master's degree in 
education. Julia is also very involved with her 
Art Gallery called the Treehouse, which is 
doing very well. You can check out the 
Treehouse at 

Kathy May Soliven is also still living in 
Los Angles with her husband Mike and her 
two children, Amanda and Ethan. Kathy and 
her family are very excited about their up- 
coming East Coast vacation this fall. 

Brandi Hall is working very hard as an 
Account Executive at an advertising agency 
in Los Angeles. She and Sam Goldworm re- 
cently went to Las Vegas and partied it up. 
Brandi, Sam, Dawn, and Astrid are looking 
forward to having an exciting adventure for 
New Year's Eve this year. 

Mara McManus writes in from 
Steamboat, Colorado where she works for 
the Resort Company in a fancy ski-in ski- 
out hotel. She spent most of the summer 
outside doing landscape design. She reports 
the sun's been shining all summer long but 
the nights are getting cold again. Mara's 
planning a trip home for Thanksgiving and 
hopes to see some of you then! 

Things are going well for me here in 
Madrid. I actually just moved here a couple 
weeks ago, and am writing the class notes at 
an internet caie! I received a Fulbright 
Scholarship and will be studying urban re- 
newal efforts here in Madrid. I've found an 
apartment and I'm gradually getting settled. 
I'm really enjoying the lifestyle here! I hope 
you are all doing well and look forward to 
hearing from you again! 


Blue-Smith, Lindsay K. 
Booth, John Peter 
Borkson, Samuel Albert 
Cho, Hyun-Jai 
Fargnoli, Robert 
Gordon, Eric Frank 
Little, Kathleen G. 
Murdy-Dodge, Jasmine 
Nishi, Haruhiko 
Norris, David E. 
Piatetski,Yuri A. 
RiesenkempfF, Johanna 


Class of 1998 

Jacob Andrew Chase 

466 Cambridge Street 

Cambridge, MA 02141-1113 

jacobchase@lycos. com 

Elizabeth Evans Erickson 

2003 Commonwealth Avenue #12A 

Brighton, MA 02135 

(617) 254-6225 

True to my challenge, I received class 
notes in record number this past round! I 
was especially impressed to get notes from 
far and wide, including from some unex- 
pected alumni. In no particular order, here 

Emily Novis wrote in to let us know 
that she had an amazing time rock-climbing 
in the Canadian Rockies this summer and 
that she's starting her third year of nursing 
school this fall. Emily also reflected positive- 
ly on our recent Reunion and was pleased 
that we took a special moment to remember 

Alex McHale has moved to Los 
Angeles and also comments that it was great 
to see everyone at Reunion. 

Maura Sprince happily reports that she 
had a baby girl in February and is currently 
taking a paralegal course while living in 
Beverly with her daughter. 

Peter Wesson recently spent a year in 
Chicago working for Evan Trent before re- 
turning to Memphis, where he purports to 
be employed at Graceland. 

Adrian Elkmann is still in school, 
working in a Master's program in 
International Business, which will take him 
to Oxford, Madrid, and Paris, for a year each. 
Adrian invites anyone traveling 
Europe to contact him at: adrianelk- 

Shawn Shetty is in his third year of 
medical school in India and continues to 
play the drums "for a couple of local bands." 

In case he didn't catch up with you at 
Reunion, after graduating from Caltech in 
Physics, Phil Venturelli did a year of research 
as a Caltech Entrepreneurial Fellow to de- 
velop his invention. (Very hush, hush!) With 
graduate school "in the near future," Phil be- 
gins work for government defense contrac- 
tor Northrop Grumman as an "engineer." 
(Go, Phil!) 

Mike Meagher, with whom I also got 

TlieArdwn w Fall 2003 71 

class notes 

Lamar Robinson '96 wedding on August 23, 2003. Left to right: Ray Long '98, 
Lamar Robinson '96, Darlene Robinson, Jeff Gilberg '96 and Ike Suggs '78. 

the chance to chat during Reunion, is still in 
school at the Culinary School of America, 
looking forward to graduating in the spring, 
"then a job in the real world." Mike's still not 
sure where he'll go to start working, but 
most likely Boston, D.C, Napa Valley or San 
Francisco, California. 

I run into Greg Gleason on the T, 
every once in a while. Also, I sometimes 
hang out with Jesse Soursourian'99 in 
Cambridge/Somerville, when he's not busy 
pursuing acting or working on his novel. 

As for me,Jacob Chase, I'm quite well. 
I'm very happy to be living in the city of 
Cambridge and proud to be starting my sec- 
ond year working at Massachusetts General 
Hospital. Graduate school seems to be loom- 
ing over the horizon for me as well, but 
there are many steps between here and there 
and I'm going to have to find all of them. . . 
As always, all of you should feel free to get in 
touch anytime you'd like, if you're in 
Cambridge, or if you'd just like to chat. Best 
to you all! 


Burns, Tyler Akin 
Karbe, Antonia Monika 
Musgrave, Megan E. 
Nugent, Ingnd Atzl 
Olney, William W. 
Pangestu, Baritono 

Sloan, Tia Nicole 
Stewart, Hugh A. 
Yoo.Jae Won 


Class of 1999 

Stuart W. Gilfdlcn 

1 15 Cutler Road 

South Hamilton, MA 01982-1018 

(978) 468-7568 

Jessica S. Keed-Zaplin 

150 Huntington Avenue, Apt. NA9 

Boston, MA 02115-4831 

(617) 797-5134 

5th Class Reunion 

June 11, 12, 13 2004 

Hello, Class of 1999! Well, it has been 
five years since we were all together. Time 
goes by so fast. The longer that goes by, the 
less people I hear from. Let's change that and 
please all get prepared for our five-year re- 
union this upcoming June. Mark your calen- 
dars for the weekend of June 11-13, 2004. It 
will be great to see everyone again. I, Jessica, 
am still in Boston after graduating from 
Emerson College in May. I am looking for a 
job, which isn't a fun task, and perhaps think- 

ing of moving. Who knows . . . 

Naomi Fink just graduated from 
Barnard College in May. She says, "It's crazy 
to be done with school, although I'll proba- 
bly go back at some point to pursue an ad- 
vanced degree." She is still living in New 
York. After graduation, she moved uptown 
and started working at Sports Illustrated For 
Kids as a research analyst, which she loves. 
"Other than that, life is good, I'm just trying 
to make the most of it. I hope everyone is 
well." Naomi can be reached at 

I was in San Francisco in June after 
graduation, shopping in Neiman Marcus and 
ran into a familiar face: Sarah Willeman, 
who spent her summer in California teach- 
ing nursery school at Stanford's Bing School 
and working as a research assistant in the 
psychology department. She loved working 
with the kids and plans to continue this 
coming year if her schedule allows. "My re- 
search work is for a study on the formation 
and role of a self-concept in preadolescence. 
The lab I'm working in focuses on emotion 
and motivation." Since Sarah took a year off 
before starting; college, she will be a senior at 
Stanford this year majoring in psychology. 

Sarah Avalon graduated from Mount 
Holyoke and then spent a month in Italy and 
Germany. After that she was in Marblehead 
waitressing and house-sitting, working a lit- 
tle bit with Hospice for a friend and prepar- 
ing to substitute teach for Peabody High 
School. "Life is full, and I always look for- 
ward to hearing from GDA friends." You can 
email Sarah at 

Jesse Soursourian graduated from 
Wesleyan in May and is living in Somerviile 
with friends. He recently performed a one- 
man show in Gloucester (which Jacob Chase 
'98 and Julia Newman '01 attended) and will 
appear through November at Seacoast 
Repertory Theatre in Portsmouth in Neil 
Simon's Brighton Beach Memoirs. 

Nat Baldwin is going back to school, 
after some time off, at Keene State College 
in New Hampshire. He will be playing bas- 
ketball there. Although he has been on a 
break from music lately, he just put out a CD. 
Congratulations, NAT! You can check it out 
at Nat would 
love to hear from anyone: 

72 JlieArdn 

Fall 2003 

Greg Moore '99 and David Van Ness catching up before Greg headed overseas. 

Kristin Seim graduated from Wheaton 
College in Norton, MA. She just moved into 
an apartment in Somerville, MA right near 
Davis Square to get an internship at a chil- 
dren's book publishing company and is wait- 
ressing."I managed my parents' toy store,The 
Dragon's Nest in Newburyport, for the sum- 
mer and had a couple of GDA sightings. I 
saw E.J. Darisse, Ben Mitchell who also 
went to Wheaton with me, and I have seen a 
bit of Marlena Mercer who is doing well 
and who is teaching. I still speak to Naomi 
Fink, Melissa Kelleher and Brittany 
Perham as well as Zenovia Wright and 
Jason Charles who were around last sum- 
mer. I hope all is well with the rest of the 

Becky Dosh all the way from Hawaii 
writes: "I am going to graduate this 
December in elementary education. My 
family moved out here to Hawaii for good 
to Hilo, on the Big Island (island of Hawaii). 
I've got serious senioritis and have been surf- 
ing a ton, which has been great! Other than 
that, I've just been working and going to 

Caroline Kelleher graduated from 
Boston University after having an awesome 
year. She was captain of the lacrosse team. 
Her team had an awesome season, ending 
the season ranked 20th and made it to the 
NCAAS. After the summer, Caroline and her 
roommate moved to Chicago and are having 
a great time. Please look Caroline up if you 
are in the Chicago area. 

Matthew Lamson graduated in June 
from Bates College with a B.A. in Political 

I hope everyone is doing well. Keep in 
touch and see you in JUNE! 


Dunev, Lara Stephanie 
Jung, Michelle Hee 
Lammi, Nathan Thomas 
Lopez, Julio Gonzalez 
McStravick, William S. 
Ng, Francis Chun- Yin 
Ryoo, Shin 


Class of 2000 

Meghan K. Barry 

Qniiuiipiac University 

P.O. Box 600 

215 Mount Carmel Avenue 

Hamden, CT 06518 


Catherine E. Correia 

Trinity College 


300 Summit Street 

Hartford, CT 06106-3100 

Ccorreia425(a) / 

Hi, Class of 2000! I hope you are all 
doing well. I am already quite busy with 

classes this fall at Trinity, but it should be an 
exciting last year. I just wanted to share a 
random GDA sighting that I had last spring 
break when I was traveling around Europe. I 
was walking down the street in Paris and just 
happen to bump into none other than our 
Leslie Brown. It was so exciting to unex- 
pectedly see her. She was in Paris on her 
spring break from Babson College with her 
roommates for a week. It's amazing how 
small the world is sometimes! I am definite- 
ly missing my time abroad especially after 
speaking with Eve Seamans who is back at 
St. Andrew's in Scotland for her third year. 
She went back to the UK a few weeks early 
this fall and traveled around the UK. 

I received a postcard from Janet 
Hanson's mother who wrote in that Janet is 
"taking fall semester off at Connecticut 
College to do a semester-long Outward 
Bound course which started in Minnesota 
and concludes in Texas and Mexico. She will 
be backpacking, canoeing, rock climbing, 
and is particularly looking forward to the 
two to three-day solo experience." After 
Outward Bound, Janet will return to Conn 
to finish her senior year and graduate in May. 

Elizabeth Turnbull also wrote that she 
is back at Colby this year after an amazing 
semester in Baja, Mexico. She spent the 
summer in DC for a natural resource lobby- 
ing/consulting firm. She spent a lot of her 
time down there running in the humidity, 
preparing for leading Colby's cross country 
team as captain. 

Willow Malick wrote to say that she 
took a year's leave from Scripps to do some 
alternative courses and at the same time met 
some great new friends. Will is now a certi- 
fied wilderness first responder. She also 
wrote that she got a gorgeous, spirited new 
red pony named Robin. Willow is back at 
Scripps this semester and is a double major 
in studio art and science tech-society. You 
can email her at 

Tom Hand wrote: "I spent the summer 
doing landscape maintenance and construc- 
tion work on my own locally. The highlight 
was implementing my own design for a pa- 
tio off the back of the Ould Newbury Golf 
Club's clubhouse which I completed this 
past August. I'm starting to make contacts for 
future work which is good. This school year 
is proving to be as busy as ever. I am con- 
stantly on the go, between senior year and 
organizing a major alumni exhibition of 
landscape architects' works celebrating the 

TheArchon <s>» Fall 2003 73 

class notes 

centennial of landscape architecture at 

Mark Lipman wrote that he had a 
great summer in Waltham, "balancing art 
class (for interest), neuropsych (for my ma- 
jor), GRE studying (for my... future) and an 
internship at a psychiatric hospital in 
Tewksbury MA (again, future). I lived with 
my Brandeis friends and had a splendiferous 
time. I occasionally hang out with Lauren 
Bonaventura '01 because she is right at BC, 
and Eve Seamans came to one of my par- 
ties at my apartment this summer, which was 
just awesome! I keep in touch with Paige 
Ramsdell who is in Oregon finishing up 
(with her own thesis office!) at Reed and 
Jessica Watson '01, who is in NY! I also, of 
course, keep in touch with my younger sis- 
ter Gabe '02, who is a sophomore up at 
UVM (Vermont) studying animal science. I 
miss her tons. This year will be very busy, ap- 
plying to grad school (possibly for art and 
music therapy) classes, an internship, and a 
cappella ( while 
still finding time to perform solo with my 
guitar and my own songs. I think I might be 
crazy. Anyway, I performed last winter at the 
GDA alumni concert, and I plan to again this 
year, so you should all come!!! It's a really fun 
concert! Hope all is well!" 

Annie Rickley wrote that she was in 
Boston for the summer after being abroad in 
Vienna, Austria last semester. She had a great 
summer and is enjoying her senior year. 

Jay Salony studied at the London 
School of Economics last year, and then split 
his time during summer between the 
Massachusetts Senate and a little landscaping 
business that he's run over the past two sum- 

Jonathan Feeley is at Tufts University 
but will be studying in London for the year 
at the London School of Economics. 

Jim Clair wrote: "Last ski season with 
University of Colorado I had a breakthrough 

More Photographs! 

Send in your photographs and class notes 

season. I am ranked 71st overall now and a 
ski career seems possible. I had busy summer 
training for skiing and a bit of golf. I trained 
on snow for three weeks in Whistler, partic- 
ipating in Mike Boyle's strength and condi- 
tioning camp before and after. I played in a 
golf tournament in Ireland at the World 
Invitational father-son tournament. From 
Ireland, I flew home to repack the ski gear 
and head to New Zealand for three weeks of 
intense on-snow training. Surprisingly, I ran 
into Malcolm Swan in the lodge at the ski 
mountain. As soon as I came back I headed 
out to school, but before that I spent a week 
in Park City jumping on the water ramps. I 
am training very hard in hopes of making 
the US team in freestyle. Due to the hard 
work, I may be in a music video courtesy 
of Josh Todd, although I am not sure yet. 
Anyhow, classes have started and I have been 
busy with dry land training for the upcom- 
ing season and with classes. I graduate this 
year and then hope to spend a few years ski- 
ing fulltime. Hope all is well with everyone; 
drop me a line" 

Tarda Hamboyan wrote that she is 
hoping to find a job as a production assistant 
in book publishing when she graduates. Also, 
Tania went to France for a week over the 
summer, and is hoping to spend a month 
there after she graduates in May. Her health 
has been holding up okay, no surgeries 
planned. She is planning on moving to 
Maryland after she graduates, assuming that 
she can find a job. 

Katie Graham sent me a quick email 
saying she spent the summer interning at 
CBS News in New York City. 

Gretchen Gee is glad to be back in 
Boston for the school year and is currently 
trying to get a women's center started on her 
campus atWheelock College 

Elisabeth Coolidge is currently doing 
a domestic exchange for her senior year from 
UNH to Northern Arizona University. She 
is located close to the Grand Canyon and is 
taking Japanese and Navajo. Elisabeth is a 
theater dance major and is still pursuing 
photography and a little dance in her spare 
time. She said it is hard to be away from her 
friends and family back home on the East 
Coast, but is very excited to be much closer 
to Paige Ramsdell who is in Portland, 

Dan Fanaberia wrote that he had a 
great summer working in the Marketing 
Department at PepsiCo. He is currently in 
his final year at the Richard Ivey School of 
Business near Toronto and will be in Spain 
on an exchange this coming spring. Dan 
also writes that he would love to see some 
GDA people! 

Holly Erickson is back at Skidmore for 
her senior year after spending last year in 
Florence, Italy living right next to the Uffizi 
Museum. Holly actually ran into Karen 
Bissell in a hostel in Scotland and it turned 
out that Karen had been studying in 
Florence as well. This past summer Holly 
spent time on Star Island in New Hampshire 
doing carpentry. After graduation, Holly's 
planning on getting a job for a year, then 
heading back to grad school. 

Natalia Averett spent the spring se- 
mester in Cuba. She seemed to have a fun 
and crazy semester from all of her emails. 
She had some pretty funny stories about 
public transportation or lack thereof, and 
was brave enough to go to one of Fidel 
Castro's endless speeches. 

Scott Pelletier is still at Pomona 
College, double majoring in Geology and 
Spanish and spending summers in the 
Canary Islands and Iceland doing thesis re- 


Gilmore, Kimberly 
Lemack, Courtney J. 
Perkins, David E. 
Smith, Lauren E. 
Sohn, Chang-il 
Wheeler, Michelle 

Class of 2001 

Maria E. Moore 

13 1 Washington Avenue 

Providence, RI 02905-4331 

(401) 632-0497 

babsmoo 1 9@aol. com 

Hey, Class of 2001! I hope you all had 
fantastic summers! I stayed out here in the 
good old state of Rhode Island to complete 
my internship for school. I worked in the 
kitchen of a restaurant in Newport called 

74 Vie Archon se Fall 2003 

Peter Bragdon with Sam Porter '01 soon 
after he scored a goal for Dartmouth 

The Glass Onion. It was an experience to 
say the least! I got my degree in culinary arts 
and am currently taking classes to get my 
Food Service Entrepreneurship degree. 

Edward C.Young of Phoenix accepted 
membership in The National Society of 
Collegiate Scholars and will be honored 
during a campus ceremony this fall at 
Pomona College. The National Society of 
Collegiate Scholars (NSCS) is a highly selec- 
tive, national, non-profit honors organiza- 
tion. Founded in 1994, NSCS recognizes 
first and second year undergraduate students 
who excel academically The Society was es- 
tablished on the principle that 'with scholar- 
ship comes a responsibility to develop lead- 
ership and a duty to perform service. 
"NSCS provides the opportunity for stu- 
dents, like Edward, to be recognized for their 
outstanding academic accomplishments ear- 
ly in their college experience," said Steve 
Loflin, NSCS Executive Director. "Edward 
will also have the opportunity to join other 
high achieving college students in develop- 
ing leadership skills and a sense of civic re- 

Jess Ross says things are good up at 
Bowdoin. She is really busy right now with 
field hockey, but she's having fun and it has 
been a strong season so far. She is getting 
excited to travel to Barcelona for the spring 

Meg Lloyd is still at Union and is lov- 
ing it! She loves her classes and hockey has 

already started. For the first week she played 
rugby, but they are on the ice now. Meg 
spends part of every day skating with 
Hannah Baldwin to prepare for the team to 
go Dl this year. Her team looks like it has 
tons of potential this year! Meg is also lov- 
ing singing in the a capella group at Union! 
Hannah is at Union College, working hard 
in classes and looking great in her recovery 
from her leg injury last spring. Back on the 
ice she is happy to let those slap shots rip 
again and she is also thrilled about the out- 
look of her season. 

Lauren Bonaventura is filling her 
nights at Boston College with swing dancing 
and studying, of course. She is still in nurs- 
ing and continues to work hard. 

Kimmie Jones is in Ireland currently 
with a Colby exchange program and she is 
loving the night life, the accents, and the 
sporting events! Her family plans on joining 
her for Christmas in Ireland and then she 
plans on spending the month of January 
traveling Europe. 

Caitlin Cooper is back at Boston 
University. She lives in Salem, MA while 
working at the Salem Beerworks and is ex- 
cited to be majoring in English and minor- 
ing in journalism after taking last semester 

Joe Shedosky is spending the fall se- 
mester in the UK at University College of 
London. He spent summer interning at a 
production company that makes historical 
documentaries for The History Channel, 
which is perfect for a declared history major. 
He plans on returning to the USA mid- 

Beth Depratto is attending classes at 
St. Lawrence in Cornwall for introduction to 
police work. She is playing for a NWHL 
team out of Montreal and still loving it. 

Meaghan Barnaby is moving from 
Quinnipiac to University of Southern 
Maine, where she looks forward to playing 
hockey with a GDA graduate of last year, 
Jenny Arno. 

Courtney Craft had a fun-filled sum- 
mer working in Boston and Melrose and vis- 
iting with friends. Back at UMASS, she is • 
loving her classes. 

Dan Lee is having a great time being a 
brother in his fraternity at St. Lawrence. 

Caitlin Brown is doing really well. She 
is still at Stonehill as a psychology major. 
She has made Dean's List every semester 
since she has been there. Recently, she made 

the National Dean's List. She is excited about 
studying abroad in Australia next spring! 

Derek Falvey is still having fun at 
Trinity. This past baseball season his team 
won the NCAA regional and went to the 
College World Series! It was a great experi- 
ence. For the summer, Derek interned with 
an investment banker in Boston, and he is 
headed to London this fall for a semester 


Lee, Hee- Young 
Thomas, Gary P. 


Class of 2002 

James M. Morrissey 

36 Park Avenue 

Winchester, MA 01890-2009 

(781) 729-3216 

Michael G. Woods 

Loyola University New Orleans 

Box 405 Biever Hall 

200 Lasalle Court 

New Orleans, LA 70118 

woods2 1 7@excitc. com 

After my year in England I am now at 
Loyola University in New Orleans. I am en- 
joying the city a lot and I have been sur- 
prised how different it is from the Northeast 
here. I am never too far removed from GDA 
because I see Rob Nelson, Rachel 
Manikian, Aaron Parolla, and Jeff Black 
'03 around a lot. 

Sam Arnold is spending first semester 
this year in the Pacific Northwest on a pro- 
gram with NOLS. He writes: "I will be gone 
for 77 days of intense backpacking, rock 
climbing, and sailing. It will be so hard but so 
much fun." 

Alexandra Grossi is in her sophomore 
year atVassar College. She lived in L.A. last 
summer and had a summer internship -work- 
ing on a show called Dcadivood which will 
premier in February 2004 on HBO. 

Lauren Marsh wrote that she is enjoy- 
ing Gettysburg and is consumed with work 
for her psychology major and is also in the 
middle of pledging for the Delta Gamma 

Tlie Archon <& Fall 2003 75 

c 1 a 

s s 


David White began his mission at the 
end of this summer and will be in the south 
of France for the next two years, going trom 
city to city, teaching people about the 
Mormon faith. He is currently in Marseille 
and, despite the hard work, is finding life as a 
missionary to be a highly rewarding experi- 
ence. For anyone who wants to write, his ad- 
dress is: Elder David White; France Toulouse 
Mission; 4, Rue Alaric II; Campans 
Caffarelli; 31000 Toulouse; France. 

Jonathan Graham is entering his soph- 
omore year at Colorado State University 
studying liberal arts. "C.S.U. is academically 
demanding, but this is balanced with the fan- 
tastic climate, location and natural beauty of 
Fort Collins and surrounding towns!" As a 
freshman, Jon has played on the varsity 
NCAA Polo team, winning the Western 
Regional division and being named MVP. 
He then carried the team into the finals of 
the National tournament, defeating Cornell 
and Texas A&M but losing in the final sec- 
onds to the University ofVirginia. He hopes 
to return again this year and win it all after a 
year's experience with a new team. Jon also 
enjoys the western culture, skiing, hiking and 
is presently adjusting to an independent life 
off campus. 

Vin Manzi saw Pete Ellis. They have 
been "practicing transcendental meditation 
and buying lots of lottery tickets." 

As always, you can add your email ad- 
dress and a note on the Staying Connected 
page in the Alumni/ae section of the GDA 

%J) \ 

Class of 2003 

Laura E. Ellison 

Williams College 

1669 Baxter Hall 

Williamstown, MA 01267 

(413) 597-6232 

Michael D. O'Neill 

Connecticut College 

Box 4365 

270 Mohegan Avenue 

New London, CT 06320-4196 

(978) 314-8299 

mdone@conncoll. edu 

Lots of GDA '02 alums came to support JJ and the Cavaliers. (L to R) Ben Corriveau, 
Len Ceglarski, JJ, Alex Graham, Taylor Brown, Chris McGinnis, Jackson Parker 

Annie Peterman went backpacking 
through the Brooks Range in Alaska on a 
trip that lasted for five weeks. 

Dan Guyton worked with Lindsay 
Clunie at Off The Vine this summer, and 
finished up the Milestone. Dan wants to 
hear from everybody when they get the 
Milestones and find out what they think. He 
also wishes the best of luck to everyone this 

Tyler Collins is enjoying his first se- 
mester at Northeastern. He sees a lot of 
GDA kids in Boston, and has gotten 
together with Dan Guyton, Angela 
Rappoli, Brooke Eaton, Maria Knapp and 

Kelsey Shannahan. 

Maria Knapp just moved into BU and 
has also seen Brooke Eaton and Kelsey 
Shannahan a few times. This summer she 
did a three-week Outward Bound course in 
Montana. There, she went Whitewater raft- 
ing and backpacking. She says it was stellar 
and hopes that all is good with everyone. 

Allison Tsao experienced her first 
summer in 1 1 years without a horse! She is 
now in withdrawal, but it was still fun. She 
also spent some time in the middle of 
nowhere in Costa Rica on a marine 
bio/conservation/ Spanish immersion trip 
and had the time of her life. (Although it 

Annie Peterman '03 and Cadet Sean Corbett '03 at the 
West Point Freshman Ball in October. 

76 TheArchon *» Fall 2003 


Former X-C runners Tyler Youngblood '03 & Laura Ellison '03 at the Conn. College 
Invitational on 9/13/03. Photo taken by David Youngblood (Mary in background). 

was nice to come back to running water.) 
Music is great and she is looking forward to 

Laura Ellison worked as a lifeguard at 
Bradley Palmer this summer. She is enjoying 
Williams so far. There, she is life guarding at 
the pool and running for the Cross Country 
team. She misses everybody and wishes 
them luck at school. 

Ben Gobin is doing well. California is 
awesome, school is going ok, and he met a 
lot of really cool people (a lot from New 
England actually.) So far, everything is great. 

Shannon Falvey is having a good time 
at Trinity. Everything is going well and the 
classes are great. She's also getting used to 
the City of Hartford - police sirens, ambu- 
lances — just like Lynn. 

Tyler Youngblood says that school is 
awesome. This summer he worked at a 
Marina at the lake and trained for Cross 
Country. So far the season is going well. 

Andrew Lundquist says that every- 
thing is going great at UNH. He is having a 
really great time and runs into JP and DJ 
every once in a while. He recently audi- 
tioned and was accepted into an all male a 
capella choir called "The New Hampshire 
Gentlemen." He hopes to see some people 
at some of their shows. He hopes all is well 
with everyone else and hopes to stay in 

Christian Horazeck sends his greet- 
ings from Germany. He is still going to 
school, having 13 years and not 12. He is 
happy to be on the final stretch. He just re- 
turned from the US a few days ago after at- 

tending the GYLC Conference in NYC and 
DC. He hopes everything is well. 

Sean Corbett has been at West Point 
since June 30, spent the better part of the 
summer in basic training, and was sworn into 
the Corps of Cadets. He began classes on 
August 18 in conjunction with ongoing mil- 
itary training. He says every day is a new 
challenge, but he loves it. 

Michael O'Neill spent his second 
summer as a Park Interpreter at Bradley 
Palmer, where he spent most of his time iso- 
lated in a Nature Shack (until a rotting ani- 
mal forced him to vacate the hut.) He also 
went up to Canada for a weekend and spent 
a night in a haunted hotel. 

Kate Hugo worked all summer at 
Evenstride (the barn near GDA), and is rid- 
ing on the team at Skidmore. After a good 
spring season, it was hard for her to say no to 
a spot on the tennis team. Something inter- 
esting: Kate and Allen are both in room 
#224 (at their respective colleges of course!) 

TtieArchon <w Fall 2003 77 


David N.C. Hyams, Class of 1929, 

died earlier this year in Hyannis, MA. Co- 
owner of Cape Motors, he also owned 
and operated The Osterville Manor, a 
restaurant/hotel. An avid golfer, he worked 
in the Pro Shop at New Seabury Country 
Club during his retirement. Mr. Hyams is 
survived by his wife Elsie, a daughter, two 
grandsons and two great grandsons. 

Henry S. Payson, Class of 1939, died 
June 19, 2003, in Falmouth, ME after an ex- 
tended illness. During World War II, Mr. 
Payson served as a crew chief for P-61 night 
fighters in the Marianas. After the war, he 
joined his family's company, Morse, Payson 
and Noyes, assuming the presidency in 1952. 
Under his leadership, the company grew to 
be one of the ten largest independent insur- 
ance companies in New England. He re- 
ceived many awards for his business success 
and community service. Mr. Payson is sur- 
vived by three children and two grandchil- 

Nicholas J. Lampes, Class of 1940, 

died April 17 in Boca Raton, Florida. He 
was the husband of Helen (Georges) 
Lampes, with whom he shared 59 years of 
marriage. An Army veteran of World War II, 
he served in the European Theater in France 
with the US Army Hospital Corps. A gradu- 
ate of the New England Conservatory of 
Music as a voice major, Mr. Lampes also 
earned a Master's degree in education at 
Salem State College. He taught music and 
English in the Lynn Public Schools for 27 

John R. Nissen, Class of 1940, died 
July 30, 2003 in Portland, ME following an 
illness. Mr. Nissen began working for the 
family business, John J. Nissen Baking 
Company after his father's death. As the 
company's treasurer, he was well known 
throughout New England and the country 
and helped grow the company from a small 
Portland bakery into a New England-wide 
operation with eight plants. He was also the 
chairman of WE Long. Co. of Chicago, IL, 
a baker cooperative which allowed smaller 
bakeries to compete with the larger national 
brands. Mr. Nissen was an active community 
member, serving on several boards. He was 
predeceased by his wife Elizabeth, and is sur- 
vived by two children. 

George H. Leach, Class of 1941, died 

in Key West, Florida January 21, 2003. 
Commander Leach, USN Retired, is sur- 
vived by his wife Frances and two daughters. 

Arthur Ogden "Bud" Wellman Jr., 
Class of 1942, died of cancer on July 14, 
2003 in Swansea, MA. Mr. Wellman was a re- 
cycling pioneer who helped transform his 
father's wool manufacturing company into a 
profitable synthetics corporation after World 
War II. After the bottle deposit law was 
passed in the early 1980s, he converted bot- 
tles to polyester fiber to be used in clothing, 
bedding and carpets. Wellman Inc. is now 
recognized as one of the world's largest recy- 
clers of plastic. He leaves a wife, Mary, three 
children and two stepchildren. 

Rev. Edward D. Whitley, Class of 
1942, died on April 26, 2003. A Paulist 
priest, Rev. Whitley was ordained in 1951. 
He taught modern European history for six 
years at St. Peter's College, a preparatory 
seminary, and then spent several years 
preaching missions before returning to St. 
Peter's in Baltimore as finance officer. There, 
he also became official chaplain of the 
Baltimore Colts football team. His final pro- 
fessional assignment, alter serving various 
parishes, was as General Treasurer of the 
Paulist Community, a post he held for 30 

Murray S. Monroe, Class of 1943, 

died September 2, 2003, while vacationing at 
his summer home in Maine. While at GDA, 
he was awarded the Morse Flag. He 
graduated from Yale, majoring in mechanical 
engineering. Alter serving in the Navy, Mr. 
Monroe attended law school at the 
University of Pennsylvania before practicing 
anti-trust law in Cincinnati for his entire ca- 

Peter Staples, Class of 1943, died on 
July 1, 2003. A resident of Guilford, CT, he is 
survived by his wife Ann a daughter and two 

F. Kendall Cummings, Class of 1945, 

died on February 22, 2003 in Andover, MA. 

^^! r 

78 Vie Archon ■» Fall 2003 


m o r i a m 

Robert Joy Scribner, Class of 1945, 

died on July 2, 2003 in Biddeford, ME. A 
veteran of the Korean War, Mr. Scribner 
joined the Andover Companies in 1954, re- 
tiring as Executive Vice President, 
Underwriting Secretary in 1991. He also 
served as President of New England Mutual 
Insurance Association and was a member of 
the Board of Directors at the Andover Bank 
for 25 years. In retirement, he was an active 
golfer, gardener, and sailor. He is survived by 
his wife Eleanor, three children and five 

Jonathan Clifford, Class of 1953, 

died July 29, 2003 in New York City. 

Murray R. Mathews, Class of 1960, 

died April 29, 2003 of cancer at his home in 
South Natick. A certified public accountant 
since 1971, Mr. Mathews was a founding of- 
ficer of Metagraphics, Inc. in Woburn and 
NitroMed in Bedford; a founding corporate 
controller of National Medical Care (now 
Fresenius Medical Care); and chief financial 
officer and senior consultant for several oth- 
er corporations. He was an accomplished 
hockey player, skier, sailor, golfer and track 
competitor as well as an active member of 
the Porsche Club of America. Mr. Mathews 
is survived by his wife Cynthia and two sons. 

Phoebe L. Valeo, who attended GDA 
for one year with the Class of 1991, died 
September 23, 2003, after a six-month battle 
with lung cancer. After graduating from the 
American University in Paris, Ms. Valeo be- 
gan her career at the International Herald 
Tribune in Paris, before spending five years 
at Morgan Stanley in New York, and then as 

associate director at UBS Warburg. An avid 
skier and traveler, she often organized trips 
with friends. In addition to her parents, she 
is survived by a brother, a sister, and her fi- 
ance, Stephen Rockwell Newman. 


Larry Piatelli 

Larry Piatelli, who served Governor 
Dummer Academy as a distinguished faculty 
member for 12 years, died suddenly on 
Sunday, October 19, 2003. His long time 
friend and mentor, Peter Bragdon, reported 
that Larry had been playing in a hockey 
game in Albany New York when he was 
struck with an apparent heart attack. Larry 
graduated from Harvard in 1975 with a de- 
gree in History In 1977, he earned a 
Master's in Education from Boston 
University. Before being appointed to the 
GDA faculty in 1984, he worked at the Fenn 
School and at Kent School. At GDA, he 
taught History and Economics, was a dorm 
parent in Eames, coached the Varsity boys , 

hockey team, served as the Director of 
Admissions, Director of Financial Aid and as 
the Assistant Headmaster. Albany Academy 
selected him to be their Headmaster in 1996 
where he served until 2003. This past spring 
he was chosen to lead the Berkshire School 
and he had begun his new duties in July. 
Larry leaves a wife Jane and three sons, 
Christopher, Stephen and Gregory. 

Peter delivered the eulogy at Larry's fu- 
neral. "Larry, I could talk about you forever," 
he said. "You were such a beacon of good- 
ness in our lives and you insisted that we 
measure up." 

Charles Brodhead, former GDA his- 
tory teacher, died April 29, 2003 at the age 
of 97 in Greensboro, VT A graduate of 
Phillips Academy, Mr. Brodhead earned a 
Bachelor's degree from Princeton University 
and a Master's from Oxford University. He 
traveled widely in Europe, Asia, Africa and 
South America before working with the 
Oxford Group (later Moral Rearmament) 
and the League of Nations, and begining his 
teaching career. Mr. Brodhead is survived by 
two sons, nine grandchildren, and three 



chapel talk 

Jama Sweet '04 delivered this Chapel 
Speech to the GDA community on October 
1, 2003. 

It's 6:30. Tim O'Briens heavy phrases 
and brutal images of war stick to my mind 
with the folds of the book in my hands. 
With the window cracked, the sheer curtains 
blow slowly as I lie resting in my bed, blan- 
kets twisted through my legs. Like a door 
slamming, the sound of my parents' laughter 
shoots into my room. The laughter snaps me 
out of the fictional world of O'Brien and 
leaves me curious. "What could they be 
laughing about?" I climb out of bed slowly 
and begin creeping down the flight of stairs 
toward the kitchen with anticipation. I 
pause before the doorway, leaning my back 
up against it, and listen for a minute. My 
mother and father are sitting together at 
the counter, and I realize that they are 
making jokes about how my father is a 
skinny bald man; Uncle Fester, as my 
mother called him. There sits my dad, 
hairless, pale with tired eyes, and a face 
lengthened by weight loss. I do not see 
anything funny, but when I glance at my 
mother I see the look that says, "Jenna, 
you better smile." I force a smile on my 
face immediately because at the time it 
seems like the right thing to do. While my 
body shows happiness through a smile on 
my face, inside my feelings are being pushed 
further and further away from the surface. 

The encounter I had with my mother 
and father that evening was a turning point 
in my life. I decided that I could no longer 
allow myself to be someone I am not. I be- 
gan to recognize my real feelings of sadness, 
anger, frustration, anxiety and even guilt re- 
lated to my father's illness of cancer. I de- 
cided to begin journaling in a diary to work 
through these emotions. When I wrote in 
my diary, I did not have to mask or cover up 
my feelings for the benefit of others. Most 

nights, I would lie in my bed in complete si- 
lence and just write for as long as it took un- 
til nothing more would come out on the pa- 
per. These were my own written words. 
Along with my writing, I began to see a 
counselor at the age of fourteen. Talking to 
an adult, someone other than my older sisters 
or younger brother, outside of the situation 
at home, was helpful in working through my 
different emotions. Once I began to be true 
to myself and deal with these feelings I had 

pushed so far down inside, I felt a license to 
act, feel and express myself with honesty. My 
father's decline in health was not nearly as 
overwhelming because I knew how I was re- 
ally feeling and I knew it was okay to feel 
that way. It was normal for me to be sad, 
even though I did not want to be. 

My father was a fighter. When it came 
to pain, he always seemed to pull through it 
no matter how difficult it may have been. 
The doctors reiterated time and time again 
what a strong heart my father had. They said 
he must have loved us all very much to be 
holding on for so long. I knew how tough 
he was, and every time I looked into his eyes 
I could see the determination and motiva- 
tion in him to win his battle. However, on 
Memorial Day weekend in 2001, 1 knew my 
father's time was running out and it was ob- 
vious to me what I had to do for both of us. 
I remember taking a deep breath as I walked 
down the hall to my parents' room. He was 
sitting in his rocking chair alone. As I sat on 
the floor just below him, my father turned 
toward me, resting his chin on his two 
palms. It was time for me to let go, to 
say good bye to my best friend. My 
father and I both knew the moment 
had arrived, and I started to tell him 
everything I could have possibly 
wanted him to know so that when 
he was no longer with me, I would 
have no regrets. We laughed and 
we cried together that day in his 
bedroom as our last words were said 
to each other. Four days later, my 
father was no longer sitting in his 
rocking chair. He had finally won the 
toughest battle of his life, and he was 
now resting in a more peaceful place: 

Although I miss my best friend and fa- 
ther immensely, the lessons learned over the 
years from this experience are lessons that 
have shaped me into the individual I am to- 
day. I learned that being strong is not about 
masking sadness or fear, but accepting and 
acknowledging my true feelings and dealing 
with them honestly. I know that my father 
is proud of the young woman I am today, 
and I can smile a true smile knowing that. 

Happy Birthday Dad, I love you. 

80 TiieArcho 

Fall 2003 

Occasionally, I take a vacation from retirement and 
reflect on my past endeavors and achievements, for 
example my camping experiences in Camp Winona, 
successfully surviving a complete education at GDA, 
Bowdoin College and Temple University School of 
Medicine, and service in the Armed Forces and finally a 
great 40-year career in Medicine. 

Now is the time to reward those who guided me 
through these processes. GDA was the accelerator and, 
therefore, my wife Mary and I have arranged for a major 
planned gift to the Academy. Now I can relax, feel better 
and resume retirement. 

I The 



Last year, the Academy created the 
Schoolhouse Society to honor those who 
establish planned gifts through estates, 
annuities, bequests and trust for the 

Members of this rapidly expanding 
group have entertained me during my 
travels with memorable tales of their 
Governor Dimmer days: tales of Mac 
Murphy's turning around a young man's 
life, of inspirational 'words from Buster 
and Art, of guidance from Ben Stone and 
a message home to parents from Uncle 
Tom about their son's reluctance to 
"labor in the vineyard." I have heard 
about Heb's comment about one of his 
lacrosse player's limping off the field, 
Andy's holding his students to a high 
standard, enduring words written to a 
graduate by David Williams. 

I have also reveled in stories of our 
graduates' achievements after GDA. They 
have far exceeded the potent hopes for 
fermenting jugs of Dodge's cider hidden 
in closets in past decades. 

The rich experience of Governor 
Dummer life was launched by a bequest. 
Today, the future of the Academy depends 
on additional planned gifts from you, our 

Please contact me if you want ' to 
help forge the future of Governor 
Dummer Academy. 



Dr. Bill Hill '42 and Mrs. Mary Hill 


Peter W. Bragdon 
Headmaster Emeritus 
171 High Street 
Exeter, NH 03833 
or c/o 



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* '* 

• ^ 


ink * 

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Governor Dummer Academy 

By field, MA 01922 

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Non-Profit Org. 
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